The Long Road to Ruin Ch. 16


Shiloh had just gotten comfortable when she felt a hand snake around her throat. She gulped and stiffened, panicking at the memory of the last time his hand had been around her throat.

"Where did you sneak off to, little slut?" Vico growled into her ear as he loosened his hold. He pressed her face first to the mattress and covered her with his larger body.

She gazed back at him over her shoulder with fearful eyes. "I had something to do. Please, don't hurt me, Vico. It was only for a little while and I came back."

He shifted against her, letting her feel his hardness against her bottom. "Something or someone?"

"I won't lie to you. I had to find Rhys. I had to know if he lived."

A hurt look crossed Vico's face for a split second, but he quickly recovered it by putting on his insolent grin. "You left my bed just to find a sailor," he brought his hand down on her backside swiftly.

Shiloh yelped in pain at the sting of it. "There is much I can not tell you, not because of trust, but because there is so much at stake. I went to the house Rhys told me he could normally he found, but he wasn't there. The man you killed.... I knew him as Ashur. It turns out that he was a double agent and he knew Rhys. Truth is, Rhys isn't just a sailor. It was a cover. The woman who lived in that house was part of his cover. She was his former partner's widow." Shiloh watched as his face darkened. "She is dead, killed by the Dhorn along with two of her children. Rhys had been taken into Dhorn custody and tortured...horribly. I found him. He's being taken care of by Father Derthur at the temple. In that house, I found a young girl who had been hiding under a bed. I took her to Master Nathan upon Father Derthur's request and then I came back here. I had to know. I am sorry it had to be this way, but I couldn't rest until I knew he was safe."

Vico nodded, noting the concern in her voice and the pleading look in her eyes. "Never will you leave my bed to go to someone else's," he warned.

A shiver coursed down her spine as a sense of foreboding settled upon her. Though he would never admit it, she knew it had hurt him to awake and find her gone. "I wouldn't. I promise," Shiloh whimpered. "Now can you let me go or at least remove your hand from my throat. It scares me."

He relented, pulling his hand back. "I won't kill you. I've had enough chances to do that. I could easily teach you a lesson you'll not soon forget. Instead, I'll tell you what I want, little slut. I want you to ride me. I want to see how you spread your legs and show me your pretty cunt. I want to see my dick sliding in and out of you. And I want to see your breasts bounce while you rise and fall upon me. And when you finally get up I want to see my spunk running out of your snatch," Vico's voice became husky with desire. He embraced her tightly, pressing his hardened piece between her cheeks. She groaned at the feel of him. "I long to be inside you."

Vico rolled off Shiloh and lay upon his back, allowing Shiloh to quickly climb on him. She grabbed his cock and pointed it at her opening. Slowly she lowered herself onto him. He slipped in easily. She arched her arch, letting a throaty sigh of pleasure escape from her lips.

Shiloh braced her arms against his thighs and supported the crab position she assumed with one foot on either side of his hips. Her bottom nuzzled his groin as she began to rock back and forth, riding him slowly. She let him watch as his dick slid in and out of her creamy channel. Her lower lips gripped his member, squeezing him within her wet walls.

Vico's hands palmed her ass, pulling her down onto him fully as he thrust up into her forcefully. Her breasts bounced with every movement she made. "You look so hot. Squeezing your sexy little ass while you ride my dick makes me want to fuck that hot dark hole." His fingers slipped between her cheeks and pressed against her tight little opening. In response, Shiloh rammed her cunt down on him to get as much as she could inside. It wouldn't be long now. She could feel it building and let out an animalistic growl as she contracted her muscles around his shaft.

Vico grunted, lifting her off his cock. "Must have your royal ass," he placed her on her back and lifted her legs high in the air. He grinned down at her wickedly as he crawled between her thighs. Fisting his cock, he dragged the tip of it through her wetness from the top of her slit to the puckered ring nestled between her plump cheeks. He drew his hand back, his dark eyes devouring her. Smack! to her right thigh. And smack! to the other. Shiloh moaned and arched her back, enticing him to do it again. His hand connected with her ass. SMACK! SMACK! Her thighs trembled with every slap on her ass cheeks.

She was aching for him. She needed to feel his wet tongue sliding down her crack along with two strong hands pulling them apart to expose her lusty rear channel. At that moment in time, she craved having his thick, hard cock in her ass. Slowly she ground herself over and over against him, thinking only of his big strong hands gripping her hips, pulling her onto his cock. Gently slipping up and down her wet slit. The head of his beautiful cock dipping into her to gather the sweet nectar, making her moan in pleasure. It was enough to send her careening headlong into an intense orgasm, her cream dripping from her pouty slit.

SMACK! Another hard slap to her ass.

"Mmmmmmm. Oooooooohhhhh..."

Vico surprised her as he slipped down her body. His fingers skimmed their way through her soft curls and parted her lower lips. Growling, he sank both thumbs into her slit, pulling her open to further expose her sweetness to him. He landed another hard slap on her thigh while he tongued the sensitive spot just inside and had to hold tight as her hips bucked. Withdrawing his tongue, he twisted one thumb to put it against her inner pleasure spot, rubbing hard.

With eyes closed, bathing in the simultaneous sensations of pain and pleasure, Shiloh came in a glorious gush of cream with a matching scream. Before she'd subsided, he sucked her clit into his mouth, still massaging her from inside with his thumb. She shuddered and writhed, pulling his hair. He wanted her mindless, and the pain just added an extra edge to what he was feeling.

He surged over her, forcefully entering her while waves of electricity crashed over and over again within her. He built up speed with every trip into her sucking tightness. Grunting and growling as he plundered her. He grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled as he slammed deeply into her.

"Oh FUCK me! HARDER!" Shiloh growled out as he ravaged her tight little pussy.

Smack! SMACK!

Shiloh bit her lower lip as her pussy trembled while Vico's hard length rhythmically pierced it. With four more quick thrusts into her soaked little snatch, he pulled out abruptly and grabbed her cheeks tightly. She cried out in pain as he stretched the tender flesh of her ass. A shocking blast of cool air hit her puckered rosebud. Shiloh tensed. Then, she felt his searing hot breath around her crinkled little opening as his wet tongue darted out and licked her from top to bottom. He slathered her with his saliva.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh gods," Shiloh cried out as she gave in to his dark desires. She rocked back closer to him in animal hunger. Taking the hint, he pushed the tip of his tongue into her darkness. With a sharp tongue, he stabbed into her bottom repeatedly. A raging fire swept through her. Vico slid his hot tongue as far into her dark depths as he could. The sensation curled her toes, causing her to scream out while he pressed the pad of his thumb to my dripping wet clit. She gasped as another wave rippled through her very core. The way he rubbed her clit while tasting her dark region set her ablaze. Shiloh didn't know how much more she could take before she imploded. Vico chuckled low in his throat as he slipped his fingers up to replace his tongue. He pushed his way into her ass and slowly retreated then twisted his finger over and over, corkscrewing past her barrier ring.

He moved up to breathe into her ear and urged her to relax, "You want my hard cock in your ass?"

Shiloh moaned, "Mmmmm yesssssssssss... "

Vico slathered another finger in her cream and slowly slid it in next to the other, slowly and gently gyrating and parting his fingers to loosen her ass a little for his throbbing cock. Shiloh's heart raced. The sensations were so intense. It felt so good it hurt.

Then she whimpered as she felt the burning tip of his raging cock. Steadily stimulating her clit, he melted her resistance with his passion as he urged the moistened head of his cock to stretch her tiny opening. As she exhaled, he slowly pushed his way past the anal ring. With quaking thighs and a dripping wet pussy, she found it to be very difficult to retain her composure.

Vico pushed in slowly, driving his cock deep into her. He took it easy on her this time, stopping every inch or so to let her adjust to the wicked sensations. Her back arched at the sheer ecstasy of having him inside her. SMACK! His palm cracked against her ass. She writhed as the same hand smoothed over the sting. She gasped when he dug the fingers of one hand into her hair and yanked her head back. Lips brushed her cheek. All at once, Shiloh's body tightened and trembled. "By the GODS!" Her voice raised an octave with each word that slipped from her lips.

"Take it," he hissed, impaling her. He grabbed one of her hands and brought it to her pussy. "I want to see you play with your clit."

Shiloh readily complied, willing to do whatever she had to please him. She convulsed as she rubbed her swollen nubbin, crying out when he spanked her again. Not stopping. Not until her backside was aflame. Then, with a harsh cry of his own, he slammed his cock deep into her dark depths. She screamed, the pleasure-pain far too intense to contain. Instantly her body shuddered, her mouth gaping as she struggled to gulp breath as he filled her. He'd worked his way in so deep! She arched her back as she adjusted to the impossible fill of his invasion.

"Gods!" she gasped, clutching and panting as molten lust threatened to sear them both. "Gods, yes. More, please!" It hurt, but oh, what a hurt! "Vico!"

Smack! Smack!

He planted a kiss upon her rosy lips and followed it up with another slap. A torrent of lust. He pumped in and out of her building up speed and intensity. He gripped her hips as he slammed into her. He pulled out, then thrust hard back in. She couldn't stay still. Her hips shifted to the side, finding a delicious angle where he rubbed her in another new spot. The next time he shoved forward, she threw her hips back at him.

"Fuck," he muttered. She shoved back again, and he growled, catching her hips. "Stop moving. I'll come."

He squeezed her ass cheeks before delivering another two slaps. SMACK! SMACK!

"Please!" she cried, pushing back again.

"FUCK!" He reared up, firmly gripping her hips, and set the motion, almost fucking himself using her body. And she was a more than willing tool. She spread her thighs and pushed against him, furiously matching his rhythm.


She screamed, and he growled, fucking her through her spasms. She cried out and clutched at him, quite sure she was in agony but feeling nothing but ecstasy! Her muscles spasmed around his thickness as her pussy exploded. When she could take no more, he came, filling her ass with his wet warmth.

Vico slumped against her, pulling himself from her steamy bottom. He rolled off her once more and pulled her into his lap, caressing her reddened cheeks. The sight aroused him greatly. He heard a whimper of protest as he dug his fingers into the meat of her globes.


Shiloh cried out as his hand cracked against a rather tender spot. "Stop!"

Vico laughed wholeheartedly before soothing her stinging cheeks with the soft caress of his fingers. "Have you learned your lesson?"

She nodded and scooted off his lap, sitting back on her haunches. "Bastard!"

Another laugh slipped from his lips followed by that insolent grin. "Come back here." Vico pulled her to him and snuggled her in the curve of his body. Sleep claimed them, whisking them away into its pleasant embrace.


When Shiloh awoke, she was alone. She rubbed her bottom and slid from beneath the warmth of the blankets. A smile crossed her face. He had pulled the blankets over her to keep her warm. Gathering her armor, she quickly slipped into it, tying all the laces that held it tight against her form. Shiloh glanced around, noting his armoire stood open. She went over to it and peered inside, noting the heavy suit of blackened mail was missing. Hmmm, she rubbed her chin, perhaps he had to do something that required heavy protection. A sense of foreboding slithered down her spine.

She knew she had something to do as well. She had to return to the Bear Pit and speak to Master Nathan. She wondered if a lecture would be forthcoming. She knew she had best get it over with.

She left Vico's abode and headed to the surface. Deciding to take the long way around, she made her way up through the ruined house and to the dark alley that Rick Cars used to guard. Passing through it, she headed all the way down to the end of River Road and crossed over into the north part of the city. She whistled a happy tune as she strolled along. Her blood still thrummed at the thought of the thorough fucking Vico had bestowed upon her. She had lost count of the sweet peaks he has presented her. It had felt so good. She sighed and smiled. She couldn't wait to see him again.

She squeaked as a middle-aged man swiftly approached her and grabbed hold of her arm. "Excuse me, but aren't you...?" His eyes studied her thoroughly.

A wave of panic coursed through her. There were several members of the Dhorn patrol nearby. "No, I'm not. Leave me be, please," she gritted through clenched teeth.

"Oh my God! You are Princess Shiloh!" He stared at her incredulously.

Shiloh's brow furrowed. "You must be mistaking me. I'm not a princess."

Still he persisted. "No, no, I'm absolutely sure! Princess Shiloh!" He quickly bowed before her.

"I'm sorry. I really don't know what you are talking about. Now leave me be or I shall be forced to call the patrol."

He shook his head. "Princess, I understand your reasons for caution, but I shall tell no one that you are alive, except for my wife. Oh my gods, when she hears that you're still alive...! You have to know, we were always great admirers of the Royal Family! You see, Princess, I used to tend the horses in the castle when one was sick. I'm a veterinarian. I've seen you pretty often when you went out for a ride. I have a talent for recognizing faces, I think. Your hair is different. But still, I'd recognize you on the spot, everywhere. I still cannot believe you're talking to me. Are your parents alive as well? We've seen their corpses impaled on the castle walls. Was it just a trick to fool the Dhorn? Are they off to gather an army to take the city back?"

Shiloh sighed, "As far as I know, only I survived."

"Oh... and I had so hoped they would to return to kick these bastard Dhorn's out of our city!"

Shiloh's mind raced. She couldn't allow him to tell anyone he had seen her and that she was alive. Her safety depended on it. The imp inside urged her, coaxing her to silence him. She wondered what Vico would do? She drew in a deep breath, knowing full well the answer to that. "We should talk, but not here... Let's go to a more secluded spot."

He eagerly agreed. "Of course. Lead the way, Princess!"

She led him to an alcove on the far side of the Temple, out of sight of everyone. She flashed a look at him that made his blood run cold.

"Wait a moment! You are not luring me into a trap, are you?" The former castle veterinarian deduced and made haste to run from her.

Her eyes narrowed and she reached out, grabbing hold of him and pulling him back. "I am sorry, but I can not allow you to tell anyone that I am alive. It would risk far too many lives." She drew her sword with a cold detachment in her eyes and rammed it in his rather large gut. The man let out a sick gurgling noise. Shiloh watched as his skin took on a green tinge. Blood seeped from the corner of his mouth as he sank to the ground. Stepping back she pulled her blade from him and wiped it on his tunic. Looking around, she sheathed her sword and drew in another deep breath. She trembled and took off in a run, not stopping until she reached the doors of the temple. Remorse plagued her. She had taken a life. Shiloh wasn't sure what had come over her. She shuddered as the imp within cackled. She knew she had to make sure her identity remained a secret. She clung to that. It was imperative. Shiloh fell to her knees, and buried her face in her hands. It had to be this way. It had to be, she repeated to herself over and over again. Forcing herself to carry on, she pulled herself to her feet. It had to be this way. She knew her survival was all that mattered if she ever hoped to reclaim the throne in her family's name.

And so she went about her business without looking back. She entered the temple and made her way through the main chapel to the door that would lead her to Father Derthur's office. She went to the closet and slipped inside, finding the latch that would lead her to the secret panel and the room in which Rhys recuperated.

She greeted Father Derthur as she entered the bedroom. A concerned look crossed his face. "There is blood staining your armor, child. Are you injured?" He rushed to her.

"It is not my own, good Father. A man recognized me as the princess. I panicked and stabbed him. He is dead," Shiloh buried her face in her hands once more and let out a sob, letting her guilt and remorse out. "He would've told his wife and only the gods know how many people she may have told. I remember how gossipy the servants in the castle used to be. I couldn't allow that. I did what I had to do."

"There, there, child. Calm yourself. I will take care of it. I assume you have some to see Rhys."

"Yes, I have," she looked up at him with soulful eyes.

He studied her closely and nodded, seeing more than remorse in those sapphire pools. "Go to Rhys and I shall take care of the body."

Father Derthur exited the room, leaving Shiloh to her thoughts. She hasted to Rhys's side, sitting in the chair next to the bed. Her eyes flicked over him thoroughly. His color had improved, no longer the ghostly pallor of the previous day. Clean bandages encircled his torso. She touched his face, softly stroking his strong jaw. He flinched and thrashed, a groan slipping from his lips. She pulled her hand back and softly soothed him with her voice. "Shhh, all is well. You are safe. It is Shiloh."

"Shiloh?" he croaked, calming visibly. His eyes did not open. His breathing returned to normal.

She took hold of his hand and held it in both of hers. She rested her head on his chest and softly crooned a song her mother used to sing to her. She didn't know how long she sat with him. Her voice grew hoarse.

Father Derthur returned and softly touched her shoulder. "Nathan sends word. He wishes to see you."

She nodded grimly. "Very well," she left the temple and headed to the Bear Pit. She wasted no time making her way to his office, not even to stop and speak to Caron. She avoided looking at Wesh and Warent as she walked between them. She stopped before Nathan and dropped a curtsy.

He cleared his throat. "Shiloh?"

She met his eyes levelly. "You wished to see me?"

"You know very well I wished to see you. You will explain your actions as of late. I am disappointed in you, to say the least."

She lowered her eyes, wondering what he spoke of. What had she done that had displeased him? "What is it you wish to know? I am unclear of what you speak of."

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