tagIncest/TabooThe Long Trip Ch. 02

The Long Trip Ch. 02


As Ron pulled the car into the service station Lyn sat upright in the back seat next to their son Steve. The warm wet pussy juice trickling down her inner thigh, the hot glow of a fresh orgasm and the sweet yet salty taste of cum filling her mouth, served only to remind her of what she and her son had just done.

Steve sat there next to his mother with a vacant look of utter disbelief on his young face. As he stared at the back of the car seat in front of him his eyes transfixed and his mouth wide open in amazement, the only thing on his mind was his mother's last words to him.

Ron was ready for the break from driving and needed to stretch his legs and have something to eat and drink. The service station had a café and as he pulled the car to a stop in the parking space he tipped his head back slightly and said, "Just what we need, are either of you two hungry?"

Lyn turned to look at her son and they both smiled as she replied almost sarcastically, "I'm not, but I think Steve will eat something."

Steve followed his mother's eyes down to her wet panties and it immediately sunk into his young mind what his mother had really meant by that statement. The boy could hardly believe that this lewd dirty woman sat next him was his own mother. He had, for some time, harboured secret sexual feelings for her but had never in a million years thought that she'd had them too. Just thinking about what they had done and what his mother clearly still wanted them to do, was enough to keep his cock hard for weeks.

Ron pulled the car to a stop and got out quickly. Standing by the open driver's door he stretched his arms above his head and removed the stiffness from his tired body. Looking through the café window he could see the only people in there were the waitress and an old couple sat next to the door.

In the back seat of the car Lyn and Steve couldn't keep their eyes off each other. It suddenly came to Lyn that it wasn't just the dirtiness of the incest they had indulged in, but more to do with the fact that her husband had been just a metre away from them as they did it. Thoughts ran through her mind, fuelling her arousal once more. Was it the fact that it was her husband or could it have been anybody there? Was it just the thought of getting caught? Whatever it was it was so exciting, her orgasm had been the best she'd had for a long time and she wanted more.

Steve stared into his sexy mother's eyes and raw lust began to pump blood back into his dick once more. There were no questions in his mind only one thought. He had to fuck his mother and nothing else mattered.

Ron leaned through the open car door and peered into the back seat, "Are you two coming?" he asked.

"Nearly," Lyn whispered back under her breath as she smiled once more at her horny son. Ron didn't hear the reply and said, "I'm just going to the men's room, I'll meet you two inside the café," and he shut the door and walked away.

Ron was only feet away from the car, walking towards the men's room next to the café, when Lyn shuffled her arse around on the back seat. Leaning back against her door she quickly pulled her short skirt up to her waist. "Get my fucking panties off you dirty little boy," she growled at her son.

Steve didn't need asking twice and grabbing the cotton waistband of his mother's panties in each hand he almost ripped them off in one pull. His hungry eyes took in the arousing sight of his mother's long silky legs. She pulled them back to her chest clamped them together and bent them at the knees in a pose that would grace any page of Playboy magazine. The wet lips of his mother's shaven cunt were clearly visible and he stared at them and the soft round cheeks of her tight arse.

Lyn kept her knees up as she lay back against the door. She parted her legs just enough to run her right hand through them and across her horny pussy. Hot juice squished between her fingers making them slippery as her button clit pushed out between them.

Steve licked his eager lips and leaned closer to his slut mother. The pungent aroma of hot pussy met his nostrils as he took in the incredible sight before him. All thoughts of everything except having his horny mom went tumbling from his mind. His young cock pushed a rampant tent in his jeans and strained to be set free once more.

Ron whistled a tune he had stuck in his head, as he stood alone in the men's room having a much-needed piss. Completely unaware of the drama unfolding in the back seat of his car, his mind was on what he was going to order in the café. The long drive had made him hungry and his stomach growled loudly.

Lyn slowly pulled her knees apart to look at her horny boy between them. Her son had her wet panties pressed to his nose and she watched him push them into his pocket and start to pull down his zip. She pursed her lips lewdly staring at the bulge in the front of his tight jeans and let out a slight sigh as Steve's iron hard cock sprang out once more before her eyes.

Suddenly Lyn realised that her husband would be wondering where they were as she had lost all track of time. Her mind told her to go to the café along with her son, but her pussy told her otherwise. She realised, with regret, that they didn't have time to fuck and she also wanted their first time to be unhurried. She wanted to savour the feeling of her son's hard meat in her pussy but she also needed to cum right now.

Lyn had the answer to her dilemma and grunted, "Lick mommy's hot cunt for her, you naughty boy."

Steve took less than a second to get his head between those luscious legs. Lyn was immediately aware that her son had a very long tongue as it snaked between her cunt lips and into her hot hole. "Oh fuck, that's heaven," she sighed. It felt incredible and Lyn knew straight away that it wouldn't take long for the second orgasm with her son to rack her body once more. Tiny sparks of spicy pleasure made her hot pussy tingle as Steve's long wet tongue wiggled in her tunnel and his upper lip pressed hard against her clit. Juice squirted out and coated his face as he eagerly went to work on his mother's hot cunt. Changing every few seconds between fucking his tongue in and out of her hot hole and making long licks from the bottom to the top of her heavenly pussy lips, Steve coaxed his mom to orgasm.

Ron glanced towards the car as he left the men's room and headed towards the café. As he entered he looked around for his wife and son but couldn't see them in there. Thinking to himself that they would be along shortly he sat down in the seat next to the window and picked up the cafe menu. Glancing out of the window he could see his car a few feet away but as it was getting dark outside couldn't see anyone in it. The question of what he was going to eat took his mind from the car and back to the menu.

Lyn could see through the car window into the café and watched her husband take his seat. The wickedness of the situation took over and once again it helped to fuel her lust. She now knew the answers to her earlier questions, as she glanced between her husband in the window and her son between her legs. It was the naughtiness of doing this under her husband's nose that was exciting and the chance of being caught made it even better, added to the fact that it was dirty incest made it really arousing. So the answer was all three and she smiled to herself wickedly for being such a slut.

Lyn had never had her pussy licked so expertly, and she marvelled at her son's pussy licking skills. Every three or four strokes of his talented tongue Steve would change his action, not letting her settle on one before changing it for another. Lyn revelled in the delicious frustration of it as he teased her towards what she knew would be a massive cum. She slid her hand into her cotton blouse and under her bra to pinch her hard button nipple between her fingers.

Steve wrapped his right hand around his cock and began to rhythmically wank it back and forth. He brought his other hand up to his mother's cunt and with his tongue pressed hard on her clit he pushed two fingers into her hot wet hole and slid them slowly in and out.

Lyn convulsed and screamed, "OH FUCK, OH FUCK, YES, YES, THAT'S IT, YES, YES, I'M CUMMING," as waves of hot orgasmic ecstasy pulsed through her shaking body.

Steve couldn't hold back his impending orgasm and although he wanted to get his cock into his mother's hot pussy and fuck her senseless he felt the rising glow of his cum racing up his cock. His mother pulled on the back of his head making it impossible for him to free himself from her convulsing cunt. He let go of his cock to stop himself from cumming as his mom finished her orgasm by rubbing her pussy hard against his mouth.

Finally Lyn let go of her son's head and he moved up, kneeling on the seat between her open legs. Steve rose up slightly and Lyn, still gasping hard breathes, looked at his throbbing cock pointing straight at her. Suddenly panic set in as she realised that Ron would be angry that they weren't in the café with him by now. "No, no, Steve we haven't got time, you can't fuck me now," she pleaded.

"I have to cum mom, I can't hold back," he replied urgently.

Lyn again knew the answer as she realised how close he was to orgasm. "Shoot it on my fucking pussy, you hot little fucker, let mommy have your hot load on her wet cunt," she sneered like a dirty whore.

Steve took hold once more of his pulsing cock and it took just two strokes to make him groan loudly. The first spurt of hot boy cum shot from his pulsing cock and hit his mom's pussy with a splat. "OHHHHH YEEEHHH," he screamed from his very soul, as the delicious glow of his massive orgasm hit his throbbing cock like a warm explosion. With the next three strokes came three more jets of cum and his mom's cunt was covered in her son's juice.

Lyn rubbed her hand over her pussy as she had before, but this time her fingers were coated in the dirty mixture of both of their hot juices. Steve rested back on his arse and leaned against his door, his softening cock still in his hand. Looking up slowly he glanced through the slightly steamed up car window and could just make out the sight of his dad walking towards the car. "MOM QUICK DAD'S HERE," he shouted.

Lyn sat up as quick as lightning and pulled her short skirt down over her thighs covering her soaking pussy. Steve once again had to stuff his cock quickly back into his jeans. They just made it in time before Ron opened the driver's door and leaned into the car. "I thought I said I'd meet you in the café, what are you two still doing sat in here?" he asked crossly.

"Sorry dear, we got carried away talking, we're just coming," Lyn answered trying to calm her angry husband.

Steve didn't say a word he just looked at the floor and then out of the window, anywhere but at his dad.

"Come on then don't just sit there like a pair of lemons," Ron spat back.

Lyn and Steve opened their doors and both climbed out on unsteady legs. Ron began to walk away towards the café when he turned and said, "Hurry up I'm starving, and I'm sure you could do with something nice to eat," looking straight at his son, who couldn't help smiling and licking his pussy flavoured lips.

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