tagBDSMThe Long Weekend Ch. 04

The Long Weekend Ch. 04


He woke with his handcuffed hands stretched over his head and attached by a small padlock to the o-ring of the leather cuff that Mistress wore around her left ankle. The cock cage he wore was pressing uncomfortably against his member. The need to pee was making his budding erections, and the painful consequences, more frequent than usual.

The past three nights and two days had been mind-altering. He had been kept mentally off-balance the entire time. She could change gears swiftly. There would be sternness followed with tenderness. Sensuous teasing would alternate with pain. It blended together after a while, making the pain seem sensuous, and the teasing seem like sweet torment.

He considered himself to be an experienced submissive. Yet, he hadn't been very successful at anticipating or guessing her next move. Like a baseball pitcher that mixes pitches to keep the batter uncertain about what was coming next, Mistress had him thoroughly confounded.

He knew that today would be the last day of his audition. Tuesday they both had to get to work. He wondered what she could possibly have in store for him today to test his worthiness. Even if he passed the test, he couldn't be sure if she would make a decision on keeping him as her slave. She might want time to think it over. He knew it would be in her time-frame, not his. He knew that any attempt to accelerate her decision would lower her opinion of him. Worse, it would ruin it for him. He wanted her to want him for her own reasons, her own way, and when she could no longer postpone the decision because of her feelings, desires, and urgency to possess him as her slave.

He knew he wanted to be chosen as a "keeper", as she had put it. He wanted to be her trainable property, and to be trained to please her as she wanted to be pleased. He knew that he was already her chattel in his own mind. It only remained for her to decide that in her mind.

It might be a long wait. No matter how short it was, it would be an agonizing wait. It would be more agonizing than being chained with a full bladder and a cock cage that cut into the head of his penis each time he experienced a piss hard-on, and that was happening with increasing frequency.

His hand brushed against her foot, and he noticed that it felt a bit cold. Carefully, he rolled onto his stomach and inched his way slowly toward her left foot, to which his hands were chained. He delicately wrapped his bound hands around the front of her foot, exposing only the toes, which he slipped into his mouth to warm them.

She stirred and he froze. He wasn't sure what her reaction would be, and hoped he wasn't going to be reprimanded.

"Keep doing that," she said, in a dreamy voice, and he continued, using his thumbs to gently massage the soles of her feet as he heated her toes with his mouth.

She sat up and smiled. "What a pleasant way to wake me up, pet," she said with a smile. She removed a chain from around her neck, to which was attached the keys to his handcuffs and the small padlock that locked the cuffs to her leather ankle cuff. She removed the padlock and put it and the chain with the keys on the night table. She moved her right foot over to her left and said quietly, "Now do this one for me." He complied.

When she had had enough, she rolled him over on his back, and straddled his head, facing toward his feet. She lowered her pussy onto his waiting open mouth and began to slowly pee into it, enjoying the sensation, his submission, and the feeling of power it gave her. She opened the straps that held his cock cage, and his penis went to full erection immediately.

She leaned over to kiss the tenderized head of his penis, and then began giving it playful little nibbles as she continued her intentionally extended pee. She could hear his moans from beneath her pussy as she teased his cock with her fingernails, fingertips, teeth, lips and tongue.

"What a cute little thing," she said pleasantly, as she sat up to finish urinating. "I have plans for that."

She swung her body around, so now she straddled him facing away from his feet. With her left hand, she reached back to play with his left nipple. With her right hand, he grabbed a handful of his hair, and began grinding her pussy into his mouth and her clit against his nose. She continued to fuck his face until her third climax. Then she rolled off him and grabbed the keys off the night table and removed his cuffs.

"Start my coffee, little one," she said, "and then report back here."

"Yes, Mistress."

He returned in a few minutes to stand by the bed, his piss hard-on sticking out toward her. She grabbed his testicles gently but firmly with one hand, and with the other began lightly stroking the sensitized head of his cock with a fine emery board. She was rewarded with a satisfying groan from him. She delighted in the sway of his body as he tried to maintain his discipline, and not take his hands from his sides. She began to feel little tremors shaking him, and his groans began to evolve into little sobs. "If you come or pee," she warned, "you will be dismissed and sent home."

"Yes Mistress," he hissed through gritted teeth, summoning every ounce of self-control to keep from doing either...or both. His breathing quickened, and his sobs became steady and unbroken. Yet she continued to rake the emery board across the tip of his cock...not hard or fast, but unrelenting.

He closed his eyes and tears began to drip from under his lids. He knew he couldn't hold it in forever. He knew he was on the brink of failure and being dismissed. It was no longer a question of "if", but just a question of "when". His tears accelerated at the thought of being sent home in disgrace. He tried to hold on for just one more minute...and then one minute more.

The aroma of fresh-brewed coffee drifted in from the kitchen.

"Saved by the coffee," she giggled. "Go get me a cup."

He ran to the kitchen, and heard her laughing as he did. His hand shook as he poured the coffee into the mug, and then added the cream. He could not run to the bed carrying the steaming mug, but he walked as briskly as he could, thinking: just a little longer...dear God, please, just a little longer....

She took the mug with one hand, and with the other hand grasped the shaft of his cock firmly. She took a sip of the brew, sweetly complimented him on the taste, and innocently asked him if he'd like permission to relieve himself.

"Oh God, yes Mistress!" he gasped.

"Go potty, then," she said, releasing his cock. She smiled as he ran toward the bathroom, his penis bobbing up and down in front of him. Life was good, she thought.

Upon his return, he was ordered to fetch another cup of coffee for her, shave and brush his teeth, clean the bathroom, shower himself, rinse out the tub, and begin filling it with hot water. Upon hearing the tub water running, she slipped into a silk kimono, grabbed the small wooden chair in the bedroom, and walked into the bathroom with it. Wordlessly, she pointed to a spot on the floor, and wordlessly, he knelt naked there.

She inspected the bathroom, and found the cleaning job to be acceptable. She placed the chair next to the tub, tested the temperature of the tub water, and then the temperature of the water running from the tap. She made an adjustment to the knobs, re-tested the flowing water, and nodded.

She added a copious amount of bubble bath to the water, and a few drops of oil that had a lavender scent. As the tub became about three-quarters full, she shut off the faucets and sat on the chair.

"Get in the tub," she told him.

He stared at her and hesitated for a moment. Had she actually said for him to get into the tub? He had just showered. He had assumed that the bath was for her.

"Missy!" she barked, and then added quietly but firmly, "Don't make me repeat an order. Get...in...the tub...now."

"Yes Mistress," he replied, blushing. He leapt to his feet and stood in the tub, easing his body into the hot water, groaning as the hot soapy water touched his tormented cock.

"Lean back and relax," she said, and he did. "By now, you should know I like to reward my slaves with special attention when I think they merit it."

"Yes Mistress."

"Shhhhh," she whispered into his ear. "No need to answer. Consider full speech restriction to be in force. You don't even need to nod. Just listen."

She grabbed an over-sized sponge, soaked it, and then held it above his head and squeezed. He had to close his eyelids to prevent the soapy water from stinging his eyes. Closing his eyes relaxed him further, and he audibly sighed as the warmth from the bath water began to soak into his muscles.

"Keep your eyes closed," she whispered.

She continued to drip water from the sponge over his exposed neck, shoulders, and upper chest. All the while she whispered little compliments about his appearance, how sexy he was, and how pleased she was with him. Her reassurances were even more relaxing and comforting to him than the hot water.

When the water in the tub began to cool off, she wiped his face with a small towel, and began to apply makeup. In addition to the red lipstick, she added some mascara and eye shadow. She made him get out of the tub and dry off, leaving his hair wet. This she brushed and blow-dried to a style of her choosing. At the end of her efforts, she had him look at himself in the bathroom mirror for a long moment.

"Pretty," she said, and led him by the hand back to her bed, where she cuffed him spread-eagled. She reminded him that he was not to speak, or even nod, and ordered him to keep his eyes closed. "If you say a single word, or open your eyes, I'll dismiss you and send you home in disgrace."

She left for a few moments. He lay there, relaxed by the warm bath and her tender words during the bath. He was more relaxed than he had been since sitting with her at the restaurant table on Friday night. He was no longer trying to wonder what would come next. He knew she'd outguess him anyway. All he could do is lie there and wait for it to happen. It was a peaceful feeling. He was, he realized, surrendering to her will.

He heard her return and sit on the bed next to him. He felt a pinch on one earlobe, and a moment later, on his other lobe. Earrings, he thought. Then he felt a similar sensation at the bottom of his scrotum. As he was busy wondering what that was about, he felt her fingers pulling his right nipple taut. A sudden, sharp pain shot through him and he cried out. The pain was repeated on his left nipple, and he felt a metal chain lying on his chest between the two. He felt her finger slide between his skin and the chain, and lift the chain upward. As it grew taut, it began to pull on the clamps attached to his nipples. His body rose off the bed and he began to whimper. He felt a small pillow being slipped under his ass, and suddenly, the chain fell back to his chest and he collapsed back onto the mattress, panting.

He felt her finger brush behind one ear, and then the other. He smelled the aroma of a delicate, feminine perfume. He felt her lift his scrotum and felt her fingertip dab there.

He felt her leave the bed, and a moment later heard the familiar sounds of her camera, first on one side of the bed, then at the foot, and finally at the other side. The pain in his nipples had become a steady, dull ache. His mind began to drift off.

She lay back down on the mattress next to him. She leaned over and began to kiss him. Their lips slid over each other's, and her tongue penetrated into his mouth. His tongue was under hers, licking at the bottom of her tongue with the tip of his. The kiss continued, and one of her hands began to playfully tug at the chain attached to his nipples, causing him to groan and squirm. This redoubled the passion of her kiss.

She broke off the kiss, and inserted the cock-shaped gag into his mouth, strapping it tight around his head. She began to speak in a loud whisper, which he had to strain to hear.

"Poor helpless little girl," she said, running her fingernails over his torso. "But it isn't the chains that make you helpless, bitch. All you have to do is open your eyes...and poof!...you get unchained...and in an hour you'll be safe at home."

She reached down to his scrotum, and inserted a finger into the ring at the end of the earring she had attached to it. She lifted her finger slowly, watching as his body rose and his breathing grew faster.

"But you won't open your eyes," she said confidently in that same whisper. "Because you're a little slut...you want me to have my way with you. You love the attention...my touch...even when it hurts." With that she jerked the ring higher and was rewarded by a groan of pain from him. She let go of the earring, and he collapsed back to the bed.

"IF I decide to keep you as my slave," she said, "you will be trained...to be the slave I want...I need. Your enslavement will be total...unconditional. You will have no limits...except the ones I choose. I will own you...own you as property...trainable property...property I use...as I see fit."

She fondled his balls in her hand, squeezing them until he grimaced and groaned. "These things would be of no use to me...except as something to torture...until you wished you didn't have them." She dropped the scrotum and began slapping his balls, first lightly, then firmer and faster as she watched his reactions escalate, until he was howling in pain and straining at his bonds.

Her hand grabbed the shaft of his penis, with her thumb vigorously rubbing the sensitized head, and her nail opening and playing with the slit at the apex. He was still straining at his wrist and ankle restraints, but the sounds coming from behind the gag were moans of pleasure.

"Pleasure and pain," she whispered, "pain and pleasure...all mixed up...so confusing sometimes...just like this...it will bring you pain as a tiny cock...pleasure as your big clitty." She leaned forward, and ran the tip of her tongue along the slit as her thumbnail held it wide. She added a nail from her forefinger and opened the slit wider, the tip of her tongue penetrating it ever so slightly. She could hear his accelerating breathing and feel the involuntary shaking of his body. She brought him to the edge of what she thought might be a climax, and stopped.

"IF I keep you," she said in a stage whisper, "this may never be inside a pussy...ever again...or ejaculate...ever again. Maybe...it might amuse me...to have you...jerk off for me...and eat your cum...or...jerk you off...with my feet...and watch you...clean my feet...with your mouth...hard to predict...what I'll want...later." She released his penis from her grasp, and removed the nipple clamp nearest to her. His body jumped and he screamed in pain as the numbness ceased and the pain shot through his nipple. She got a similar reaction when she removed the second clamp. She put her mouth over the near nipple, and began to give it delicate kisses and licks with her tongue. With her hand, she reached across to his other nipple and began stroking the tip lightly with her thumb.

He struggled to keep his eyes closed and handle the waves of sensation that were overwhelming him. Ow! It hurt, he thought, and then an instant later it felt so delicious, so beautiful, please don't stop...don't ever stop. He wished he could say it, but the cock gag filled his mouth. He wished he could see her playing with his nipples, but he didn't dare open his eyes. He could feel his muscles tighten and bunch up all over his body. He could hear his breathing get faster and shallower. His head began to spin and drift and he felt shivers that rapidly grew into disjointed spasms. He heard himself scream, and her laugh.

It passed. His muscles began to relax, his breathing slowed a little. He felt dreamy and helpless as her mouth came away from one nipple, but her thumb continued to play with the other.

"From the beginning," she said, "I told you...my slave...would be femmed...as deep...as I want to take it. You knew that. You came here...because...you needed...to be my bitch. Today...I'll discover...how far...I can take you."

"IF I keep you," she said gleefully, switching her hand to his other nipple, "I will give you a name! I'll call you...Cindy...short for Cinderella. You would be...like Cinderella...empty...unloved...without hope...until her fairy Godmother...transforms her...into the girl...of her dreams."

She placed her lips right next to his ear, and spoke as softly as she could. "I'm your fairy Godmother, Cindy; I know what is in your dreams...and today...I'm going to wave my magic wand...and transform you."

Her words were arousing him even more than her touch. He knew his cock was erect and stiff; it was an unmistakable signal to Mistress revealing his true feelings. Even if he could speak, he couldn't deny how excited he was. It was his dream; it had been his dream since puberty. He had confessed his fantasies and dreams to her in the long e-mails he had written over the months they had corresponded. She had not remarked on them at the time, but it was obvious now that she had absorbed every word. She was already making his dreams more real than any past Mistress had. His mind wandered to a place he seldom allowed it to go...a place where he was soft, yielding and feminine. Now, that inner "her" had a name: Cindy. Mistress' hand and fingernails wandered back and forth across Cindy's body to keep her aroused, moaning, and trembling. All the while, Mistress' soft voice filled Cindy's head with images of her new life as a slave.

"I'm going to free the little girl inside you from the dungeon where you've imprisoned her," she said, "I'll sculpt your mind and body...mold you...into my sweet...little...skinny-ass white bitch...trained to use...your mouth...your titties...you clit...your pussy...to entice...to serve...to please...to worship your Black Goddess. You'll be trained...as my sex toy...my urinal...body servant...housemaid...pet...errand boy...pain slut...anything...and everything...I need you to be, Cindy."

Deborah slipped a latex glove over her hand, and splashed it liberally with the lubricant. This time she would be gentle. She wanted the first experience as Cindy to be a sweet, loving fuck. She inserted the middle finger slowly, letting it slide gradually up the anal canal toward the prostate, touching it lightly. Cindy gave out a little gasp through her gag and moaned.

"You love having me inside you," she said, as she deftly slid her ring finger into Cindy. "I know...you want me...to fuck...your pussy, baby. I'll tell you...a little secret...I want...to fuck...your pussy, Cindy. I want...to feel you...come for me...while I'm deep inside you."

She began a slow, steady rhythm in and out, and was pleased to see Cindy trying to push down into the upward strokes.

"Come for me," whispered Deborah. "Come for me, Cindy...do it for me, baby...ahhhhhh...I know...it feels...so good...so intimate...so loving...so sensuous...so sexy...be sexy for me...come for me...."

Cindy was losing her mind as well as control of her body. The climax came suddenly, and was more violent than the ones before. She screamed through the gag. It was not a scream of pain. It was not a scream of fear. It was a scream of joy.

Deborah felt the tremors, and the spastic tightening of the muscles in the anal canal pressing against her fingers, which did not stop their rhythm.

"Good girl," she said, "you came for me...you made me...very happy...very proud...made my pussy...very wet. Mmmm...it excites me...to feel you come...like my little fuck puppet. Do it for me...again, baby...I want...you to come again...for me...."

The second climax came swifter than the first. This time Cindy didn't scream; she gave out a long, muffled moan. Deborah kept up the tempo, not missing a beat.

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