tagIncest/TabooThe Long Weekend Ch. 15

The Long Weekend Ch. 15


Leaving the Party Early

Kathy looked up at Dan, took a finger and wiped a large dollop of cum off his cock and ran it, like lipstick, over her lips.

Annie stared at the lusty action beside her. She was so absorbed in the lascivious acts beside her she was not aware that she had begun to tweak her nipples with one hand and had cupped her sex with the other.

Kathy saw Annie was aroused by the action and stood up. She gave Annie a salty peck on the cheek then spoke softly into her ear, "Can you stay with him while I go across the hall and clean up.? He's always wanted to know what goes on but single men are not supposed to be in here unaccompanied. The fact is also that he will be ready again in minutes, so I won't be long."

"Sure" said Annie, not really knowing what to say after the unexpected yet exciting hand job she had just witnessed. "Why don't we wait over here?" she said guiding him over to the bench. Sitting him down on the bench, she stood in front of him. "Can you please a woman, like your aunt pleased you?" she asked him as she moved closer.

"I think so. I've learned a lot from reading Literotica, I've surfed the net and I have had some private lessons from my mom and her friends. I've always been a good student." Dan replied as he reached for Annie. Sitting down, his mouth was at her breast level. He nuzzled her breasts through her cover up. He reached up and pulled the top away exposing her left breast, then her right. He licked the underside of each breast (something an article in Cosmo said to do) then moving to her nipples he licked each one until it was very wet, then blew softly across the areola creating a wonderful sensation in Annie. He took the ripening nipple in his mouth and like a new baby began to suckle. His slurping noises, added to the whimpers and groans echoing in the darkness.

Annie reached up and held her breast to him like a mother to a young baby. She put her hand on the back of head to keep him in a place. A place he had no intention of leaving. Reaching up to tweak her other nipple he gently pulled her closer. He felt Annie move in so her legs straddled his young slim thigh.

Her knee nudged his already hard cock and Dan reached out found the silky hold ups and lightly traced his fingers until he touched her naked thighs. He caressed the front and back of her legs softly. He ran the back of hand up the inside of the sweaty thighs while Annie spread her legs to accommodate the welcome intruder. He had never felt such smooth satiny skin between anyone's legs. His aunt and all her friends were very proud of their pubic hair and never shaved. He sawed the edge of his hand back and forth on either side of thong. Never touching her vagina directly, but letting her think he was about to, he increased the titillation. The soft silky feel was intoxicating.

To understand what he was dealing with, his fingers traced the outline of her thong. He felt the little pouch that held her clit. He traced the narrow strap and felt the smooth swelling lips on either side. He felt the wetness as he moved his fingers further under her. In Annie's evaluation, he was an honor student in anatomy. He ran his long thin fingers over the furrow in her vulva. He took hold of the thong and gently pulled it down both thighs until it caught just above Annie's knees. He slowly worked his small soft boyish hands back up her moist thighs until his fingers reached her dripping juices. He caught some juices and scooped them up to lubricate her more.

He took his index finger and carefully spelled his name on her clitoris. D - a firm stroke with a gentle circular caress. A – a firm and up and down strokes with a sideways caress. N - three soft strokes, one up the side, one down the middle and one up the other side. Annie would be sure never to forget his name.

He worked two fingers into her as he ran his thumb over her pulsating entrance. She took all of him and signaled she wanted more by trying to open her legs wider and squeezing her demanding vagina on the ends of his fingers. He pushed her thong all the way down so she could step out of it. She put one foot up on the bench as he slid a third finger in. He buried his three middle fingers, so that his little finger would touch her rosebud and his thumb could draw tantalizing circles around her clit.

They found a rhythm, he would push and she would squeeze and squat. She would release and he would withdraw an inch or two. He was a gifted lover she thought. She had let Sr. and Jr. make love to her with some guidance, but Dan had not be guided but was a natural who had also been trained, very well trained.

With her eyes closed, she held his head to her breast while he pleasured her. She began to hump his hand and was startled to feel another hand on her ass. "Let me help." said Kathy as she stroked Annie's ass. Kathy stepped in and over Dan's other leg and presented herself to her nephew.

"Don't forget me" she cooed as Dan took his other hand and began to work his aunt's pussy. Kathy in the meantime, began to caress Annie's other breast while continuing to stoke Annie's bum. Kathy leaned over and licked Annie's ear then nipped at her straining neck.

Sensing that she had taught her nephew well and that Annie was about to come, Kathy slipped her finger between Annie's ass check and played with her rosebud. Annie, came with a guttural moan as she leaned forward to support herself on the wall behind the bench.

Dan was ambidextrous. His fingers in Annie were now moving slowly as he brought her down from her orgasm, while his other hand played a faster rhythm with his surrogate mother. While Annie was dripping wet, his mother was just getting damp. Annie stepped off his leg as Kathy reached to touch her surrogate son's steel hard cock.

Kathy pulled his hand away from her crotch as she picked up, then opened one of the many packages of condom's she had brought back with her. She expertly put in on him and turned her back to him and leaned on him. She levered his hard cock away from his body, slid her ass down his torso and sat on his lap. The ribbed and lubricated condom lay against the outside of her vagina. She ran her fingers over her luxurious hairy lips and the length of his cock at the same time.

Annie saw Kathy rise up and Dan's rigid cock spring back to vertical. Kathy immediately impaled herself fully on his rod.

With a face showing the sign of focused sexual arousal, and her hips beginning a slow steady cadence, Kathy said to Annie. "Come closer." Annie did and Kathy placed her hands on Annie's hips and looked up into her face. "Thanks for looking after Dan. Do you want to stay? Join us? I have a few more birthday presents for him. If not, could you tell my husband that everything is fine, not to worry and I will catch up with him later." With that comment she gathered some of the slimy discharge from Annie's upper thighs and smeared it on her own breasts. She reached her hands back over her shoulders and said to Dan "Smell this."

Annie bent over to pick up her thong and got a close up view of Dan's cock buried to the hilt between two fleshy thighs. She took her thong and pressed it into one of Dan's hands that was holding Kathy's hips. "Happy Birthday!"

Kathy and Dan watched Annie make her way to the curtain and the glow of the hallway lights illuminate her silhouette as she found the opening to exit. Moving under the bright lights she crossed the hall to the ladies washroom shower area. Annie looked at herself in the mirror. She still had a top on, she still had most of her bottoms on. She felt, without lying, she could tell Sr. that she did not get naked nor did she misbehave too much. She pulled up her skirt and pressed her dark red swollen lips against the cool while porcelain of the sink. It was soothing. She touched up her make-up, dabbed off most of the love juices from her thighs and headed back to the main room. On the back of the door was a big sign.

'Annual LADIES ONLY day, tomorrow SUNDAY 11am to 4pm

Don't forget the White Elephant Raffle'

Making her way back to the table she saw Brice's blue boxers folded neatly on the chair. She found Bob and told him not to worry about Kathy. Frankly it appeared to fall on deaf ears, as he did not look worried in the least, and carried on his fishing conversation. Looking around she saw Brice a couple of table away standing and talking to young man. A woman sitting next to the standing younger man was staring at Brice's monster cock. She watched as the woman asked something of the man, the man look to Brice and Brice nodded what looked like approval. She saw the small woman discreetly reach out and touch Bull's cock. Nothing obvious, just getting an understanding of how it feels, its texture and its size. Brice moved in a little closer to the seated woman, so as to be less obvious to the partiers in the room. The woman tried to put her hands around its girth and then touched the spongy head. She was measuring it and sending the unbelievable statistics to her brain. Bull began to fatten up, but not firm up. It hung like obscenely a fat sausage in front of her. The woman stared quietly, as if imagining what it would be like to be used by such a specimen.

Annie moved toward them and when she got closer she could see the small woman was a very young, Asian woman. She was very slim, likely as size zero, no body hair, two puffy nipples on a flat chest. She was transfixed on Bull's enormous member.

Brice introduced Al and Yoko. Yoko was visiting from Thailand, where Al had been on holiday. Al was tall like Annie's son and maybe a couple of years older than he was.

Al complimented Annie on her braveness to come to the party and suggested that, as Yoko was smitten with Brice, out of respect to the people on the dance floor, perhaps they should all go to the party room. Annie could see the twitching in Brice's cock indicating a yes, but she felt that it might lead to things that Sr. and Jr. would be unhappy with.

"Brice, go if you want to but I think at this point in the night, I should probably go home. I'll call a cab. Please, you stay."

Although he would have loved to stay and find the release he needed since lunch time, Brice, a true gentleman said "Nonsense, Mrs. Sullivan, you are my guest and I'll take you home. I've had a hard day too and likely need the rest for tomorrow"

With profuse apologies to Al and a disappointed Yoko, they took their leave. Waving good byes to others on their way to the lobby, Nancy who they had met earlier came up to them. Nancy was now naked except for her necklace and her red shoes. Nancy took Annie hand and said sotto voce to her "I saw you in the playroom. Do come to ladies day tomorrow, it is always a great time. Only us ladies in the club, the pool, the steam, the sauna and the play room. It's not to be missed. And if you do come, make sure you enter the raffle."

In the locker area, Brice reached for his pants. "Don't put those on. I want to you naked all the way home." said Annie as she picked her bra and jersey top but made no attempt to put them on. Annie picked up and opened her purse and took a six foot black leather leash out and snapped it onto a ring on Brice's collar.

Brice was surprised but his cock flexed a bit in anticipation as he walked three paces behind Annie to the main entrance. Annie recognized Bertha and Jim as the older couple from the playroom and with a wave, walked her pet out the front door to the parking lot.

Brice assisted Annie into the car and could not help but notice that she no longer had a red thong. Getting in, she placed the seat belt firmly between her breasts and pulled the top apart to expose her nipples. "Let's put the top down and enjoy the drive a fresco." Annie suggested strongly, with nipples now like two bullets on top of her red areolas.

With the top down and the heater going, the drive home was as brisk as it was bumpy and Brice's cock flopped and rolled from side to side. Hanging over the front edge of the seat, it provided a tantalizing sight to Annie. Reaching the house they were both relieved to see the boy's were not home yet.

Walking up to the house, Brice offered expectantly, "Nightcap?"

"No, I have other plans" Annie said as she pulled the leash with a slight jerk. Walking briskly, Brice was being pulled along. They climbed the stairs to the bedroom level and Annie made straight for Barbara's closet. Opening the door, she pulled Brice inside and pointing at the dildos, demanded, "Which one is your favorite?"

"Kneel down and strap it on me." she ordered pointing to the six inch ivory phallus he had chosen.

Brice was on his knees as she stepped closer and said, "But first, we need to get you in the mood." As she lifted her skirt and put it over his head. He was in the dark with his nose buried in her hot sweaty loins. He smelled her arousal from her earlier discharges which were still slimy on her thighs. The wet tops of her hold ups which had been soaked with cum were now drying out. His cock began to firm up and extend as Annie pushed his head into her thrust pelvis trapping him in the intoxicating aroma. Annie contracted her muscles and expelled whatever discharge was still inside her to add to the stifling musk that he was inhaling.

"Enough" said Annie and she lifted her skirt to free his head. She saw that it had done the trick. His monstrous cock as deliciously firm and rampant. "Hook me up" she demanded as she stepped into the harness. He helped Annie step into the red harness by sliding it up under her skirt before cinching it up. He tightened it to her approval and attached the hard cock as his cock twitched and jerked in anticipation

"Lube?" she asked. "Get some and smear it on generously" Brice's cock danced at the sight of her in front of him and of what was going to happen. He knelt in front of her and with both hands fondled the anal invader making sure it was generously coated with lube. His own erection, if possible, was growing harder and longer with each anticipatory second.

The scene was obscene as her skirt was pulled up at the front to reveal the hard ersatz cock glistening with lube. Pulling him to his feet, she dragged him to the top of landing and pushing him down on all fours ordered, "Bend over Bull, you've had a hard day and now you are going to have a hard night with a hard cock."

She knelt behind him and touched the cold greasy phallus to his legs. His cock jumped as he felt the cool toy stroking the back of his thighs. He pushed his butt back but Annie pulled away and drew circles over his buttocks then dipped down to rub the dildo on the bottom of his scrotum. She pulled his cheeks apart. She was going to ride him like a stallion rides a mare. She laid the large bulb to the furrow of his butt as he shuddered. She held it there raising the expectation of entry.

"No, roll over on your back - legs up" she cried out. He quickly pulled away and flipped over. His huge cock lay along his body, rising up to almost his chest as he bent his legs. She wanted to see his goods, his package.

She was taken aback by a display of monstrous proportions.

"Now, masturbate for me." she ordered touching again the ivory to his anus. He took his two large hands and gripped his cock and began to stroke. Annie scooped her pelvis to push the dildo against his straining balls. Sperm sacs, that since lunchtime had been aching for release, quivered to the touch. The lube on his hands shone as he polished his knob with long strokes. His face contorted as he thrust himself into his hands. The squishy sounds of pounding flesh overwhelmed the room. Annie held her ground. She did not penetrate, she did not need to, the idea in his mind was all that counted.

She watched as he feverishly stroked and twisted his straining cock. She knew what he wanted, what he need and this was it.

'Cum for me, now" she almost shouted as she touched the slippery dildo to his anus. His bulbous cockhead spat out his cum in long ropes to land on his neck and upper chest. He continued to squeeze out the cream until his hands and fingers were covered and the last drops had been released.

"Very good Mr. Lumley. I know you needed that." Annie said as she stood up and dropped the harness and the dildo on the floor between his legs. Looking down at him, she saw a man with a huge cock, covered in his own cum with smile and look of relief on his face.

"Sleep well. Thanks for a great night. See you in the morning. Good Night." she bade as she turned and entered her bedroom.

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