tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Long Weekend Ch. 31

The Long Weekend Ch. 31


Monday Morning with Jake, Beth + Claire

In the morning, Jake was in the kitchen naked nuking a cup of the previous night's coffee when he heard a key rattle in the back door before it opened and a very tall ungainly twenty something woman strode confidently in.

"OMG" he heard the startled woman call out as she saw him standing at the counter

"Who are you?" she said

"I'm Jake, a friend of Beth's, more to the point, who are you breaking in like that?" Jake answered as he turned to face her. The handsome boy made no effort to cover himself or conceal the fact that his cock was beginning to firm up. He really did enjoy people looking at it, and with full permission from Beth to run around naked, he was enjoying the freedom and titillated by his ability to display himself.

"I'm Claire Greene, the neighbor across the way. I check in on her every Monday morning and we have coffee. Is she okay.?" the stunned woman asked as she continued to stare at the tall hard body in front of her.

"Last I looked she was fine. She's resting. I just got up to make myself a coffee. Would you like some?" Jr. asked with a nod to the half full pot.

"I don't mean to distrust you, but do you mind if I see for myself if she is okay?" Claire persisted.

"I understand and I am not offended. She is lucky to have someone so caring to keep an eye on her. Do you know where the bedroom is?" Jr. replied with a big smile.

"Yes, I do. I'll be back in a minute." Claire stated as she walked determinedly past the kitchen and down the corridor to the master bedroom

At the end of the hall, her nose was assaulted with an odor of sex wafting through the open bedroom door. Peering in the opening, she saw multicolored scarves untied but secured to the head and foot of the bed, with Beth sleeping soundly on disheveled sheets under a thin cover. Claire saw that her hair was a tangle and her make-up a mess but that she had a contented smile on her face. A box of empty tissues was on the bed side table along with an empty bottle of wine and two used stemmed glasses. Used tissues littered the floor and on the rest of the bed covers lay crumbled at the foot of the bed.

Returning to the kitchen, Claire was direct, "Did you stay the night? Did you hurt her at all?"

"Yes and no. My dad and I were invited for dinner last night and he had to head back into town. Mrs. Palmer said, if I wanted to stay, she would drive me to our new house on the lake. Early evening turned into late evening, turned into all night. I stayed with her on the understanding she'll drive me over this morning. I would never hurt her. My dad and mom are long time friends with hers and she was feeling lonely, that's all. We had fun, but we didn't get to sleep until just a couple of hours ago." Jr. replied honestly and openly.

"As naked as you are, you must be a friend of hers from the clothing optional spot on the lake?" Claire commented as she stared blatantly at his hardening cock.

"My dad and mom are and I just met her last night and she suggested that I try it while I was here. Do you mind?" Jake said feigning the loss of his manners. "I've got used to being naked and completely forgot."

"No, I guess I don't mind. Sometimes she is completely naked when I come over and other times she is dressed or partially so. If it is warm and sunny and we have our coffee on her back patio, she has encouraged me to try it but I have been reluctant. I guess I am too uptight and afraid my husband would find out." Claire rambled through an explanation, while she continued to blush.

"Coffee or not then?" Jake persisted.

"If its last night's I'll make fresh for us." Claire offered, secretly relishing the idea of spending more time in what was originally an awkward situation but growing into a something completely different.

'That would be great, this cup is really not very good." Jake accepted with a big bright toothy smile, and stepping aside to allow her access to the kettle and French press. He watched as she nervously made the coffee. He noticed that she was as tall as he was but had terrible deportment and walked with a hunch. He posited she was uncomfortable with her size and, over the years of trying to fit in with other girls, had developed this slouch. They let the aromatic coffee sit for the required time and the tension was palpable, with no words spoken. Claire tried to focus on the tasks at hand, while Jake focused on her. He saw her tremble as she reached for clean cups and saucers and fully enjoyed the fact that he was naked and she was dressed.

"I'm sorry Claire, where are my manners. I work part time as a waiter at college, you have a seat at the table and let me put all this on the tray and bring it over." Jake suggested while he looked into he eyes. "Go on, it'll be my pleasure to wait on you. We always have hot milk at home. Do you take milk?"

Claire was taken by the easy going charm of the young man and throwing caution to the wind, took him up on his offer. She took her usual seat at the table and watched as he put the whole milk into a jug and micro-waved it for forty-five seconds and then used both hands to carry the tray. It must be said though that she took little notice of the tray as her eyes feasted on his long strong sinewy body. Her eyes took in the whole youthful package top to bottom before staring not too discretely at his muscular chest, his taut abs and his hanging member that swayed back and forth as he walked toward her.

Jake placed the tray down on the table between the two chairs and picked up the glass vessel to pour her cup. He stood very close and his engorged member hung obscenely close to her. He did not flaunt, he did not try to be too obvious, but he just naturally was. Claire did not know where to look and when he held the cup for her to take, it took a few seconds for her to notice he had finished.

'Thank you, it looks great - the coffee that is. I'm sorry. I'm at a bit of loss for words with you standing there naked. It's a bit like Chippendale's meet lakeshore rustic. If you know what I mean." Claire blathered on.

"I am sorry, I will put some clothes on if you insist but I am rather enjoying being naked." Jake explained without moving from where he was. He reached for his cup and poured it before adding the milk. Claire could not believe this was happening and she was doing nothing to either stop it or perpetuate it. When Jake had finished slowly adding the milk, he walked to his chair and sat down, as if nothing was amiss.

"No, it's okay, stay like that. It just takes some getting used to." Claire said as she was beginning to get aroused. It had been years since she had spent time with a hard young stud. It had been even longer since she had spent time with a one naked one – like never. She felt the contractions of her pussy, the lips opening and closing like a hungry guppy. She tried not to display her excitement and directed the conversation to the subject of her friend Beth.

"My husband is the new pastor in the area and part of my out reach effort is to look in on neighbors and help him bring the good news of the gospel. Beth and I have become friends since I first started looking in on her a year or so ago. If the two of you did not get to sleep until just a few hours ago, I think she will sleep until mid morning. That means she can't drive you. Do you have any other options?" Claire asked.

"I could call Jr. and have him or his mom maybe come to pick me up, but it's a bit of an imposition. Do you think you might be able to drop me off? Jake asked, knowing she was a stranger and had no obligation to do anything for him.

Claire felt her nipples tingle with the request and the nipples which had already filled to a rubbery firmness began to make big impressions in her sweater, hinting at her answer. "I don't know. Where are you going?"

"My folks just bought the Steven's place on the lake. It's about 15 minutes away toward town." Jake explained as he took a sip of his coffee and placed the cup on the table. Waiting for her reply, he looked her directly in the eye, as he self-consciously laid his hand on his top of his muscular thigh, near his crotch and absent mindedly stroked his cock with his thumb. Nothing too overt, just casual, but it was more than enough to catch Claire's attention.

Claire because of her size had always been an outsider. She was shy and awkward with only a hint of the necessary social graces. As a result her contacts with boys had been through her church and ultra conservative. She and her husband spent much time together and her congregational outreach while important was somewhat difficult for her because of this. Claire needed both hands to steady the cup at her lips as she held her breath. She bit her quivering bottom lip to break the spell that was being cast over her. She squirmed in her chair as she fought the inflammation starting to occur in her crotch. She squeezed her legs together which only made matters worse as it shot a jolt of adrenaline coursing through her body.

"Jake, if you could, please stop doing that, I will drive you. It is very distracting. You have a very impressive penis and I find it quite disconcerting." Claire meekly stated having found the courage to speak at all.

"I'm sorry Claire, I was not paying attention. It must be Pavlovian response to a pretty woman." Jake apologized and flattered simultaneously as he lifted his thumb away from the fat lengthy member between his legs, leaving it fully exposed as it lay parallel with his leg. "That would be great, but are you sure that it's not a problem?" he inquired.

"No, it's fine. I know the old Steven's place and I can drop you and continue into town to do a bit of shopping. Then I'll come back here to see if Beth is okay." Claire offered before adding. "You might consider leaving a note for her, so she finds it if she gets up before I get back."

"Wow, thanks Claire. The suggestion for a note is a great idea." Jake replied before changing the subject into something more mundane as they sat near each other to finish their coffee. "I'll do the note now, then get ready to go, if that's okay with you?"

"That's fine, I don't have a fixed schedule. You can likely find some note paper in the bottom drawer over there." Claire said as she pointed to a small built-in desk beside the kitchen. "I'll just have another coffee while I wait."

Jake stood up slowly and then paused in front of Claire to pick up his cup. His cock bounced a little at the overt nature of his act. It's cool to be naked he thought as he noticed her inhale sharply at the sight of his twitching boyish cock so close. He hoped for a hand or a mouth to be offered, but Claire sat stiffly holding herself back. He saw her fingers tapping nervously on the table and on her leg but no offers were extended.

Sensing that nothing was going to happen, he took his cup to the kitchen before going to the drawer to get the writing paper and find a pen. On the kitchen counter, he composed a brief note and signed it with a flourish. Leaving it prominently displayed on the counter, he looked around to find his clothes from the previous night. Finding them, and in case Claire watching, he slowly got dressed

"It feels so weird being dressed again. You should try going naked sometime Claire. It really is exhilarating." Jake called out, "I'm ready if you are."

"Okay, I'm just down the road a bit. We'll walk down and get the car. I'll also have to get my wallet and driver's license." Claire suggested as she strode with long strides to the front door of Beth's house to meet up with Jake. "You are still looking a bit tired after the coffee, do you want to stop somewhere for breakfast?"

"No, I think Jr.'s mom will likely make oatmeal like we have had for the last couple of days." Jake responded laboriously, feeling more tired that he cared to admit.

At Claire's modest house Jake waited by the car, as she fetched her keys and wallet. When she returned, he climbed in the passenger side and noticed her covertly sneaking glances at him. He settled into the seat, put on the seat belt and waited.

"Are you sure you don't want to stop on the way?" Claire asked again, hoping to spend a bit more time with the charming you man.

"No, I think I better go straight there. My dad wants us to get the work finished today and I need to set a good example." Jake said noting the slump of her shoulders signaling the disappointment in her. He decided to spice things up by laying his hand over his cock. "I'm not sure how hard I will be able to work, since I am a bit sore this morning."

"That must have been quite a night. I hope that Beth is all right." Claire said compassionately as she started the car and pulled out of the driveway.

"I'm sure she's fine. She was the one that wanted to keep going. It was if she hadn't had sex in years and would not be around tomorrow." Jake continued as he began slow strokes down the front of jeans. "If you know what I mean."

"Yes I do Jake. We all get those urges and most of us bottle them up until it's too late. I'm glad it wasn't too late for her. She's a dear friend." Claire avowed as she drove slowly. She kept one eye on the road and one eye on Jake who continued to leisurely stroke his hardening cock while he talked.

She was fighting a losing battle between her private desires and the role she had had to take on as her husband's conservative wife. His religious aestheticism and piousness had left big voids in her physical needs.

"Do you think she got all of her urges satisfied?" Claire asked as casually as possible, trying not to overly signal her interest.

"I think so. I hope so. We did just about everything you could think of and she still wanted more."

"If it's not too personal, what do you mean Jake?"

"I don't kiss and tell. Whatever happened is between us, she can tell you if she wants, but my lips are sealed." Jake stated categorically.

Claire was impressed by his comment and mentally filed it away.

The drive time was quiet between them, partially because of the early hour, partially because of the sexual tension and partially because they simply enjoyed each others company and did not need to fill the dead air with aimless or petty conversation.

Arriving at the Jake's parent's house, Jake indicated to Claire to pull in next to the trucks.

"Danny must be here already. Come on in and I will introduce you to everybody. I'm sure they would love to meet you." Jake states as he jumps out of the car to run around and open her door.

As she turns to get out she finds she is staring at his bulging crotch that is still full from this attention to it on the drive over.

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