tagGroup SexThe Long Weekend Ch. 39

The Long Weekend Ch. 39


By the time the boys were ready to quit Annie had already left and Jake borrowed the keys to Danny's truck while Danny and Jr. each grabbed a soda and sat on the front steps. As they sucked on their sodas, they watched Jake pull his T-shirt over his head as he ambled to the truck. Relaxing after the long morning's grueling work they were happy it was lunch time.

Kathy in the meantime had had a restless night. She was wired. Ever since Saturday night at the club.... she was hot. She found herself unusually alert and her synapses were firing freakishly fast as she anticipated lunch with three boys, and her - the only adult supervision. She knew she was going to get laid and wanted be sure that Danny would be okay with it. The two of them, as part of his tutorials, had lots of FFFM's but she knew how men can be in a MMMF situation when their testosterone is leading their dicks.

She was up early. As a day trader Kathy had the smarts, made a ton of money and this Monday morning was on fire. Not only about the market moves that she had anticipated but about what lay in store. Kathy was the money maker in the family. While she was making the mortgage money, Bob, her husband, was out cleaning up his bass boat from the weekend tournament.

That Monday morning her reflexes seemed acute and her trades seemed faster. Every morning, the algorithm she wrote tracked her earning less commissions and expenses and kept a running tally on the sidebar of the screen. She had an alarm built in that told when she had made her daily goal, $2,000. Sometimes it took all day, some time less. This morning, time seemed to stand still, as every decision she made paid off handsomely.

She put in a solid six hours, her husband Bob and her son Danny, knew enough not to interfere or enter the den during her work. She was always focused and this morning more so than ever. She made the same amount every day and at the end of the year that netted them enough money so Bob could have his fishing and hunting, they could take care of Danny, and live in a nice house. It also meant that most of Kathy's afternoons were free.

Monday afternoon was BLT. She and eight other ladies play tennis at the local tennis club. It was aggressive and hard fought ladies doubles. They played hard on the court and they played harder in the steam room afterwards. She didn't know how the group got formed but she'd been asked to join shortly after she and her husband arrived in the area. Kathy thought The BLT club was an acronym for the lunch time ladies. But she soon found that it stood for Bi Ladies Tennis. The ladies were all about Kathy's age and Kathy's fitness level. They changed partners every week and the only rule was the losers had to go down on the winners. The result at stake for the winners was always a good pussy licking and an orgasm. Kathy was a winner as often as she was a loser, but she really didn't mind either way but generally preferred to be a winner. The name had come about because in the steam room twosomes sometimes turned into threesomes and that kind of a sandwich gave rise to BLT. Interestingly enough, there were two African-American women in the group, so rather than always a white bread sandwich, sometimes there was a whole wheat sandwich. Kathy always looked forward to Monday afternoons but today was special because of Monday lunchtime.

Kathy had a couple of hours before driving lunch over to Danny and the other two boys. She was anxious about Danny and how he would be if you could get the other two boys to fuck her. She thought a little bit about how she could alleviate any problems with Danny. She remembered how Danny was so taken by Annie's shaved pussy that she decided maybe she should do the same thing. It would be a treat for Danny, she wasn't even sure her husband Bob would notice, but if he did she could explain it away. Besides, it would always grow back. Making a couple of notes for tomorrow's trading day she got up from the computer switched it off and went to bedroom. She took out her short white pleated tennis skirt. She laid on the bed beside her tennis panties her sports bra and her short socks. She took her tennis bag from the closet made sure the two rackets and a new tin of balls were inside. She took off her light jogging suit that she wore every morning while she worked. She walked into the master bathroom and stood in front of the vanity with the two double sinks. She looked at herself in the mirror, at the two medium-sized pear shaped breasts that hung nicely on her. Her regular workout had maintained her tone and she noticed her waist was still narrow before filling out to a good set of hips. In the middle between her thighs was a big patch of bushy red pubic hair. She looked at for the last time, "goodbye girls." Kathy said out loud as she looked in the drawer for some scissors. She found a scissors and with a deep breath, pulled the hair away and began to slip as close as she could to the skin. A pile of red hair grew on the floor between her legs as she continued to snip and cut. "My goodness, I had a lot of hair. I didn't realize I had so much. But, I've never cut it in my life, never even trimmed it. So I guess it's not a surprise."

When she had got it down to manageable stubble, she went to her husband's side of the vanity and reached for his electric razor. She took the contour shaver turned it on and put the stainless steel head to her skin. She felt its thousands of tiny vibrations penetrate the skin stimulates follicles and snip them off as she ran it back and forth. "I could get used to this." She thought.

As often as she had shaved her legs and her thighs she had never come close to shaving her pubic area. She thrust her pelvic bone forward and her mons appeared to her for one of the first times. She took her handheld makeup mirror and lowering it between her legs admired something she had never really seen before. She had seen other people, other women, many other women but she had never spent time looking at her own sex. She could see the large red lips hanging down. Not the neat and tidy type that some women seem to have. Her lips, her labia seem to be on display wanting to be noticed, wanting to be touched, much like she herself.

Kathy worked the razor in the furrows of her hips, beside her nether lips, along her perineum, before sliding it through the crack of her ass that she saw was also a very hairy. She spent quite a time with the razor trying to get down to bare skin and when she had most of it done she tried to knock as much coarse pubic hair off the razor and she could before she put it back. Moving back to her side of the vanity she reached into the drawer and took out the single bladed razor that she used for her eyebrows. Walking back to her husband's side she found his shaving cream and noticed it was one that he had bought in Australia a few years ago, when he didn't have an adapter for his electric razor. She opened the tube of Ingrams and remembered the delightful smell that he used to wear after he shaved on their vacation. She mixed it with a bit of water had been applied it to her crotch and her buttocks. She had never shaved herself there before and was very cautious as she slid the single bladed razor through the latter to remove any small hairs. She took her time she pulled her lips down to tighten the skin to make sure she got in all the crevices. She used her thumb and forefinger to open the hood of her of her clit to make sure any hair in there was also removed. Doing her ass was difficult but she found that she squatted that she could manipulate the razor and remove any strands that were there.

When she was satisfied that she looked like a newborn baby she was absolutely smooth and naked she was amazed at how she felt. She stood up from the mirror and looked at her pink slit coming out the front unencumbered and completely on display. She walked in turned and saw how her red labia hung between her legs and visual feast of visual delight. "I hope Danny likes it. I think I do what I feel so naked and so exposed. Well, I can always let it grow back if it doesn't work."

She smoothed some lotion on her skin and rubbed it down her legs, then back up over her stomach, over her breasts and down her arms. She watched herself in the mirror as she did this. Normally she would've used this as a buildup to an orgasm. Today she hoped to have many orgasms and just wanted to make sure that the embers of her sexual fire were awake.

Returning to the bedroom, she thought only for a few seconds, before she put her panties and her bra into her tennis bag. I can always put those on later, she thought. On more than a few occasions, one of the women left their panties off for the tennis match. When you were playing a better team, you needed all the help you could get, was always the excuse they used. Kathy thought that sometimes they just wanted to be naked. Today Kathy thought, at least I hope that I would be taking them off soon anyway. She folded her sleeveless tennis top and put it in the tennis bag off of her underwear. She put in an extra shirt for after the shower and put on top the folded aqua latex outfit that she had borrowed from Annie yesterday.

"I must remember to take it out when I get there." Kathy said to herself as another reminder.

She checked her nail polish and decided to apply a new color to her finger nails and toe nails. She checked her color selection and after holding the small bottles close to her pink labia, found a color that matched. "Don't have matching collars and cuffs any more, something has to be coordinated." she thought. In order to keep her tennis outfit clean, she slipped on a light robe to go down to the kitchen in to make the sandwiches.

She snacked as she went along and when she had made the sandwiches, snacks and got the drinks out she loaded up the insulated cooler and took a bag with a handle to load up with napkins, plates and forks. When completed, she took the small bag upstairs with her and put it on the bed beside her tennis outfit. She went to the bed side drawer and took out six foil packed condoms and put them in the bag with the picnic accessories.

She took a light short T-shirt pulled over her head. He came to about mid abdomen and actually hung straight down from her nipples. She put on her pleated tennis skirt, and folded the waistband over to shorten it by another inch or two. The hem was now just below the cheeks of her ass and when she walked or bent over you could see she was wearing no underwear. She remembered watching Venus Williams on TV at the Australian Open tennis championship. It was a time when she got up from her seat courtside between points and seemed to be not wearing any underwear.

"If Venus can do it I can do it. Who knows maybe I will not put the underwear on when I play with the ladies today, they might like it that way." she thought out loud to herself.

She went downstairs and out the side door. She put the top down on Miata and loaded up. She went to the garage to get a large picnic blanket and stopped off to speak to her husband. Bob was now at his workbench sharpening the barbs on his fish hooks when Kathy came up to him. He was, as always, completely focused on his fishing gear and hardly noticed that his wife came to say good-bye. He did glance up to see her walking away. He had a sudden urge. He saw her long legs, short white skirt and some red pink at her crotch. "Must be new panties he thought." as he noted the look. He took a scrap piece of paper and sketched out how he could make an articulated lure that moved like her hips, had a white top, red spot in the middle. "If this works, I could make a bundle selling these on line." he thought. It was a good lure but in the case of Kathy with Bob, there was no hook.

The car was fully loaded and with a wave to Bob that he didn't see, Kathy took off. She drove fast, she felt her lotion smooth skin on the sensuous leather seats and if she looked down she could see that that her sex was barely covered by the short skirt. A few times when she changed gears she placed her right hand on her thigh and drew it up toward her crotch. "Yes girl, those embers are still smoldering." she thought.

She saw Jake at the intersection, but had no time to wave, but as she drove distress set in. Jake was leaving would her son Danny and Jr. still be there? She was anxious and stepped on the gas.

She grew anxious thinking that her fantasy might not come true. But when she pulled into the driveway she saw the two boys sitting on the step, waiting for her.

Kathy jumped out of the car and greatly relieved, almost skipped up the long path to the house she was so excited. The boys stared trying to see through the mini skirt and micro top, to see what they hid.

"Morning, I hope you boys are hungry." Kathy said as she stood in front of them. In her mind there was not need to be coy. They were consulting adults and after the last couple of days and nights, there were no secrets. She saw them make eye contact, then scan her body, looking closely at what she was wearing.

"I have a tennis match this afternoon after lunch, and since this is on the way, I just wore my outfit so I won't have to go home. Don't you like it?" Kathy asked.

"It's great mom, but don't you wear a bra? The men on the next court won't be able to concentrate." Danny said questioningly.

"I have it with me. I was in a hurry to get here and I thought that I might put it on at the club if need be. Should I put it on now?" Kathy replied, looking at each boy slowly, letting the comment sink in.

'No, mom I think you look great without it." Danny said as Jr., with a big smile, nodded silently.

"My mom put out napkins and place settings." Jake advised. "Shall we eat upstairs at the table on the patio?"

"I was thinking more of a picnic down by the lake if it's okay with you two? Its so beautiful plus I want to see what you big strong men have been up to." Kathy spoke up with a big smile.

Jr. who thought he might have been able to talk her into the hot tub after lunch on the excuse of their sore muscles looked disappointed. "That would be fine." he said, thinking a picnic does not preclude the hot tub.

"The cooler, the bag with the handles and the blanket are in the car." Do you want to get them while I walk down to find a spot?" Kathy asked nicely as she began to head down to the lake. The very short white pleated skirt barely covered her ass and left little to the imagination that if she was wearing anything under it, it was very teeny.

She walked down the uneven path to the lake and about half way down she saw, through the trees, a sunlit glade on the lee side of the boundary fence. She continued down the path and made her way through the trees to the glade. Turning back she waved to the boys who were carrying the lunch. Kathy waited for them to arrive and pointed to the slightly sloping area as the place for the blanket. Danny opened the blanket while Jr. continued to hold the cooler. With the blanket approximately in place, Kathy got down on her hands and knees to smooth it out. The boys watched her tennis skirt reveal a smooth naked ass and as she crawled around on the blanket. She made one big stretch and they saw her newly shaved and glistening vulva in the shadows of her crotch. They hardly noticed her pear shaped breasts suspended with little restraint from the short T-shirt.

"Danny, can I see you for a few minutes. Why don't we take a walk down to the lake?" Kathy said.

"We'll be back soon Jr., you go ahead and start. Be careful the sandwiches are messy." Kathy advised as she and Danny walked through the opening in the glade that led to the lake frontage.

"What's up mom?" Danny asked as if something was wrong as they walked slowly through the uncut grass.

"Nothing, I just wanted to talk to you privately. Well.......actually there is something. I want to have sex with the two of you but I am concerned about how you would view it. You and I have never been part of two man threesome and I am worried that you might get jealous or that it will hurt our relationship." Kathy explained as they reached the dock area.

"Wow, I thought I had done something wrong. I suppose it would be okay but you did catch me off guard. You look different today – down there. Did you do that just for today?" Danny responded with relief as they stopped by the upturned canoe.

"Yes. I wanted to do something for you to let you know you were special and that no one would ever replace you. I saw how you drooled over how smooth and shaved Annie was and how she kept her sex so exposed and thought that maybe I should try the same thing. I want you to be the first one to see it, to touch it and if you want, to fuck it." Kathy said openly as she took his hand in hers.

"I thought you had done something like that when I saw you on the picnic blanket. That is so neat. It was only last night that you had a big red bush." He replied as he felt her draw his hand to her crotch and slip it under the short pleated skirt. He felt only her smooth satiny skin as she pressed his fingers into the 'V' of her thighs. He let his fingers roam over her abdomen and upper thighs. He felt her widen her stance so that his hand, his fingers could reach and touch and swelling hanging labia. He placed his palm flat on her vulva to gently stroke her sex.

Kathy leant in to rest her head on his shoulder as she supported herself on her weakening knees. She put her hands on his shoulders as she pushed downward, signaling him she wanted him to inspect her. As he knelt, she lewdly lay back against the canoe which thrust her mons forward. She lifted the hem of the skirt to fully display herself to her son. Danny saw her tanned body framing the still white freshly shaven pubic area. He sat on his haunches and admired the baby adolescent like offering. He had not noticed that she had a wonderfully large contoured mons area and that with her leaning back the soft rounded contour was significantly pronounced. He saw the puffy sides give way to a vertical pink slit that used to be hidden.

"I like it very much. I love the way your lips distend as if they were calling me like the sirens of the seas." Danny offered as he leaned in to run his tongue over the slick triangle. Kathy felt his fat tongue glide gently over the smooth skin and provide sensations that previously were reduced due to the padding of hair. He had her wet in no time and when she asked him a question, he knew he was ready.

"Do you still have a condom in your wallet? If so, now would be a good time to get it out."

As Danny backed away to get out his condom, Kathy turned around, slipped off her skirt and bent forward over the canoe. Danny looked up to see the back his mother in only her small white T-shirt and white tennis shoes bent over offering herself to him. Kathy heard Danny step up behind her and felt his hand slid down the furrow of her smooth hairless butt, before slipping down to stroke he juices dripping on her upper thighs before lightly fingering her now juicy vagina. His hands swept over her thighs to push them apart before his small fingers were replaced by the feel of a smooth latex condom sliding between her thighs. She raised herself up on her tiptoes and pushed her bum back to allow him to enter her. There was no slow build up this time. Danny had been trained well by his mother and knew what she needed, he sunk himself into her and held her hips and drove his sheathed cock repeatedly into her.

Kathy felt his rough jeans scratching the back of her thighs as he thrust excitedly into the soft ripe tunnel. She braced herself with both hands to accept his vigorous teenage penetrations. This was so different from last night she thought. He was more eager, more excited and if possible harder that he had ever been. So far she thought, her hastily prepared plan was working.

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