tagLoving WivesThe Long Weekend Ch. 41

The Long Weekend Ch. 41


After the orgy of senses and sensuality, Kathy is ready for more. Even though she wanted to be still impaled on Jr.'s fine cock and had just swallowed what seem like a quart of Jake's sperm she was still afire it was Kathy who broke the spell. Her commitment to the BLT group had wavered but, all sexed up, Kathy was ready to win her matches today then settle in the sauna and let hers abused pussy be tended to by the losers.

She saw Annie with her head lying next to Jr.'s cock so she rolled over and before standing up, she kissed Annie softly on the lips and shared a taste of Jake's sweet cum before planting a goodbye nip to the soft cock lying on Jr.'s belly. She adjusted her disheveled tennis outfit then leaned over and kissed each of the three boys quickly on their cheeks. With a big smile and a breathy voice, "Thanks, gotta run, the girls are waiting." she offered as she started to walk up the path.

Annie tilted her head back and watched her long legs recede up the hill as Annie called out "Wait up Kath. "I've got some time to kill before we head out. Are you free?"

Kathy hesitated as Annie walked quickly up the path while doing up a few of the buttons on the open front of her sundress. The boys, realizing they had to go back to work, groaned, rolled over and took one long lasting look at the two beautiful women they had just been having sex with.

"Those boys have great cocks don't they? Especially your son Danny's. It's always hard as steel." Annie shared with Kathy.

"You re not kidding girl, fabulous cocks all around, but I think Jr.'s suits me best. But sorry Annie, I have tennis this afternoon. Its very competitive and you are welcome to come along but I wouldn't be able to spend much time with you."

"That's okay, it's beautiful here and I will just relax and read some magazines or something."

"Oh Annie, I am glad you're here, I forgot that in the car, I had the new outfit you lent me. I'll give it back to you now." Kathy says as they reach the head of the path.

"Will I see you again?" they each said simultaneously their words tripping over each other.

"As if you could ever get rid of me!" Kathy answered overtop of Annie's big laugh. They exchanged phone numbers and emails. Kathy put her hands on Annie's waist as Annie put her arms around Kathy to give her a hug. The coupling persisted as Annie slid her hands down to cup the naked ass cheeks of lover. Kathy leaned in and gave Annie a keep kiss on the lips.

"You've got cock breath." Annie giggled.

"In a couple of hours I'll lave cunt breath as well" Kathy mumbled as her tongue sought out Annie's.

"Really gotta run, my team mates get upset if anyone is late." Kathy says breathlessly as she scooted to her car and still without panties or a bra, slid into the driver's seat and accelerated down the road.

Annie watches her drive off and saw a woman down by the end of the lane watching them. The large lady gave her a wave beckoning her toward the cluster of rural mailboxes. She pointed at the raised flag on one and when Annie got close enough spoke up. "You've got mail." and with an outstretched hand, offered. "I'm Fern Spelling, your neighbor. Welcome!"

Annie could not believe what she was seeing. Fern was dressed in a much too small Japanese school girl outfit. The bountiful bosom that caused the straining crisp white blouse strained to leave gaps between the buttons which fought to stay done up. She had on a short plaid skirt that barely covered her sizable butt and the white over the knee leggings ran down her sizable firm legs into black patent shoes.

"Wild isn't it? My daughter Ivy and I had each a two hour stint at city hall today. We were to pretend to work as part of the Mayor's staff to encourage some Japanese tour operators to send their organized tourist buses here over the summer. Two hundred bucks each for two hours and all I had to do was let them watch my tits roll around and allow them to catch a glimpse or two of my white panties. Easiest money I ever made. Apparently they like gaijin with ushi-pai because they said to expect a number of buses this weekend." Fern said with a huge smile and laugh as she put her hands under her cow like udders and held them up.

"Ivy went off in the limo with them and the mayor for a closer look at things, but I wasn't ready for that."

Not sure what to say to this force of nature, Annie shook her hand, "I'm Annie Sullivan, I a friend of your new neighbor. My son is up for the weekend helping them fix up the place and invited me along. I think the owners'- the Lumley's will all be up next weekend."

"Ah that's what's happening, with all the noise and deliveries the last couple of days." Fern offered.

"I haven't had any lunch yet. Do you want to join me for a bit or a cup of coffee?" Fern asked with a hopeful look on her face. "I could use someone to talk to."

"Why not Fern, we are not heading back until after the boys finish, likely closer to dark." Annie replied without hesitation.

As they arrive at the entry to the two story house, Fern points to a set of descending stairs to another door. "We converted the lower level into a one bedroom apartment that we rent out to our friend, Tom."

"My husband lost his job last year in the financial melt down. Since he has not been able to find anything, I need to help out. I never graduated high school or got my GED, all I got is my big tits and my big ass. Ivy started working with some guy Darryl a few years ago and has made enough money to help us out, but with the length of downturn we are one mortgage payment behind so I started with Darryl a couple of weeks ago. This was my first job. So far so good!" Fern said as in unloading a huge weight off her shoulders.

They sat at the dining room table and Annie had some rather weak and tasteless coffee while Fern tucked into a micro-waved burrito from Trader Joe's. The general discussion seemed to calm Fern down. She still high from the gig and was even more excited because Darryl was to come over later to give her the cash money for her first job. In the midst of the conversation, they heard the back door open and close and a loud voice echo throughout the house.

"Hi honey, sorry I'm late. Darryl and I had a beer after work. He gave me some BS story about getting a great blow job this morning from our new sexy new neighbor. He said she could suck better than Ivy. He said he didn't fuck her but her pussy looked mighty fine. According to his BS, she apparently had great tits, but not as big as yours. How did you your lunch time gig go? Did they like your outfit?" Fern's husband blurted out as he burst in through the back door.

"Oh, I brought Tom home with me as well, thought we might work on our bikes." he continued as he entered the archway into the dining area. He stopped suddenly when he saw Annie sitting at the table, "Who's your hot friend, the Avon Lady?"

"No, Ted. She's the neighbor." Fern said icily trying to cut off his insensitive remarks, by answering his last few questions, "They loved the outfit, made two hundred dollars cash."

"You're shittin' me. Yes, I guess she could be. She's got great tits!"

"Annie, that's my husband Ted. He works part-time on the early logistics shift at the mill. He works four till noon." Fern explained before apologizing "Sorry but he is usually not as crude as this. It must be the beer talking."

"Ted, this is Annie Sullivan she's been up with her son helping the Lumley's fix up the place next door. I thought she was Mrs. Lumley." Fern continued with her introductions.

Annie blushing a light red, with a steely glare, smiled back through clenched lips at Ted but did not offer any response to his lewd comments.

"Sorry about that Mrs. Sullivan. I thought Darryl was having a go at me over a beer. In truth, he did say you were very sexy and could really suck cock." Ted continued as he was joined by a gaunt young man who, in a blue collar way, was ruggedly good looking.

"Ted and I were going to work on our bikes this afternoon and maybe go for a ride. Do you girls want to come?" Tom offered by way of explaining his presence.

"How 'bout it Hon, it's a great day for a ride? Mrs. Sullivan, have you ever been on a motorcycle?" Ted asked with an encouraging tone in his voice.

"Never been on one, I've purposely never have because I did not want my son to get one." Annie replied honestly.

"Why don't we just take you slowly up to the intersection and back? If you don't like it no harm no foul is there Honey? Hon, you ride with Tom on his crotch rocket and I'll take Mrs. Sullivan on the cruiser." Ted persisted.

"Why don't you first take us out in the boat so Annie can see the lake instead? Deal?" Fern negotiated for the two of them while Annie sat back and watched the interaction.

"Deal. I'll grab a cup of coffee. Tom, grab one for yourself and let's all head down to the dock. It's a beautiful day." Ted organized as Fern and Annie looked at each other, and because of such and enthusiastic response, wondered what had they got themselves into.

"Don't worry Annie, the boat is an eighteen foot Whaler Dauntless, very safe." Fern reassured Annie as they left the house for the lake.

"We got it in the good times and if things don't pick up we may have to sell it. After we pay off the outstanding loan, it would likely cover the rent for four or five months." she offered as they walked together while the men got their fortifying and sobering coffee from the drip.

Arriving at the dock, and until the men arrived, they found the lifejackets and put them in the boat. "I would sure hate to move. We love it here." Fern stated resolutely as the women looked at the vista of the lake

While they waited, Fern commented on how Ted seemed depressed due to his job loss and the adverse affect it had on his libido and also hers. They were so worried about making ends meet that they had not had sex in over six months. She said that Ted had hinted that maybe he might have to find a friend to pitch hit for him. Fern said she first laughed it off but lately in order to take the job with Darryl she had to rev up her hormones. She said she had started reading the great website Literotica to try and stimulate their production and had begun to notice that Tom seemed to paying more attention to her.

The two men finally arrived and assisted the ladies into the boat. Tom cast off the lines then, as Ted maneuvered the boat, Tom jumped in. All four were in the cockpit when Tom directed that to redistribute the weight Tom and two girls get into the front well. The three clamored over the deck and sat on the cushions facing Tom. Ted sat in the middle and in order to fit in the seat he had to put his arms around the shoulders of the two women. Ted advanced the throttles, the boat, pitched up, and they were off. The warm wind was blowing their hair around and thee women used one hand to hold down their tresses. The low pressure resulting from the breeze behind them caused Annie's and Fern's tops to billow out which allowed Tom to cop a few glimpses of their big tits. He turned his head from side to side as if to look at the passing scenery but Ted saw that his eyes were furtively searching the deep cleavage lines of his wife and her new friend. The women carelessly tried to hold their tops in check but it was of little use as they also tried to keep their skirts down, especially Annie, whose, longer delicate skirt really caught the wind and was whipped up. Ted had a ring side seat to their futile efforts as he had a clear view of his wife panties, and he try as he might he could not be sure if Annie has panties on at all.

Fern got tired of looking backward and stood up to turn around to look forward. In order to be safe, she knelt on the seat. She was still wobbly with the boat skipping over the water so Tom balanced her by placing his hand on her closest hip. When Annie did the same thing, Tom in his seated position was unable to help both her and Fern so he stood up in the seat well behind the two women and, bracing himself, placed one on each of their behinds.

Fern and Annie simultaneously felt Tom's hands steadying them and were appreciative and smiled at him in acknowledgement. They were enjoying the ride and the touch of Tom was not at all unpleasant. If anyone had been watching from the shore the sight would have seemed incongruous, a figurehead on a modern ship. Tom reckoned that if a figure head was usually the bust of a woman, they had two substantial busts on this boat. Staring out ahead meant that the light breeze and wind, caused by the boat, blew directly down the front of both ladies' outfits. In the case of Annie, should anybody have been watching, the soft delicate top ballooned out providing a direct view of her dangling tits. In the case of Fern, the up and down of the boat the weight of the two weighty tits, caused the two top buttons of the white blouse to come undone and their release meant that her tits were unbridled and unsupported. The women enjoyed their freedom and realized that they had both begun to get goose-bumps from the exhilaration. Their nipples had become perky and their areola began to firm up,

Fern's sensitivity was also heightened as she felt Tom's hand slip off her hip onto her panty clad bum which was exposed by her bending over and the short plaid skirt riding up. She held her position and if anything, pushed subtly back into his strong hand. She felt his fingers respond by spreading out and taking a much larger purchase on her heavy cheek.

The bottom of Annie's long dress had settled down. It was billowing but its length restricted the exposure to her nether regions. Tom's hand remained mostly on her hips with only the odd or perhaps intentional stray onto more private parts. The lake was indeed beautiful and she could see how the Lumley's could be seduced to buy in the area. She looked to see Ted with a big smile on his face as he watched Tom's hand on his wife's ass. Tom was aware what he was doing, in fact he had been encouraged over the noon time beers to be more touchy feely with Fern. He knew they were struggling emotionally with the drastically reduced income and if Fern needed some TLC, he agreed to accommodate Ted's suggestions.

Tom began to run his hands over more of Fern's ass and rather than holding her steady he was caressing her with the intention of heightening her interest in perhaps going further. Annie had returned to gaze forward when she saw in her peripheral vision, Tom looking behind. She glanced behind her to see Ted give Tom both a nod and a thumbs-up. Then pausing she saw that Tom had flipped up the back of Fern's skirt exposing her large panty clad bum to her husband. She continued to watch as she saw him slip his hand under the waistband of the white panties and begin to caress her naked cheeks. As Tom worked his hand under Fern's panty's he was using his wrist and forearm to lever them off. He soon had them completely off her bum and pushed down somewhere near the top of her sturdy thighs.

Ted watched his friend begin to trace his fingers lower and lower until it appeared that he was close if not already stroking his wife's cunt lips. He was watching what he had hoped would happen, he just didn't think it would happen so soon. He had been unable to achieve or sustain an erection since they missed the mortgage payment and he knew his wife was feeling something of the same. He was however, becoming aroused at the sight in front of him.

Annie soon felt that Tom had let go of supporting her and was focusing his attentions on Fern. She saw how he had moved from between the two of them to between Fern's two chubby legs. He had stepped between and stepped closer so that his crotch was pressed into the furrow of her ass. He put his two hands on her hips to steady the two of them as the boat pitched and rolled. Fern, who was now definitely pushing back into the dry coupling, gave Annie an embarrassed but lust filled look. She was enjoying the attention and the physical contact, especially knowing that her husband seemed to be okay with the situation.

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