tagBDSMThe Lord of the Manor Ch. 02

The Lord of the Manor Ch. 02


Continued from Chapter 1

"You did things, you said things. You're a wicked, wicked girl, Suzanna." He looked at her fondly for a moment, before sitting up and saying, "Come on now, we should get up and do.. something. I'm sure I'm supposed to be doing something."

"Not really, but I'm supposed to be. The entire servants quarters are going to be buzzing with gossip when these sheets appear in the laundry room," she commented, sitting up and swinging her legs over the edge of the bed.

She began searching for her drawers and found them on the floor, next to the bed.

"Leave them off," he commanded. "You are never to wear drawers here again."

She looked at him with a shocked expression. "Not wear them, m'lord?"

With a wicked gleam in his eye, he continued, "No, and I'm tempted to direct you to perform all your duties dressed as you are right now."

As if she needed to check that she was clad only in her stockings and boots, she looked down at her nearly naked body. Looking up again, she could only stare at him, open mouthed, shocked beyond speaking.

"No need to look so alarmed, my dear. Just not wearing the drawers will be suitable," he said with a smile.

The next day, she nervously stood before the doors to his bedroom, waiting for the clock to chime. Shamefully, her pussy was already wet, knowing she was about to see him and that he would know she wasn't wearing anything beneath her dress. He would most likely want to check and she knew how that was going to end up. She was also distressed that her nipples were rock hard and were threatening to push beyond her low neckline.

The clock chimed, and taking a deep breath, causing one of the nipples to finally escape the dress, she flung open the doors. What she saw caused her to stop in her tracks, her breath caught in her throat. Lord Worthington was lying in bed, wide awake, the blankets and sheets flung back, stroking his rock hard cock.

"Good morning, Suzanna," he purred, gazing appreciatively at her exposed nipple. "Where's the other one?"

Without taking her eyes off him, she tugged on her dress, fully exposing both nipples.

"And are you wearing your drawers?" he asked, his voice still low and silky.

"No, m'lord," she whispered.

"Come over here and show me," he commanded, his eyes glowing with lust.

On trembling legs she came right up to the bed, her thighs brushing the side of the mattress. Her breath coming in deep gasps, she pulled up her skirt, revealing herself to him.

"Hmmmm...very nice," he murmured. "But what's this?" he asked, reaching out and touching her soaked lips.

She drew in a shaky breath at his touch, biting her lip to keep from moaning.

"You're quite wet, my dear. Very wet indeed," he commented, slipping a finger between her swollen pussy lips. "You're positively soaked. Now what has gotten you so excited?" he teased, gently stroking her.

When she only gasped at his strokes, he gave one of her lips a sharp pinch, causing her to emit a small cry. "Answer me," he commanded, his voice taking on a stern edge, and feeling the accompanying surge of wetness at his increasing dominance of the encounter.

"Not wearing my drawers in your presence, m'lord," she breathed.

Experimenting, he pinched her engorged pussy lips again, and felt another surge of wetness as she cried out. He pinched her one more time, asking, "You like that, don't you?"

When she didn't respond, he pinched her again, harder and longer, as she gasped and small cries escaped her throat. "Yes, m'lord," she whispered.

In a soft voice, he commanded, "Say it. Say it dirty. And make sure you address me properly."

Breathlessly, she said, "I like it when you pinch my pussy lips, m'lord."

He pulled her onto the bed, onto her hands and knees and in one swift movement, thrust his cock deep into her pussy, pounding against her swollen pussy lips. "Oh, yes!" he groaned, grinding against her, pushing in as deep as he could.

She only gasped loudly, fighting for breath. He pushed her head down to the mattress, "I want your ass high in the air for this fucking. You are going to take quite a pounding this morning, my slutty little maid," he said gruffly, beginning to thrust into her.

He was as good as his word, plunging his cock into her mercilessly, getting even more excited whenever she screamed into the pillows. He felt her numerous orgasms rocking through her body, causing her muscles to clamp down on him, almost pushing him over the edge. Finally, he could hold on no longer and pumped his cum deep inside her.

He collapsed on top of her, flattening them both, before rolling off. He glanced over at her red face as she lay gasping for breath. "I didn't hurt you, did I?" he asked, slightly worried he may have been too rough.

She opened her eyes, the green shining brightly. "No, m'lord. Quite the contrary."

His eyes skimmed down her body, stopping at her ass, recalling how tantalizing it had looked, just before he had entered her. He felt himself hardening at the vision. "Stick your ass back up in the air," he directed.

She complied, her breath already beginning to come faster.

He spread the young maid's ass cheeks wide, his cock twitching at the sight of her sweetly puckered rosebud. He gently stroked her tender opening, delighting in her shocked gasp. He lubricated a finger by sliding it into her wet pussy, coating it in his own cum. She again gasped and sighed at his caresses until he again touched her other entrance.

"Relax," he whispered, as he pressed his finger against her anal opening. She whimpered softly as he pushed his finger in. He slid it in and out a few times before pulling it out and dipping two fingers into her wet pussy and then pushing them into her ass. She whimpered again as the two fingers pushed into her and then again when it was three.

Lord slid a finger through her pussy to find it even wetter than before. "Stop whimpering, your pussy is soaking wet. You obviously love this," he growled in her ear. He pumped the three fingers in and out of her tight opening a few times before wetting his cock in her soaked pussy.

"Oh yes," she breathed as his dick slid into her wetness.

"You do like this, don't you?" he asked, pumping her pussy.

"Yes," she answered breathlessly.

"You know what I want to hear you say," he demanded.

She hesitated before saying, "I love the way you fuck my pussy, m'lord," in a hushed voice, her eyes closed in embarrassment.

"Yeah, I know you do," he answered roughly driving into her. "But we're about to go a step further," he said, pulling out of her. He caressed her soft, snowy white ass. He raised his hand and brought it down swiftly, smacking her hard, leaving a red handprint. She cried out and stiffened, not sure what was happening. He liked the red mark, so he lifted his hand again and hit her other cheek. He began spanking her in earnest, turning her whole backside bright red.

"Stop, sir, please stop," she begged, trying to shield her ass from the blows.

He only shoved her hand aside and spanked her harder. He finally stopped and admired his handiwork. Her ass was bright red and hot to the touch. He gave her a hard pinch, to which she cried out, and grabbing her ass roughly, he again spread her cheeks wide open. He quickly slid his cock through the wet folds of her pussy and then positioned it at her asshole. With a hard push, he entered her. She cried out loudly, but he ignored her protests and pushed again, this time all the way to the hilt.

She was crying openly now. He reached between her legs and felt her pussy. She was still soaked. "Quit your blubbering, you love this. I've never seen you so wet," he said roughly as he began to slowly pump in and out of her. "Your ass is so tight, it feels so good," he groaned as he increased his speed. He spread her cheeks, watching his cock as it plunged in and out of her tight hole.

"Tell me it feels good," he demanded.

She whimpered, "It feels good."

He slapped her ass again, which elicited another cry. "Your hot ass pressed against my stomach is such a turn on. I'm going to have to spank you often," he said, swatting her again. "Now tell me the way I want to hear it," he demanded, driving deeply into her.

She hesitated, and it wasn't until he again slapped her hard, that she finally said, in a quavering voice "I love the way you fuck my ass, m'lord."

"Say it again, louder," he directed.

She complied, almost shouting, "I love the way you fuck my ass, m'lord!"

"Yeah, that's a good girl," he murmured. He reached around and feeling between her wet folds, he found the small nub. He began to rub her clit and she again cried out, not a cry of pain this time, but rather pleasure. He could feel her beginning to tremble beneath him and he rubbed faster, until he felt her muscles contract around his cock, almost sending him over the edge, as she climaxed repeatedly.

He increased the speed of this thrusting, driving deeply into her. He liked her with her head down, he could plunge even deeper into her. He could feel his orgasm building and was wondering where he should shoot his cum and decided that deep into her ass would be the best place. "Tell me you want my cum in your ass. Ask me to shoot it there," he told her.

"I want your cum in my ass," she complied. "Please shoot your cum into my ass," she begged.

She had barely gotten the words out as he rammed his cock deep into her, the orgasm shaking him to the core. He collapsed on top of her, his dick going soft inside her. He pulled out and smacking her ass once more, he flopped down on the bed beside her.

"That was very nice," he said brusquely. "What am I doing today?"

"You are having breakfast with your Mother and then you must go to the bank. Apparently it is very important and I have been instructed to ensure that you leave here on time," she instructed breathlessly, rising from the bed.

Her dress fell to her ankles as she stood and he frowned. "Good bye sweet pussy, sweet ass, until next time," he said.

She only shook her head as she walked into his dressing room to lay out his clothes for the day.


A couple of weeks later, she entered his rooms to find him in a foul mood. He bypassed the usual suggestive comments and only groggily asked what he was to do that day.

"Nothing, m'lord. You have the whole day to spend as you wish," she replied.

"Hmmph," was his only reply as he rose and left the room to wash and shave.

As she laid out a more casual outfit for him, she heard him enter the room. He waited until she had finished before he dressed.

She was dusting the mantle when he emerged. He sat heavily upon the sofa, watching her for a moment. "Take off your dress," he ordered. His voice was stern and bore no argument. She quickly took off the garment and stood before him in her stockings and boots.

"Keep dusting," he said.

Feeling very self conscious, she accidentally knocked over a small porcelain figurine. She watched with horror as it fell to the floor and smashed into countless tiny slivers. "Oh, m'lord, I am so sorry," she cried. "I'll clean it up right away." She fetched a broom and dustpan and under his dark glare she cleaned up the many small pieces.

When she had finished, he growled, "Come here."

She nervously approached, standing before him, trembling over what her punishment might be. He grabbed her by the wrist, pulling her down across his lap. Before she could even catch her breath, the first blow landed on her ass. He slapped her hard and fast, turning her ass bright red quickly. She cried out with alarm as he spread her cheeks and spanked her tight opening. He pulled her legs apart and mercilessly spanked her pussy, causing the tender lips to swell. He again rained slaps down on her tender ass until she had tears streaming down her face.

"Get on your knees before me," he ordered.

She scrambled to obey and watched as he opened his pants, pulling out his hard cock. He grabbed the back of her head and commanded, "Open your mouth wide and mind your teeth," before pushing his dick between her parted lips. He held her head in place and pumped his cock in and out of her mouth. "Suck, you dirty slut, suck," he demanded as he continued to fuck her mouth. He felt his orgasm building and instructing that she swallow, with a loud groan, he shot his cum into her mouth. After he had finished filling her mouth, he pushed her away, causing her to fall to the floor on her sore ass.

Her legs fell open wide and her shining red pussy, caught his eye. "Part your pussy lips with your fingers," he said, slowly stroking him soft cock.

She slid her fingers down to her tender lips and gently parted them, showing him the reddened insides.

"Mmmmmm, stroke yourself," he said softly.

With uncertainty, she began to rub between the folds as he had done, feeling the tremors beginning to spread through her. She found her clit and suddenly the tremors shot through her limbs like flames of fire. Her breathing came faster as she rubbed harder. She let her head fall back as her back arched and she moaned at the pleasure she was providing herself.

She suddenly felt her hips being grabbed and a weight upon her. Lord drove into her swiftly and deeply, pounding against her throbbing pussy.

"Oh, m'lord," she protested. "Please, you spanked me so hard a moment ago, I'm quite sore."

"Shut up," he growled. "You deserve to be punished for destroying my belongings," he said through gritted teeth as he continued to hammer into her.

She whimpered as he drove into her, but even though her pussy was sore, his big cock didn't fail to get a reaction from her. She was surprised to feel the tingling in her belly and delighted at the orgasm that gently rolled through her.

Lord cried out loudly as he pulled out of her and stroking himself, he shot his cum all over her. "A little cum bath for you, you naughty, naughty slut."

He sat back on his heels for a few moments, looking at her covered with ropes of gooey white. He stood and said, "Go wash yourself off in the other room and then lay out some more formal clothes, I'm going to spend the afternoon at my club. You may put your dress back on," he said dismissively.

She felt like crying as she washed his cum off of her body. He had never treated her so callously before. Yes, he had been rough in the past, but it had still been playful. Today he was cruel. Of course, she had broken something and she deserved to be punished, but she didn't think he would go so far. She would have to be extra careful in the future, she certainly did not want to experience that again.

He left the apartments without saying another word to her, and then she did cry. Pulling herself together, she continued cleaning his rooms, and tending to his wardrobe. She was preparing a jacket to be sent to the tailor to fix a small hole, when she heard him return. From the sounds of it, he wasn't alone. There were two other men with him. She began to move towards the hidden exit, when they walked into the room.

"There she is!" he exclaimed upon seeing her. "My little vixen!" he slurred, staggering towards her. He wrapped his arms around her and hugged her tightly.

With an arm around her waist he turned her to face his companions. "Now, my friends," he said, "this is a fine example of the perfect servant. Note the luscious body, which I have had clothed in a very revealing dress. And what a pretty face she has, and of course, I love this hair," he said, picking up a handful and burying his face in it.

Deeply embarrassed, she could barely look at his companions, who were leering at her low neckline. He reached over and gave one of her breasts a soft squeeze. "She has the most delectable breasts." He gave her neckline a tug, revealing her nipples, which to her dismay were hard. He moved behind her and reaching in front began to caress and pinch her nipples. The two young men watching Lord touch her unexpectedly excited her and her breath began to come faster. "Do you like this, my dirty servant? Do you like them watching us?"

"Yes, m'lord," she whispered.

"Say it," he commanded.

"I like that they are watching us, m'lord," she said a bit louder.

"And this is something I had removed from her uniform," he said with smile. He began to pull up her skirts and even though she was mortified, she was powerless to stop him. She couldn't find her voice to ask him to stop, and deep inside she knew she wanted them to see her.

"She was naughty this morning and I gave her a thorough spanking and fucking, so her ass and pussy are quite sore." Turning her, he said, "Is your backside still red?" Seeing a few small red marks, he laughed, "You should have seen it this morning, bright red and burning hot." He slipped a finger between her still swollen pussy lips and she winced. Removing his fingers, he said, "Well, no fucking your pussy tonight." To which his friends laughed loudly.

Stepping back from her, he stood unsteadily and commanded, "Take off your dress." When she didn't comply, only stared at hin, he threatened, "Take it off or you'll get another spanking like this morning."

Almost on the verge of tears, she undid the ties in the back and let her dress fall at her feet. His friends made rude and suggestive comments as they gazed at her naked body. "It's a shame I can't fuck your pussy," he said, again approaching her and cupping her breasts in his hands, burying his face between them. He lifted his head and pressed his lips against hers with such desire that it caused her head to swirl. He slid his hands down her sides and cupped her ass as he squeezed the soft flesh, pulling her closer to him. "Although I could fuck your ass," he whispered in her ear.

She sucked in a shaky breath. They had done that a couple more times since the first time and those had been just as exciting. "Or maybe, one of my friends could fuck you and I could watch," he murmured. She could barely breathe as she imagined what that would be like.

"Yes, I think we would both like that," he said in a low voice. He pulled back and looked at her eyes, the green clouded with lust. "Oh yes," he said. With an arm still around her waist, he grandly announced, "My friends, my loyal companions, my lovely, dirty maid is going to allow one of you the great pleasure of..."

He stopped as she tugged on his sleeve and whispered in his ear. He began to laugh and said to her, "You are a very dirty girl!"

Turning back to his friends, he announced, "My friends, my very dirty maid is going to allow one of you the great pleasure of having your dick sucked by her while the other is going to have the even greater pleasure of fucking her up the ass at the same time!" Turning back to her he said, "Are you sure?"

She smiled shyly and nodded her head. "Yes," she whispered.

"Alright, who will do what" he asked her, indicating the two very excited young men.

Suddenly feeling very brazen she approached them, her eyes skimming over their bodies. They were both tall and muscular like Lord but with blond hair. She stared into the blue eyes of one, her eyes travelling over his handsome face, down his throat to his broad shoulders. Her hands reached out stroked the width of them and then trailed down his strong arms. "What is your name?" she whispered.

"Edward," he replied breathlessly.

"Lord Edward?" she asked. She could see his chest heaving with deep breaths as her hands caressed his sides and down over his hips.

He could only nod, as she squeezed the muscles of his thighs before sliding back up the insides. She stared into his eyes as she gently squeezed the growing bulge in his trousers. She was impressed with the size and murmured "Nice, very nice indeed."

Her fingers still lingering on him, she turned to the other man. She stared into his brown eyes and as her gaze travelled over his face, she gently stroked his cheek, her thumb caressing his full lips. "My, aren't you beautiful?" she whispered. "And what is your name?" she purred.

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