tagNon-EroticThe Lost One Ch. 08

The Lost One Ch. 08


A/N: This chapter is one of my favorite chapters! I hope ya'll enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Thank you BlackStallion21 for editing this.



A Clue From

The Past

"So you're Inion." said Lance as he dismounted with a still unconscious Pristine. The others dismounted as well.

"Yes, I am."

"Were you the one who directed us here too?" asked Kyra.

"Yes, since all of you were close enough, I was able to use my magic to help."

"Thank-you, Inion." bowed Ophealia.

"Oh, it isn't me you shouldn't be thanking. It's Pristine you should thank."

Inion approached Lance and placed a hand on Pristine's forehead.

"How did you know her name?" asked Kyra.

"Oh, I know about all of you, Drackor told me. Now, you-all must be cold and hungry. Follow me."

"What about Pristine?" asked Lola.

"She'll be fine. Besides, I have something that can help her. She'll be back to normal sooner than you think."

Inion winked as he led them inside through a set of double doors. The main entry way was huge with a large stairway near the back. Two other stairs connected to it from both sides. There were separate hallways to their left and right.

"Now, you put your excess clothing here." Inion instructed them as a table was rolled in.

"Can someone help me with Pristine?" asked Lance.

Xack helped him by taking Pristine so Lance could take off his extra clothing before taking off Pristine's extra clothing. Lance thanked Xack before taking Pristine again.

"Now follow me. I have something that will revitalize Pristine in no time." Inion said before leading them down the right hallway.

They came to another pair of double doors.

"This is my study."

Inion opened the door. Everyone gasped at what they saw. The room was large for a study. There was a cupboard filled with books on one wall next to a desk before the room opened up into a circular area. There were artifacts and gallery art. But what made the others gasped was a ball of gray energy in the center of the room. It's held in a glass container on a small pillar of marble.

"What is that? Is that what I think it is?" asked Pixie.

"Indeed, you-all know that there were originally three stones? Well, Drackor didn't have time to create a fourth shield or stone cause of the Evil One. That is the power of Wind. True each of the stones has a little bit of Wind in it, but most of it was placed here. Drackor only had enough time to place a barrier here and gave the energy to me. I've never seen it so active."

"Must be because of the Crystal of Life for its right here." commented Mallian.

"Well, one reason why Drackor wanted you to see me was so I could give you guys the Wind energy. This will help Pristine."

Inion carefully took the Wind energy out of its container and went over to them.

"Pixie, place the crystal over Pristine please. Lance brace yourself."

They did as he instructed. Inion relinquished the ball of energy and it floated to the crystal as it began to glow more brightly. Pristine slowly glowed as well. Finally the crystal absorbed the Wind power and light shined throughout the room causing everyone to cover or close their eyes. As soon as it settled Pristine began to stir. She opened her eyes and saw Lance.

"Did we make it?" she asked.

"Yes, we did. Thanks to you. How are you feeling?" Lance asked with relief and tenderness in his voice.

"I feel, one hundred percent better." Pristine said before standing.

"How did I recover so quickly?" she asked.

"Inion gave you the Power of Wind." explained Mallian.

Pristine turned to see the mage bow.

"It's an honor to meet you Pristine."

"No, the honor is mine. Thank-you." Pristine bowed.

"Well, now that you are better, I shall give you another gift. Come."

"Oh boy! What is it?" asked Kyra eagerly.

They went back into the main entry way before heading upstairs.

"This is a lovely place you have here, Inion." commented Ophealia.

"Why thank-you, your highness."

They took the flight of stairs to the left side. Finally, they came to separate hallways.

"Ladies? Will you stay here for a moment? Gentlemen, follow me."

Inion led them down one hallway before opening a pair of double doors.

"Oh my goodness." exclaimed Grayson.

It was a large suite with furnishings the men had never seen anything like before.

"This room was designed by a dragon that had a very eclectic taste. In fact, this citadel was the dragons' stronghold." explained Inion.

He went to a set of doors before sliding them open to reveal a closet filled with men's clothes and accessories.

"When Drackor told me you were coming, he made all these outfits for you. Drock and Sir Reginald, I have custom made outfits for you."

Inion took out two outfits from the closet.

"Drock, yours is in dwarfish style and Sir Reginald, this one what a knight of your standard use to wear before the Invasion."

Inion handed the outfits to them.

"Gee, thanks." Drock said, a bit surprised.

"Thank-you sir." bowed Sir Reginald.

"Now my servants will help you change. If any of you need to shave, the servants will help you with that too. Dinner will be ready in awhile. After you're done, head back to the main parlor." Inion said.

"Uh, Inion, where are the servants?" asked Grayson.

"Oh, they are really magic and are invisible. Don't worry, they are here. Have fun."

Inion went back to the ladies.

"Now if the six of you would just follow me." he replied as he led them down the other hallway.

He opened another pair of doors and led them into a room similar to what the guys were shown, only more feminine. Pristine felt as if she'd been here before. Inion slid opened the doors to the closet. Unlike the men's closet, this one only had five dresses in it, but it did have plenty of shoes and accessories.

"Drackor had these gowns made for you."

Inion took a sapphire blue and silver gown down first.

"This one is yours Lola." he said before whispering something into her ear as he handed it to her.

Lola smiled and shed a tear.

"Thank-you." she said.

The next gown Inion took down was a brilliant crimson red with gold trimmings on it.

"Next is Princess Ophealia."

"OH!! My favorite colors!" Ophealia exclaimed in excitement.

Inion took down a small lavender dress.

"That's mine right?!" asked Kyra giddily.

Inion chuckled and handed it to her. Next was Mallian's gown. It was different from the first three in many ways. The teal dress was made out of fine sequences and it shimmered and was slim.

"This dress here Mallian was made from the tropical clophean. If I remember right, it's the most expensive and rarest type of clothing material from Oceanica."

"Oh it is. I've never seen anything like this in ages." Mallian replied in awe.

Inion got one more gown from the closet and it was pale green with tiny flowers and seeds on it. The sleeves were translucent.

"As you can see Pixie, this one is for you."

"It's lovely. What about Pristine?" Pixie asked.

"Oh yes, I was just about to get to her. I have a special one in store for you my dear. Now the rest of you get dressed. My servants will help you. I'll be with you shortly." Inion said before leading Pristine to another door into master bedroom.

After closing the door behind them, Inion went over to a wardrobe and opened it up. Pristine gasped. Inside was the most gorgeous gown she's ever seen. It was garnished in silk and satin with puffed sleeves. There was gossamer over it. The front waist area looked a bit like a corset for the bottom pools out a bit. The puffy sleeves were cut to the top so Pristine's shoulders would be bare.

"Oh, Inion. It's so . . . Oh, I don't know what to say." Pristine managed to say.

"Then don't say anything. My servants will help you put it on for it's quite complicated."

His magical servants took it down. It looked like it's floating.

"I shall return."

Inion knocked on the door connecting to where the other girls were.

"Ladies? Can I come in?"

"Yes, you may." replied Lola.

As Inion walked in, he noticed that a few of them were twirling around.

"You like?"

"Like it? I love it!" shouted Kyra.

"Thank-you Inion." replied Pixie.

"You're quite welcome. Now let's do something with your hair. This way." motioned Inion as he opened a second door that led to a bathroom with a long mirror and chairs in front of it.

Inion motioned for the girls to sit down. When they did, Inion's servants began to do their hair.

"Now when you are through, in the closet are cabinets with jewelry and shoes. You than can go ahead and go down to the main parlor."

Inion went back to where Pristine was and knocked on her door.

"Pristine? Are you finished?"

"Yes, I am."

As he walked in, he saw Pristine looking at herself in the mirror.

When she turned around, Inion remarked, "Pristine, you look like a princess."

"I feel like one."

Pristine blushed. She remembered wearing this gown from another time.

"Now let's fix your hair. I know just how to do it."

Inion went across the room and opened a door to the restroom. When they entered, Inion helped with Pristine's dress as she sat in a chair facing a mirror. Inion personally did Pristine's hair.

Awhile later after Pristine's hair was done, Pixie knocked on the door.

"Hello? Can I come in?" she asked.

Pixie's hair was done in different braids and was wrapped up. She also had small flowers in her hair.

"Of course you can my dear." answered Inion.

As Pixie came in, Pristine was sitting on the bed putting on white slippers. Half of Pristine's hair was up in a bun with wisps of hair spilling out and her hair was in curly ringlets.

"Oh! Lance is going to flip when he sees you."


"Now just a few more things." said Inion before coming over with a silver and diamond studded chest.

He handed it to Pristine, and she opened it up as Pixie came to sit next to her. Both of them gasped. Inside was a pair of diamond earrings and a large diamond necklace. Both were made with silver.

"Wow! How lovely." Pristine gasped as she put on the earrings.

Before she could put the necklace on, Pixie took it.

"Here, let me." she said before moving Pristine's glossy ringlets to the side and put on the necklace.

"You're defiantly going to be the belle of the ball Pristine. Well, I'm going downstairs. See you later." said Pixie as she stood up and exited the room.

As she walked out, Pixie thought that Pristine looked exactly the way she use to before the Invasion. She knew Inion from back then and also knew the Pristine was dressed in the same attire that she wore for her coming out. Back with Pristine, she looked at herself in the mirror one more time.

"How do you feel Pristine?"

"Alive for the first time."

She never looked away from her reflection. Could that really be her?

"The others are downstairs. Shall we join them?"

Inion offered his arm.

"Yes, let's go."

Pristine grinned and took his arm.


Meanwhile the others were waiting in the main parlor downstairs. Invisible servants served some of them champagne or nectar. Ophealia was talking to Lola and Sir Reginald. Ever since she came down, Grayson's eyes never stopped watching her. He looked like a club hit him. Lance noticed this and grinned before waving his hand in front of his brother's face. Grayson didn't even budge. Lance laughed and returned to talk to Xack. The two had quickly become friends. Mallian, Drock, and Pixie were talking.

"Pristine looks like the princess now." Pixie whispered.

"This should be interesting." added Mallian.

Kyra suddenly popped in.

"What's going to be interesting?"

"How Lance is going to respond to Pristine." replied Pixie.

Soon Inion came down the stairs.

"Inion, where's Pristine?" asked Ophealia.

"Oh, she's coming. Just you wait and see." chuckled Inion.

That was when Pristine appeared. As she walked down one set of stairs, everyone stared, except Lance. His back was facing Pristine as he was talking to Xack.

When Pristine stopped at the last set of stairs, Xack patted Lance on the shoulder and said, "Uh, Lance. You might want to turn around."


Lance turned around. The second he saw her, his mouth and eyes opened wide and he dropped his wine glass. Inion, expecting this kind of reaction from Lance, used his magic to catch the glass before making it float over to him and he took it. For a moment, Lance couldn't breathe.

"She is breath taking! No, more than that. She is a dream come true. Like something I have been waiting for my entire life. Perhaps I had." he thought.

As Pristine walked down the stairs, Lance slowly moved toward her.

When they finally faced each other, Lance asked, "Are you real or just a dream?"

Pristine smiled and lifted her hand.

"I'm real. Take my hand and see."

Lance did as he kissed her hand gently. Both of them felt the heat. In the mean time, Mallian, Drock, and Pixie smiled at each other. There was no doubt in their minds that two in front of them were in love. The tender moment between Pristine and Lance did not last long as the dinner bell rang.

"Ah, dinner is served." said Inion.

Lance took a hold of Pristine's hand and placed it in the crook of his arm.

"Pixie, will you do me the honor of escorting you to dinner?" Inion asked Pixie.

"My pleasure."

"Grayson, I want you to escort me." Ophealia said.

"Me? You want me?"

Grayson was astonished.

"Yes, now let's go."

Ophealia took his arm.

"Who will escort me?" asked Kyra.

"I will Miss Kyra." Sir Reginald said as he picked her up.

Drock and Mallian were together as well as Xack and Lola. The others followed them.

They all entered a huge and spacious room with an elaborate and long table in the center. Pristine felt like she was walking down memory lane. She remembered running down this hall as a child. After they all sat, the invisible servants brought them appetizers and drinks.

"Um, don't you have any 'real' servants, Inion?" asked Grayson.

"Nope, just me and my magic."

"Inion, you knew the unicorns didn't you?" asked Ophealia.

"Indeed I did. In fact, I use to see the royal family often, especially in the winter. You know Zeather's fortress here use to be the family's winter home. Drackor tried to save the place, but Zeather beat him to it. Drackor was only able to protect this place."

"Can you tell us about the princess? I mean, what did she look like?" Kyra asked.

"I can't tell you much because you must discover the whole truth for yourselves. But I will tell you that the princess was loved by everyone, even though she did get into mischief at times."

Not long after they all ate, Inion led them into a grand ballroom. Music filled the air.

"Pristine? May I have the honor of the first dance?" Inion asked.

"Sure." Pristine replied as he led her onto the dance floor.

Soon, they began to glide along the floor.

"Since when did Pristine learn how to dance? I've never heard this music before and I don't recognize that dance." remarked Ophealia.

Pixie, Drock, and Mallian knew. A Unicorn composer and choreographer created the dance and music and it was only performed when unicorns were in attendance. And since they knew who Pristine was, they were not surprised that she remembered.

As they danced, Inion whispered, "Remembering?"

"Yes, I danced to this song at my Coming of Age Ball right here in this room."


Soon the dance ended. By the time Lance worked up an urge to ask Pristine to dance, he found out she was dancing with Xack.

"That Lance there hasn't stop looking at you, Pristine."

He grinned and Pristine blushed.

"I know. I hope he's okay."

"Oh, I think he's okay." Xack chuckled.

For the next dance, Pristine danced with Sir Reginald. Ophealia stunned Grayson when she agreed to dance with him. Dance after dance, Pristine danced with nearly all the men in the room, except Lance. She considered asking him to dance after the next one, but right now she was dancing with Kyra.

After the dance was over, Lance suddenly appeared next to her and asked, "Pristine, will you dance with me?"

He lifted his hand.

"I'd thought you never ask."

Pristine smiled and placed her hand in his before he swept her onto the floor. Everyone stopped and stared, but they felt as if they were the only ones in the room.

"This feels so right. Being in the arms of the one you love." Pristine thought.

"I hope I am not dreaming." Lance thought.

As the music ended, everyone clapped. Pristine and Lance never stopped looking at each other with their hands still linked. Suddenly, Lance left the room, leaving Pristine awestruck.

"That was fantastic! You two make an excellent pair." Inion commented as he walked up.

Pristine did not hear a word he said for she was still looking in the direction Lance left.

"Excuse me." she said before going off.

Pristine went into the hallway and walked a bit before seeing an open door. She glimpsed in and saw Lance. The room must have been the music room; for there were several musical instruments. Lance was leaning against a window, looking outside.

As Pristine walked up to him, she asked, "Lance? What's wrong?"

Still looking outside, Lance said, "The last time I saw my family alive was on a night like this. I was only seven and Grayson was four. He was too young to remember everything, but I do. I also had two sisters, one five and another only a year old. I had another brother who was two, and my mother was several months pregnant. The next day Grayson and I went playing in a nearby wood. But when we returned, everything was obliterated. Everyone, including my family, was killed. The only thing left was my father's books. I immediately knew who was responsible. Grayson went through a denial period, but was able to stay sane thanks to my father's books. There was no release for me though. We didn't know how we would survive for we were only kids. But luck must have been with us for a group of outlaws found us a few days later. We were hungry and dirty, but we were alive, and the leader, who had recently lost his family, adopted Grayson and me. And tonight after dancing with you, I just had a feeling that something bad was going to happen again."

Lance's story broke Pristine's heart; to lose almost everything at such a young age. She yearned to hold the little boy inside of him and she yearned to comfort the man who had his back turn to her. She didn't know how to comfort him, but she would try to ease his pain a little. She placed her hand on his shoulder. In reaction, Lance turned to look at her, but only for a moment. He didn't want her to see the pain and anger in his eyes.

"I don't know what happened to my family." Pristine said.

"All my life, all I could think of was avenging my family. But since I met you, I realize that killing Zeather won't make the pain go away or make any difference."

"I can't imagine what you've been through Lance. I miss my family and pray that they are alive, but then again, I've always been alone."

Lance felt the sadness in her voice and finally turned around, tenderness in his eyes.

"Oh Pristine, you are not alone. I'm here, as well as everyone else."

During this time, some of the others peeked through the doors.

"Yes, I realize that now. Thank-you."

Pristine smiled as tears ran down her face.

"Come here."

Lance hugged her. Pristine did not know how it happened. She was supposed to comfort him, not vice versa, but she still clung to him. They soon separated, and Lance offered her a handkerchief. Accepting it, Pristine turned away and blew her nose.

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