tagLoving WivesThe Lottery Winner (B)

The Lottery Winner (B)

byJust Plain Bob©

It was the last thing that I would have expected to find after twenty years of marriage, but there was no denying it. It sat there on the kitchen table waiting for me to snatch it up and tear it to pieces or burn it or do whatever it is that you do with things like that. I suddenly realized why Simone had been so happy and excited during the last week. I picked it up and read it for the forth or fifth time:

"Dear Ron,

I am sorry for doing this to you, but chances like this only come once in a lifetime, if ever, and I'd be a fool not to take advantage of it. You have been the only man in my life since the eighth grade and even though I love you and have always loved you since the day I met you I am still curious about what else is out there and now I have a chance to find out. My lottery ticket, you know, the ones you always told me I was stupid to buy because they were a waste of good money? Well mine hit two weeks ago for 6.4 million. After taxes I collected 4.1 million. Don't be surprised when you get your next bank statement and see that you have a deposit of 2 million. Don't spend it all in one place because there still might be some tax liability, but the money people I have talked to say that you should be safe up to 1.7 million. I hope it's enough to help you get over what I'm doing to you.


Simone and I were both virgins when we were married. We raised three fine kids and started to grow old together and I had never conceived of having to live my life without her. Oh I knew that the day would come when one of us would pass on and leave the other, but that was supposed to be years and years in the future. Christ, I was only forty-five and I expected us to at least get to seventy. But this? I got a bunch of money now so goodbye? I crumpled up the note and tossed it in the trash and wondered how to go about getting on with my life.

The first week I was like a zombie. I walked around in a complete fog. I just couldn't accept the fact that Simone had just up and left me. Then my kids took a hand in things and went to work trying to straighten me out. Apparently Simone had called them and simply said, "I've left your father. Please look in on him from time to time."

The two girls, Sherri and Mary, took turns coming over and helping me clean house. Mary was trying to get me to change my diet and trying to teach me to cook and eat healthier food and my son Sean was doing his best to get me out of the house. He drug me out to play golf on the weekends, got tickets to football, basketball and hockey games and in general tried to keep me busy.

Sherri and Mary came over one day while I was at work and stripped the house of everything that was Simone's and gave it all to Goodwill. Then the three of them started to play matchmaker and every time I got invited to dinner or a party they had someone who was "just dying to meet me" or that they "just had to introduce me to." Some of them were really nice and under other circumstances I probably would have liked to get to know them better, but it was just too soon - I wasn't even close to being to being over Simone. Truth be told, I probably never would be.

From time to time I heard about Simone through the grapevine. She had gone to a spa, lost some weight and gotten a complete makeover. She seemed to have a new beau on her arm every time some one saw her. I overheard one acquaintance tell another that Simone had turned into a cock crazy slut. Simone called the kids once a week to see how things were going and they said she always asked about me, but I never knew whether or not it was bullshit. Why would she care?

Eventually my memories of Simone began to fade and I looked around, took stock, and started out to get a new life. I began dating again and eventually found myself in bed with a woman and it was a disaster. I had a hard on when the two of us climbed onto the bed, but as soon as I tried penetration my cock died. The lady was very understanding and even tried to get me back up orally, but it wouldn't come back up. I reciprocated and managed to give her an orgasm and we parted friends, but the damage was done. In my own mind now I was impotent and it became a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I had a couple of more dates that made it to the bedroom stage and though I could not get my dick to stay hard I did go down on my dates and I was usually able to bring them to a climax. Unaccountably I became very popular and women were calling me up and asking me out. Both of my daughters thought it was hilarious. Since most of the women I had been going out with were the same ones that Sherri and Mary had been trying to set me up with I shouldn't have been surprised when my girls started telling me that they had heard I had a magic mouth and an inquiring tongue. I would blush and then they would laugh and tease me for hours.

I had been so wrapped up in my own problems that I had been unaware of other things going on around me so it came as a complete surprise when Sherri and her husband split up. I heard about it when Mary called me to tell me that Sherri was living in a motel and looking for an apartment. I went and got Sherri and, under protest, brought her home with me. She whined that she was too big and too old to be living at home with a parent until I convinced her that just the two of us would be so lost in the four bedroom house that we would rarely see each other. For the first week or two that proved to be the case. Sherri would sleep late and I would leave for work early. I would come home from work and Sherri would have gone out.

Sherri's attitude toward her separation from Ralph was one hundred and eighty degrees from mine when Simone left. Sherri's attitude was "Fuck that asshole" and she started dating almost as soon as she walked away from Ralph. She didn't seem to care who she went out with as long as the word of it got back to Ralph and it seemed to drive her crazy when he didn't seem to care.

She began coming home late at night, drunk on her ass, and I would end up having to carry her up to her bedroom. The first couple of times I undressed her and put her under the covers, but my physical reaction to an almost naked Sherri was startling and I had to stop undressing her. Several times I got calls to come and get her because she was so bombed and a couple of times the doorbell would ring and I would find Sherri on the front porch as a car sped away from the curb. The most disturbing thing to me was that Sherri had almost always been fucked and that knowledge always gave me a hard on. I had only masturbated a few times between the time Simone left and Sherri moved in, but after Sherri's arrival it was something that I seemed to be doing almost daily. I began to regret not letting Sherri stay at the motel and look for an apartment.

One night the doorbell rang and I opened the door to find Sherri on the porch and a car driving away and as I bent to pick her up she said, "I'm not drunk tonight. I just let him think I was. What's wrong with me dad? Why am I doing this to myself? Why am I being such a slut? Mom's a slut now; do you think that maybe she always was and she just managed to suppress it? Maybe she's always had slut genes. That would explain it. She passed her slut genes to me only I'm not suppressing them. Go to bed dad, I'm just going to sit here for a while."

I hadn't been in bed long and was not quite asleep when I heard my bedroom door open and then close. I was aware when someone sat on the edge of my bed and I knew who it had to be. Given the conversation we'd had on the porch I thought that Sherri just wanted to be close to someone and when she snuggled in behind me I was quiet until I heard her begin to softly snore. After a while I fell back to sleep.

I woke out of a dream in which I had been floating in black space except for a disembodied head that kept trying to get it's mouth on my penis. I kept pushing it away and then finally it got past my hands and latched on to me. Suddenly I was awake and as the sleep cleared out of my mind I became aware of the fact that a hot mouth was fastened onto my cock and my balls were cupped in a hand. Almost as soon as the realization hit me I exploded into the mouth which reacted by clamping it's lips tightly around me and starting to swallow. I felt the tongue move and the throat constrict as I was drained dry and then the enormity of what had just happened hit me. What in God's name had Sherri been thinking? How could I ever explain this and then my thoughts were broken by a voice saying, "Have you missed me lover?"

It was Simone!

She chuckled, "Surprise, surprise lover" and then she took my cock in her mouth again and worked on it until it was stiff as a rock and then she raised herself over me and lowered herself down on my erection. "God, but I have missed this." She started to move up and down on me, "Don't talk lover, don't say anything now, just fuck me baby, just fuck me." Her hands were pressing down on my chest as she started slamming herself down on my cock, "Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes" she cried and then she rolled off of me and pulled me over on top of her, "Hurry lover, hurry. Put it in me baby, put it in me and fuck me." I moved between her spread legs and I speared my cock into her and she hissed, "Yesssss, oh god yes. Fuck me bay, fuck me hard and make me cum. Make me cum lover, make me cum. Make me yours baby, make me yours again."

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by Anonymous11/12/16


I dont see how a guy could take her back.
Would need another chapter to finish that off.
Writing of her slutting about and the cold way she left doesnt set us up believe forgiveness in in the cards.

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