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The Love Letter


© Copyright Mark J Daniels 2006

Dearest Angela,

I can't believe that a whole night has past since we last saw each other. It was wonderful to spend time with you last night, no matter how much we shouldn't. I know it's difficult for both of us to get away but when we do it makes me so happy.

I probably shouldn't tell you this but I dreamt of you last night. Your kiss as you got out of my car left my heart racing and you were all I could think about as I tried to fall asleep. I kept seeing that last image of you in my mind, your dark curly hair falling around your face as you leant forward to kiss me, your lips soft and gentle against mine. If I'd had my way, I would have held on to you forever last night and never let you go, but I know that would be impossible, no matter how hard it is to admit.

Eventually I fell asleep and I began to dream of you almost immediately. We were in a hotel and we had a large suite, all to ourselves. We had booked a trip away together for Valentine's Day and from the balcony we had romantic views over a lake, the moonlight reflecting from its surface, so still it was like a mirror. Beyond the lake were mountains, their snowy peaks shining in the moon's glow. With the balcony door open a chill breeze blew through the room, but neither of us noticed.

We stood in the middle of the room, holding each other, dancing to some music that was playing from the television in the corner. Although we were away together I remember having my own room and I was supposed to be leaving yours, going back to my own, but we couldn't let go of each other and eventually I let one hand trail up your side, feeling the swell of your breast beneath the black woollen jumper you wore, until I felt the skin of your neck. I took my hand and held your cheek as we looked each other in the eye and then I leant forward to kiss you. I remember feeling terrified that you would push me away, send me back to my room chastised, but instead you responded by opening your mouth and accepting my kiss, wrapping your arms tighter around my neck.

For a long time I just savoured the sweetness of your lips against mine, the sensuousness of your tongue caressing mine. Your cheek was cool in the palm of my hand and I let my other hand move down to feel the shape of your behind through the material of your jeans, shivering with delight as you let out a little gasp of pleasure into my mouth.

With my hand on your backside our kiss became more intense as you pushed your mouth firmer against mine. Your hands were running through my hair by now and together we moved towards the bed, collapsing on to it and pulling at each other's clothes, our kiss never breaking.

I pulled your jumper up over your head and immediately nuzzled your neck, letting my tongue and teeth tease you as you pushed your head back and giggled at the sensation. My hands worked the clasp on your bra as you arched your back to give me access and then I moved down your body, delighting in the sensation and softness of your breasts as I ran my tongue over them, kissing them gently and pulling each nipple in turn between my teeth, letting my tongue flick over them as they hardened in my mouth as I was hardening in my trousers.

Angela, I can't tell you how excited I was – I thought I was going to burst as I undid the belt to your jeans and began to pull them down while continuing to kiss your petite, succulent bosom. As I removed your jeans your hands were on my head, urgently pushing me down your body and I let my tongue ride from your cleavage over your stomach, stopping for a moment to admire the small diamond that glittered in your navel, teasing you by running my tongue around the jewel before your hands became more insistent, pushing me further down. I could feel your excitement even before I removed your panties, the lacy black material already damp with desire. Gently I pulled them to one side to reveal your silky smooth lips and hurriedly pushed my mouth to meet them, your hips pushing hard against my face as you eagerly clamped your legs around me and pulled me tight against you.

Your juices were so delicious, so smooth and bitter-sweet as they flooded my mouth and I hungrily lapped at your opening, running my tongue from top to bottom, licking and sucking your sex as I used my fingers to gently open you up. The sensation of my tongue excited you further and you gyrated your pussy against my face, moving your hips up and down harder and faster as an orgasm grew in your belly, all the time eagerly begging me to push my fingers in to you.

As my tongue worked your clitoris I slid my middle finger into your soaking hole, then slid another one in. Your moans became deeper as your orgasm grew and you asked me to push another finger in. Carefully, I slid a third finger in and began to move them gently in and out of you, matching the movement of your hips as I took your clit between my teeth and sucked it hard then suddenly you were crying out, your hips not moving so fast any more but pushing hard against my face and hand as the swelling orgasm rushed forward, letting your juices flood over my fingers and into my mouth and then you relaxed back onto the bed, breathing hard.

Keeping my fingers inside you, massaging you gently, I moved back up your body, once again toying with the diamond in your belly before teasing your nipples with my tongue and then kissing you passionately once more as you hungrily sucked the taste of your sex from my mouth. Your hands grabbed at the buckle of my belt as you hurriedly undid my trousers, releasing the pressure on my swollen crotch and then your hand, cool from the breeze in the room, slid inside my boxer shorts and took hold of my thickened manhood. You giggled with excitement at the feeling of me in your hand and I let out a grown of panic as I felt a twitch that I thought meant I was going to come there and then. But you let go quickly, just enough to subside my climax before it became a geyser and straddled yourself over me, ignoring my pleads to feel your mouth around me. Instead, you undid my shirt, pulling it open to let your hands ride over my chest before lowering a hand to my crotch and guiding my swollen prick through the entrance of my boxer shorts to your own opening.

I could feel the heat from your excited pussy even before you pushed the tip of my cock against your lips and then you lowered yourself on to me, putting your finger against my lips to shush me. "He'll get his kiss soon enough, don't worry," you said with a smile and bent forward to kiss my lips once more. "I like to taste me on him," you whispered and then kissed me harder, pushing your tongue into my mouth as your hair fell around my face and your nipples brushed my chest.

I felt your pussy slide over my cock, taking me deep inside you, feeling the heat of your muscles as you squeezed the walls of your vagina around me, and then stayed still on top of me. Mentally, I began to count the seconds of your stillness, as you lay atop me, your mouth pushed against mine, your cunt squeezing and relaxing my cock deep within you, massaging me without moving.

And then you giggled again, a deep, throaty giggle that almost made me explode with desire and passion and love. "Ready?" You asked, but before I could answer you slid up the length of my shaft until I almost popped out of you, and then pushed down again. Staying still for a few seconds, you repeated the movement, each time squeezing my cock a little bit harder with your cunt until you could feel me grabbing at your arse, encouraging you not to stop, physically begging you to start pounding me.

"Do it," you whispered. Your mouth was at my ear, my fingers were at the entrance to your arse. "You know you want to," you giggled to me, breathing gently against my earlobe. I let my middle finger trail over your anus, marvelling at the star-shaped texture beneath my finger tips. You slowed the rhythm of your hips to let me move my finger down, dampen it against your pussy lips, then move it back to your forbidden entrance.

"Go on," you urged, nibbling my lobe with your teeth. "Push it in." Your backside resisted at first, nature pushing rather than accepting but then my finger slid in and you let out a little gasp of pain and delight. "Don't stop," you said more urgently. "Keep it there."

Your hip movements were slower now, shallower, keeping the tip of my cock just inside you, my finger in that darkest of places. "It feels so good," you growled, "I'm going to come again." And within seconds you did, little gasps of pleasure and excitement released against my ear, thickening my cock with anticipation before you used your hand to remove me from your butt, subtely indicating that the taboo pleasure was only for a short period of time, not something you wanted for longer.

Laying still against me for a moment I felt your chest rise and fall heavily against mine. "Now," you whispered once more, "fuck me hard."

You slid off me and rolled to the side, raising yourself onto your knees so your backside was pushed into the air, giving me a perfect view of where my finger had just been before you opened your legs wide and slid your fingers between them, using your forefinger and middle finger to open your pussy invitingly.

I knelt behind you and pushed the tip of my cock against your sodden entrance and gripped your hips as you used your hands to slowly guide me in, grunting slightly as I filled you deeper than I had before. You controlled the pace I entered you, guided me until I was completely within you, held my balls momentarily and then pushed yourself up onto all fours and commanded me to do you as hard as I possibly could.

At first I moved slowly, teasing you with the length of my shaft but you kept pushing back against me, harder each time as you urged me to give up the teasing, practically begged me to pummel you deep and hard until I had no choice but to oblige.

I let my cock slide to the tip of your pussy lips, looking down to watch as your wet pink lips stretched around me before I slid into you deep an hard, hearing the slap of our skin as I hit your butt cheeks hard, watching my cock disappear into your lips again, hearing your grunt as you took me deep within you.

As you had astride me, now it was my turn to move long and deep within you, speeding up with each stroke until an animalistic lust took over both of us and I began to fuck you harder. You spread your legs and lowered your face to the pillow, accommodating my cock deeper inside you as I gripped your waist harder and began to bang angrily into you.

This time there was no controlling my explosion. The fountain of my desire was welling up inside me and like all forces of nature there was little I could do to control it. Sensing my imminent climax you tugged away from me, turning on the bed to face my cock and grasping the base of my shaft in your hand. "Now you can come," you mumbled around my manhood as you took me into your mouth, sucking the mushroom-shape of my head along your tongue.

I was too far involved in my own orgasm to be gentle and I grabbed at your hair, feeling more than hearing you laugh around my cock as I fucked your mouth, pushing my manhood deep into your face as you sucked and licked my shaft until I could hold it no longer.

Hungrily, you sucked and swallowed as my seed rushed into your throat and I held myself inside you as long as I could, letting you lap and lick and swallow me until I was completely satiated and we both collapsed on top of the sheets, pulling each other close into the spoons position so that I could feel your arse cheeks against my softening member.

"That was fantastic," I whispered into your ear as I pulled your hair to one side.

"Give me a few moments," you whispered back with a giggle, "I'm not finished yet..."

And with that I woke up, Angela, this morning, craving to see you once again and realising that today is Valentine's Day.

I think I'm falling in love with you – I can't wait to see you again.

With love and lust


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