tagGay MaleThe Love of Leander Ch. 04

The Love of Leander Ch. 04


Lion quite enjoyed his free lessons with the Drama Club - mostly because it involved time with Trevor. There was something about the quiet boy that made Lion's stomach tighten with joy. He walked into the hall to find the group sitting around a table.

"Hey Leander." Nathan smiled. Lion greeted them with nods and sat in a free chair by Trevor. " We're playing truth or dare."

Alright. Hit me up with a truth." Lion leant back and waited. The group glanced between themselves, they all wanted to ask about his relationship with Spider.

"So" Nick beamed, "You banging Jason?"

"No!" Lion laughed. "I am not." The group murmured their disbeliefs and carried on with the game. It was typical teenage stuff, who likes who, who'd you sleep with and the like. It was fun but Lion noticed that Trevor never got asked anything remotely sexual. He pondered it over and decided he'd ask him about it at another time. When it came to Lion's next turn he spoke up. "Is this going to be about Jason and me?" The group laughed, "I'll take a dare then, then you don't get any gossip out of me."

"We dare you to kiss Trevor." Nick grinned at his black haired friend. "A proper one, full tongues and everything." Trevor flushed and shook his head furiously sending his hair flying about. Lion beckoned him with a finger and leant in to kiss him. Their lips met and then their tongues touched softly. Lion wondered what Trevor was thinking as he gently stroked his tongue with his own. "Whoa okay guys!" Nick interrupted them. Trevor blushed more and Lion smiled at him still wondering what was running through the other's head.

"You're our friend now Leander," Nathan said snapping him out of his thoughts. " Tell us what the deal is with you and Jason." Lion laughed and ran his hand through his long blonde hair. " Go on."

"Why are you so interested?" Lion grinned.

"Well, lets be honest," Nick, said, "You two were so close and now you barely talk. That doesn't normally happen with best friends."

"I was with Spider for the last few years, on and off." Lion admitted. "But he couldn't commit."

"Is that why Frank's such a bastard to him?" Nick asked.

"Frank's just a bastard anyway." Lion laughed.

"Dude!" Nick grinned. "You're like his head henchman though aren't you?"

"Ack no. No idea why I've got that label. Didn't think I was that much of a bully." He glanced at the hidden bruises on Trevor's face.

"That's the thing though." Trevor said, until now he had been silent. "You're nice and with your looks you'd be popular anyway. If you weren't so feared you could have some real friends, like us."

"Yeah..." Lion brushed a stay lock of Trevor's hair away without realising. "But I have you now. It just took me a little longer to find you all." A vibration came from his pocket and he fiddled with his phone and read a message. "Right guys I'm wanted. Catch you later." He stood and headed out of the room.

"He should abandon them." Nathan grumbled. "He's rather fun."

"Yeah, but if he wasn't trying to get into Trevor's pants he wouldn't be here." Nick said bluntly. "Hey!" Trevor laughed.

"Dude, don't you dare deny it!" Nick shoved him playfully. " Damn, that kiss was almost x rated!" Trevor blushed and shrugged. "God he's so into you." Trevor did his best to gloss over it but he was as excited as the others over Lion's attention.


Lion knocked on Trevor's front door and was let in by his mother. He's taken up escorting the pretty one to school just to keep Frank off his case. This and the regular appearances at the drama hall flustered Trevor no end, but he rather liked it.

"What's the plan for today?" Mr Cole asked.

"Ice hockey matches for most of the day." Lion told him.

"Oh I love ice hockey!" Mr Cole beamed. "Wish I could come."

"You can if you want. It's open to all parents and since mine aren't here you can have their invite." Lion offered.

"That's great." Mr Cole smiled. "We'll come watch and you may as well stay here if you're alone again." Lion thanked him and Trevor came down the stairs with a mental grumble, remembering what happened last time Lion stayed. He'd invaded his bed. They walked out to school. Trevor was his usual quiet self, but it was no longer an awkward silence, he was happy in the company of the other.

"Good luck with the hockey." He smiled at him.

"Thanks." Lion grinned. "Should be fun. Can get a bit of frustration out on Frank." Trevor laughed, that sounded good. As they got to the gates Lion gently took Trevor's index finger in his hand. "Catch you later yeah?" Trevor nodded and smiled.


"Where's Leander today?" Miss Staff asked so used to having the pretty one around she thought of him as one of her own students.

"Hockey match starts soon." Trevor told her.

"Are you not going?" She questioned.

"Um..." Trevor stammered.

"You know, support him?" She smiled, as if by a summoning Nile and Spider appeared at the door.

"We've been sent to pester you to come watch the hockey match." Nile grinned. "Bonus -- Frank might get punched." They all walked along to the rink, chatting amongst themselves. When they got there they found Trevor's parents and went to stand with them.

Lion was on the ice; he saw his friends and Trevor's parents and skated over to them with a smile. He talked to them until the whistle went; he pulled on his helmet and stood head to head with Frank.

"Let's rock Autori." Frank growled. They played on, Frank was known to be a dirty player and Lion was known to have a very short fuse. It would only be a matter of time before the two giants came to blows. Frank very obviously tripped one of Lion's teammates and soon found himself face to face with him the crowd went wild. He spied Trevor and his family out of the corner of his eye and took a step away, the crowd booed, wanting a fight. Frank momentarily looked confused but soon spotted Trevor and his parents. "Oh look, your girlfriend's brought her parents. Wouldn't want to look like a thug in front of them huh?" Frank hissed.

"Shut it." Lion growled and skated away. Frank realised that he'd hit a raw nerve and grinned to himself. Time to step it up. He was inwardly raging at the fact his once right hand man now wanted to be friends with the hated Trevor. He'd make Lion show his true colours whether he liked it or not. Frank did his best to irritate him and his team, so when a break was called Lion was relieved and went over to his friends.

"Doing well" Nile grinned, "Frank giving you trouble?"

"Yeah, loads." Lion frowned. He begrudgingly slid back over, trying to avoid Frank's eyes. It didn't take Frank long to once again take down one of Lion's teammates. The crowd soared as for the second time Lion and Frank faced off, this time the helmets were off.

"So." Frank spat. "When Trevor sucks you off -- do you think of Spider?" Lion blinked and then punched Frank hard in jaw. The crowd roared as the two exchanged blows. Officials raced on and separated the two, sending them to their penalty boxes. Lion picked up his helmet and Trevor saw him smile to himself -- despite a few good punches. After their time out the two returned to the game, there were a few more scrabbles through out the games but it ended peacefully. Lion's team won and Mr Walter was giving a speech before he handed the trophy out. Frank looked to see a very happy Trevor in the crowd and felt bile rising. "He looks so proud." He jeered. "He might let you take him up the ass for this." Once again the crowd was delighted as Lion leapt at Frank. Some of Frank's team went to help and before anyone knew the crowd was fighting between themselves. The parents were all hustled out by staff as they tried to calm the situation.

"Wow. Tensions were high in that game huh?" Nile stood with Trevor and his parents. " There's someone missing." He pointed out.

"Nick!" Trevor looked back into the mass of fighting bodies.

"On it." Spider delved back in to find him. He was making his way out when Spider saw one of Frank's henchmen going after him, he sped up and grabbed Nick around his waist and dragged him in front of him to get him out safely. Nick looked pretty shocked and thanked Spider for the assistance. "No problems Nick." Spider smiled. Lion walked over to them, nose bleeding and eye bruising. "Okay?"

"Yeah." Lion nodded, wiping blood away from his nose. "Frank wound me up no end. Now I look like a thug." Mr Cole walked over to him. "I'm really not."

"I know." He smiled. "Anyway, it's not a hockey match without a few fights -- and from the sounds of it that Frank is a bit of a trouble maker."


"Think you'll be sore long?" Trevor asked.

"Nah, a good nights rest will shift it. I just hope Frank feels as rough as I do." Lion rubbed his sore ribs. "I think our friendship might just be over."

"Yeah?" Trevor raised an eyebrow.

" I think so -- we always fight at hockey but he wound me up just to get a fight out of me." Lion sat on the camp bed and Trevor sat next to him.

"You can have my bed tonight -- since you're all sore." Trevor offered.

"Angel, I'd have it anyway." Lion slid a hand onto Trevor's face. Trevor laughed and pushed him away softly telling him he'd be fine with the camp bed. Leander yawned and stretched -- the hockey matches had taken it out of him. He discarded his clothes in a pile and snuggled into Trevor's bed. Trevor smiled to himself and left his clothes by the bed. He went to turn the light off and headed back with the intention of sleeping in the camp bed -- but Leander grabbed him and pulled him under the covers. Trevor wrestled for a bit - protesting but Leander soon had him cuddled in his arms. Trevor grunted and finally settled on Lion's chest.

"I bet the girls at school would kill to have you like this." Trevor mentioned quietly into the dark.

"Ha yeah." Leander laughed softly, hand tracing Trevor's back slowly. Having Trevor this close made Lion's intentions of sleep vanish. He pondered over kissing him again, Trevor was great to kiss, soft and tender. Gently with the hand that wasn't stroking his back he began to guide Trevor's face to his, lips seeking out the full soft pair. They met gently, Trevor tensed and Lion nudged them open with his tongue and slid it inside. Their kisses were passionate and hot Lion wondered if the darkness helped Trevor stop being so shy. His hand roamed down to the curve of Trevor's ass and he squeezed it softly he knew full well he'd have to stop kissing him soon or he'd just want to come and that was a bit much for Trevor to handle, he thought. He pulled his lips away and held Trevor close to him. Trevor mumbled happily and sleepily and soon enough they were asleep.


Lion plodded on across the yard. He saw Spider ahead and felt his stomach flutter. He was still into the braided boy but it was getting less by the day. "Hey Spi." He beamed. "What's going on?"

"God knows. Frank was in one of his moods. I think he's pissed at you for spending so much time with Trevor." Spider chewed a nail.

"Yeah?" Lion rolled his eyes. "Where's Nile at?"

"A detention. He said at least in a lunchtime detention he doesn't have to worry about Frank and his moods. Why?"

"And the Boss?" Lion referred to Frank and ignored Spider.

" Dunno. He stormed off just after I text you. Why?" Spider now scowled.

"C'mon." Lion dragged him towards the drama hall. Spider started to complain. "Oh hush."

"I'm not going in there!" Spider squirmed. "They wont want me in there!" He halted.

"Frank's bad news." Lion stated. "These guys rock. Trust me." Lion tugged him in. "I am back!" he announced.

"Hey Leander, oh, hi Jason." Nick smiled. Spider was uncomfortable being in the room. He was sure by being associated with the dreaded Frank that these guys would instantly hate him and have him down as just another bully, which was far from the truth. In fact he was probably the softest out of the group. He noticed just how stunning Trevor was with his high cheekbones and big dark eyes, a bit more confidence and he'd be a challenge for anyone.

"Hi." Trevor smiled at Lion. Spider was sure the two were together. The group laughed and joked and soon enough Spider felt at ease with them all, to his delight he found they didn't have him written off as a thug and that they were actually nice people. They discussed the game of truth or dare from other week and Nick waved a hand.

"My heart couldn't take another kiss." He laughed. Trevor blushed and Spider felt sick to his stomach and was thankful for Frank's phone call.

"No, no. I can come. Lion?" Spider glanced over at Leander who waved his hands. "No he's not with me Boss." He disconnected and frowned at Lion. "He's getting suspicious, you don't want to make him mad. It'll be bad for us all." Spider said his goodbyes and left.

"Trouble in paradise huh?" Nick teased.

"Heh." Lion smiled softly. "I wish Frank didn't have such a hold on him." Trevor said nothing but just played with his hair. "Ah well, he'll learn."


"Where is he?" Frank growled when he saw Spider appear.

"Dunno." Spider shrugged and began to worry at his nails again.

" I'm sick of him not being here." Frank fumed. " He's always with that fag Trevor." Frank had plans though. He was going to get that fag Trevor once and for all.


Lion was on the drama hall floor trying in vain to fix the stage together. Normally he'd be with Frank, but he couldn't be bothered. In fact he had spent very little time with Frank since he brought Spider into the drama hall a week ago and what little time they had spent together had been tense and uncomfortable for all involved. Miss Staff, Trevor's drama tutor, was sitting with Trevor and Nick. She, like most of the other teachers, liked Trevor. He was polite and clever. It was a shame he was such a target for bullies like Frank. She'd also seen a new side to Leander. She'd always thought that he was a thug but was please to discover he was a rather nice young man. His being in the drama hall had given the group a confidence boost, which was good for them all.

"Nice boy Leander." She mentioned. "Yeah. He's swell." Nick smiled. Trevor nodded. He didn't talk much.

"More boys like him should come here." Miss Staff mused then excused herself to go get some lunch. Lion stood and walked over, brushing a finger over Trevor's brow.

"Not hiding anything new?" Lion asked. He'd been sickened to find that Frank had continued to beat up Trevor, threatening worse if he didn't hide it. Lion had seen it by chance when Trevor took off make up from a rehearsal and a black bruise was revealed. Lion had confronted Frank and they'd had a bit of an argument that resulted in Frank promising to leave him alone. It seemed to have worked. Trevor shook his head and smiled. "Good." Nick stood and went to the closet. He brought out two guitars and sat back down next to Trevor who looked outraged and handed him one.

"Rehearsal." Nick told him. Trevor frowned more. "What?"

"I can't." Trevor tilted his head at Lion.

"Aww, don't let me stop you." Lion smiled and stifled a laugh.

"Ack I can't!" Trevor blushed and shook his head.

"I'll leave." Lion stood.

"No, no." Trevor scowled. "Fine. Let's play." The two played and Lion was amazed to head what a nice voice Trevor had, slightly feminine but in perfect tune with the guitars. The rest of the group were sitting with them now. They had no idea that Frank was stood at the door. He was watching how mesmerized Lion was by the pretty boy in front of him. A cough was heard and the music stopped, they turned to see Frank and Spider by the door. Spider's eyes wide with terror. Glancing between Lion and Frank.

"I phoned you." Frank growled.

"So?" Lion raised an eyebrow.

"I expected you to come." Frank narrowed his eyes at Lion who stood. The tension in the air was immense.

"Didn't feel like it." Lion shrugged and folded his arms defiantly.

"Make a decision." Frank snapped and lowered his voice so only Lion and he could hear it. "Come with me now, or be against me." Lion remained still. "Lion?" Miss Staff came back in looking worriedly at Frank and Spider and feeling the tension in the silent room. "What's going on?" She asked.

"Frank was just leaving." Lion said coldly. Frank shook his head in disgust and turned to Spider who wouldn't meet his eyes. He snarled and left, slamming the door behind him. "Okay Spi?" Lion asked.

"Yeah." Spider nodded. "I tried to warn you."

"It's okay." Lion smiled at him.

"What was all that about?" Miss Staff asked, sitting down with her lasagne.

"Just Frank being, well, Frank really." Lion frowned and returned to sit down. They talked with Miss Staff about Frank and Spider just chewed his nails nervously. About half an hour later a puzzled Nile came into the room hesitantly. Spider got up to meet him, glad that he was here.

"Frank's gone mental." Nile frowned.

"What did he say?" Spider asked.

"Something along the lines of 'fags' 'traitors' and 'bastards'." Nile shot a smile at Lion who he had just noticed.

"What did you say?" Lion smiled back.

"I told him to quit his bitching." Nile sat by Trevor and took the guitar. "Nice one, can I have a go."

"Sure." Trevor smiled as Nile began to play.

"Frank's empire is crumbling huh?" Nathan smiled. "About time."

"He might stop being such an arse now." Nick mused.

"Let's hope so eh?" Spider smiled and stood. "I need a smoke. Coming Nile?"

"I think we deserve it." Nile handed Trevor back his guitar. "I guess you're too clean living huh Trevor?"

"That I am Nile." Trevor smiled and watched the two leave the hall.

"Oh what an interesting day!" Nick laughed.

"Indeed!" Trevor nodded. "At least Frank's realised that he's not the boss of everyone now." The rest of the day went pretty well. Spider and Nile spent a good chunk of their free time in the hall and getting to know the drama club. They excused themselves to go to their lessons and the drama club began a play rehearsal. Lion sat at the back of the hall with Miss Staff and watched the rehearsal with her. She noticed how fascinated Lion was with the flawless boy. He never took his eyes off him. She had wondered about seeing if any of the other teachers had noticed it but decided against it. When they were done Trevor walked over.

"Well?" He beamed.

"You were very good." Lion smiled. Trevor obviously pleased at this answer walked back to the others. Miss Staff stood.

"I'm going to make some coffees. Want one?" She then glanced over at Trevor. "You'd make a good couple. You're good for him."

"No I'm okay." Lion declined the drink. "And...thank you." He smiled. The others came over and sat with him. He didn't pay much attention to them as he was musing over Miss Staff's words. He looked at Trevor and for some reason Trevor blushed. Lion watched the blush spread across those high cheekbones and smiled. He shouldn't kid himself any longer. He was in love with Trevor.

** Nick was still surprised to see Leander in the drama hall. His new 'friendship' with Trevor had been a blessing to them all as Frank had cooled off on his hate for them, though Nick still felt slightly uneasy, he was sure Frank was up to no good.

Lion was resting his head on his arms listening to Trevor talk about his new play.

"So what's new?" Nick asked sitting down.

"No idea, haven't been listening." Lion propped his head up with his hands.

"Leander!" Trevor rolled his eyes and then began to explain to Nick. Lion just laughed and went back to stroking Trevor's foot with his own under the table. He watched Nick and Trevor talk between themselves, they were both pretty boys, but Trevor had the edge. They all glanced up as Spider and Nile came in, their very presence made the quiet hall so much nosier. Nile sat with Nathan and fiddled with the guitars, Spider sat on one of the benches and watched as the actors began a bit of rehearsal around the obviously harassed Lion who had decided to try and assemble the stage.

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