tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Luck of the Draw

The Luck of the Draw


Finding The Deck Of Many Things had been a terrifying experience for the group, just as knowing they'd come to a place such as Barovia, a place they weren't sure they could escape from. They'd sought out a room in the castle they had deemed safe and barred the door from the inside. They'd readied a few defenses against whatever may come and hoped to get some rest during the daytime whilst Lord Strahd slept.

Callia watched in anticipation while her friends examined the deck and drew their cards. Electing to only draw one each, she could sense the rogues were sweating bullets as they picked their one card. Shaad had chosen the Comet card and Lorna the Gem card. So fitting for a rogue who loved shiny things to find the card that gave jewelry or gems. Tordrith breathed a sigh of relief as he picked up and turned over the Vizier card.

Callia breathed in a heavy sigh as her turn came next. I'll chance it, she thought.

"I'll draw three," she said confidently. She heard the gasps of her companions and perused the shocked expressions on their faces.

"You tempt Fate," Strykar said, his stony voice imbibing his displeasure.

"I can't change my mind now. What will be will be." Callia replied as she smiled into the hard face of her boon companion. She watched as the deck shuffled and spread itself before her on the table. She drew the first card she laid her eyes upon. It was the Moon card. Callia squealed with joy. Three wishes were now hers, anything she desired would be hers just for the wishing.

A wicked grin crossed Callia's face. "What to wish for," she muttered, knowing she only had a short time to use the wishes.

A thought entered her mind and she leveled a wicked glare upon Shaad.

"I wish for the three diamonds that I found in the Red Knight Temple on Fire Island to be back in my possession," she wished with a wide grin. Her eyes glittered like the stones as all three reappeared in her hand. She quickly stowed them in her backpack, shooting a warning look at both Lorna and Shaad.

Drawing in a deep breath, she began to speak again. "I wish for the death of...."

"No, Callia. I cannot let you do that." Strykar intervened as he grabbed Callia and shook her. "I will not be party to this evil of yours. Wishing for someone's death, no matter what they've done to you, is evil."

"Even if that person is evil?" Callia questioned. "My clan brother, Amakiir, is evil. You have no idea how he used to torture me with his magic."

"This is not the way. Wishing for his death in this manner is cowardly. Can't you see that? Or are you blinded by your own greed? Your own desires? Think, Callia." Strykar replied, as he held her tightly in his grasp.

Callia let out a sob, for she knew Strykar was right. "Callia, my dear, I know your hate for him runs deep, but to give into it only puts you on his level. There are many good things to wish for. Ask your heart's desire."

Callia nodded, knowing Strykar spoke true. Her heart's desire. Callia thought hard on something she'd really want to come to pass. Nathan's love perhaps? No, that would only lead to bitter heartbreak when he grew old and died way before her. Perhaps to be the most feared yet loved and celebrated 'Wrecker' in all of Faerun? That would certainly suit her ego well enough, but no, that she wanted to earn on her own skill and merit. Perhaps she should wish for a weapon to help her achieve that goal.

"I wish for a highly magical vorpal vicious mercurial greatsword to appear in my hand." Callia announced as a wider smile crossed her face. The beautifully crafted weapon appeared in her hand.

She gasped in awe. "Was that better?" She asked Strykar.

He shook his head at her, "Your chaotic nature sometimes gets the better of you, but yes, wishing for something to kill someone with is better than wishing for that someone's death."

"I'm so glad you agree, dear friend."

Callia paced back and forth while she considered her last wish. What did she really want? Ask her heart's desire.....She knew that time was running short on this last wish and if she didn't make it soon, it would be lost to her. She didn't want that to happen, but she didn't want to wish for just anything. It had to be meaningful. Why did Strykar have to stop her while she was wishing for Amakiir's death?

That was something meaningful to her. The paladin had stuck his nose where it didn't belong, but she knew that was what made him who he was and straying from that would cost him everything. She didn't want to be the cause of that.

Callia let out a heavy sigh once more. She didn't know what else to wish for. A thought niggled at her heart. Long had she wished to know who her true father was, but she couldn't ask for that. She couldn't bring him to this accursed place. She couldn't risk losing him after newly finding him.

"What would you wish for, Strykar?" Callia asked, her voluminous blue eyes sparkling with fresh tears. "What would any of you wish for?"

"It is not for us to use your wishes, Callia. They are for you. It is you who drew the card. Therefore, our wishes come secondary."

"Geesh, Strykar, you are far too noble for your own good." Callia retorted as she continued to think. Her heart's desire. Callia whispered her final wish to herself, hoping it would come to pass. "I wish for the love of a truly honorable man that will fill me for the rest of my days."

She smiled and anxiously awaited the day that wish would come to pass.

The deck shuffled itself and she proceeded to draw her second card. Sweat glistened on her brow and she shook as she turned it over, fearing something as terrible as her first card had been wonderful. It was the Throne card, which provided her with a small keep. Where would it stand though? Callia thought hard. Perhaps back in The Moonwood? No, too secluded. Waterdeep, perhaps. No, she could never live in such a large place. She thought over all the places she'd been since she had left home almost a year ago. She smiled once more. "My keep shall be located outside of Shepherdstown. It shall be called Blackhawk Keep." Callia decided proudly.

One more card, she sighed. So far, so good. She reached for her third and final card as the deck reshuffled itself. Sucking in a deep breath, she turned over her final card. The Knight Card. Callia let loose a shout of joyous relief. She had gambled the odds and nothing bad had happened to her. As she danced around in utter triumph of her good fortune, she noticed a deep honey blond haired wild elf dressed in chainmail had appeared before her.

"I have been called to you. I am here to serve you. I am called Chevelle," she said as she knelt before Callia.

Callia's eyes widened as the beautiful female stood up before her. "Where did you come from?" She stammered, in disbelief of her good luck.

"I was plucked like a star from the Astral Plane. I am here to serve and protect you." Chevelle replied.

Callia looked around, noting the frown on Strykar's face. "Then I am truly honored to have you," she replied, as she circled the beautiful wild elf female.

She reached out her hand to touch Chevelle's hair and back as a delightful shiver coursed through her to pool with her loins. Looking back up at her companions, she also noted the look of hunger in Onis's eyes and shot him a nasty look, warning him off.

"She's mine," Callia mouthed at him and shook her head. She touched Chevelle's arm.

"Let's go find somewhere quiet to talk. I'd like to get to know you." Callia grasped Chevelle's hand and lead her into a nearby bedchamber they'd cleared out and barred. Lavishly appointed beds lined the walls. "Let us have a seat and get comfy."

Callia crawled onto one of the canopied beds and sat Indian style. She beckoned Chevelle to do the same. "You said you are from the Astral Plane. How long will you be here?"

"I will be here as long as you have a need of me or until death. If I die here, I will be sent back to the Astral Plane." Chevelle replied, as very little emotion filled her words.

"And then you are gone from me forever? There would be no way for me to bring you back?"


"Not even a wish or a miracle?"

"Not even a wish or a miracle."

"That is awful." Callia quipped, as she eyed the beautiful blond elf. "I'll just have to make sure you don't die."

Chevelle chuckled. "Not even you can hold back to the hands of time, but it is refreshing to know that you would try to save me from death."

"I would do that for any of my friend's. They are all very important to me." Callia said, then changed the subject. "Have you ever been called to serve and protect before?"

"Yes, once before, but it was a long time ago."

"What form did you take then?" Callia asked, curiously.

"I was an elf then, too. Not a wild elf as I am now, but a high elf...what you would call a moon elf. The one I served was a wizard. She was quite haughty and very work minded. I served her for many years and became a valued companion. We were there during the fall of Myth Drannor. She came upon a foe too powerful for either of us to handle. I was banished back to the Astral Plane and she was disintegrated." Chevelle recalled as a grimace crossed her face.

"I'm sorry to hear that." Callia replied, as she recalled her own deaths and reached out for Chevelle's hand. "You've been to Myth Drannor, huh? That must've been quite a place. I have only heard tales of it. I have heard stories of the treasure within its great halls and of terrible monsters."

Chevelle looked past Callia's cryptic words and peered deep into her soulful eyes. "You speak as one who has experienced much," she said, feeling the pain Callia felt from her past death's as she gripped Callia's hand.

"Yes, I have, but things are looking up." Callia replied, bestowing upon Chevelle a glorious smile that radiated her happiness. "I have you now. I also my wonderful companion Strykar and how can I forget the equally wonderful group I adventure with. I know you will fit in with the rest of us."

"I'm sure I will. How many are there?"

"Let's see. There is Onis, a moon elf wizard. I think he developed a crush on you upon first sight of you. There is Shaad and Lorna, our halfling rogues. There is Squib, a forest gnome ranger, and Tordrith, a half orc cleric of Uthgar. He may look scary and fearsome, but he has earned much respect in my eyes. He will do anything to help a friend. There is also Barack, our dwarven fighter. Lastly there is Strykar, my boon companion. He is a human paladin. He is quite stern and forthright and honorable, but his friendship has been quite a gift. Despite our differences, I love him very much. He keeps me from getting into too much trouble and I keep him from being too serious and grim. Altogether there are eight of us. Nine if I count you."

"Eight companions, you say." Chevelle nodded, "I have never been with such a large group. During my time in Myth Drannor with my former companion, there were other elves around, but I kept to myself quite a bit. Lydra liked to remain in her lab, concocting magical potions and items. There was, however, an elven bard who dwelled in Myth Drannor that I liked to pass the day with. He had a voice that angels would be envious of. I rather enjoyed listening to him. Ah, but that was another lifetime ago and this is now. You know about me. Now tell me about you."

Chevelle responded to Callia's smile and scooted closer to her. Callia summed up her life so far by telling her about her clan, her brothers and some of what the group she adventured with had seen and done. She sighed dreamily as she told her about Nathan and how she hoped to meet up with him again.

Chevelle rose to her knees and knelt before Callia. "You are a beautiful woman, Callia. He would be a fool not to desire you. I desire to take his place in your bed, to hold you in my arms as he would, if you would so desire me?" she offered, her voice low and sensuous.

A wave of lust washed over Callia, flooding her senses. "As beautiful as you are, Chevelle, how could I not desire you? I must admit that I have never been with a woman before, but the very moment I set my eyes on you, I wanted you. I only hoped you'd feel the same."

"Then this shall be a first for both of us," Chevelle replied as she threaded her fingers through Callia's hair.

Callia pulled herself to her knees and wrapped her arms around Chevelle. Metal clanked against metal as their armor touched and their bodies meshed in embrace. "You were never with the wizard you served?" Callia asked as she peered deep into Chevelle's icy blue eyes.

"No, never. She was not like that. She was never ruled by physical desires, only the desire for power. In all the time I traveled with her, she only took a lover a few times. Sharing her passions with another wasn't important to her."

"I know people like that. Strykar is one of them. His passion lies in destroying evil. I would stay in bed all the time and share my passions endlessly if I could," Callia admitted as she drew Chevelle's lips to hers.

"I know. I could tell when I first met you. You ooze sensuality and sex from every pore of your body. I am lucky to have been the one called to you."

Electricity crackled between them as they gave into their heady kiss. Callia had never experienced anything so intense...not even with Nathan. Heat flooded Callia's veins, pooling between her thighs. She moaned, parting her lips even more, allowing Chevelle's seeking tongue even greater access. She felt herself grow even wetter as her arousal increased.

"I want you naked," Callia purred against Chevelle's lush lips. Impatiently, she began to remove Chevelle's armor, dropping piece by piece of the chainmail to the floor. Beneath the armor, Chevelle wore silk and skin tight breeches that emphasized her lush curves. She peeled both off quickly, taking pains not to rip them from Chevelle's body. She didn't want to appear too hasty.

Callia licked her lips as her eyes feasted upon Chevelle's perfectly rounded breasts. She loosed a husky moan. "You are even more beautiful in the flesh," she whispered, and sent a silent prayer of thanks to the fates for gifting her with such beauty. She pressed Chevelle's body down to the mattress and arose, removing her own armor and silks.

Chevelle rose to her elbow, drinking in Callia's naked form. Her eyes twinkled and she smiled in admiration. "You are quite beautiful as well. I am truly lucky to have been sent to you. Now come to me. Let me taste your luscious body. I hunger for you."

Callia moaned and rejoined Chevelle on the bed. Soft as the downiest fur yet as hard and potent as steel came the want between them, materializing and coming to full heady life. They entwined their bodies, hands seeking the other's body and lips seeking lips, as they gave into their deepest, most intimate desires.

Breaking off their steamy kiss, Callia took control. She nipped at Chevelle's ear, eliciting soft moans from her parted lips. Moving lower, she nipped and suckled her neck, leaving behind a mark to show she had been there. Lower yet she moved. She flicked her tongue across one dusky pink nipple while caressing the other. She nipped, licked, and suckled each taut nipple, feeling Chevelle writhe beneath her.

Callia's name slipped from Chevelle's parted lips with a husky moan. A squeal of delight followed as Callia's hand parted her thighs and dipped into the cleft of her wet, aching snatch.

"Like that, honey?" Callia purred against Chevelle's hardened peaks.

Her body bucked, giving into the sweet torment of her lover's seeking hand. Another loud moan escaped her lips as wetness coursed and flowed from her willing flesh.

"Yes....yessssss," Chevelle panted, her fingers entangling within Callia's silken strawberry blonde mane. "Please, Callia....more....please."

A soft chuckle escaped Callia's lips as a perverse sensation took hold of her. She strummed a sensual beat on Chevelle's swollen clit. She stroked her, caressing softly while feasting on the lushness of her soft breasts. Callia kissed her way down Chevelle's body, stopping to flick her pick tongue in and out of her navel, teasing her unmercifully. It was a tender prelude of what was to come. Chevelle bucked and groaned even louder. "Touch me, please. I want to feel you."

Sliding all the way down, feeling the erotic friction that sparked between their bodies, she eyed her new lover's snatch, smooth and hairless as all elves were. She sniffed, inhaling the heady scent of desire. Chevelle was wet, her moist pouty lips begging for something more. Callia nuzzled her thighs, parted her nether lips and lapped at her, beginning her erotic assault. Her fingers stroked the swollen nub that was Chevelle's clit before dipping lower, teasing her. She dipped lower still, nipping the clit, running her tongue up and down the length of Chevelle's heated flesh. She lapped at her slit, teasing and poking her tongue within. Then she moved back to the clit and plunged three of her fingers into Chevelle's juice slicked pussy. Stroking her, she pumped her hand in and out, feeling her inner folds and centering upon a raised mass of nerves located on one of the inner walls. Callia strummed and flicked while sucking and licking.

Chevelle's breath came in harsh pants as she cooed and moaned, begging for more. Calling upon her own instincts to please her new lover, Callia used the knowledge of what she liked to please Chevelle. By Chevelle's own moans, Callia knew she was indeed doing something right. Chevelle's flesh quivered as Callia focused on the little spots that made her jolt and moan. She bucked her hips wildly as her body blossomed, rupturing in ecstasy. She squealed and left out a lustful scream. Wetness flooded from deep within her as Callia pushed her tongue deep into Chevelle's erupting snatch. She felt the wetness coating her lips and face and lapped the sweetly pungent juices up greedily, eliciting more cries from Chevelle.

"Mmmm...," Callia purred against her hot snatch before she attacked her again, bringing Chevelle to another intense orgasm that filled her senses with utter pleasure and sated her body's longings. She shook, quaking in response to the blissfulness she'd just experienced, and moaned even louder as the sensations ceased to invade every inch of her.

"Callia....oh, Callia....that was ever so amazing. You are truly gifted. I never knew it could feel like that. I never knew it could feel so good."

Callia licked her own lips, still tasting Chevelle's juices. She exulted in the praises of her passionate lover. "I aim to please," she quipped as she nuzzled Chevelle in her arms.

"Rest, my sweet, for this has not even begun to become pleasurable." The two lovers cuddled together, kissing and whispering soft endearments before sleep washed over them, claiming them both in its sublime caress.

It wasn't until much later that Callia heard a soft knock on the door. She looked up as Onis poked his head into the room.

"Callia!" he exclaimed and shut the door behind him. He shook his head. "Strykar and I both figured I'd find you like this. Must you pervert and sleep with everyone you meet?"

"No, not everyone. I haven't slept with Strykar. Why? Are you jealous that you didn't get to sample her sweet charms first?"

"No!" he sputtered, annoyed at her suggestion.

"Well, dear Onis, if she is interested in you, she'll make her move. She's quite bold and so talented," Callia purred. "Perhaps if you are a good boy, we'll allow you to join us sometime."

"That I'd be a fool to turn down," he chuckled, as he leaned against the door. He took a deep breath and tried to adjust without Callia noticing.

"What brings you in here?" Callia asked as she stretched and gave Onis a view of her naked body.

"We were going to check out some of the other rooms on this floor. You know we are here to find a way to get back to Faerun." Onis replied, shifting uncomfortably.

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