The Luck of the Draw


"More...." she demanded.

Strykar immediately responded with a harder, deeper battering thrust. Callia moaned, urging him on. "Yessssss......"

She met him thrust for thrust, gripping him as tightly as she could from within, milking him as he hammered her pleasure spot. Wildly, she scratched her nails down his back, bringing to his lips a hiss of pleasure/pain. Nipping her ear, he gave her a harder and deeper thrust.

Callia cried out loudly as the flood gates within her burst and soaked him with her female juices. Her moans and squeals of pleasure continued as he thrust as deeply as he could, as fiercely as he could, battering her unmercifully, until the pressure within his balls became too great to hold back. Loosing his own feral scream, he felt his balls rupture, spewing his own cum into Callia's juice soaked pussy.

Pumping rapidly, he strained and grunted as he enjoyed the last vestiges of his release.

"Callia, my love," he moaned as he collapsed upon her. Resting his head within the sweat soaked valley of her breasts, he gasped for breath. Softly she touched him, stroking is hair and back. A glow covered her features. Strykar noticed it as he rose above her. "You are so beautiful. I hope I did not hurt you with my exuberance. It has been many a year since I last enjoyed the comforts of a woman."

Strykar slid to her side, removing his weight from her.

"No, you did not hurt me. You were magnificent, my love." Callia smiled, as her eyes fluttered shut.

A peaceful, dreamless sleep claimed her. Callia snuggled against Strykar, contented with his closeness. She didn't dare think of the future. Nothing was for certain at this point of their lives. Yet she had her good fortune to thank from the luck of the draw. It had brought her wealth, happiness, the love of Strykar and the friendship of Chevelle. What more could she ask for? (Except for a safe way out of Barovia??)

The End

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