The Lunch


It was a Friday, and as usual I was waiting for my lover to meet me for lunch. This has been our routine for some weeks after the first time we met at the corridors of this restaurant. This place has all the features for a couple to sit down, talk, have good food and it even has some dark corridors for a "quickie". As usual I am early. I am an early bird and that is why my beloved calls me Sparrow. I like that very call..." lovely Sparrow". And today I am horny as a bitch and it's been a tough morning for me; I hardly could contain my feelings for him and do my task at the office. And now, I am waiting anxiously for him. "Come on honey, where are you?" My eyes were wandering over the cars which came through the parking lot.

I saw his black sedan just being parked over the green arch. My eyes searched for him. And finally, there is my lovely lover wearing his grey shirt and dark trousers, walking towards me.

"Am I late my Sparrow?" What a pleasure to hear that manly voice.

"No baby, I came 10 minutes early.But no worries since you know, for you, I can wait for years". I liked to say such things since he is a romantic demon and always comes up with such lovely theatrical statements.

"Oh my love, you are mine and I'll be yours till I die; be mine always and ever". His favorite dialogue.

Even though he uses this quiet often, I love to hear it more since it gives a compassion and belonging. Yes, I belong to him. I yearn for him. I have him in every breath I take, in every emotion and every passing feeling.

"Aren't you hungry? ", I said playfully.

"Yes, honey, I am, but I am twice as hungry – for you", he chuckled.

"So, shall we?" I took his hand and we both went to a dark corner so that we would have maximum privacy from others.

We just had about an hour for lunch. He was late because he's busy with a client. We sat, he ate, I just had tea because I ate earlier because I knew he would be tardy. Anyway, we chatted, I sat next to him close to his body because I didn't want to be too far from him. I caressed his leg while he ate and we chatted. About family, cars, work, movies, music etc. Just like me, he was a Led Zeppelin fan. If he is in good mood, he always sings "Thank You". He knows that is my favorite Led Zeppelin song.

Time went fast and we proceeded to my car to say goodbye. We sat in the car, at the parking lot, not exposed to the public, to chat and say our good byes. But really, I couldn't keep my hands off of him and I wanted to kiss him. So we made out. I was ravenous with lust for this man. I wanted so much more than the time had allowed. I was worried about the time we had on hand, not much but precious time. I wanted to do a lot of things with him, but I knew time won't permit such luxuries.

I was getting him horny just the way I was kissing him. Deep,long and wet. Sucking his tongue to taste all of him. He couldn't keep his hands off of me, always reaching for my crotch. And I opened his zipper and slid my hand inside. His cock was already erect inside his underwear. I started to rub on that bulge with my fingers. And it slowly started to arouse more.

"Honey, I want to taste your juice". He was panting while he said so.

"Baby, you will be late", I was concerned, and tried to push him away. Because I knew if he went there I would drop into the depths of my own insanity of lust. He would not let me go without feeling my deep inside. He wanted to feel the pulse of my heart. I did not have the strength to tell him no, because deep down inside, I wanted to feel his hand between my legs. I wanted him to make me cum, because I desired him so much. I wanted him to lick me clean and I wanted to swallow his thick white fluid. I loved it and its' taste.

"Honey, lets do it quickly" he wanted it badly and he reassured me. I know my man, and I know him pretty well.

He then slowly unzipped my trousers, slid his hand inside my panties. I was already a bit wet due to my own arousal by feeling his bulge.

He slowly inserted his finger inside my wet pussy and started to rub my clit. I sky rocketed into seventh heaven and started to shiver. I felt I'm melting.

"Aahh it it fast" I wanted to scream, but just whispered.

Meanwhile I started to stroke him faster. His manhood was so hot and hard. I felt the hot rod like a gear shaft in my hand. And I was driving him.

He made me scream into his ear, wanting more, begging him to stop. He knew what I wanted.He wanted the same too.He wanted to hear my pleasure, he wanted to give me pleasure.

And he did. I came faster than him and my pantie was soaked with the juices. He bent down and pulled my panties down and started licking my leaking pussy.

"Aaaww...honey, do it, lick it clean..Pleaseeeeeee" I was struggling for breath.

He licked it clean and I wanted more. But instead, all I wanted to do was to taste him. I was ready to take his belt buckle apart but he said "no" and I obeyed. I bent down and took his hard cock and started sucking it. It had already swollen and I knew it is going to spurt soon. He was moaning softly.

"I'm going to shoot sweetie......." He whispered.....and he did.

He shot a whole mouthful for me. And some spurts on my face and chin. Thanks, no marks on my shirt. I swallowed his cum and it tasted good. We both were exhausted but knowing we need to go back to work, we slowly started to zip back our trousers and clean up the mess.

He had to leave for an appointment. I had to go too. I was already late for work. So he finally left and I cleaned myself up and left. But there I was again,in the same state of being overly horny.I was writhing in the car. My insides were screaming. I had to take care of myself before I got back to work.So I pursued in masturbating while driving back to work. I had to release the fire within me so I could function the rest of the day. I was able to feel somewhat relieved. But as usual his hand in me, sets me on fire and I can't put it out. I want more, I feel more. It burns deeper and brighter every time I think of him. I revisit in my mind what he tastes like, feels like, smells like and it puts more fuel to my fire. Burning with pain. And I can't make it go away. He's on my mind all day and all night.

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