tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Lust Boat Ch. 17

The Lust Boat Ch. 17


Chapter 17. Lacey discovers Eva's fate, receives an enema and a humiliating orgasm.

Lacey didn't recognize Eva the next time she saw her, several weeks later. The ship had picked up a crowd of about thirty new passengers in its last port, twenty slaves and ten owners. Their pleasure jaunt was to kick off with a party in the big playroom, and Mistress Angie was fond of parties. She dressed in her favorite black leather and brought her slave to the festivities.

Lacey followed Angie apprehensively. She was wearing nothing but high heels, and she didn't like being naked in a crowd even if many of the other slaves were also naked.

She tried not to look at what was going on around her. Some attendees were engaged in typical, innocuous party activities, like chatting and eating, but there was an awful lot of sex going on, too. Lacey tried to be invisible, avoiding eye contact. She stayed close behind Angie, afraid to stray too far from the dubious protection of her mistress's presence.

Angie led her to the far side of the room, where a knot of people were gathered around what appeared to be a sex doll. It was shaped like a woman with unnaturally smooth skin and painted-on facial features. Orifices gaped obscenely, and the doll's body had been strapped into a position that allowed access to all of them. Lacey avoided looking too hard at the sordid object.

"I'm afraid your little friend Eva did not withstand the sensory deprivation punishment very well," Angie said.

*What?* Lacey was confused by the apparent non-sequitor.

"Yes, she came out... broken. Not able to fulfill her duties as Debbie's slave. It happens sometimes," Angie said casually.

One of the men standing near them took out his cock, stroking it to hardness. Although his eyes were on the doll, not on Lacey, she watched him warily. She was sad to hear about Eva, but she still didn't understand why her mistress was telling her all this now. Mistress Angie did not make idle conversation with her slave.

"Debbie decided to get some use out of her, at least, though I don't expect she'll last long. They usually give up on living within a few months," Mistress Angie continued. "Good thing she doesn't have anyone to miss her back home."

The man thrust into the doll's waiting asshole. Lacey was shocked to hear an eerie atonal sound from the doll's round pink mouth. She looked closer. Surely, that flowing dark hair was familiar? And... past the plasticky ring of the opening, she saw the glisten of mucous membrane in the mouth. Her perception shifted sickeningly.

"Oh, my god!" Lacey was shocked into incautious speech. "There's a person in there? She's in there?" Though she hoped for contradiction, she knew it was true.

"Yes," Angie said. "She can't see anything through that mask, and she's got noise-cancelling earplugs. She's even wearing something like a wetsuit to deaden her skin's sensitivity to touch."

Lacey could see that now, and the rigid rings that held Eva's orifices expectantly open. She swallowed hard. What must it be like, to know nothing but the blind, deaf anticipation of violation?

The man was thrusting faster now, grunting as he satisfied himself with Eva's defenseless ass. Lacey couldn't look away.

Angie was still talking. "When she's not being used, Debbie keeps her alone in her room with the lights out. Rehabilitating her would be a lot more effort than training a fresh slave. And she makes a good example of the consequences of disobedience, doesn't she? All the slaves here tonight will be given a nice, close-up look at one of the more extreme outcomes of defiance."

With a groan, the man came inside Eva's ass. He pulled out, tucked himself away, and walked off without even looking at her again. Angie picked up a thick vibrating dildo from the shelves of toys along the wall. Grabbing Lacey by the hand, she dragged her over to stand with her between Eva's strapped-open legs.

The vibrator hummed powerfully when Angie switched it on. She took Lacey's reluctant hand and wrapped it around the toy, her own hand clamping on top of Lacey's. Lacey could feel the vibrations all the way up her arm. She knew what Angie wanted, and she knew she was too much of a coward to fight it.

Lacey allowed her mistress to guide her hand. Slowly, they pressed the big vibrating dildo into Eva's open cunt. Lacey tried to shut out the inhuman noises Eva was making. The toy slid easily into the warm, wet depths. Angie only released her hand when the base of the toy met the ring stretching Eva's cunt open.

Lacey wiped her hand on her thigh in revulsion. Angie gave the dildo a twist, engaging the base of the toy with a groove on the ring and locking its thick, throbbing length inside Eva's cunt. Angie turned back towards the party. "Someone will take it out eventually," she said dismissively.

"That's just sick," Lacey said.

Angie gave her a hard look. Lacey swallowed carefully and dropped her eyes, afraid she might have gone too far. Angie took pity on her. "I agree," she said. "It's a terrible waste, and not nearly as fun as playing with someone who still has the full range of human reactions. Like you, for instance, my little slutslave."

Lacey flushed. She hated being called "slutslave" almost as much as she hated "fucktoy."

"I love making you do things that horrify you, and it's just delightful when you end up enjoying it, too. Now, what shall I do with you tonight?" Angie's eyes sparkled as she surveyed the room. "They've set up so many options."

Lacey followed Angie's gaze around the room. Whoever had planned the party had put food, drink, and various couches and chairs in the center of the large room. Around the edges were various stations, like the one they stood in front of featuring the living doll. A scream drew Lacey's attention to a man branding another man's ass with a hot iron, surrounded by a small group of appreciative onlookers. Several slings hung from the ceiling a small distance away, one of them occupied by a man whose mistress was vigorously fucking his ass with a strap-on. Another area featured electrical implements of all descriptions, which were being used on a pair of flinching, shrieking women.

Angie's eyes settled on one of the corners, where there was a tiled area with a sink and a toilet. The floor sloped down to a central drain so that the whole area and anyone in it could be hosed down. "Would you like it if I gave you an enema in front of all these people, little slave?"

Angie seemed to be waiting for an actual answer. "No, mistress," Lacey said.

"Why not?"

Lacey felt humiliated at the very thought of people seeing her subjected to such a shameful procedure. It was worse, somehow, than the thought of people watching Angie fuck her. Besides, by now hundreds of people had seen that. "It's dirty, mistress," she mumbled.

"You're dirty, slut. There's no use trying to hide it. Didn't you clean yourself out with an enema today like you were supposed to?"

"Yes, mistress, of course I did," Lacey said quickly. It was part of her required regimen to keep her ass available for her mistress's pleasure. "So there's no need for another, please!"

"Your objections have decided me; it's worth doing just to see you squirm." Angie placed a proprietary hand on Lacey's lower back and guided her through the room to the tiled area. "Wait here."

Lacey didn't try to get away; there was nowhere to run. Angie returned with an assistant and some equipment. She cuffed Lacey's feet to either end of a short spreader bar, then fastened that to a ring in the floor. Now Lacey couldn't have run if she tried.

Setting a padded bar on a low sawhorse, Angie placed it in front of her slave's hips. "Lean forward over the bar," she commanded.

Lacey hesitated for an instant, searching Angie's face for a hint she might entertain a plea for mercy. Seeing none, she leaned forward. Angie cuffed her wrists and roughly yanked them down to fasten to another floor ring. Lacey was folded over the padded bar with her ass in the air, her breasts dangling.

She couldn't move from this undignified position, strands of her blonde hair in her face, feeling the blood rush to her head, as Angie and the assistant made preparations beyond her limited field of vision. All Lacey could see were her own arms and knees, and the legs of several onlookers who had gathered.

Angie came around behind her and laid a hand on the small of Lacey's back. Lacey stiffened involuntarily. Angie chuckled. Unceremoniously, she spread Lacey's buttocks and slid the lubricated enema nozzle into her anus. Lacey swallowed a sound of surprise.

The nozzle was warm and smooth. Soon, she felt the familiar sensation of warm water entering her rectum. If it hadn't been for the audience, Lacey might not have found it unpleasant.

Angie reached between her slave's legs and stroked her clitoris lightly. Lacey jumped at the unexpected touch, but it was gently pleasurable, almost soothing, distracting her from the water invading her bowels. It was almost over now; she knew from experience how full she felt when the bag was almost empty. Lacey was already anticipating the relief she would feel when the water was released.

Mistress Angie stopped playing with Lacey's clit to press her hand up evaluatively into Lacey's abdomen. "She can take more. Give me another bag."

Lacey turned her head, trying and failing to make eye contact with her mistress. "Please, no. I'm so full already!" Her belly cramped as more liquid forced its way in. She could feel the heavy weight of the water collecting inside, bulging her tummy so it drooped over the bar.

Mistress Angie was relentless, ignoring Lacey's cries of pain and fear, filling her until she was tight as a tick. Lacey hung there, sweating. She stayed perfectly still, breathing shallowly, afraid any movement might trigger painful spasms.

When the flow finally stopped, Lacey was so grateful she almost cried. "Thank you, mistress," she said sincerely. "Oh, god, thank you."

The nozzle was removed, but Lacey almost immediately felt a new pressure against her asshole. "What-- Aahh!" she yelled as a fat, lubricated plug was shoved into her ass. Her muscles rebelled at this latest assault, attempting to push out the plug and all the water without Lacey's conscious volition. But the plug was very wide, and her sphincter had closed tightly around its narrow neck. She could not expell it, no matter how desperately her bowels tried to void themselves.

"Please," she said. "I feel like I'm going to burst."

Mistress Angie chuckled. "Oh, you won't burst. Don't whine." She tapped the base of the plug where it protruded from her slave's ass. The little rippling shock wave made Lacey's cunt clench spasmodically.

Tap. Another wave through Lacey's crotch. She whimpered. Mistress Angie tapped the plug again. She must know the effect she was having on Lacey. She always knew. Lacey gritted her teeth. "Please don't do that," she pleaded.

"What, this?" Tap. "But you're enjoying it so much. I can see your pussy pulsating every time I do it. And your cunt is getting all wet and swollen."

Of course, the pleasure was the reason Lacey wanted her to stop. Violation was less confusing when it didn't feel good. But she couldn't admit that. "Please, I need to-- to go to the bathroom."

Mistress Angie freed Lacey's ankles and wrists, helping her stand slowly. The water in her belly sloshed as she straightened. Glancing down, Lacey saw she looked almost pregnant.

"I know you want to release all that pressure," Mistress Angie said. "But if you touch that plug yourself, I will make you very sorry. And I don't feel like indulging you right now, so feel free to try to convince any of the other masters or mistresses here to take pity on a dirty slut." She walked away to examine the buffet table.

Lacey stared after her mistress for a few seconds. *She's not really going to leave me like this, is she?* But it seemed she was on her own. Her mistress didn't so much as glance in her direction.

Lacey urgently needed to get this plug out. She scanned the crowd to see if she could find a top who wasn't too scary. The nearest mistress had a slave with the word "painslut" freshly tattooed on her mons. Lacey wasn't that desperate yet; she walked past. A master was engrossed in sliding a small glass rod into his slave's urethera. He looked too focussed to interrupt.

As Lacey turned away, she almost collided with a lean auburn-haired woman. "What's this?" the woman asked, "An unescorted slave?"

Lacey ducked her head. "No, ma'am. My mistress, Mistress Angie, she told me to go look for someone to remove the plug in my ass. She gave me an enema, but then she stopped me up with this big plug so I couldn't empty it out, and, please, I really need someone to take it out for me!" She was babbling in her desperation, always dangerous. She took a deep breath and shut up.

"Hmm. Yes, I can see that now." The woman considered Lacey with hazel eyes. "You can call me Mistress Portia." It was a command.

"Yes, Mistress Portia," Lacey said obediently.

"I've always been partial to blondes in distress," Mistress Portia said. She stepped closer. Lacey could feel her body heat against her bare skin. "Though not necessarily to rescuing them," Portia said. She gave Lacey a hard shove.

Lacey landed in a seated position on one of the sofas. The impact with the firm cushions jarred through her, and she cried out in pain and surprise, her ass spasming uselessly around the plug.

Mistress Portia straddled Lacey on the couch, her arms on either side of Lacey's head. Lacey felt trapped, but she also felt a spurt of arousal. Her traitorous body had learned to associate being held down with pleasure.

Portia pulled small, firm breasts over the top of her corset. "Suck, slut." Lacey opened her mouth and sucked in a nipple, feeling it crinkle and harden under her swirling tongue. Portia's breasts were beautiful. Lacey's mouth would have watered for them even if she hadn't been willing to do almost anything to get Portia to release the plug for her.

Portia's crotch was hot against Lacey's belly, even through the thin leather pants she wore. Her hips tilted into Lacey's body, putting uncomfortable pressure on Lacey's abdomen. Lacey squirmed, afraid to stop sucking for even a moment.

To Lacey's great relief, Portia shifted so she was astride one of Lacey's thighs, with one knee between Lacey's legs. Insistent fingers on the back of Lacey's head kept the slave latched on to her nipple.

Portia began to roll her crotch against Lacey's thigh. Her clit was so hard, Lacey could feel it through the butter-thin leather of Portia's pants. Every time she humped herself on Lacey's thigh, the firm cushions of the couch pressed the plug deep into Lacey's ass. The fullness in Lacey's ass was intense, but it was hard to tell herself she hated it when she could feel her pussy lips slipping wetly against each other and against her clit.

Mistress Portia threw her head back, her red-brown hair cascading almost to her waist. "Oh, yeah." She pumped her groin ruthlessly on Lacey's soft, naked thigh. Then she came loudly. Her fingers closed with bruising force on Lacey's shoulder, and her hips jerked violently enough to yank her nipple out of Lacey's mouth.

Lacey watched with something approaching impatience as the beautiful woman came on her. Though her clit twitched in sympathy, she was mostly focussed on her need to release her bowels.

Mistress Portia caught her breath, rearranged her bodice, and climbed off of the slave's lap. Lacey couldn't tell if she had any intention of granting Lacey's request, or if she intended to merely use Lacey and leave her to suffer.

Lacey attempted to get up, and was thwarted by a spasm in her belly that doubled her over. Mistress Portia was moving away. Lacey had to get to her, had to implore her for relief.

She might not be able to stand, but she could crawl. "Mistress Portia," she cried.

Portia turned, raising an eyebrow when she saw Lacey on all fours. "Well, well, what a disgustingly desperate little slut." She walked slowly around the kneeling woman. Pausing behind Lacey, she nudged the base of the butt plug firmly with the toe of her boot.

Lacey rocked forward, moaning, as the plug drilled into her. "Please," she begged shamelessly. "I can't stand it. Please take it out. I let you-- use me-- and I'll do anything else you want. Just, please..."

Portia laughed. "You don't get anything in exchange for letting your betters use you sexually. That's what you're for. And of course you will do whatever you are told." She prodded Lacey's distended belly with the top of her foot, eliciting a groan. Lacey's gut gurgled and churned. "Still," Portia said thoughtfully. "I suppose it does have to be removed. Don't move," she demanded.

Lacey held still. *Is she finally going to take it out?* Smack! Portia's hand connected with the smooth skin of Lacey's buttocks. Lacey yelped. Her ass clenched on the plug.

"Shut up," said Portia calmly. She smacked Lacey again. Lacey could feel the skin growing hot and tight already. She could also feel her pussy heating up in that same embarassing reaction she had experienced when Mistress Angie had spanked her.

Portia smacked her again, and Lacey had a hard time staying silent because part of Portia's hand impacted the plug. Another blow, also hitting the base of the plug. That couldn't be accidental. Lacey gritted her teeth. It was difficult not to tighten her tummy muscles, but every time she did her gut retaliated with cramping spasms.

Portia spanked Lacey thoroughly until her ass felt like it was glowing. She paused and drew her fingers through Lacey's pussy. It was so wet, Lacey could hear it. "You liked that, you slutty little cunt."

"Please," Lacey begged. "Please release me." Even she wasn't sure she was only begging to have the plug removed. The pressure in her clit rivaled the pressure in her ass.

"I'll tell you what," said Portia. "I'm feeling generous. I'll take that plug out of your ass if you can take just five strokes with a crop without crying out."

"Oh, thank you Mistress Portia," Lacey was almost crying with gratitude for the opportunity to be beaten. She held still, presenting her tender buttocks, still stinging from the spanking.

The crop whistled through the air and struck with a cruel bite. "One," Lacey counted. Again, a sharp crack of pain. Lacey's fingers gripped the floor so hard they turned white, but she suppressed any outcry. "Two." The third blow intersected the welts from the first two, intensifying the pain. "Three." She could do this. And then she could have what she needed.

But the fourth stroke did not strike her ass as she had expected. Mistress Portia angled the crop between Lacey's legs with cruel precision to lash the kneeling woman's swollen clitoris and pussy. Lacey screamed at the unexpected agony.

"Oh dear," said Mistress Portia with mock concern. "And you were doing so well. Now we need to start all over again." She waited for Lacey to resume her position. After a long moment, Lacey did so.

Crack. Another blow on Lacey's well-beaten ass. "One." Snap. Lacey hissed in air through clenched teeth as the crop cut across her nipples. "Two." Crack. Lacey had never thought she would be relieved to have her ass whipped, but it was so much better than the alternatives. "Three." She tensed involuntarily. Would it be this one? The crop whistled down on the backs of her thighs. "Four." But now she knew with sick certainty what was coming. She pressed her lips firmly together. The crop came up on her pussy. It was better this time, when she was prepared, but only a little. Tears sprang in her eyes with the effort of keeping quiet. "Five."

She sagged with relief and triumph. Mistress Portia helped her to stand. "Good job, little slut," Portia said. Lacey felt an absurd warmth at the accolade.

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