tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Lust Boat Ch. 18

The Lust Boat Ch. 18


Lacey knew she was in trouble, because her mistress was giving her a wicked, gloating smile. All day, it had seemed Lacey could do nothing right. Her mistress had scolded her for her bold eye contact, then barked at her to "look at me when I'm talking to you." During the oral service her mistress usually demanded in the mornings, Angie had complained that Lacey had taken too long to give her an orgasm, calling her lazy and ungrateful.

Now, Lacey had spilled the after-dinner coffee on the pristine linen tablecloth as she was pouring it, and a few droplets had landed on Mistress Angie's black leather pants. "I'm so sorry, mistress!" Lacey dabbed the spots away with a napkin before they could soak in. Afraid to look at her mistress's face, but oddly compelled, Lacey peeked through her lowered lashes to see that Angie looked more gleeful than angry.

Angie considered her slave, who was naked except for a lacy demi-cup bra. "It would be irresponsible for me to let such carelessness go uncorrected," she said with seeming mildness.

Lacey knew it would only make matters worse for her to protest that she had only spilled the coffee when Angie had goosed her from behind with the spoon from the ice bucket while she was pouring. Her labia still burned slightly with the impression of the cold, smooth metal. "Yes, mistress," she said. Her blonde hair fell down around her face, and she wished it could hide her. *Dammit, why did I have to jump like that? Stupid, Lacey, and now you've given her an excuse to punish you.*

Angie pushed back her chair. In a movement so abrupt Lacey did not have time to flinch away, she grabbed Lacey by the hair and pulled her to her feet. "Let's go, you clumsy slut. Cabin 12."

As Angie marched her down the ship's corridors, Lacey tried not to think about what might await. Cabin 12 had been the site of many humiliations suffered at the hands of her kidnappers, not least the inhumanly thorough fucking she'd received from Debbie's machine.

The video of that ordeal was one of the most popular on the Lust Boat's website. Just last week, Angie had forced Lacey to watch it again, while Angie read customers' comments aloud. "'Hot! Do her in the ass next time.' 'What a dirty slut! She pretends she's too good to want it, but you can see her cunt drooling to be stuffed.' 'This girl is hot, but not much of an actor. It's hard to believe she's being raped when she can't stop coming.'"

But the fucking machine was not in evidence when they reached the cabin. Instead, it held only the padded table, video equipment and lights, and rack upon rack of toys. Mistress Angie locked the door behind them and directed Lacey to kneel.

Angie turned on the recorders and rolled a cart out from between two racks. It was already loaded with a variety of items, and Lacey wondered whether her mistress had been planning this. The dark-haired woman moved slowly, but with confidence, bringing the cart nearer to Lacey and setting its brakes so that the kneeling woman would have a good view.

Angie ran her hand lightly over a row of items laid out on black velvet. She liked to do this sometimes-- show off the many instruments she could bring to bear on her slave's flesh, in order to draw out her victim's fear and (if Lacey were honest) arousal. Strong fingers stroked each toy as Angie considered the effects it might have on her slave's helpless body.

Lacey's whole body was tight with drawn-out tension. She was intimately familiar with some of the instruments. She knew exactly what it felt like to have those clover clamps biting into her nipples, and to have her ass filled with the itching buzz of that vibrating buttplug.

It was the unfamiliar items that caught her attention, though, compelling her to dreadful speculation. Some of them were obvious enough in their purpose-- a bra with tiny, dull-pointed spikes poking into the nipple area, a small whip of knotted silk. But what were those plastic discs with the star-shaped cutouts? And what the hell was the juicer for?

She knew better than to discount an item because it looked innocuous. There was a delicate sable paintbrush on the cart, looking quite ordinary and innocent. Its ghostly touch on the vulnerable head of her clitoris had reduced her to a sobbing wreck over a period of hours the last time Angie had wanted to make a point.

Lacey shuddered as Angie's fingers caressed the brush's handle. Angie smiled; she knew exactly what was going through Lacey's mind, and the swelling it was causing in her pussy. "Maybe not this time," Angie said. "It wouldn't be as effective if I allowed you to get used to it." She continued her perusal of the cart.

Angie selected a bottle of lube and placed it in a bottle warmer. She plugged in the juicer, too, and got out several fresh ginger roots. A whimper escaped past the ball of fear in the back of Lacey's throat. Her sphincters tightened in anticipation as Angie juiced the ginger. She remembered the burn of ginger on mucous membranes vividly.

Angie picked up an oddly-shaped dildo. It was a series of bulbs, the one at the tip about an inch wide, each successive one larger until the fattest one met the flaring base of the toy. Angie opened a plug on the base, and Lacey saw that there was a reservoir inside, and little holes on each bulb to distribute the contents of the dildo inside an orifice. Angie poured the sharp-smelling ginger juice into the dildo.

*God help me,* Lacey thought.

Instead of violating Lacey with the toy immediately, though, Angie set it aside. She picked up another dildo, this one more familiar-looking to Lacey. It resembled the dilating probes used every day to stretch and exercise Lacey's cunt and ass. This one looked slightly different, but Lacey couldn't tell from just looking at it whether it worked the same way or not. It was simply a slender metal and plastic dildo with some odd wires and nozzles on the base.

Angie filled a reservoir in the second dildo with warm lube from the bottle. She set it down next to the first dildo.

"Slave!" Angie barked. Lacey barely managed to contain a startled jump. Considering her original infraction, that would have been very bad. Angie continued, "I am going to take your ass as forfeit. There's nothing you can do about that."

"Yes, mistress," Angie said miserably. Her thighs, pressed together as she knelt, were starting to feel noticeably damp inside.

"However, I am feeling magnanimous," said Angie. "You may choose which of these two toys I stick in your little ass."

Lacey hesitated. She hated it when Angie made her choose, because Angie always made it seem as if the choice made Lacey responsible for what Angie did to her. *On the other hand, I really, really don't want her to put that ginger juice in my ass.* Looking at the rippling, bulbous dildo that contained the ginger, she could easily imagine how it would feel. Her asshole would stretch over each bulb and close around the groove between it and the next bulb, creating an intense rippling when Angie fucked her with it, until her muscles finally gave up and her asshole gaped open. Adding the red-hot ginger to that....

"If you don't choose one, I will use them both on you, one after the other," Angie said. "I wonder if it would be better to save the ginger for last so that you'd be anticipating it the whole time, or to use it on you first, so that you'd be even more swollen and sensitive when I get to the other one. You squealed so delightfully last time I put ginger in you. And your cunt almost flooded the room."

"That one," Lacey broke in, trying to stem the tide of Angie's words and the unwelcome reactions they were invoking in her own body. She pointed at the metallic probe. "I choose that one."

Angie just looked at her.

"Please," Lacey said.

Angie still didn't move or respond.

Defeated, Lacey said, "Please fuck me in the ass with that probe, mistress."

"Are you sure?" Angie taunted.

"Yes, mistress, please, I want you to take my ass with it." Lacey's cheeks were hot.

"You need to show me and everyone watching how much you want it," Angie said. "Take off your bra."

Lacey removed her only item of clothing and knelt naked before her mistress.

"Hold your tits up and together," Angie directed.

Lacey obeyed, cupping her hands under her breasts and lifting them like an offering. Angie squirted warm lube over Lacey's breasts and cleavage. Lacey tried not to let her distaste show on her face.

Angie set the probe upright on the floor in front of Lacey and held it there. "Lube it up."

Lacey reached up to gather some lube on her fingers.

"No! Not with your hands, you stupid cunt." Angie said.

Lacey understood now the humiliating act Angie demanded from her. She leaned forward and took the dildo between her breasts, bobbing up and down so that it slid in the slippery crevice of her cleavage. Her ass wiggled in the air, and she could feel her pussy exposed to Angie and the cameras.

It was hard to keep her balance; the dildo jabbed her under the chin when she fell forward too far. Since she needed to use her hands to hold her breasts together, she had to try awkwardly to catch herself with her elbows each time. "Faster," Angie said. Lacey tried, her lower back and thighs aching with the effort.

"That's not good enough," Angie said. "I'm going to have to use both the toys on your poor little ass. Unless..."

Lacey knew she was being manipulated, but there was nothing she could do about it. To have abased herself this far, and still be anally raped with that terrible ginger-filled dildo, was too much. "Unless what, mistress? I'll do whatever you want, please."

"Unless you'd like to accept my help, since it seems you can't even manage a simple titty fuck."

Even though she was pretty sure she wouldn't enjoy Angie's "help," Lacey knew almost anything would be better than the alternative. "Yes, mistress, please help me do better."

"Sit back up," Angie said. She picked up a pair of nipple clamps from the cart, joined by a chain. At the sight, Lacey's nipples shriveled, even as her pussy plumped up. Angie rolled and pinched Lacey's nipples in a businesslike fashion, pretending not to notice the flush of arousal and quickened breathing.

The bite of the first clamp drew a cry from Lacey. Angie had adjusted it to a very firm setting. Just as the pain was dulling to a tolerable level, Angie clamped the other nipple. Lacey jerked, setting off the pain in her other nipple again, too. Panting, she waited grimly for the sharp, bright pain to fade to a mere pressure.

"Lean forward on your elbows," Angie said. Lacey lowered herself so that her weight rested on her forearms and her knees, with her ass in the air. The dildo nestled between her breasts.

Angie squirted more lube in the crevice. Then she gathered the clamps' chain in her fist, pulling Lacey's breasts together and stirring darts of pain in them with every movement. "You can scream if you like," she told Lacey. "You know it makes me hard."

Without further warning, Angie yanked on the chain. The clamps stretched Lacey's nipples and breasts up and forward. Lacey barely contained the cry that threatened to emerge at this sudden pain and the streak of simultaneous pleasure that fled down her belly to her groin. She hated to let her vocal reactions add to the show.

Angie swept her hand down, pulling the clamped nipples down and back, dragging the breasts with them. The metallic head of the probe emerged from between Lacey's breasts. Angie continued to pull Lacey's breasts up and down. The probe made wet squishing noises as it fucked the channel between her breasts.

Despite Lacey's determination and clenched teeth, she was soon crying out at each enforced swing of her breasts. Her empurpled nipples were all she could think about.

After several very long minutes of vigorously fucking the dildo with her slave's lubed breasts, Angie relented. She helped Lacey sit back on her knees again.

"You are an ill-mannered slut," Angie said. She twisted one of the clamps. "Aren't you going to thank me for helping you properly lube that dildo?"

"Thank you, mistress," Lacey said hoarsely.

"Good girl." Angie removed the clamps and massaged the circulation back into the whimpering woman's nipples. "Now, show me how much you want this dildo in your ass. Get on your hands and knees."

Lacey obeyed. Her breasts dangled beneath her, throbbing and hot. She couldn't see what Angie was doing with the toy behind her. A scary thought struck her. *What if I made the wrong choice? I've been so focused on avoiding the ginger-filled dildo, I haven't really thought much about this one. I just assumed that it was the same as the dilator, but it doesn't look exactly the same. What if it does something like zapping me with a shock?*

Lacey shifted her weight, looking back over her shoulder, preparing to sit back up. "Mistress, please don't put that in my ass. I promise to be more careful with serving the coffee."

Angie pushed her back down with a hand between her shoulderblades. "Don't make me repeat an order," she said. "You don't seriously expect me to believe you don't want this, do you? Not when you were just begging me to put it in your ass, and anyone can see your thighs are slippery almost to your knees."

Lacey had been hoping her arousal wasn't quite that obvious. It didn't mean she wasn't afraid, though. She swayed forward at the touch of the slim, blunt tip of the probe on her asshole.

Angie grabbed Lacey's hair and tugged her head back. "Either you push back and take it in the ass, or you get the other one next," she growled in Lacey's ear.

To her shame, Lacey was more afraid of this threat than of participating in this violation and losing what was left of her dignity. She rocked her body back, and her asshole easily swallowed the slender, lubed dildo. It was long and slightly cool, a familiar intrusion in her rectum.

She felt Angie fiddle with something on the base of the dildo, and more warm lube squirted out to coat the inside of Lacey's ass. Lacey made a small sound in the back of her throat at this sensation, unexpected from a fake cock.

Lacey didn't have much time to think about it, though, because the dildo began to swell. It was like the dilator, but different, because only the tip, buried deep in her ass, was growing. The rest of the shaft stayed slender even as the end of the probe grew like a balloon being filled from a helium tank.

The bulb at the tip kept expanding steadily. Lacey grunted as her belly rippled with a cramp, but the probe kept growing. It felt huge inside her; even her cunt felt squeezed by the time the pressure stopped building.

"Let me just check your dilation measurement from this morning," Angie said. "Hmm. A little more, just to be safe, I think."

"No, plea-- oh!" Lacey's breath rushed out as the tip of the probe stretched her ass even wider. It felt so strange to have this massive bulk deep inside her ass, without a thick shaft also opening her anus itself. Now that the cramps had subsided, it was not painful, but the big bulb on its slender shaft left her with the feeling that Angie had stuck a candy apple on a stick up her ass.

Angie tapped the protruding end of the probe. The movement transmitted itself all the way into the depths of Lacey's ass. When Angie wiggled the probe slightly, Lacey couldn't help arching her back in response.

Angie chuckled. "That's my slut. You're such a huge slut that it's disgusting how far I had to inflate this probe so it would be too big--" she gave the probe a tug. Lacey felt the bulb slide down inside her and press against the inside of her sphincter. Angie continued "too big to fit through even your sloppy asshole." She tugged again, harder, pulling Lacey's whole body backwards. The end of the probe dug firmly into the ring of muscles inside Lacey's asshole, and she could feel them stretching outward, trying to accommodate it.

Angie must have calculated correctly, though, because the probe remained lodged in Lacey's ass. Angie yanked on it a couple more times, enjoying Lacey's grunts and squirming. "Don't complain; you asked for this. You know, most women can't even stretch their cunts as wide as you can stretch your ass, you sick little pervert."

Lacey knew better than to point out that it was Angie and her other kidnappers who had insisted on opening her orifices to accommodate larger and larger items. Her attention was mostly taken up with relief when Angie released the base of the probe, letting it sink naturally deeper into Lacey's ass.

Angie clipped something to the probe's flared base. When she passed it under Lacey's front, Lacey saw it was a leash. Angie stood near Lacey's shoulder and took up the slack in the leash. The probe shifted again, and the thin leash insinuated itself along Lacey's asscrack and between her labia. The black leather was already darkening with cunt juices.

"Stand," Angie directed. She led Lacey in a small circle around the room, slowly the first time, then a few jogging circuits like a dog at a kennel show. Lacey was painfully aware of how her own naked flesh jiggled for the cameras, while Angie looked dignified and cool. The flopping of her breasts brought little pangs from her abused nipples, and the leash bumped repeatedly against her clit and tugged on the thing in her ass. The sheen of sweat on her skin when Angie stopped her was not due entirely to exertion.

Using the probe as leverage, Angie walked her over to the waist-high padded table. Lacey had been fucked on this table or similar ones more times than she cared to recall, but her body remembered what her mind did not want to. Her cunt ached as she obeyed Angie's command to sit on the edge of the table.

*Stop that,* Lacey told her body. *I'm only doing it because she'll do even worse things to me if I don't. I can't enjoy this.* The monstrosity in her ass burrowed deeper when she sat down on the end of the table.

"Spread your legs." Angie unhooked the leash and fastened the base of the probe directly to a fitting on the table. She stepped back and considered Lacey. "I think I'll leave your legs and arms free. You'll never get that probe loose without my help. If you reach for the table fastener, though, I will whip your pussy. Do you understand?"

Lacey gulped. "Yes, mistress."

Angie returned to the cart, considering her options. "I'm doing you a favor, slave, by correcting your behavior so that you will do better in the future," she said. "But I see no reason that your careless mistake should interfere with my using you for my pleasure."

She picked up a double-sided dildo. Unbuttoning the fly of her leather pants, Angie reached inside and spread herself open with her fingers. Her eyelids drooped as she pushed the shorter, fatter arm of the dildo up into her cunt.

Lacey's fingers tightened on the edge of the table as she watched her mistress approach with a slight swagger, the dildo bobbing up from her crotch with every step. Lacey pressed her thighs together defensively.

"I'm going to fuck you now," Angie said calmly. "Whether you want it or not. Though we both know you do." She pushed Lacey's knees apart with her strong hands and stood between Lacey's spread thighs, the tip of the dildo just barely brushing Lacey's mound.

*There won't be room inside me with that thing in my ass,* Lacey thought. "Please, don't," she said, though she knew it was hopeless. Lacey pushed at Angie's hips, trying to fend her off.

Angie slapped Lacey's face, hard. While Lacey was still recovering from the stinging attack, Angie positioned the dildo and forced it up into Lacey's cunt. Angie's low groan was almost lost beneath the almost-scream from Lacey.

Angie's thrust had lifted Lacey slightly off the table, pulling the giant bulb down to pound against the inside of Lacey's anus. The bulb's passage pressed hard against the dildo through the wall of muscle separating her ass and her cunt, drawn down the length of the fake cock until the bulb slammed to a stop at Lacey's anal sphincter. The sensation was so intense Lacey was unsure whether it was painful or pleasurable.

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