tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Lust Boat Ch. 19

The Lust Boat Ch. 19


Chapter 19 Mistress Angie sells Lacey's panties for fun and profit

The black panties dangled so close to Lacey's face that she had trouble focusing her eyes on them. She looked up at Angie in confusion.

"Put them on," Angie ordered.

Lacey hesitated. She had been brought to the soundstage naked, and been required to sit completely exposed as Debbie checked audio and light levels and set up the cameras. She hadn't been allowed to wear panties at all since she'd been kidnapped. She wondered if it might be some kind of trick. Am I supposed to protest that I don't deserve to be allowed to cover myself?

"Now," Angie said, her eyes narrowing dangerously. Lacey snatched the underwear and pulled it on. The cotton bikini briefs felt almost foreign against the sensitive skin of her groin.

"We've come up with another way for you to earn your keep," Angie said. "We're giving our viewers the option of buying your panties."

Selling my used panties? The thought made Lacey cringe. That's so dirty. "Eeew, no," she said.

Angie reacted immediately to Lacey's unguarded words, pushing Lacey facedown on the couch and pinning her with her body. Angie's muscular thigh pushed between Lacey's legs from behind to nudge her through the crotch of the underwear. Lacey squirmed under her weight.

Angie leaned forward so that her lips brushed warm against Lacey's ear. "The customers can watch while we do whatever they want to customize the panties for them. Your opinion is irrelevant; the customer is always right."

Lacey bucked against Angie's hold again, but this only served to rock her crotch against Angie's thigh. It felt disturbingly good.

"So eager, little slut?" Angie asked. She reached underneath Lacey to pinch and roll her nipples roughly. Lacey's pussy was aching and swelling under the pressure. "You're getting turned on by the idea of me selling your nasty panties to strangers, aren't you?"

Lacey shook her head, cheeks hot as they rubbed against the upholstery.

"No? Then it must be the thought of all our subscribers watching while I play with you again. Is that it, fucktoy?"

Lacey opened her mouth to protest, but Angie chose that moment to squeeze both her nipples hard. More wetness spurted against the cotton crotch of the panties, and Lacey's objection transformed into a groan.

"Get her up where we can see more of her in the shot," Debbie said.

Angie sat up, and Debbie helped her pull Lacey into a seated position on Angie's lap,with her back to Angie. Debbie smacked Lacey's thigh. "Spread those legs, slut. It's not your face they're paying to see."

Lacey opened her legs, so that they fell on either side of Angie's. She felt naked despite the panties. On the monitor that showed the camera shot, she could see herself lewdly displayed. There was a patch of darker black over her crotch where she had soaked through the panties. She looked away.

Angie grabbed her chin and guided her gaze back. "It's too late to be shy now." Her eyes met Lacey's through the screen. Deliberately, Angie pulled up on the front of the panties, drawing them tight against Lacey's aching pussy. Lacey made a soft, high sound as the fabric wedged itself deep between the puffy lips of her pussy. Her clit pulsed against the confining folds.

Angie kept her grip on the front of the panties and slid her other hand between their bodies to grab the waistband at the back. She drew the panties backward and forward. Creamy white fluid coated the crotch of the panties, letting it slip easily over the swollen tissues. Lacey's hips twitched every time the seam bumped her clit. She fought to breathe evenly.

"This subscriber has paid for a customized show before,you know," Angie said. "When we sold the right for subscribers to pick an object and which hole they wanted it to go in. Do you remember how that big curling iron felt in your ass, fucktoy? I think you put it in yourself, didn't you? So naughty."

Of course Lacey remembered. Angie had shocked her vulva until the slave had begged to be allowed to fuck her ass with the curling iron. The fat, blunt barrel had been pleasurable after it warmed to her body, but she would never forget the degradation of being raped with object after object the various watching perverts had requested. She had feared her mistress would never tire of that game. How long will she want to play this one?

Angie pinched the vulnerable skin of Lacey's inner thigh, in the same place where Debbie had just slapped her. "I asked you a question."

"Ow! Yes, mistress, I remember." She could feel a bruise starting on her thigh.

"Thank Lady Elise for it. Tell her how much you enjoyed taking that curling iron in your dirty hole."

Lacey blushed. "Thank you, Lady Elise."

"For?" Angie prompted, like a parent compelling a toddler to politeness.

"Thank you for choosing the curling iron for my ass. It was smooth and thick, and it felt good inside when my mistress made me come on it," Lacey blurted, spilling out more words than she'd intended.

"Good girl," Angie kissed Lacey's cheek and resumed slowly sawing the drenched cotton back and forth through Lacey's slit and asscrack. Lacey trembled.

The praise made Lacey feel warm inside despite herself. She couldn't keep her hips still. The wet friction was irresistible. Her breathing quickened in time to the strokes. "Oh," she said. "Oh, god." Her clit felt huge in the enfolding fabric.

"What, do you want to come?" Angie pretended surprise.

"Yesss..." The need in Lacey's crotch seemed to be controlling her mouth.

Angie laughed. "You're so greedy. I allowed you an orgasm just yesterday."

Lacey whimpered. "Please, Mistress."

Angie shook her head. Her hair tickled Lacey's bare shoulders. "I'm just milking the slut juices out of you to get these panties ready for Lady Elise. She'd have to pay extra if you come in them. That wasn't included in the price we negotiated."

Lacey gasped when Angie poked two fingers into her cunt through the fabric. The panties blocked her passage about an inch in. Angie removed her fingers and pulled again on the waistband until the panties were dragged back out of Lacey's cunt. The fabric resumed slipping over Lacey's pussy and anus.

"Please," Lacey begged unsteadily.

"I'm not the one to ask. You'll have to ask Lady Elise. If she's willing to pay a 50 dollar surcharge to watch a slut come in her panties, she can message Debbie.

Lacey looked directly into the camera to address the woman who had purchased this humiliation. "Lady Elise, please. I need it so bad. Wouldn't it turn you on to see me come all over these panties? You could think of it every time you touch them..."

Lacey glanced over at Debbie to see if she had gotten a message. Debbie shook her head. Lacey resumed pleading with her unseen tormentor. She cupped her breasts and offered them to the lens. "Wouldn't you like to make me come? You could make me scream your name and smear my pussy all over these panties. Please, have mercy."

Lacey was no longer embarrassed; she was focused entirely on convincing Lady Elise to relieve the pressure. There was no way the panties could get any wetter. Angie's continued tugging on them was merely a pretext to tease Lacey further.

Debbie caught Angie's eye and nodded.

"Lucky slut," Angie said. "It seems Lady Elise does think it would be hot to see you come."

Lacey's lips parted in relief. "Thank you." She was hoping Angie would reach inside the panties and touch her clit directly, maybe allow her to ride her fingers and rock against her palm. But Angie didn't seem to want to grant Lacey that intimacy. She just ran the panties back and forth faster and harder until the woman in her lap began to shudder helplessly in climax.

"Say her name," Angie hissed.

Lacey was just aware enough to understand before the pleasure pushed all thought from her. "Lady Elise," she cried. She arched in Angie's arms, thrusting her breasts up. The orgasm started sharp and clenched her cunt hard in on itself. The spasms of pleasure passed off abruptly, and Lacey sighed to feel it end so soon.

She lay back loosely in Angie's strong embrace. She only stirred when Debbie pushed her legs together to pull the abused panties off of her. Debbie sealed the underwear in a bag. She used another pair of panties to wipe the remaining moisture flowing from Lacey's cunt. She bagged that pair, too.

Angie's hand dropped to pat between Lacey's legs. "Damn, the slut's still all sloppy. Clean her off, would you? We want to offer fresh slut juice to each customer."

Lacey closed her eyes briefly. Oh, no, how many customers have they promised panties to? Her eyes popped open when Debbie rubbed a cold, wet cloth over her overheated privates.

"Right, who's next?" Angie asked. Lacey didn't want to know what was coming, but she had to.

Debbie consulted a tablet. "He says to call him Ryan. He requested this thong." She showed the tablet to Angie, out of Lacey's line of sight.

Angie held the hot pink thong out in front of Lacey. "Get up, bend over with your back to the camera, and put it on."

Lacey obeyed. There was no way to do it without displaying her asshole and pussy to the camera. The thong barely covered the front of her crotch. The string insinuating itself between her ass cheeks took the place of the panties Angie had so recently stuffed there. She turned back around to face the camera, figuring Angie would want her in the same position as before.

Debbie caught her arm and turned her back around. "Go lie across your mistress's knees. No, you dumb cunt, with your ass to her right hand."

Angie was seated on the edge of couch, and Lacey gingerly draped herself over Angie's thighs. Her breasts dangled beneath her. Debbie tied Lacey's blonde hair so it wouldn't obscure her face.

The couch was low enough that Lacey was on her hands and knees on the industrial carpet and Angie's knees only dug into Lacey's belly a little. Angie plucked the back of the thong with a fingertip and let it snap back. Lacey flinched.

"And what is it Ryan has requested?" Angie traced her fingers lightly over Lacey's buttocks, raising goosebumps. Lacey was dreading the answer she knew was coming.

Debbie glanced at her tablet. "He wants you to spank her until her butt is as pink as the thong."

"What a fun idea! Don't you think so, pet?"

"Yes," Lacey mumbled. No, she thought.

Without further warning, Angie brought her hand down hard on Lacey's ass. The sharp report was startling even before Lacey had time to register the spreading pain. Lacey's heart raced.

The next whack was less surprising, but even more painful, in the corresponding spot on the other cheek. Angie took her time, carefully aiming her blows and allowing Lacey time to anticipate the next strike as the blood rushed to the last one. Lacey's breasts swayed with each blow.

Lacey did her best not to show any reaction even though tears prickled her eyes and nose. She feared another kind of moisture was welling up between her legs, and she hated her body for it. Angie, of course, knew from experience that being spanked aroused her slave. She slid two fingers under the thong and then displayed the glistening wetness to Debbie and the camera.

"The perverted little slut knows she deserves to be punished," Angie said. "That's why she likes it so much."

Lacey started to protest.

"Shut up," Angie said, smacking her harder than ever. When she had covered Lacey's entire butt and upper thighs with reddening handprints, she started over with the areas she'd already spanked. The pain redoubled. Lacey yelped and squirmed with every blow. Her pussy felt every bit as swollen and aching as her butt.

"If you don't stop being such a baby, I'll have Debbie bring me a paddle." Angie didn't even pause in her rhythm. Lacey forced herself to lie still. She turned her head and stifled her cries by biting down on her upper arm. The skin of her ass was burning. She was sure it must be beet red by now. But Angie kept going.

A pause. Is she done? Lacey wondered. But Angie had only stopped to grab Lacey by the hair and pull her head away from her arm.

"I'm the only one who's allowed to leave bite marks on my property," Angie said. She thrust two fingers into Lacey's mouth. "Don't bite down," she warned. Then she started laying another set of handprints over Lacey's ass.

The fingers in her mouth, pressing on her tongue, were oddly soothing. Lacey sucked at them to distract herself from the pain. Angie paused again. "Do you think that's pink enough?" she asked Debbie, so casual they might have been discussing color swatches.

"Hmm," Debbie said. "I'll ask the customer." She tapped at the tablet. Lacey held her breath.

"Not yet," Debbie said.

Lacey groaned around Angie's fingers. Both women ignored her.

"My hand is getting a little sore," Angie said. "Do you want to take a turn, or should I switch hands?"

"I'd love to smack that ass for a while," Debbie said. She sat down next to Angie and turned sideways so she could use her right hand. She began spanking Lacey's sore buttocks so fast it felt like the flesh was still rippling from the last impact when the next blow fell. Lacey's ass was on fire, and she couldn't do anything but drool around Angie's fingers and endure.

The expected blow didn't come. "What do you think?" Debbie asked.

"Almost. But you missed a spot," Angie said. She hit Lacey three times in the exact same place. Lacey sobbed.

"As if you didn't enjoy every bit of that," Angie said as she took her fingers out of Lacey's mouth. There was no denying that Lacey had flooded the point of the triangle where the thong covered her cunt. The juices had overflowed to slick her upper thighs.

Angie peeled the thong off of Lacey and handed it to Debbie to bag. Debbie hauled Lacey off Angie's lap. She pushed Lacey down to sit on the couch. Lacey cried out as her ass hit the cushion.

"Show everyone your pussy so they can see how much you liked being spanked," Angie said.

Reluctantly, Lacey spread her legs. The air was cold on her damp, inflamed flesh.

"Open it."

Lacey knew what Angie meant. She spread her pussy lips to display her stiff clit and the opening of her vagina. She stared at a point on the far wall and wished she were invisible. Debbie sopped up juices with another pair of underwear and wiped Lacey off again with a wet cloth.

"If she keeps getting this wet, you're going to have lots of extra panties to sell," Debbie told Angie.

Angie must have been pleased with Lacey, because she gave her a couple of ibuprofen and a bottle of water to take them with. Lacey sucked at the water greedily. Between her tears and her weeping cunt, she had lost a lot of fluid.

Debbie was consulting her tablet again. "This one will give your hand a break," she said, showing the screen to Angie.

Angie nodded. "But I don't feel like putting myself in that position. What about you?"

"No, thanks," said Debbie. "Let's get one of my slaves."

"Send for one with a nice ass. Claire's got a lovely one, almost heart-shaped when you bend her over."

While Debbie called for Claire to come to the soundstage, Angie got out the next pair of panties Lacey was to wear. Lacey barely caught them when Angie threw them at her. The cream-colored panties floated through the air like down, and when she touched them she realized that they were made of fine, sheer silk. She put them on without further prompting. The silk was smoothly soothing against her freshly-spanked ass and swollen vulva.

"Sit down on the edge of the couch," Angie said.

Lacey sat down in the same spot where Angie had been seated a few minutes earlier. Debbie came back in, prodding a nervous and naked blonde slave in front of her. "This is Claire," she said to Lacey. "You've met."

Lacey nodded, though she wasn't really sure that being fucked doggie style by a woman who was getting her own ass paddled counted as "meeting" her. There hadn't been much in the way of getting acquainted, just a strong orgasm that had collapsed Lacey underneath Claire.

Debbie came around behind the couch. She captured Lacey's wrists and pinned them against the back of the couch. Lacey was forced to lean back awkwardly, pushing her hips forward.

"Kneel in front of her," Angie told Claire. Claire knelt, her face still and blank. She tucked her hair behind her ears and sat back on her heels.

"Spread your legs, Lacey. It's your natural state anyway," Angie said.

Lacey did. Anticipating what was coming, she bit her lower lip. A new spurt of liquid slid between her labia. How long had it been since she had felt a woman's mouth warm on center? Certainly not since she'd been compelled to serve as Angie's plaything. It was not an act her mistress enjoyed, although she certainly loved to require Lacey to do it.

"Use your mouth on her," Angie said.

As Claire leaned forward, Lacey could see in the monitor that Angie had been right about that beautiful rounded ass. A pink sliver of pussy was visible at the top of Claire's pale thighs. Then the growing need in her own pussy distracted Lacey from further consideration of the picture the two of them presented to the camera and the avid viewers.

Claire started to pull the crotch of the panties to one side. "No," Angie said. "He wants to see you lick her through the panties."

Obedient, Claire wrapped her arms around Lacey's thighs and lowered her mouth to Lacey's silk-covered pussy. Lacey's back arched. The thin fabric was already soaked through and transparent near her cunt entrance; Claire's mouth quickly transformed the rest of the panties' crotch into a wet, clinging film.

Claire pushed her tongue into the hollow of Lacey's cunt and licked up towards her clit. She pressed the silk into the channels along either side of Lacey's clit, running her tongue between Lacey's vulva and clit. When she sucked Lacey's clit directly, Lacey twisted in Debbie's grip with a deep groan.

It felt so good. But the panties were a barrier between her and the full slick texture of Claire's mouth, and they were an unwanted reminder of the pervert who had paid for all of this. Was he stroking his cock right now at the sight of one blonde slave orally pleasuring another, imagining how the panties would smell when he took them from their bag? How many others were watching?

It didn't matter. All that mattered was the incredible swirling of Claire's tongue, and the hated panties that were coming between them. "Please," Lacey said, raising her head to meet Angie's eyes. "Please, I need to feel her mouth without the panties. They're already all wet for him. Can't I take them off?"

Angie shook her head. "Sorry, he's paying to see you with the panties on." She didn't sound sorry. She sounded amused.

Lacey dropped her head back on the couch. Claire's tongue flicked faster, and Lacey pumped her hips into her face without really meaning to. "Oh, God." Her thighs trembled.

Claire slowed down, moving her tongue away from Lacey's eager clit to caress her labia and circle her cunt opening. Lacey's head thrashed back and forth between her pinned wrists in frustration. "Mistress, please, may I come? Please, tell her to make me come. I really need to come in her mouth. Wouldn't he like to see that?"

Angie looked at Debbie. "The subscriber said he doesn't care either way," Debbie said.

"Then I think we should leave it up to Claire," Angie said. "We'll let her decide if she wants my slut coming in her mouth."

Debbie agreed.

"Oh, Claire," Lacey moaned. "Please, I know you know what it feels like to need it so bad it hurts."

Claire pulled her mouth away and sat back on her heels. She wiped her glistening mouth and chin.

"Please," Lacey said again, lifting her hips towards Claire. "I'd do it for you."

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