tagBDSMThe Maid

The Maid


Master and two of our friends were seated at our dining room table. Me, i was serving, dressed in a very revealing French Maid's outfit that Master had bought me on-line. A black corset with a very short attached skirt, the boning on the corset and the edging on the skirt was white. There was a little white bow right in the middle of the top of the corset. i even had on black fishnet thigh highs, spiky heels, and a little bit of lace in my long red hair. i wore my training collar.

Dinner was over. i had cleared the table and served up creme brulee for dessert and drinks, both of which i had made myself. i stood behind Master's chair, on his right, my head bowed, and my hands clasped in front of me, watching and waiting in case anyone needed anything. They were talking about things, computers, politics, physics. i wasn't really listening. It's not that i couldn't carry my own in a conversation like that, i can. It's just that intelligent conversation wasn't my job for the evening. Serving was, and most of my attention was captured by the amount of food on people's plates and anticipating their needs for napkins or refills.

Everyone looked as though they were through with their plates, so i moved forward quietly, unobtrusively.

"May i take your plate, Master?" i spoke quietly, as i leaned forward and touched the plate.

"Yes, thank you," Master said. i removed the plate, fork, and napkin, but left his drink. "The problem with the current understanding of nanotechnology is that the general public doesn't realize that the mere presence of nanoparticles is not in itself a threat. It's only their mobility and increased reactivily that make them risky, and then only if some of their properties were harmful to humans or the environment."

i moved to the next person. "May i take your plate, Sir?" i leaned forward.

He nodded and continued speaking, in counterpoint to what Master had just said. "We don't actually have enough data to know for sure if nanoparticles could have an undesirable effect on the environment, although carbon nanotubes practically soak through skin, and can be carcinogenic."

My interest was piqued, but i said nothing. i moved on. "May i take your plate, Ma'am?"

She nodded, and i leaned in to pick up the plate as she said, "Yes. You've got to consider the nanoparticles that are released during production or as waste accumulate in the soil, plants, or water. And in addition, manufactured substances end up being disposed of as waste or recycled. There's just not enough information to know if some of the nanoparticles will end up being non-biodegradable."

i couldn't help myself. "But the benefits outweigh the risks. Considering the information we do have, it's unlikely we're going to end up with a grey goo scenario. In fact, since scientists are aware that they don't know, they can take steps to reduce the risks even further," i said as i straightened up with her plate in my hand. All three of them stopped speaking and stared at me. i blushed bright red, straight to the roots of my hair.

Oh no. i dropped my gaze immediately, my arms full of dishes. "i'm sorry," i whispered.

"We'll talk about this later," Master said, taking another sip of his drink. "Get into the kitchen and clean up."

"Yes, Master," i said, hurriedly, and bobbed a quick curtsy. My heart was pounding hard as i rushed into the kitchen. Once there, i barely managed to set down the dishes before i burst into tears. Stupid stupid stupid! One job tonight, service, and i couldn't manage to do it without messing it up. All i really had to do was keep my mouth shut. That was it.

i couldn't indulge myself with tears for long, though. i knew i only had a short amount of time to do clean up before i was required to return to Master's presence. i didn't want to mess that up too. i wiped my eyes, cleaned up the kitchen, and returned to the dining room, where Master and his guests were finishing their drinks and their conversation.

The moment i walked into the room, Master's gaze fastened onto me. "We've been talking, jessie, and since you so rudely and inappropriately interrupted our conversation, you're going to have to make it up to each of us."

Ma'am and Sir were both smiling, and looking at me. They were regular participants in all aspects of our life, but i hadn't exactly expected the evening to turn out with me having to make up for a mistake to three different people. i felt ashamed for having messed up, and at the same time, i began to feel aroused.

Master beckoned to me, and i went.

"Kneel," he said. i did. He attached a leash to my collar and led me to the dungeon. Ma'am and Sir followed us.

"Turn around and get on your hands and knees." i did. He traced his hands up and down my buttocks, and then between my legs, gently trailing them around and over my pussy. Then he smacked my ass, two hard swats, on on either side of me. He placed his foot upon my back side and pushed. i went with the pressure, yielding under the weight, until he said "come back here". i returned to my original position and supported it. He repeated the caresses and the spanks and then ordered me onto my back.

i lay on the carpet and watched as he retrieved a blindfold and put it on me. Starting with my breasts, he attached clothespins to me, my nipples, my pussy lips, the flesh of my breasts. One by one, he put them on me. i don't know how many, i didn't count, only the exquisite pinch of the wood against my flesh. i moaned and gasped, my breath quick. Each pin, when placed, was manipulated either by the brush of his chest above me, or the push of his thigh between mine, pressing the pain deeper within me. Suddenly cold metal between my breasts and the sharp prick of the whartenburg wheel. The trail of the wheel lead between my breasts and down my sides, over my mons, intensifying the already acute pain of the pins. i wiggled a little, attempting to relieve the pain, and moaned as he kissed me.

He removed the pins and the sharpness turned to ache. He crouched above me, leaning in, and the world was him. i hungered for a kiss, the soft touch of his lips, but he fled my seeking mouth, evading me, only granting the lightest of touches, the brush of his beard against the side of my face, the gently trail of his lips on my cheek or quickly and lightly pressed against mine. i wanted more, i needed more, and i let out a soft whine. His mouth went to my nipple and he bit HARD. i sucked in my breath, going still, trying to absorb the pain, as he returned above me.

"Where are my kisses now, hmmm?" he whispered to me, as i sought to control myself. "i'm sorry, Master," i whispered back, seeking his lips again. He granted me a kiss, and then his hands were between my thighs. i squirmed.

He made me beg him for his fingers inside me, and i wanted it. i begged until he thrust one finger in, then two, then three. i thrust back against him and tried to take more, harder. He removed his fingers from me, and traced them over my skin. "Stand up and get on the spanking bench," he ordered me. i heard him take down some floggers and swing them around.

Master flogged me in earnest, and then Sir joined in. Since i was blindfolded, i have no idea who was hitting me when or with what, but the joint flogging went on for a long time on both back and ass. i pushed through the pain and came out the other side. After the flogging stopped, Master beat my ass very very hard with the SLUT paddle. i was left gasping from the onslaught.

He switched to a belt. "What did i tell you was the rule for tonight?"

i could barely respond with the way my body was singing from the punishment i had received. "To serve only. That i was not to be involved."

"You messed that up, didn't you?" The belt smacked and stung. i gasped with each strike as i answered him.

"Yes, Master."

"And this is your punishment." The belt came down particularly hard and i tried not to scream.

"Yes, Master!" He stopped. and switched to the heavy rubber hose. He said nothing else, just let me absorb what i had done as the hose beat down. When he was finished with that, he and Sir flogged me again.

They pulled me off the bench and i practically fell to the floor. Master grabbed my collar, and pulled me over to the massage table, ordering me to lay face up. Then, Ma'am joined in my torment. She put nipple clamps on me and used the whartenburg wheel and the needle hammer on different parts of my body.

"She's such a whore," Ma'am said while she rubbed my pussy, sliding her fingers in and out of me.

"Yes, she is. A disobedient one, though," Master responded. He turned my head roughly to the side.

"Suck my cock, disobedient slut."

i opened my mouth and accepted his cock, sucking it eagerly. They caressed me and hurt me, and most of the time i really couldn't tell who was what, unless i concentrated on a single action. It all kind of blended into a flow of pain and pleasure over my body.

i rubbed Sir's cock with my hand, and Master pulled my face away from his cock and pushed me to the other side to suck on Ma'am nipples as she leaned over me. Ma'am pulled hard on the nipple clamps causing me to gasp. Sir's hand was between my legs now, pinching and pulling my clit, forcing my legs further apart. i needed to cum so badly.

i begged for release, but Master denied me.

"Disobedient slaves are not rewarded with pleasure," he stated. Ma'am pulled the clamps off my nipples roughly and they dragged me from the massage table, pulling me into the bedroom.

Master shoved me onto the bed on my hands and thrust into me from behind roughly. Ma'am slid beneath me so that my weight was supported by her, and Sir shoved his cock into my mouth. My body hummed as it bounced back and forth from their thrusts, completely out of my control. They used me and used me until Sir came into my mouth, and Ma'am slid out from beneath me. Master sat back and watched as i moved between her legs, gently licking her pussy. Master held my head there with my collar as i eagerly and willingly licked her to orgasm, her hands grasping the bed covers as she spasmed against my tongue.

The sights and sounds had reinvigorated Sir, and he pulled Ma'am onto her hands and knees and thrust into her from behind. Master pulled me over to him, slid beneath me, and slid his cock into me. "Fuck me," he said to me in a rough voice. i rode him hard, my clit rubbing against him, fighting not to orgasm as his cock slid in and out of me. He grabbed my hips and slammed me down onto him as he came deep inside me. He continued moving me up and down on his cock, and then thrust me away from him roughly.

i almost sobbed as my clit lost contact with him. i crawled to him.

"Please, please, Master, let me cum?" i placed a hand on his chest pleadingly. He glared at me.

"I'm still displeased with you, slave," he said. "Go to bed. We'll see if you behavior tomorrow is any better."

My heart sank. "Yes, Master," i said, and left the bed for my pallet on the floor, my pussy and clit still throbbing. i fell asleep, my legs spread apart to relieve the wanting, listening to the quiet voices of the three of them talking on bed.

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