tagMatureThe Maintenance Man

The Maintenance Man


The toilet runs, the faucet drips, the lights are out in the hall. It was always something.

Dad said I needed to learn responsibility, so he got his friend to hire me as Handy Man for his 24 unit building in the Village.

College wasn't working out, I liked working with my hands, the pay wasn't bad, and I got an apartment for the summer, with use of the pool and facilities when I wasn't working. Which wasn't too often.

I had hoped for some challenges, but all the jobs were mundane, things these people didn't want to do, not couldn't do.

So, half-way through June, I had met every occupant, except three. I figured either they didn't complain, or were away for the summer.

Some just wanted company, some liked having someone to boss around. And with most of them older, they had nothing but time.

The office phone rang. "Maintenance Man," I answered.

"Yes, are you married?" a female voice asked.

"I'm sorry, do you have a wrong number?"

"No, it's simple question that requires a simple answer."

Feeling about to be mistreated, I put on my best impression of someone who didn't care for games. "No, Ma'am, I am not, now is there a problem?"

"No, my husband will be down shortly."

She hung up, and I looked at the receiver. "Woop-De-Doo!" What was that all about?

Ten minutes later, my door bell rang. Good, I thought, let's see if the husband is anything like her! At least him, I can tell where to go!

In the sunlight, behind big sunglasses, stood a man. He wasn't very big, in height or stature. Maybe 5'5, and 140. He wore a jacket which appeared to be too large, and long pants, unusual for 85 degrees. His voice was hushed, soft, as he said, "May I come in?"

I stepped back, and he came through. The front room of my apartment was actually an office of sorts, for whoever was the maintenance man, with a desk, chairs, inventories, and work orders scattered about. Not many people actually came here, they just called and I'd do the job if it wasn't Union-regulated, like Electricity or HVAC.

He had been here before, he took his seat, and I took mine, at the desk. He folded his hands. They were small and thin, and I guessed he was fairly old, from the age spots and sagging skin.

"What can I do for you?" I asked, professionally. He cleared his throat, still wearing those wrap-around shades that old folks wear, hiding half his face. My name is Reynolds, Unit 16, in the back?" I nodded and he continued. "My wife and I... we keep to ourselves pretty much, we try not to... attract too much attention. We have noticed you, around the grounds, and want to say you do a first rate job, and are quite pleased with everything."

I stared at him, thinking, your wife just spoke to me like I'm dirt, and it was all so you could compliment me on my work? "Well, thank you, Mr. Reynolds, was it? Is there anything else?"

He hesitated. "My wife wants you to come for dinner, or just drinks, whatever is convenient."

Huh? "Excuse me, sir, but did you hear your wife's call to me? She didn't sound like someone who wanted to socialize."

"I'm terribly sorry about that, she's been... brusque lately, I'm sure she didn't mean anything."

"Okay, what's this about? If you need something done, just tell me. No song and dance needed."

"It's something we'd like to discuss with you together, outside the office, a special project which we would pay you quite handsomely for, I might add." He could see that he struck a chord.

But I was suspicious, too, although he hardly struck me as a druggie or killer. "Why me?"

"Elaine and I... This is best left for dinner, I think. If you decide not to do the project, I'll still pay you 20, no $50 for your time. Deal?"

"Let's just keep it at drinks, and we'll talk."

He was clearly happy. "Tonight then? Sevenish?"

For the rest of the day, I thought about it. A chance to show off my talents, real work, creativity, maybe some designing, like a stereo center, or shelves! Whenever I passed Unit 16, I swore I was being watched, but never saw movement.

Freshly showered, in clean jeans and Hendrix tee, I rang their bell at exactly seven. It's good to make first impressions.

Mr. Reynolds opened the door to their 2 bedroom Condo. I had been in other models, so I knew the layout. "Tom! Thanks for being so punctual," he announced, and I'm sure it was for her benefit.

He was hatless and mostly bald. Age: Up there! Maybe 70! He seemed much more relaxed in his own surroundings and he led me into the living room. "What can I get for you, Tom?" He recited the choices, which covered just about everything, but I'm a beer guy, and said so.

He got a cold mug from the freezer and a bottle of Heinie, along with his cocktail, something sweet, I bet. He sat on the couch, across from me. "Elaine will be with us in a minute, sorry, but you know how women are," he shrugged. I sat back and took in the place, everything top-shelf, only the best shelving and stereos, a big screen Hi-Def TV, very modern, and expensive.

"Nice place," I said.

"Oh, thank you, yes, we're happy here."

I kept looking to where I knew the bedrooms were, waiting for Mrs. Reynolds. Finally, we heard, "Richard?" from a distance.

"Yes, Darling, I'm coming." And he was gone.

Relax, Tommy, I thought, even if she's a Bitch, do the job, you can make some money!

I heard stirring, and he came out, like he was presenting the Queen to Her Court. "Tom, this is my wife, Elaine!"

She stepped passed him, tall and regal. My eyes took in the whole picture and, man, was I impressed! From the top, she had long black hair, really long, like Morticia Addams. As a matter of fact, that's who she could have been imitating! She had modernized the look, with a track suit, instead of a gown, but it was black!

She had high cheek bones, long lashes, deep brown eyes, bright red lips. Not gorgeous, but damned fine anyway!

Down the long slim body, I saw the heels, a good 3 inches, maybe more. She stopped as if posing and I realized they were probably the same height without her heels. She didn't smile, but made eye-contact, then looked me up and down. She stepped forward, her hand extended, long thin fingers with bright red nails, finely manicured.

"Mr. Peters, thank you for coming, please, sit. Richard, I'll take a Cosmo. Make sure there is ample Vodka this time! And get Mr. Peters another, too."

I sat as she did across from me. "Please, everyone calls me Tom. Mr. Peters sounds like a private part." Oops! What did I say?

This brought a smile, ever so slight. "I'd hate to call you that at our first meeting! And I'm Elaine, please."

She was much nicer than I expected, but I could tell she was demanding, at least with Richard. He came hurrying back with her drink. He sat next to her, too close and she shifted away a bit.

"So, Mr... I mean, Tom, I'm sure you are wondering why we asked you here," She said."We have a very unusual situation here. I hope I can speak bluntly." She stared through those lashes and I felt drawn to her.

"Please do," I replied, trying to sound as professional as she did.

"My husband has... medical problems. And as I'm sure you guessed, I am quite a bit younger than he." (By about 20 years,or more) "His ailments keep him from having sex. And we both feel badly about this." She affectionately patted his hand, the first sign she actually cared for him.

I nodded, trying to follow her train of thought.

"I, on the other hand, have no such restrictions and I have a very active libido. Do you see what I'm saying?"

"Yes, no, oh, wait...I think so." This had nothing to do with my handy man status, although I guess I would be the Handy Man! My eyes must have been wide, and she smiled again, nodding at me as she saw it sink in. I looked to him, and he grinned in support.

"I'm flattered, I think, if I follow your gist."

"You follow it. This is not something we broadcast for general knowledge, and whether you accept or not, you hope you will be discreet."

"Let me get this perfectly straight. We're talking about sex." They nodded. "Me and you?" They nodded. "Can I ask? How did you choose me?"

"Richard and I have an agreement. When I feel the urge, I tell him. He had seen you working here, and pointed you out to me. I appreciate his input, he knows the type of man I favor. When you didn't cave in during my phone call, I thought you had the right temperament, too."

To him, I said, "And you are alright with this?"

"Tom, I love my wife very much. She's still a vibrant young lady and could have any man, but she chose to stay with me. When I could have sex, it was wonderful, so why should I deprive her of the joy?"

I took a long drink, and she went on. "If you have any problems with this, morally, religiously, or if you're just not attracted to me, don't hesitate to say so, and we will pay you what was agreed upon."

"Mrs. Reynolds..."


"Okay, Elaine, I've never done anything like this before. Morally, etc, I have no problem. Being attracted to you? Have you looked in the mirror? If I saw you walking down the street, I'd wrench my neck, turning so fast."

They both laughed.

"I just don't know if I could perform, I mean, there's nothing wrong with me, but..."

"Tom," she said, softly. "You're a young man, how old? Twenty-five? If you can't perform as you say, then I'm not doing something right. I won't hold it against you, but trust me, if you are willing, I'm sure we will do just fine."

I smiled, "If truth be told, it's been a while for me, so I imagine the problem will be me finishing before you."

"It's not a race, Tom."

"Just joking. When would this take place?"

"Now if you're available."

"And, Richard?"

"There's a new Sci Fi I've been dying to see," Richard said. "I might still make the 7:45 show." He kissed Elaine on the cheek, and said, "Have fun," then to me, "You too!" and he was gone.

I looked across at her, and said, "Now, what?"

"Would you find a strip tease enticing."

"Yes, enticing. Are you comfortable with it?"

I'm very rarely comfortable with these things, but thanks for asking. Is music necessary?"

"Not for me."

She stood in those heels, and she seemed regimented, like this is what was required. The top had one long zipper, she stood with her chest out, and stared at me as she slowly drew it down, glancing at her own chest as she did it.

It was a matching black bra, half-cup, lacey, and her white flesh contrasted it, as I could see her breathing, wondering how often they played this game. She seemed nervous, but tried to hide it.

She turned her back, and slowly draped the jacket on her shoulders, then slid it down to the small of her back. She was much younger than Richard, but all her makeup hid it. Now, seeing how taut her flesh was, I changed my estimation to forty-something. She kept a frozen smile as she dramatically turned back to face me, her breasts were spectacular.

"Wait," I said, cutting her performance off. I stood, finished my beer, and said, "Not like this, you're going through the motions, but not enjoying it. Let me catch up." I pulled the tee over my head, and she seemed to like my suntanned body. I kicked off my shoes and walked over to her. "Now, how about a little of me touching you?"

My hand went out and cupped her tit, and she honestly smiled. "There, now I know you're a real person. Anything you want to touch?" and I felt her hand caressing my growing bulge. I smiled. "This is better, isn't it? Is kissing allowed?"

She smiled. "It's optional."

"Then lets add that option." I bent my head and kissed her softly, letting her relax some more. I felt her shell melting away, and she kissed back, with eyes wide, then I felt her tongue, probing, and I took it in.

Still holding her tit while she rubbed me harder, I sent my other hand in search of the bra hook, which was in the back corner. As we stared at each other, I opened it and it sagged from the weight of her breasts. I lifted the cup and they fell out, and my hands held them like melons. They weren't huge, but more than a mouthful, and I heard air escape from her when I found the nipple. When I squeezed it, she gasped, very nicely, and I knew it was real. I wanted her to enjoy herself.

Our eyes were still locked when I lowered my head, taking the nipple in my lips, my tongue flicking across the tip. "Oh, Tommy."

My other hand wrapped around her waist and I slowly slid it into the elastic waistband, and I felt her ass, firm from exercise. She wiggled her pelvis against me from the squeeze, and our kisses were hotter. I slid the matching track slacks down, feeling how firm her ass felt, and ground my crotch into her.

I felt her hands at my belt, so I stepped back to help, and I saw, atop those heels which were about 4 inches after all, was the most beautiful, shaved pussy ever. I just said "wow" and she said, "Does that mean you like it?"

When I nodded, she added, "It was Richard's idea."

"Well, my compliments to his fine taste!" She liked that, then I dipped my finger into her, and she was surprised. She was very wet, so I injected a finger and she squirmed. Then another. She was dancing like a puppet now.

We kissed again. Elaine said nothing as she got my jeans off. She eyes showed excitement when she reached in and found my seven inches hard. Mt fears about not performing were, apparently, unnecessary. She kissed me again as she stroked the full length and i could feel her smiling as we kissed.

I moved us to the couch, still together in a body-clench, and I eased her down, slowly, carefully, kissing my way, from her lips, past her neck, to those breasts, then down, further and she said, "You don't have to do that."

Between kisses, I replied, "I don't have to do anything. If you want me to stop..."

"Oh, Noooo..."

Her shaved skin was so smooth and her fragrance filled me. This woman is so hot! And now I get to taste her! I spread her legs, and she moaned again, signalling approval, I imagined. I looked down, at the pink flesh, glistening with moisture, it was moving, she was twitching, and the clit was swollen and darker, almost red.

I went for it, turning my head to catch it between my teeth, gently pulling at it, sucking, feeling it throb. The deep sound rattled through her chest, into her throat, then out those lips. "Ooooooohhhhhhhh!"

I kissed and bit, rubbed my nose against it, enjoyed feeling how she reacted to each move, and then she was tugging at my head. "No, No more, Please, I can't stand it!"

I moved up and she kissed me firmly, and her juices were smeared across that perfect makeup and Morticia was anything but the unfeeling character from TV and movies!

She stayed spread as she pulled me on top. "Now, Tom, put it in me now!"

Glad to oblige. By now, I was throbbing, too. "Yeah, Ma'am," I replied officially, then she took my head and held it to her entrance. I thought about teasing her some more, but thought she couldn't stand my joking, so I pressed on, my thick pink head passing through the walls, feeling her give way. Her tightness surprised me as I pushed onward, and her eyes stared, wide in delight.

I didn't want to make her uncomfortable, so I backed off, before moving further, and she must have thought I was giving up. "More, Tom, I need it all the way! Now? Please?"

And I did! This time not concerned about form, she wanted function. I raised over her and thrust my hips, and rammed all the way, so that her eyes bulged, and she groaned from the force.

"Yes! Yes! Hard! Like that!" and with each order, I thrust, making her emphasis her words, her head was rolling as if disconnected from her neck, and she was wailing. I could feel her nails digging into my back. That was gonna leave marks, but fuck it!

"Oh! God! Oh! God!", she stammered, "Gonna Come! Gonna! Come!" and she did, she squealing as her body shook beneath me, jerking and twisting. I felt my cock give way, and release streams of hot sperm into her depths. Each thrust sent another shot until my gun was empty. I slumped on top of her and we laid there panting. I felt her kisses on my neck and that was good: it meant she really enjoyed it, and had lost some of that Boss/Worker attitude.

I eased out of her and when my cock fell limp, she just whispered, "oooh", as if disappointed that we were done.

I tried to get up but she held me. "Just stay for a minute, okay?" she whispered, softly.

"Sure, I thought I was crushing you." We kissed again, this a more personal kiss between lovers not some paid concubine.

"You are, but it's a good crush, I hope you don't mind placating me."

"Heck, I'm in no rush, how long was that movie?"

She smiled. "He's such a dear, probably at the Library, reading. I call him at the appropriate time to return."

"Good deal you got there."

"Tom, I really do love my husband. Mostly, we do this on vacation with a stranger we meet, makes it less risky, but Richard had a good feeling about you. I'm glad he did."

I smiled. "Me, too!"

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