The Marriage of Martin Hastings Ch. 15


"Congratulations." said a pleasnt looking middle aged woman who was walking through the park. She now stood smiling and placed her hand on his shoulder. Martin looked up from the compact but said nothing.

"Congratulations on your marriage honey," she said again. She could tell from the all white ensemble and the Bliss Mask this was a newlywed bride. "Doin the old trditional three nights huh? What night are you on in your consummation?" she asked.

"Uhmm.......tonight will be the third night," he said his eyes looking at her through the mask.

She pulled her hand back and placed it on her own chest and gave a surprised gasp. "Oh my goodness. I had no idea you were a man," she said now regaining some of her composure from the initial shock. "Well.......I've never seen a man dressed as a newlywed bride in consummation before," she gave a nervous smile. "Sorry for my reaction just now," she said giving Martin a pleasant smile. Martin didn't want to cause any public alarm, so he decided to try and defuse things and see if this woman could maybe assist him in some way. At least she hadn't gone off thinking he was some kind of pervert sitting here/

"I'm in a same sex marriage," he said as he tried to calm things and make the situation seem as normal as he could, so she wouldn't be suspicious by the sight of him. "Have you ever heard of two men getting married before?" he asked.

"Oh sure. I know it's becoming very common in some places. Two women, two men, and even sometimes a man and a woman get married," she said laughing at her own little attempt at humor. "It's just I have never actually met a man who was married to another man before. I didn't realize that one of them would actually be dressing as a woman. I always thought they would be just like two guys living together," she said in a humorous way. "Are you just dressing as a woman for the consummation ceremony, or do you live dressed like a woman all the time?" she sounded genuinely interested in this ordeal now.

"Well, actually it's my husband that wants me to dress as a woman and perform as a traditional bride during the consummation period. I told him I would," Martin now was looking around to see if anyone had followed him.

"Oh that's so sweet of you. I think it's so romantic you would do that for him," she said sounding very positive, but her mind wondered why his husband didn'y just marry a girl if he wanted such a feminine image to sleep with? "That is a very pretty dress you are wearing," she said now backing up to take a better look at him.

"Thank you," Martin said spreading the skirt with his palm.

"Those shoes look a terror though. How can you walk in those? Are they comfortable?"

"No, not really. Men like to see a pair of long legs in these kind of high heels as long as they don't have to wear them." She laughed at Martin's humor.

"Look I need your help if you don't mind. I need you to take this key and unlock this collar that's around my neck," he held the key out to her in his red manicured fingers.

"Why are those lights blinking?"

"This is just so they can find me if I'm running late when it's time to get dressed for the evening. Just part of the Three Nights of Consummation you know. The submission and total surrender and public commitment to my man," he said in a whimsical way making her laugh again.

"Sure I can do that," she said taking the key and putting it in the lock and turning it. The collar didn't unlatch but instead beagn to strobe. All the lights flashing rapidly the a high piercing beep began to pulsate. Every couple of seconds the screeching beep sounded. People were now looking Martin's way.

"What did you do?" Martin yelled in a panic.

"Nothing. I just turned the key." she said now very concerned.

"OOWW!!" Martin yelled as the collar jolted him with a quick shock.

The lady tried to get the key but Martin jumped and she dropped it in the grass. Martin was scrambling around now looking for the key.

:"AGGHHH!" he yelled again as he was jolted. He reached up and grabbed the collar.

"Here it is" the woman said reaching down ti pick up the key. "Let me try turning it back." she said as Martin turned to let her put the key in.

She turned the key again to where the lock was previously and the craziness al stopped suddenly.

"What the hell?" Martin said with his head bowed now while she looked at the collar.

"Are you ok?" she asked. "This lock say's Activate on it." she studied a bit closer. "This collar must have been disarmed and I accidentally armed it. I'm so sorry." She then noticed a second smaller keyhole and without saying a word inserted the key and turned it. The collar opened right up.

"Oh thank you so much.That is so much better."

"Sure you are ok," she said handing Martin the collar.

"I'm fine. Just a little mistake. We enever actuallt activate the collar," he said as he wondered how and why it wasn't activated in the first place.

"Wow you sure have a lot of hickeys on your neck. Let me see, one...two...three...." she continued around his neck till she had counted seven. "You've been a very busy bride," she giggled.

"How do you mean? I sometimes think my husband is still in high school with the hickey thing," Martin looked at her.

"Well, I have always heard that durin The Three Nights of Consummation, that the very wealthy sometimes do, the hickey is a traditional sign of how many times the bride was seeded during the Consummation. When you have your banquet, everyone will be able to see how many time you and your husband had sex during the consummation."

Martin was silent in total embarrassment. This was a total unexpected and very degrading piece of news. The humiliation of being paraded around in front of others who also knew this. He could just see a pretty young girl leaning over smiling to her husband and saying, "Look honey, he's been fucked in the ass eight times by his husband over the last three nights. Isn't that sweet." And she could tell all that just by counting the hickeys on his neck. Martin stood up straight.

"Nice to have met you. I have to go now." Martin said suddenly grabbing his purse and putting the collar in it.

"I'm sorry. I hope I didn't upset you." the woman said.

"No. I just realized how late it is. I must be going. Good day to you." Martin walked away, trying to figure what to do next. He had only been able to plan the escape from the house due to repetition of the routine there, but had no idea what to do outside the estate. He walked quickly trying desperately to find a place he could sit and think this through. Unseen! Just as Martin got to the lake in the center of the park, he saw two police officers talking with a park patron. His heart pounded d as he wondered if they were looking for him. Had Leanne been found and the Baron notified the authorities that he was a runaway bride? Missy had said something about runaway brides were brought back to their husbands whenever they were found and it would be almost impossible to get an annulment after that. He watched quietly then he backed up and turned to leave bumping into a woman Park Police officer.

"You Ok ma'am?' the officer said looking at the young bride. Martin didn't say anything. He just put his hand up in an acknowledgement gesture and tried to walk away. "Excuse me ma'am. We are looking for a stolen blue bike. It was taken by a couple of teenage boys earlier and we believe they are still in the park somewhere. Have you seen anyone matching that description?"

Martin was so scared to say a word, but realized how suspicious he looked, dressed as he was, with his hair in curlers if he didn't speak to a direct question. Martin shook his head looking at the officer to indicate he had not seen anyone. She looked at him and the attire he was wearing. "You live nearby?" the officer asked. "Not exactly dressed for a walk in the park. What is your name?" she said now looking down and turning her head looking at the 6" heels Martin was wearing.

"I'm just taking a break from all the wedding festivities," Martin said softly.

"Hmmm, I see. You are a man."

"Yes I'm a man. Is there a problem with me being a man?" Martin snapped, taking a step back. he was so pissed.

"No, nothing at all. Newlywed huh?" she said as she continued to question him.

"Yeah. Two days. If it's ok with you officer, and there is no problems, I need to get going."

"I need to see your PCP first sir."

"My what?" Martin sounded confused.

"Your Public Crossdressing Permit. I need to see it before you can leave," she said.

"Well, I don't have it yet. I just got married two days ago, and I just started dressing in women's clothes. Look, I just stepped out for some fresh air." Martin said pleading his case.

"I understand sir. You married to a woman or a man?" the officer asked.

"A man. Why?" Martin sounded a defiant tone.

"Name. If you married a man, your name has probably changed. If you were married to a woman this would probably just part of a fantasy scene for you. Transvestites sometimes like to indulge in wedding ceremonies dressed as women, but that doesn't mean they can just go out in public."

"I'm not a transvestite!" Martin snapped. "Can I go now?"

"I'm sorry sir, I can't let you just leave here crossdressed without a PCP. Your not under arrest or anything, but I will have to take you to the station, and there we can call your husband to come and pick you up."

"NO! I just want to be left alone. Would you take me in if I had one of those PCP cards?"

'No sir. That would mean you are registered as a crossdresser, and have given reason and permission to crossdress in public. Not every male gets permission, but you being married to a man, I'm sure you will have no problem getting one. But the fact is sir, you don't have one now, so if you wouldn't mind turning around and putting your hands behind your back," the officer said pulling her handcuffs off her utility belt.

"What! You said you weren't going to arrest me. I haven't done anything wrong." Martin said backing up astonished at this turn of events.

"Sir I have to handcuff you when taking you into my custody. You're not being charged with anything, I'm just going to take you the station, and they will get you home safely."

"I just live right over behind the park," Martin said pointing to the other side.

"Please sir, turn around and put your hands behind your back."

"I am the wife of the Baron Vargos!" Martin now tried to use the Baron's name to leverage the situation. The other two officers were now looking his way.

"REALLY! Congradulations. We will be able to give him a call from the station to pick you up." she said as she clicked the handcuffs on Martin's wrist behind his back.

"What do we have here," the two other officers asked as they approached.

"Oh, nothing to worry about guys. I have it under control. Just a little public crossdressing violation," she said now directing Martin to her car.

The other two officer's laughed as they assessed Martin's appearnce.

"What's are those things in your hair fella," one of the officers yelled out as he was placed in the back of the squad car.

"Just ignore them sir," she said as she put the seatbelt around Martin's waist, and strapped his ankles.

"What the hell are you doing?" Martin hissed as his ankles were fastened to the seat.

"Just be quiet sir, We are ready to go now." she said closing the door. The car then pulled away taking Martin to the police station where a phone call was to be made to bring him right back?

Martin sat quietly as the officer had told him he would be able to talk to someone at the station about his situation, and that there was nothing she could do for him.

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