tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersThe Marriage of Martin Hastings Ch. 21

The Marriage of Martin Hastings Ch. 21


This is a fictional story and contains scenes of explicit sexual (XXX) and s/m activities. It is a forced feminization fantasy story of a reluctant man, who is forced to cooperate in being the bride of another male. If you are not interested in these type stories, please read no further.


Martin watched the guest from the table. The Baron was still making the rounds without his new wife at his side, receiving congratulations from everyone. Martin watched as Leanne stood and walked out of the room. The plug in his bottom still causing discomfort, even more since he had sat down. Martin was suddenly surprised when a woman approached him from behind.

"Lady Vargos, excuse me but would you please accompany me for a moment. A private audience has been requested of you," she said touching his arm.

"Well tell them request denied. I don't want to see anyone right now," he said thinking about what Missy had just said to him.

"I'm sorry sir, but this audience with you has been approved for you, so if you don't mind," she said taking Martin's arm now.

Martin wondered and then worried who it might be. He looked around for that strange man taking pictures, and couldn't find him. "Oh great," he said as she helped him stand and walk out of the room.

Leanne was waiting for Martin down at the end of a long hallway, where she took him by the arm now.

"Thank you very much. I'll take it from here," she said leading Martin into the room. Martin stopped suddenly seeing the familiar styling chair with the straps hanging and waiting in the middle of the room. Leanne had warned him the chair would be brought here. He pulled away from Leanne.

"What is this? You haven't had enough fun at my expense yet? What's this about?" Martin said backing away from her pointing at the chair.

"Just settle down. I'm not going to do anything to you. At least not yet. Just have a seat. You will be fine." Leanne said holding up the remote control that would activate the shock in his butt plug if she so desired.

"You said you would take this thing out of my ass after the banquet."

"And I will, after your little meeting is over."

"What little meeting? Who is this meeting with?" he asked as he slowly sat down in the chair. "And why do I have to be strapped in this chair to meet this person?"

"You'll find out soon enough," she said as she went to work securing him in the chair. The chair had many 2" straps attached to it. Leanne first strapped both Martin's wrist to the arms tightly. Then she strapped both forearms just before the elbows. Pulling them tight before buckling them.

"That's too tight. Loosen them up some."

"Hush Lady Vargos. I'll decide how tight they should be, not you." Then she continued. She strapped his upper arms at the biceps. Martin watched as she snugged him in the chair. Without any concerns for Martin she pulled hard on the waist strap pulling him up tight against the back of the chair.

"Leanne, why are you doing this so tight?" Martin spat out as he felt himself becoming more and more immobilized.

"Quiet please Lady Vargos," she said now pulling the strap at his chest above his padded bra. Leanne removed the hobbles just above Martin's knees, then she made sure his thighs had a strap wrapped around them and pulled tight holding them together, then another just below his knees. Finally his ankles were strapped together and secured to the chair. Leanne stood in front of him and looked at the helpless feminized man for a moment.

"Getting some cheap thrills you sadistic bitch?" Martin hissed at her as she looked at him.

"Oh, I'm not done yet." she said as she walked behind him raising the headrest on the chair. Martin's head was pushed back against the headrest and held firmly as a strap was then pulled tightly across his forehead securing his head to the head rest. A chin strap that was also attached to the head rest was fastened in place and that finished the scene. Martin sat motionless unable to move.

"Why are you doing this to me?" he asked only able to move his fingers and toes now.

"You have a special guest Lady Vargos. This was all needed I'm afraid," Leanne sweetly patted Martin's cheek and then with a smile she pulled her hand back and gave him a hard slap across the face. The slap shocked Martin. She pretended like it was no more than a little love tap, but she slapped him hard and it stunned and hurt the unsuspecting Martin. She then pumped the chair up as high as it would go and turned the helplessly bound Martin slowly away from the door.

"Now don't you go anywhere. It's time for your meeting," she said smiling as she turned to leave. Martin could hear Leanne's heels as she walked out of the room. He sat stiffly erect in the modified styling chair, wearing his pink dress and pink high heels. He had no idea why she had done this to him. She had never immobilized his head like this before. Martin gripped the ends of the chairs arms twisting in the tight bonds, becoming more and more anxious as he sat alone in the quiet room. Then he heard the door open and the sound of high heels slowly approached him from behind.

"Really sucks doesn't it Martin. Having all this celebration for your new found captivity, and sexual slavery. I mean that's what it really is right? They call it marriage." a male voice said from behind him.

Martin felt the chair being turned around slowly to find it was Dorothy. He had seen Dorothy at the banquet, but they had not mingled during the evening. Dorothy was dressed very appropriately for a woman that might be attending such a huge social event as this one. His hair was done up formally much like Martin's, and his face glamorously made up. He wore a low cut dress that was knee length and had a full skirt. The dress was a deep sapphire blue color, and had a sequined bodice with a silk skirt. He walked in front of Martin carrying himself as if he were actually a young lady. Martin couldn't help but notice Dorothy's real cleavage that was exposed by the low cut dress he was wearing.

"What the hell are you doing? Why are you still wearing a dress? I thought you said nobody is making you do this shit now," Martin said looking at Dorothy's breast. Dorothy laughed and looked down at himself.

"This dress? I actually bought this dress for myself just to wear here tonight for your banquet. What do you think of it?" he said flaring the skirt out with his hands, smiling as if he was waiting for a compliment on his dress .

"What do I think of it? I think you've lost your mind. You said you hated being forced to dress as a woman and do all this," Martin said as looked for an answer.

"Martin, you as well as anyone should know by now, that the way I dress says absolutely nothing about who I really am. Especially here. What does it say to you that I'm dressed like this right now? Tell me Martin, I want to hear it," Dorothy said as he smiled and winked at him.

"I don't know. You have gotten so used to being forced to be a woman you have forgotten who you used to be. Don't you want to be a man again?" Martin said with a puzzled look on his face, with his eyes shifted over to Dorothy, unable to move his head. Dorothy laughed at Martin's struggled answer.

"Oh Martin. I never quit being a man. Look, I don't like to wear women's clothes anymore now than I ever did, and I will stop soon. It's not a desire of mine to wear women's clothes. I've worn them for so long though that it doesn't really bother me to be seen like this anymore, at least around these parts. Look, I have breast Martin. Remember?" Dorothy said as he pushed up on his breast. "What else would I wear here tonight? I would have caused much more of a stir had I shown up suddenly dressed as a man with tits, don't you think? I mean after all this how people expect me to look right now when I show up to these things." Dorothy looked at his nails and sighed, "It was just easier I guess."

"You're as nuts as the rest of these people here. You have turned into some kind of fag," Martin said looking a little disgusted at him.

"No Martin, That's not true. I have a beautiful woman now who takes care of all my needs. Money can overcome a lot of obstacles. Funny, she doesn't even seem to notice I am wearing women's clothes."

"Yeah right. No real man would just go buy a dress for himself to wear to a public banquet."

Dorothy looked Martin over and then he just smiled for a moment. "You look very pretty in that dress Martin. Are you a real man?"

"Yes, damn it. It's not the same. I'm not the one dressing myself up like this and you know it. I'm a real man."

"I'm a real man too Martin." Dorothy ran his finger gently tracing the edges of the chin strap holding Martin's head firmly in place, as he reflected for a moment. "Listen, I have something I want to tell you. I know what is happening to you and the reason you are here."

"Why am I here?" Martin said through a stiff jaw. Dorothy paused for a moment more.

"Well...?" Martin said impatiently.

"Martin, you've already been told your father set this whole thing up for you, and that is all true. The process all started back when you were married to your second wife. You know the one that you felt Missy had forced you into a divorce," Martin reflected with a scowl on his face.


"Well you were right in your assumption, Missy did actively pursue getting your marriage annulled behind your back. It was unknowing on her part though that she was set up to do the deed. She thought she was getting a gold digger out of your life while trying to impress your father by caring so much about you." Dorothy then smiled. Martin was speechless at this point. "Of course we both know there is no bigger gold digger than Missy. Right?" Dorothy grinned. "She silly girl actually thought she was married to your father you know. She was just a young public show piece for him. He didn't care about her. Ask her how many times her pussy was touched by your father during their marriage. Zero times would be my guess."

Martin recalled his discussion with Missy in the garden and how she had complained about having to have so much oral and anal sex with no compassion at all from him. How it physically had pained her. He pictured her in his mind going through what he had experienced the past few days.

"You're saying I was separated from my wife, and a marriage that I was very happy with, and then forced into a divorce just so all this could be done to me?" He looked at him skeptical. "I was forced out of a normal marriage for this?"

"Yes Martin. That is exactly what I'm saying. From that point on plans were being made for you behind the scenes to live your life acting as a woman for another man. You were to be made a wife basically and all along you were destined to end up right here where you are now. You never really had a choice in the matter actually. It was going to be done to you whether you wanted it or not. It was obvious to me when we first met that you didn't much care for your new lifestyle, and I would guess by your attitude and the fact you are sitting in that chair, it's obvious to me you haven't agreed with the decision to do all this yet."

Dorothy paced the floor his skirt swaying back and forth as he talked. "Your father was able to get his parents to sign off on this arranged marriage of yours and keep it quiet, since he supported their lifestyle and he told them it was what he wanted, because he felt it was best for you. His sister is a nut, as you well know, and she did it for monetary reasons, of course. She also thought that an arranged marriage, in an alternate lifestyle, might be a good thing for you. She didn't seem to think you were having much luck with women anyway. It didn't matter to her that you were to marry a man and have to dress like a woman. She had commented that "she liked men too." She was pretty weird. Your cousin, that poor girl, had to be coerced a bit as your father needed that last signature from a family member for the arranged marriage to be registered. Your father just calmly suggested to her that he could very easily arrange for her to have her own arranged marriage and wedding ceremony if she had any issues with signing. "Possibly to another woman," he had suggested to her. So she signed, rather reluctantly, and kept quiet. I think that poor girl still worries today about an arranged marriage of her own."

"Your saying my father forced them all to sign that document? And they all did it knowing I would end up like this? Dressed as a woman, and being sexually assaulted everyday by a insane man."

"Well, except for your aunt, yes, that's exactly what I'm saying. Your aunt didn't need to be coerced. if any of them had objected, you wouldn't be here."

Martin jerked at his restraints in anger now, his head held rigidly still against the headrest.

"You're lying to me! Tell me Dorothy, who told you all this crap? I don't know that I believe you. There was also a John Hastings that signed the document too. I've seen it. He was also involved in having this done to me? Do you know who he was? I don't remember a John Hastings in the family. How could he be involved?"

Dorothy walked away from the chair and then turned to face Martin again. Putting his hands on his hips he struck a feminine pose and looked at Martin, smiled, and then said in a sexy, sensuous voice, "Nobody told me about all this Martin. I was there for the whole thing. That's my real name. I'm John Hastings. I was secretly forced to marry your father Martin. That legally made me your step......whatever. Your father never gave me a feminine name like you have. He always called me John for some weird reason. I created the name Dorothy because I felt even more ridiculous in public being called John dressed like this." Dorothy said holding his hands out. "That's right honey, my husband that just died recently was your father. Oh, and by the way, I am the one that asked him to do this to you."

Martin felt sick. He couldn't say a word initially. "What?" he gasped. "That can't be right. I don't even know you."

"I'm sorry honey. That's how it all really happened. I wanted you to hear the real story from me, so you would have no doubts at all, with all the rumors flying around about how you ensnared the Baron's heart and all."

"Why would you to do this to me?" Martin's lip trembled as he became very emotional at the new revelation. "I haven't done anything to you. If your story is true, it's my father that forced you to be what you are, not me. I didn't even know you existed." Martin tried to turn his head to look at Dorothy but couldn't, only able to shift his eyes to the side, "Are you enjoying watching me suffer like this?" Martin twisted as best he could in the chair growling. "You sadistic ass hole."

"Look honey, At least I didn't ask for your head on a silver platter, but I did ask for your father to do this to you," Dorothy said sitting across from Martin now in a very unladylike manner with his knees spread, leaning forward with his elbows on his thighs. "Your father was in love with me Martin, or in love with what he was doing to me. I'm not really sure which." Dorothy reflected and then turned his attention back to Martin. "He forced me to dress up in outrageous women's fetish wear, and then he paraded me around his select groups of friends totally humiliating me. Then he would force me to do my wifely duties when we were alone together. As far as I was concerned, I think he was somehow turned on by my total embarrassment, and enjoyed seeing me agonize in the degradation of it all. A sadistic bastard he was. You've had similar experiences here I'm sure, only it was much worse for me Martin. Much worse honey. I fought him and all those that were involved in doing this to me. I refused to cooperate with anything. I was in a constant state of restraint of some sort. I spent many hours in that same chair you are in right now. Believe it or not, that head rest was added to that chair just for me, to totally immobilize me. How do you like it?"

"What? This is madness." Martin gripped the end of the chair handles as he pushed back one last time against the straps holding him still. "So, you know Leanne?" Martin asked blankly.

"Yes. Leanne is a total bitch, and a cunt. I have absolutely no use for her. She has no problems whatsoever doing this type of thing to men. She see's it as a very nice paycheck. She's the one who got me started just like you. She's good at initiating the decline of a man's masculinity. No feelings or sympathy at all for the man who wants to be a man, if he is sitting in her chair."

"And what about Lisa? How does she fit into all this? I think she's even worse than Leanne."

"I don't know Lisa." Dorothy said as Martin stared straight ahead, taking in all this information and trying to make some sense of it all.

"Your father couldn't understand why I wouldn't treat him like a loving spouse. Why I wouldn't love him back as he kept saying he loved me, I mean after all he did turn me into a princess and all, whether I wanted to be one or not." Dorothy looked at his dress and continued, "You see Martin, as I said before when we were in the garden, I wasn't a rich man like you. I worked for your father for years without a clue of his intentions toward me. My family, especially my parents had very little and my relationship with them was rocky to say the least, so they jumped at the opportunity to be wealthy at my expense. It didn't bother them at all. When my mother saw how I was being dressed after the fact, she just smiled and accepted it as part of the arranged marriage agreement. No offer to help me, or even an expression of sympathy for the fate she had just inflicted on me."

Dorothy stared at the floor in quiet reflection for a moment. "Your father thought by giving me all the wealth any man could dream of wanting, would make me want to spread my legs wide for him and scream like some love struck girl, "Oh baby make love to me, harder, deeper," but that didn't happen. Your father was a pervert Martin, and saw nothing wrong with forcing me to do all this. He had all the rights to my body as my husband. Apparently it is not abuse if he is sticking his cock up my ass and I don't want it there. It is legal here to force a marriage the way they did ours. That's why we were brought here in the first place. After all, once your father and I were married he felt no sympathy for me at all for the physical aspects of our relationship that he fully exploited for his own enjoyment. Nor did he concern himself in what he was doing to me in depriving me of my manhood. He actually thought I was being very unreasonable about it all, but he wanted me to emotionally desire him. Then he gave me this unusual but permanent gift," Dorothy said grasping both his breast, "It was like he was showing me he could do what he wanted with me even if I disagreed, but he wanted me to feel good about it I think, in some demented way. He had a sick mind Martin. I think he really enjoyed my suffering. I guess if I was a masochistic crossdresser I'd been in seventh heaven, but I was neither of those. I won't tell you what all he did to me," Dorothy said softly turning his back to Martin and softly unzipping his dress. "but his fiendish imagination was.........well, I'll just say it's best he's gone." Dorothy hung his head as his dress hit the floor.

"What are you doing Dorothy?" Martin looked at the feminized man's body. Dorothy slid his panties down slightly to reveal initials tattooed across his lower back, over each butt cheek, in large elaborate script just under the panty line. G H.

"George Hastings," Martin thought as he saw the letters. It was his father's initials. Martin stared as Dorothy just stood there so he could see the humiliating permanent mark that had been left on him. This was the first real sign that his father had really been associated with this man. Martin was stunned silent now.

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