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The Mask


The Mask from Babe-a-lon (A Halloween Story)

by Denny Driehoek

Kerry sighed as she pulled into the parking lot at the strip mall. She parked close to the one store she truly dreaded to shop at, for many reasons. And other than an obligation to attend Deanna's bridal shower, she would never consider shopping at such a store as Babe-a-lon. It was Kelly, Deanna's maid of honnor and co-worker at the accounting firm of Klein Schulmann, who had insisted that all were to bring a sexual gag gift.

Kelly was their fun loving, uninhibited, let's-play-truth-or-dare gal pal whom Kerry found it impossible to defy. An easy solution would have been to order something online, but Kerry's revulsion for those things made her procrastinate even searching for such sites until the day before the shower. She simply refused to pay expedited shipping costs, and now, the shower was a mere twenty hours away.

That first step into Babe-a-lon was so difficult for Kerry mostly due to her upbringing under evangelical Christian parents and attending an all-girls school until college. Other than overhearing a few conversations, there had been zero sexual education for her. An exemption from lascivious attentions had been given to her due to an appearance that was charitably described as "plain-looking." Her facial features, while far from revolting, just did nothing to take attention from her flat chest, hips and rear. In contrast, her intelligence was quite superior. She graduated tops in her class and was valedictorian. Now, in her mid-twenties and with a second graduation, which netted her an MBA, behind her, she limited her social life to occasional partes with her coworkers. Her close contacts now saw her for the kind, funny genuine person she truly was.

Over the few years at Klein Schulmann, Kerry's close circle of a half a dozen friends had become engaged then married until only Deanna and Kerry were left single. Deanna's shower was likely to be the last Kerry would attend for quite some time. The previous four bridal showers had all been full of high spirits, laughter and letting-your-hair-down fun. Skipping Deanna's was not an option, neither was disappointing the maid of honor, Kelly.

Still, Kerry was having trouble getting out of her car to go into a shop devoted to sex. Her Christian upbringing had so serverely suppressed her own sexuality that she had trouble looking at attractive people of either gender. She continued to wear an abstinence pledge ring, and, yes, she was still a virgin. There had been a period of self-exploration including numerous, guilt provoking, auto-erotic acts. Then, one Sunday, their preacher talked about how dangerous such behavior could be to a young person's self-esteem, health and faith. So she worked hard to overcome the evil habit of touching herself.

Early in her freshman year in college, after her eighteenth birthday, Kerry would again give in to temptation, briefly. She awoke one night to her slightly older roommate trying to be quiet while having relations with her even older boyfriend. From across the room, she could hear them moving, breathing, moaning and grunting. At first, she was revolted by Sally's ( her roommate ) behavior, but intrigued enough to not cover her ears. When the couple was done and the boyfriend had slipped out, Kerry asked Sally, "Are you alright?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. You didn't hear that, did you?"

"Yeah, kinda."

"Oh, sorry. I thought that you were a sound sleeper."

"Usually. Except when the seasons change. And now...well, this is embarrassing, I have to change my panties."

"Wow. You got wet listening to us."

"I'm sorry. I haven't wet the bed since I was little."

"You don't think that you peed in the bed. Do you, Kerry?"

"Uh, yeah. My panties are really wet."

"So is my sheet, but I know that it didn't come from Brad. He had a condom on. And I know that I didn't pee...Did nobody ever tell you about getting wet when you're...excited?"

"No. So it can happen when you're not on your period?"

"Oh yeah. Try this; touch yourself on your nob."

"Oh, I don't know. Our preacher said that really bad things could happen."

"It's okay...I'll do it with you. Alright?"

"I guess...I'm still really wet."

"Me too. Brad didn't stay long enough for me to get off...Mmmm."

"That feels weird, but good...Oh my! Oh Lord! Oh, oh, oh! Ohhhh!"

"Oh yeah! We got off together! Wasn't that fun?"

"Was that...sex?"

"Yeah, Kerry. You just masturbated and lived!"

So, Kerry put her fears and revulsion aside to step into Babe-a-lon for a good cause. Immediately on entering the sex shop, Kerry was nearly face-to-face with a realistic mannequin dressed as Catwoman. As a Batman fan, she recognized the costume as a take on the Halle Berry Catwoman. The head piece was black vinyl with plastic ears, but the face mask was a bit too ornate for the rest of the outfit. The half mask was all black with Venetian scroll work and lace outline. The rest of the outfit consisted of a see-through lace catsuit with a plain black bra and panties underneath. Kerry considered herself a true Catwoman aficionado. Since she was a young girl, she had kept pictures from magazines of every version of Catwoman from Julie Newmar to Anne Hatheway. It was her secret fantasy to style her own version, someday.

Kerry was shocked back to reality by the question; "Would you like some help putting an outfit like this together?" It came from an older woman with a friendly smile, unlike anyone Kerry expected to be working at a sex shop. The woman identified herself as Mary, the co-owner of Babe-a-lon.

Kerry clasped her purse tightly and stammered, "Oh...uh, no. I...I was actually looking for the uh...you know...bridal gifts."

"Of course, right this way. I can show you more costumes later, if you like."

"Well, I don't know...I can't imagine going anywhere in a costume that, you know, revealing."

"We do have some full-body catsuits that are opaque, unlike the one on the mannequin."

"Yeah, but I don't exactly have much that would fill it out, if you know what I mean." They stopped, as they had arrived at Babe-a-lon's bridal section. Kerry focused immediately on a pair of white slippers with crocheted penis shapes decorating the tops. They seemed more amusing than revolting.

Mary noticed the interest. "Aren't these cute? We just got them in stock, and I've already sold two pair."

"Uh, they look fine. I just hope that no one else gets them, you know, for the shower."

"Well, we also have a set of these." Mary pulled a sample of a hard plastic drinking glass with a built in straw shaped like a realistic penis. "I could sell you a set of six of these and the slippers for just under $45."

Not wanting to get acquainted with more of the products, Kerry said, "That's fine. I'll take them."

Mary walked Kerry and her items to the counter via the Catwoman mannequin. She paused to ask, "Are you sure that I can't help you with a Halloween costume? You seemed to like our Catwoman."

"Well, I am a big fan. But I've just never gone to any costume parties. And we don't dress up at work."

"Well, there is an open party here at the shop on Halloween night. It's always very laid-back. We hold it early in the evening, so that people can go to other parties after they get comfortable in their costumes. No alcohol, no drugs. We have punch and cookies and play a couple of games. You would be very welcome."

Kerry thought that Mary seemed a bit pushy about her costume sales, but there was something intriguing about being Catwoman in front of strangers. "Um, that does sound interesting. But, won't there be a lot of Catwomen this year?"

"That's the beauty of our store's approach. We're customizing our costumes, especially the Catwoman. And we have a satisfaction guarantee."

"Well, it would take a lot of padding to give me any kind of figure. I've always been like a stick."

"If you just give me a minute, I'll have something that you can try on...including a one-of-kind mask to go with it. Okay?"

"Oh boy, I can't believe that I'm saying this, but...sure...let's do it."

"Great! Let me see...you're about a size 2. Right?" Kerry nodded. "Okay, I'll be right back." Within a minute, Mary was back with a catsuit, a pair of low-rise black panties and a tape measure. "I like to get my own measurements quickly, for you bra size, if you don't mind."

"Sure." Kerry said despite sudden trepidation over the prices of the bra's she had seen in the store. She had seen prices up to $75, while never having paid more than $20 for her 30" A-cup. But there were no other customers in the store, so after the measurements, she followed Mary to a dressing room. Before Kerry was even undressed, Mary returned with a solid black only slightly padded bra with crisscross straps. After handing it over the top of the door, she said, "You go ahead and get changed, while I grab a finishing touch or two."

Kerry had never stripped down completely in a store's dressing room. But she had read Babe-a-lon's policy including a pledge to be free of cameras in the dressing area and other privacy protections. So she started with the undergarments. Never had she worn black against her alabaster skin. With only the bra and panties on, there was a feeling beyond the normal vulnerability of just being in her underwear, but she felt it best to get right into the catsuit. The garment clung to her body like the dance tights that she had as a young girl. It was a bit more opaque than the one on the mannequin with a vertical undulating floral and scroll pattern over sheer black tight mesh. It had a scoop neck with a plunging back, and it did little to make her feel covered. But the mirror in her dressing room was too close-up to give her a good enough view. So after checking the ante-room of the dressing area and finding it empty, she stepped out of her dressing room.

Mary was waiting for Kerry with a head piece, a mask and a pair of black leather platform boots with 4" stiletto heels. She had Kerry turn away from the full-length mirror while the finishing touches were donned. After getting help to stand, Kerry faced the mirror in the ante-room. "That can't really be me! This is a trick mirror. Right?"

"Absolutely not. See me standing next to you, dear? We don't need those kind of tricks, here." Kerry was truly stunned as she looked at herself as Catwoman. A serious rival to Halle Berry was staring back at her. She took off the mask to try to get an even better look. Suddenly, something didn't seem the same about the outfit. After taking care of some gathering in the legs and the shoulders, it still didn't come close to her first glance. Kerry put the mask back on, and there again was the sexiest Catwoman she had ever seen.

"What's going on?" Kerry turned and confronted Mary. "I thought that you said there were no tricks!"

"We don't consider the mask, a 'trick.' It is endowed with a charm to inspire confidence. I see that, in your case, it works rather well. But, if it makes you uncomfortable, you don't have to take it. I have a mask without the charm."

Kerry took the mask off to look about the room then at the older woman. She saw nothing dramatically different until she gazed at the mirror again. "I'm confused." she said honestly. "I don't know if I can trust what I'm seeing or hearing in here."

"It's alright, dear. I understand. There are certain items in this shop that, for lack of a better term, are magical. Nothing we have to sell, or give away could ever harm anyone. The worst that could happen is the object doesn't work or stops working." Mary gave her customer a smile of earnestness.

Kerry shook her head. "So, this means that you're a what? A witch?"

"That's not a term we use, dear. My partner, Barb, and I, well, we have different types of 'gifts.' Mine seems to be the ability to see people that have needs. Needs that could be met by certain objects like this mask. You, my dear, are in desperate need of self-confidence and a perfect fit for our special mask."

Kerry sat down on the bench in the ante-room of the dressing area. "You know, that's what my counselor has been trying to help me with for the last couple of years. I feel better after a session, but it doesn't last. Just now, I saw myself in a way that I never thought possible, not even on pills. I just don't know if I can trust that feeling, even if I can get past your explanation."

"Well, let me say this... May I?" Mary indicated a seat next to Kerry on the bench.


"You know that it's real enough, here in this shop. Right? Why don't you come to our Halloween party? There will be people here, like you, who were big skeptics."

Kerry stood up and put the mask back on to get another look in the mirror. "I don't know. I've never really used the kind of make-up that you would put on for a party."

"You could come early and help us set up. After that, either a friend or myself could help you with make-up. What do you say?"

"I can't believe that I'm saying this, but, alright, I'll be there!"

Kerry got home, with her purchases, to her apartment. She put the gag gifts from Babe-a-lon aside with her other gift for Deanna, a jeweled clutch that she was sure to love. Then she turned her attention to the Catwoman costume. She laid everything out on her bed. While she looked for a hanger and a space out of sight in her closet, she wondered if the outfit would flatter her now that it was away from Babe-a-lon. Frantically, she tore off her clothes and re-donned her costume, but she waited until the mask was on to turn to her own mirror.

There, in Kerry's familiar surroundings, was that incredibly sexy creature that until an hour ago existed only in her fantasies. Catwoman looked back at her daring her to be the woman she could never be. She saw Catwoman as she struck sexy poses and touched herself through the catsuit. There was the allure of Julie Newmar, then the sultry vixen, Michelle Pfiefer, and powerful and confident Halle Berry.

Looking closer in the mirror, Kerry's breasts seemed so much bigger than the light padding of the bra could have enhanced. Her body curved in a way that she had never seen. Her hands kept caressing the lace of the catsuit and her body inside. She started to feel warm and tingly. Then came the intimate drenching of her panties that brought a bit of panic. She couldn't risk getting the catsuit soiled, so quickly but carefully the costume pealed off. Only the black panties were damp, but the carnal effect of the costume was going to be a problem. So after hanging up the catsuit, head piece, bra and mask, Kerry redressed and took the panties to the bathroom for cleaning. While rinsing, she thought about how to keep them dry during use with the costume. The pads for her period were too wide and their whiteness would show and ruin the look. They would have to be modified.

After Kerry returned to her bedroom to hang the black panties on the headboard, she realized that she had continued to drip from her pussy. Instinctively she reached under her long skirt and felt the origin of the river. Forgetting the sinfulness of her own touch, she fell back on her bed and gave in. She rubbed around her nob, then squeezed it between her fingers. With her other hand, she jammed two fingers into her vagina. At the time, Kerry had no idea what a g-spot was, but she knew that if she curved her fingers deep into her hole, pleasure came to it's highest level. She alternated going deep inside with rubbing her nob. The orgasm that came caused her to let out a howl then nearly passed out.

During the recovery, Kerry became aware that her comforter was soaked. That brought concern about being able to control her urges while in costume along with a question about her health. She thought about calling her doctor, then she remembered the business card that Mary, at Babe-a-lon, had given her with the assurance that Kerry could call her anytime. It was late in the evening after 10 pm, and Kerry hoped to at least leave a voicemail for the motherly older woman with certainly some knowledge of intimate matters. But Mary answered right away and seemed pleased to hear from her customer.

Kerry heard herself blurt out, "I'm sorry, but I don't think that I can wear this costume. It fits fine and everything, but I...I just...it makes me too wet!"

"It's okay, dear. Now, how wet are we talking about?"

"A lot. Much more than even a super maxi-pad would hold. And I don't think that I could even wear that kind of padding with the catsuit being so tight."

"Well, we have some panties that are designed to hide pads that might work. But, if you don't mind my asking, how do you deal with the wetness when you're with your boyfriend...or girlfriend?"

"I don't have one. I mean, well, I've never had a serious relationship."

"Oh. Okay. So, this happens when you touch yourself. Right?"

"Yeah. I tried on the costume to see if it looked the same at home, then I just couldn't help it."

"Okay. As long as I'm already prying, do you mind if I ask, how often do you touch yourself?"

"Not much. I really hadn't done that in a few years."

"Well, that's it, dear. You've had a lot built up inside you waiting for a release. It won't be nearly as damp the next time. Your body will learn to regulate itself once you get into a routine of doing it, say...three times a week."

"Are you sure? Maybe I should talk to my doctor."

"Oh my dear, you're a perfectly normal young woman. And you make a fine Catwoman. I'm sure that if you touch yourself every other day or so between now and Halloween, you'll be able to wear the costume to our party without getting too...excited."

"Thank you, Mary. I'm sorry to have bothered you."

"Not at all, dear. I'm glad that I could help. Call me anytime...And you know that we have products that could help make self-pleasure a truly positive experience."

"You mean, like...vibrators?"

"That's right. We have many products, but I'm not going to try to sell you something that you're not comfortable with. We're not selling anything at the party. We just want to open the store to our customers and friends and have a good time. I'll see you then."

Kerry thanked Mary again and ended the call. Then she put the comforter in the laundry hamper, grabbed a blanket from the closet, crawled under it and had the best night of sleep in, well, ever.

The next day, at the bridal shower, Kerry's gifts were a big hit. Her friends were surprised but delighted that Kerry had actually gone to a shop like Babe-a-lon. As the shower was wrapping up, the matron of honor, Kelly asked her last single friend if she had plans for Halloween. Kerry was used to these yearly rituals of invitations for the holidays. She usually provided excuses like, "Work is really crazy, right now." This time she shocked her friend with, "Yes, I do."

"Oh! Really?" Kelly paused but it would have been way out of character to let Kerry's comment pass. "Is it a date?"

"Not exactly." Kerry bit her lip, took a deep breath and continued. "It's just a party that I was invited to by...a new friend."

A big grin appeared on Kelly's face. "It's a costume party! Isn't it?"

"Um, yeah..."

"Oh my god, Kerry! You're going to actually get into a Halloween costume! What are you going as?"

"Uh...Catwoman. I know that it's a bit trendy, but I had a little help finding something...out of the ordinary."

"When is the party?"

"It's on Halloween night, Thursday."

"Perfect! Then you can come to our party on Saturday night! I have got to see you as Catwoman. So you just have to come! At least so we can get some pictures. Please, Kerry! You just have to."

Kerry gulped and looked at her expectant friend. What came out was, "Okay, sure."

Kelly jumped and squeezed Kerry with a hug. "Oh, this is going to be so much fun! We have the wedding this weekend, then we get to see you in costume!" While still clinging to her friend, Kerry calculated her social events for the next ten days. Three. That was triple her normal yearly total. Fortunately, she was scheduled for vacation time at work.

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