tagBDSMThe massage

The massage


This is a true story, and a very special memory. Some of the details may be ever so slightly enhanced for your viewing pleasure...but not very many.

She is already nude, when you walk into the room, lounging on the bed. She smiles at you, and you smile back. He is dressed, and walking about, lighting candles. His smile speaks makes you wonder what delights are planned for tonight.

You look back at her. Her hair is short, and expertly colored. Her body is tan, and shapely, with full breasts, and tiny nipples. You notice she shaves...

He nods at her and, with one last smile at you, she lies on her stomach, arms stretched out above her head. He places you at the head of the bed, kneeling between her outstretched arms. He reaches into a box and brings out a squirt bottle of oil, a long black crow feather, and a pair of slim throwing knives, placing each item on the bed, one at a time. He passes on of the knives to you. It is slender, with a slight curve. The tip is sharp. Its handle is rough on one side, and has raised images of flowering bamboo on the other. You tingle with excitement as you hand it back.

He then removes three final items from the box: two pairs of black steel handcuffs, and a leather blindfold.

He tells you to blindfold her. You lift her head, and she smiles up at you, with her eyes already closed. You slip the leather over her smooth skin, and she kisses your hand as you pass it over her face.

He snaps one cuff on each of her wrists, then takes you by the hand. His fingers dance over your palms. He tells you your job is to be her restraints. He snaps the other half of each cuff to your wrists. The steel is heavy, and cool on your skin. She tries to pull her arms down, but you keep them straight, and she sighs happily.

He kneels next to her, and opens the bottle. The scent of mint, and cinnamon fills the air. He pours out lines of oil across her shoulders, down her back, across her ass, down her legs. You see her lip as he pours. He starts to massage the oil across her skin, teaseling with his fingertips, then kneading her muscles roughly. You feel her muscles tense, pulling slightly at the handcuffs. She sighs with contentment when he runs his fingertips over her spine. He works his hands across her until her skin glows with oil.

You are so enchanted by the way the candlelight reflects off her oiled skin, you don't notice him pick up the feather. Its not until she gasps and nearly pulls you off balance that you see it. He is running the feather along her inner thigh in smooth strokes. He glides it over the back of her knees, than strokes her silky ass until she whimpers. He teases her back with short strokes, all the way up to her neck.

He touches the feather softly along the back of her neck, across the sides, over her face. It is very slow, loving..and makes you yearn for a soft touch. Silently he places the feather on the small table beside the bed, and picks up the twin knives. He pauses, staying completely still. A minute passes, and she lifts her head, trying to listen, to sense what he is doing. He smiles, and taps the two knives together. The metallic ring of it makes her jump, and she pulls against your arms. You pull back, keeping her still, and stretched. A husky moan comes from deep within her throat.

He reaches down slowly, and drags the tip of one knife slowly down her spine. She arches her back, and gasps as it makes its way. He takes the other knife in his second hand, and together they trace across her ass, then down each leg. He runs them back up, along the inside of her legs, up her inner thigh, and you watch as she opens her legs wide. You feel yourself go from excitement to heat.

He spins a knife in his hand, so the handle is facing our, and with a quick strike, smacks it against her ass. She jumps and pulls hard. You lean back, keeping her tight as he smacks her ass twice more, then soothingly runs the flat of the blade over the red skin.

He kneels over her back, and brings the tip of a knife to her throat, on tip on each side of her chin. She raises her head obediently, and you can see her breathing increase. He slowly, sensually slides the tips back along the sides of her neck to the base of her skull, and down to her shoulders. Shes gasping, and you see her grinding her pussy into the sheets. You catch the scent of her, musky and warm. Your pussy throbs as you picture yourself in her place. You lose track of time as the runs the tip of the blade over her back, leaving long, thin red lines, that you wish you could trace with your tongue. You feel your heat grow with her every moan.

He runs the rough edge of a knife handle over her back, then between her legs. You watch as her mouth opens, and her fingers dig into the bead spread. He runs first the rough side, then the bamboo side of the handle over the lips of her pussy. She starts making little cries of pleasure. Without warning he stops. and she slumps to the bed. He passes the handle of close enough to your face that you can inhale her secret scent, and you cant help but to breath deeply.

He reaches a hand into her hair and pulls her face up to you. His other hand tangles in your long hair, and he pulls you down. Your lips meet hers,a nd she kisses you with a fierce hunger. Her tongue forces its way into your mouth and you sigh into her. He pulls you back then, and her tongue flicks over your lips one last time. You are not sure if he was teasing her with that kiss, or you.

He uncuffs your wrists, and commands her to roll onto her back. Your eyes widen as you see her. Her nipples are like little bullets, hard and erect. She spreads her legs as soon as she is still, and you can see her, pink and full and damp. Before you can take your eyes away from her, he recuffs you. He takes a knife, and runs it over her beautiful, delicate face. It teases her cheeks, and runs over the lips that you just kissed. He slips the tip over the vein throbbing in her throat, and you hold your breath with her. He pours oil over her, until her breasts glow, and her nipples strain under his fingers. He uses both blades to make spirals, curving along each breast, before rubbing her nipples with the handle, first one side, then the other other. Her shivers seem to flow through the steel into your body.

He runs the blade over her flat belly, down till they trace around her sex. Her whole body surges then, and you cant help but moan quietly. You feel dizzy with want. He looks at you, than raises her legs up, around his shoulders. He begins to rub the textured handle over her clit, over her lips. It makes a wet sliding sound, and the scent of her grows stronger. With strength that catches you off guard she pulls, and you fall, catching your self as your face rests against her smooth belly. You can feel how tense her muscles are beneath your cheek. Your shirt pulled up when you fell, and she passionately kisses your exposed skin. Her lips are warm and damp against your stomach, and you cry out softly when she bites down. She moans in frustration when her mouth is stopped by your waistband. You kiss her belly, and she tastes of sweat, and spices. You slide back up her body, feeling her tongue trail along your skin, until you can take one of her nipples between first your lips, then your teeth. She cries out in relief at your touch.

Knowing that he is not done with her, you reluctantly push yourself back up, and pull her arms tight, causing her to gasp anew at your forcefulness. He teases her with the blades for a few more moments, before he sets them aside. He quietly slips his pants off, and you are pleased to see his is as aroused as you are. The pout that was on her face when he stopped touching her becomes perfect surprise as the tip of his cock enters her. You bite your lip, as you see him slide deeper inside of her. She reaches up and grips your forearms, causing your cuffs to click together.

Her back arches as he slides out of her, and his cock glistens with her juices. You and her gasp together as he slams back home inside of her. He begins to fuck her, slowly at first, but you can see the need in his eyes, as you can see it on her mouth. As his thrusts get deeper and faster, her fingernail dig into your forearms. She runs her tongue over her lips in time with his cock entering her. You hear the sound of flesh striking flesh, and the wet sucking sound of her pussy, and her scent is overwhelming. You long to be free to be touched, to touch. You can feel yourself soaking your cloths.

Her back arches hard, and you can see the muscles in her belly convulse in waves. She cries out, and claws at your arms. He meets your eyes in a moment of impossible clarity, and you see him cum deep inside her, every muscle straining.

He slowly sips from her body, you can scent his salty smell, intermingling with her musk. He carefully removes the cuffs from your wrists. You start to reach for him, start to beg to be touched, when he slips one finger into your mouth. He leans to your ear, and whispers: "Your turn."

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