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The Massage Therapist


Some of you may not find this story erotic, but it was one of the most erotic, and fulfilling sessions I ever did.

I am a massage therapist, now mostly retired. I teach a few classes to fill the income gap, because as I got older, quite frankly my calls for Massage work got to be less and less. It seems that younger people prefer younger therapists, which seems odd to me. The older therapists will usually have the most knowledge, but this is the way of the world.

One day I got an email, asking about my services. I answered, eager for a new client. The return email gave me a phone number which I called in short order.

A gentleman answered the phone. He told me the massage was for his wife, and he wished to be present. I was quite used to that, many men enjoy watching their lady receive a massage, often they delight watching me work very sensually, it is quite a turn on for them. I had long since learned that this is more normal than not, and I have always been somewhat liberal in my practice, although I do draw the line at engaging in actual intercourse.

He introduced himself as Tom, his wife was Leeann. He told me that she had some "terrible" scars, and hoped I wouldn't be offended. I assured him I would not be, I have seen and worked with every body type there is, and some cross-fiber techniques are quite effective at reducing scarring over time.

We set up an appointment, they were staying at a local hotel.

I arrived at the appointed time, Tom answered the door, and had me set up my table in the large room.

The room was very nice, I have worked about everywhere one can imagine, even in Motel 6 rooms, where I have to move the bed to make room for my table.

Leeann came out of the bedroom, I smiled and shook her hand as Tom introduced us, she seemed nervous. That is not unusual, but there was something different here, I sensed it, both of them were a bit overly tense. Leeann was extremely attractive, slightly overweight, dyed blonde hair and deep blue eyes. I could see that I was likely going to enjoy this!

Usually when I work in these situations, the husband wants the lady nude, as quickly as possible, sometimes they are even overeager about it. I have learned to go slow, use full draping, and I try to create an air of mystery, never quite letting them know how far I will go. It adds to the excitement, and the pleasure of the session.

I told Leeann to undress and lie face down on the table. I offered her a drape, and stepped to the washroom to cleanse my hands, taking my time to give them comfort. After a few minutes, I came back out. Leeann was under the drape, I could tell at a glance that she was still wearing her underwear, the odd part was she also was wearing a bra. This was highly unusual. A bit unsure of myself now, I decided to play it conservative, so I started with her feet, doing a thorough reflexology, and was rewarded with some soft moans. I then worked up her calves, tucking the drape carefully under her leg.

This lady had fine legs, I followed the lines of the muscles, letting my fingers work out tension. More moans came as I finished up and moved to the thighs, then switched to her back. I slid the drape down to her waist, and as I did this, I felt her go tense again, and I saw why.

There were heavy scars all around her ribcage, on the left side, into her shoulders, under her arms.

This beautiful lady had had a trauma in her life, some surgeon had saved her life, but lacked skill. I have worked with ladies who have lost a breast to cancer, the scarring is visible but fine. These were heavy, almost vicious!

I knew then what I had to do, and why I was there.

I carefully allowed myself to show no reaction, I worked out her back, and Leeann began to relax again. I asked Tom to step up to the table, and showed him some crossfiber techniques that he could use to help with the scarring. I worked up and down the lines, blending the tissue back and forth, as I worked, the redness began to spread out and fade ever so slightly. I could sense his interest, and he began to relax, too. I asked Leeann if I could undo her bra clasp, so I could reach more of the tissue, she said "OK". I worked for over an hour on the sides and back, then I pulled the drape up, covering her, and had her turn over.

I laid a towel over her bust, and slid the drape out from under it. After working her shoulders out, I began again the crossfiber techniques on the scars I could see. She lay with her eyes closed, accepting, I then worked up her chest, and slipped the drap and her unclasped bra up, so I could reach the scars under her breast. She had an implant, and the beginnings of reconstruction. Leeann reached up, glanced at Tom, and slid the bra out from under the drape, dropping it on the floor. I slid the drape off of her reconstructed breast, and finished up with the scar lines.

Then I stepped up to the head of the table, did the face cradles, and allowed my hands to sweep down and over both breasts, almost to the nipple on the right. There was no tensing, or protest, so I removed the towel, and began to work on her chest and abdomen. Leeann's right breast was beautiful, a heavy D cup, her nipple was the size of a silver dollar, and I was pleased to see quite arroused! As I swept my palms across both breasts, I could see her watching me through the slits of her eyes, checking my reactions. I was smiling, her body would give a little shudder each time my palms swept across her nipple. I mentioned to Tom how lucky he was to have such a beautiful lady, she relaxed some more.

As I was working her stomach, nice clockwise circles, she said, "Will you be offended if I take my panties off? They are a bit uncomfortable!" I told her nothing would please me more, she giggled, so I reached under the drape and slid them down, as she lifted her hips to ease the task.

I retucked the drape between her legs, and began to work her legs. I glanced at Tom, his face was flushed, he was stareing at my hands as I worked closer and closer. After I finished up her legs, I lifted her right knee and placed her foot flat on the table, and started working the back of her legs, pushing blood into her pelvis. Tom came and stood at the foot of the table to get a clear view. I sat on the table, my right buttock blocking her foot from slipping down. I looked at Tom, and said, "This is the work that gets me in trouble with the massage board!" and slid my right palm up and over Leeann's cleanshaven pussy!

Leeann's head went back, mouth came open as she let out a moan, her legs were relaxed, and she just let her right knee fall over to give me full access. I turned so I could use both hands, flicked my thumbs, alternating over her clit, lifting it slightly with each motion.

Tom stood and stared, mouth hanging open as I worked and manipulated his wife to near orgasm. I turned my hand upwards, inserted my index finger of my right hand all the way, and gently stroked upwards towards her navel. Then I leaned forwards, and took her in my mouth. She erupted instantly, as I lifted her clit with my tongue. I felt her begin to subside, so I slowed the motion, then sped up and she went into spasms again! I just kept going and was rewarded with the 3rd, then 4th, and finally a huge earthshattering explosion. She was gripping the sides of the table, the muscles of her stomach were actually rippling!

Finally, she was done. It was awesome! I went into the bathroom to wash up, leaving her to rest. I came out and chatted for a bit with Tom, as Leeann took her turn in the washroom. A few minutes later, she came out, completely nude! She walked over to where I sat in the chair, looked at Tom and said, "I have to do this!" He just smiled, she reached down and freed me from my pants, curled up and took me in her mouth. Usually I will not allow this, I prefer to give, but she had the need, and in this situation, I could not say no. Tom sat and watched this beautiful woman, completely sure of herself, as she sat and sucked me, no longer ashamed or concerned about her body. As I climaxed, she continued, almost greedily.

About 6 weeks later, a manilla envelope arrived in the mail. Enclosed was a picture of Tom, on the beach with Leeann somewhere, and she was topless! I could tell she had had a bit more work done, she now had a nipple on both sides! There was a note. It read, "Thank you! You gave me back my wife!"

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