tagBDSMThe Master Ch. 01-02

The Master Ch. 01-02


The Master

I am following you again. You always look at the ground when you walk. I like that; you have the makings of exactly what I want. The way you walk, the way you handle everyday situations. You are just what I have been looking for. You have spirit. The others, they gave in too easy. You will be a challenge. I can feel it.

Some days I won’t even keep my distance. I will walk right beside you, seeing if you will notice me. You never do, lost in your own little world. The world is so much bigger. There are lots of things to experience and feel, and I will be showing you some of them very soon. Today, I am sitting right beside you. Pretending to be lost in thought. Occasionally reading the paper I carried. You sit there with out moving, totally still. What are you thinking about?

Right now I am thinking about grabbing you by your hair. I take you totally by surprise, your hands go to mine so I don’t pull your hair too hard. You immediately come out of your chair. You try to protest but before you can I have pushed you over a seat in the train. The people there are totally stunned. No one says a word, everyone is stunned. In one movement I have lifted your skirt and tore your panties off. I pull out my cock and shove it deep inside you. You let out a scream and try to get back up. I push you forcefully back down. I am moving my cock in and out of your pussy now. I can feel you getting wet as I continue to fuck you. You are getting embarrassed, your pussy is wetter then it’s ever been and you are fighting to stop from moaning. You are coming close to an orgasm so I pick up the pace. Your fingers grab the chair I have you bent over and you come with a scream. I pull my cock from you and give your ass a hard smack.

I pull your hair again to straighten you up only to force you to your knees. I shove my cock into your mouth making you taste yourself. I hold your hair hard and fuck your pretty mouth. I have wanted to feel your lips on my cock for a while. You don’t immediately start sucking so I smack my cock on your cheek to get you going. I can feel you giving in but you are fighting. I will not have it. I shove my cock deep and hold it. You will be mine. I am close to coming……………

The train shudders and shakes and I watch you stand up. You take your usually stop and head to work. I wait a second before standing and following you. I keep my distance this time. I do so enjoy watching you walk. The sway of your ass, the way you keep your center of gravity. You remind me of those girls in high school that held their books close to their chest, quickly moving from class to class.

I will have you. It is only a matter of time. I will have you and you will serve me.


The Master II

I can see you in your room. I watch from the street. You are in front of your computer and appear to be working on something. I watch you bite your lip as you are lost in thought. I cannot wait any longer. It is time to begin your journey. You will be mine and the first test is tonight.

I walk into your building and make my way to your floor. I can feel my pulse quicken, tonight is going to be a very enlightening night for you. The elevator up is very slow, I do so get impatient sometimes. I reach your floor and walk calmly to your door. I check the door and find it locked. I suspected as much. You would be amazed what you can get from a person with the right amount of money. I pull out the skeleton key and unlock the door. I open it quietly and walk into your apartment. I can hear the TV in the background and make my way to your room. I sit at the door for a moment, I watch you working on something for what appears to be work. Web design perhaps? You are in a white tank top and black lace panties. My do you look comfy. I walk to you slowly.

“Not a word” I say as I cover your mouth with my hand. You let out a yelp into my hand. I press on your mouth harder.

“Don't say a word, and you might get out of this unharmed.” I tell you again. I speak in a very calm voice so as to scare you too much.

“Face foreword and don’t move” I can see you starting to shake. I wrap a blindfold around your eyes and make sure it is secure.

I pull your rolling chair back a bit and tell you to stand up. You don’t move. I grab you by your hair and yank you to your feet. You hands go to mine to stop me from pulling your hair. You are on your feet now, your hands are trying to pry my fingers out of your hair. I bring my free hand hard across your ass. The slap echoes through the room as does your scream. I shake my hand with the hair in it and begin to yell at you.

“I am IN charge here. NOT YOU!!! If you act up again I will punish you again. Do you understand me?”

You have stopped trying to pry my finger away and were startled by the volume in my voice. I am still waiting for a response to my question. I let go of your hair and you hear the sound of something metal. I grab both your hands and cuff them behind your back. I grab your arm roughly and lead you to your living room. I push you over your couch and make sure you don’t try to get back up.

I grab your panties and slide them down off your round ass and let them touch your skin the lower I go. I hear you gasp as the cool air hits your pussy. I place the panties in my pocket and rub my hand over your ass gentle. I can hear you beginning to whimper and cry softly to yourself. I bring my hand back hard and smack your ass again. Another scream comes from your mouth.

“I believe I asked you a question.” I say very calmly.

“Wwwwhat?” You ask.

My hand draws back again and smacks the other cheek just as hard. *SMACK*

“My question, I asked you if you understood what I told you.”

“Wwwwhat?” you ask again. You hear a sigh.


You ass is red and I can hear your crying now.

“I asked you if you understood who is in charge”

“Yyyou are” you tell me stuttering.

I was hoping you were beginning to understand. I ran my hand gently over your bright red ass. I wanted you to realize that when you listened to me and obeyed I would reward you. I was not just about discipline, I was about reward and pleasure as well. I hoped you learned fast, I wanted you to serve me well. I continue to run my hand gently over your ass.

Now it was time to see if I had picked well. I let my hand drop to your pussy and let a finger trace along your lips. You were wet, I smiled and let my finger push a little deeper. I hear you gasp again. I see your toes curl and look to see your face bright red. I knew I had chosen well. You enjoyed the spanking, your pussy had grown wet as my hand reddened your ass. You cried out in protest but now we both know those were just a show. Your tears were tears of embarrassment. The spanking might have hurt, but you liked it. And now I knew your secret.

I slide a finger into your pussy and turn it a little, you gasp again. I start to move it in and out of you in a slow steady rhythm. I don’t say a word and just let you enjoy yourself. I know you are enjoying yourself because your wet pussy has started to drip down your leg. I can see your toes curling and your fingers keep opening and closing like you are reaching for something.

“You liked that little spanking I gave you didn’t you?” I ask still moving my finger in and out of your tight little pussy. You don’t respond, I can hear your breathing quicken.

“You had better answer me, I am not a patient man.” I tell you. I remove my finger and wait for an answer. You don’t answer me again.

*SMACK* the spank echoes again through the room, except this time I lowered my hand a bit and caught part of your pussy. You let out the loudest scream of the night. Your legs flail and your body rises and falls hard against the couch. Your breathing is ragged and you are squirming. I place my hand on your back and hold you still.

Then I notice something. Your pussy is glistening the juices are running down your legs. You just had an orgasm. I slide my finger into you and a moan escapes your lips. I watch you bite your lip to stop it. You hear me laugh to myself.

“You really enjoyed that didn’t you? Oh my you are a naughty girl.”

I see you turn red again. You don’t say a word. I take my finger and feel for your clit. It is swollen and sensitive to the touch, you moan again. I trace it lightly and use my free hand to go back to fingering you. You cannot hold back your moan and I can feel you getting ready to come again. I add another finger to your pussy and finger you in long slow twisting fuck motions. My other finger teases your clit relentlessly. You are squirming again and just as I go to spank your ass you come again, all over my fingers. I lick a finger and taste you. I stand and walk to where your head is and stick my other finger into your mouth, you resist and turn your head so that it smears your pussy juice on your face.

“You have a lot to learn little one. And I am going to teach you.” I tell you.

I walk behind you and undo one of the hand cuffs and place the key in your free hand.

“Next time, if you’re a good little girl I will let you suck my cock”

I turn and walk out of the room leaving you naked and bent over the couch with your orgasm still on your face and lips.

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