tagGay MaleThe Master Swim Team Ch. 03

The Master Swim Team Ch. 03


This is a fictional story about a young adult who joins a Master's Swim team full of older men.



Dennis had no idea where they were going and John wouldn't tell him anything. The only thing he had said, after much pestering from Dennis, was that he had taken care of everything that was needed for Dennis to be on the team: he had filled out the paperwork, paid the fee, Dennis had signed the waiver, but there was still one thing that was needed before he would be an official member. What that was, John wasn't saying. He would find out soon enough.

They had been driving for 20 minutes and had left town entirely. Bob had decided to drive separately, so he was following close behind. It was just John and Dennis, zipping along down the country road. Dennis' mind was running wild. Was it some sort of tryout? Would he have to swim a mile in under a certain time? He was pretty sure he could do that, as long as it wasn't a race against his teammates. That would likely cause him to get distracted and lose focus. Was it a hazing ritual, like what fraternities did at school? He hadn't joined a fraternity as a freshman, but his friend had. He told him how the pledges had to drink unknown substances without asking questions; or run stark naked through public places; or even, and this was one that had always turned Dennis on, give the big brother a helping hand. After all, it wasn't gay if they were being forced to do it; it just proved the pledge's loyalty to the fraternity. Or would it just be as simple as having a drink with the guys so they could get to know each other better? That would be nice, Dennis thought, but hardly exciting.

The country road ended at a subdivision called Seaside Estates. Dennis had never been out this way before, so he hadn't actually known the place existed. The houses were rather large-mansions even-and were spaced very far apart. Each had a unique design to it: one looked like a medieval castle, just a little more homely; another looked like a replica of Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Water, complete with the rocks and waterfall; and another was a grand Victorian home that appeared to be the oldest home of the lot. It was an odd mix, and made the neighborhood appear a bit random, but it was easy to forget the haphazardness of it all when taking in the sheer size and spectacle of the houses. They snaked their way along until they reached a fork. John veered his jet black 1959 Studebaker Lark to the left and continued up the way. Before long, they pulled up to a modernist house that was tucked in amongst the trees. It was mostly glass, with a stone foundation and supports providing some character. You could see everything happening inside, as night was beginning to fall and the lights were on. John pulled into the round about and parked. They got out, and Dennis took it all in. It was smaller than the other homes they had passed, but still bigger and nicer than any he had ever been in.

"Who lives here?" Dennis asked, though he should have already known the answer. "You remember Geoff from this morning?" John asked. "He and his wife live here."

Of course Dennis remembered Geoff. How could he forget him? Even if he was a little small in his nether region, he still had that fantastic belly. He probably had a magnificent ass to match. Hopefully, one day Dennis would get to see it. But his wife? That was a bummer.

"Wait till you see the inside," John added.

They walked up the sidewalk and knocked on the front door. Bob walked up beside them as they were waiting. After a few moments, Geoff opened the door, carrying a bottle of wine and a few wine glasses. He had regular glasses on now that made him appear really intelligent, rather than simply the too-cool-for-school look he had sported in the locker room that morning. Dennis found glasses hot, so he had no complaints about this change. He also didn't have any complaints about Geoff's attire. His eyes grew wide, for Geoff had greeted them at the door wearing nothing more than a royal blue Hawaiian shirt and a hot pink Joe Snyder thong. Dennis wasn't usually into pink, but oh boy was this hot. His first thought was that he was dreaming. Then he thought he had died and gone to heaven. The third was that Geoff wore something like that with his wife? And she was ok with it? And then he finally came around to the realization that he was staring and should probably return his eyes to Geoff's face. But the spandex of the thong was just so perfectly round around Geoff's bulge, he just couldn't pull his eyes away.

"Kid's got quite the appetite," John said, giving Dennis a smirk.

"I can see that," Geoff replied. "You've outdone yourself this time, John. Come in, come in."

The three men followed Geoff into his home. On the walls were pictures of all the trips Geoff and his wife had taken together. They were sailing on the Mediterranean, atop the Great Wall of China, even scaling mountains in Europe. In others they were almost entirely naked at a street party in the Florida Keys. Some of their friends from the swim team were there, too. Dennis recognized John and Chuck; their hands were wrapped around the front of the women, covering their exposed breasts. What am I getting myself in to? Dennis thought. A few hours ago he was getting fucked by John and sucking Bob's dick, and here they were with their hands on a couple of ladies' boobs. These guys must really live. Dennis stopped looking at the walls and watched as Geoff led them through his home. The pink spandex split his beefy ass cheeks so perfectly. They were totally smooth and bounced with each step he took. Dennis lost track of where he was going and bumped into a table.

"Careful, kid," John said, steadying him. "You'll get your chance. Just give it time."

Dennis gave him a nod. They walked out onto the back porch and saw a very inviting scene. There was a rectangular pool that ran sideways along the house. Just above it, in the back corner, was a hot tub that had water running like a waterfall down into the pool. Next to that, an all glass fireplace roared with life, the flames dancing every which way, casting reflections across the surface of the pool. A light jazz soundtrack played over the sound system. In the hot tub sat Chuck and a man Dennis didn't recognize. He was short and hairy all over, with a full head of bushy salt-and-pepper hair. Circular glasses sat upon his nose, which he pushed up closer to his eyes to get a good look as Dennis walked in. Chuck had been talking to the man, but stopped when he saw Dennis. He lowered his eyes and looked down into the water.

"What's his deal?" Dennis asked John as they walked over to the table.

"Who? Chuck?" John replied. "Nothing. The bastard gets a combination of shyness, nerves, and extreme horniness around young bucks like you. He's probably sporting a woody right now that's harder than any teenager you've ever met. Lucky bastard. He just can't control the thing. But for his age, that's less of a problem and more of a virtue, if you know what I mean."

Dennis did know what he meant. And it sounded great. He remembered how bushy Chuck was down below. If he played his cards right, he planned to bury his face in that bush before the night was through.

"Who's the other guy?" Dennis asked.

"That's Jim," John replied. "He's Scottish and a little firecracker, if you ask me. He's dynamite in the sack, but beware, his load will burn no matter what end he shoots it in."

They each found their place at a table and settled in. "Marge is out of town," Geoff informed them, "so make yourself comfortable. We ate earlier, but there are weiners"-by which he mean hot dogs-"and fat weiners"-by which he meant brats-"on the grill. They'll be ready shortly." He then walked off, parading his gorgeous ass in that thong.

"Well," John sighed, "might as well do as he said." He stood up and removed his shirt. Then, he dropped his trousers, revealing his fat, old cock. His pubes were graying as they spoke, but that only added to the hotness. "Go on, kid, you heard the man."

Dennis stood up and removed his own clothes. While he was doing that, Bob did the same. He felt awkward at first. He wasn't used to being naked in such a public environment. At the same time, he was thrilled by it. He just hoped he wouldn't pop a boner before the food arrived. About ten minutes later, Geoff traipsed back over their way and delivered the food. "I see you've all gotten the party started with out me. He set the tray of meat down and bent over to yank off his thong. It stuck in his crack some before snapping down towards the ground. He dropped the thong over Dennis' head, with the crotch falling in front of his nose. "Here, kid, take a whiff of that."

Dennis did as he was told and breathed in Geoff's man scent. He could tell Geoff had been wearing the thong for awhile, as he could smell a day's worth of ball sweat shooting up his nose and traveling straight to his dick. It stirred between his legs. "And here, have some meat to go with it," Geoff added. He made a special effort in feeling the hot dog up when handing it to him, taking no shame in it. "This should get you ready for dessert." He winked at Dennis. After serving the rest of the table-Chuck and Jim were still in the hot tub, sitting very close to one another-Geoff went off and stood beside the men in the hot tub, his short, uncut dick not far from their faces.

"So he is married?" Dennis asked, slightly confused.

"Of course," John added. "We all were. Well, except Wacho here."

Bob nodded. "Yep, I'm as gay as they come."

"You were married?" Dennis directed at John.

"Thirty-seven years this October," John replied. "She passed three years ago."

"Did she know you liked to fuck young boys?"

"Of course. She liked to fuck young boys, too. Who doesn't?" John added. "We all play with everyone. Except Wacho. The ladies respect his wishes, though sometimes he lets them fuck him with a strap-on."

"It's not quite as good as the real thing," Bob said, "but it makes me feel like I'm more a part of the group."

This was weird, Dennis thought. He had never heard of couples playing that openly. He thought of his own parents and was sure they didn't do such a thing. Did they? Nah, they wouldn't. "And you get fucked, too?" Dennis asked John, knowing he wanted to return the favor.

"Nope," John replied. "I'm a top."

"A top?" Dennis asked.

John chuckled. "I forget how new you are to this, kid. I do the fucking, not the other way around."

"Oh," Dennis sighed. That was disappointing. He was pretty sure John was the hottest man he had ever met, and he wanted to do everything there was to do with him. "What about the thing where you stuck your tongue in my ass. Do you let people do that to you?"

"Maybe someday, kid. It's not my thing, but we'll see. If you want that, go talk to Geoff. His ass is quite delicious, and he's got a wicked tongue that will make you dizzy."

Dennis thought for a second. That sounded fun. "So I can have sex with anyone here?"

"We're counting on it," John said.

"So what's the final thing I have to do to be a part of the team?" Dennis asked, hoping he'd get an actual response this time.

"To have sex with everyone here," John stated, finally giving Dennis an answer. "There's an official initiation, but the sex is a good place to start. Go for it."

Dennis' face lit up. His cock was at attention and he was ready to follow it wherever it led. He stood up and started towards the hot tub.

"Hey, kid," John called after him. "We're a safe group, so don't worry about a thing. Just have fun."

That was comforting. The thought hadn't crossed his mind as he was blinded by hormones. But now he was ready to dive in uninhibited. This was going to be the greatest night of his life!

Dennis made his way over to the hot tub. Chuck's eyes grew wide as he approached, but he avoided all eye contact with Dennis. Geoff nodded at Chuck and told Dennis, "this time his speedo can't hide his excitement." Dennis looked down before Chuck could cover himself up. Geoff chuckled. "I assume you've been set free?"

"I think so," Dennis said.

"Well, if you're ready," he said, looking down at Dennis' hard on, "and I think you're ready, then let's..." He didn't finish, he just pulled Dennis in for a long, hard kiss. One hand was on Dennis' boner, the other reached around to the back of his head, pulling him deeper and deeper into his mouth. Geoff's tongue went wild, slapping itself all around Dennis' mouth. He would gently bite the lower lip, then move his way to the upper lip, then back in for some tongue, and then back to the lips. Geoff pulled away and started in on Dennis' neck, working his way slowly down, stopping at each nipple to lick, suck, and bite. His hand constantly working to gently stroke Dennis' cock. Dennis just stood there. His eyes closed and he took it all in. John had been great at getting Dennis where it felt great, but never before had his body been explored in such a passionate manner.

As Geoff got lower, he took a knee, then another, then slowly ended up sitting, Dennis' dick dripping pre-cum in his mouth. He let it drip, catching each and every drop, smearing it all across his lips, and then proceeding to lick the shaft up and down. Geoff was a master with his tongue. John had said as much, and now Dennis was experiencing it first hand. He took Dennis' cock a few inches into his mouth, creating a vacuum inside that had Dennis ready to blow. Just before blastoff, Geoff let go, instead opening his mouth as wide as possible and going in for a deep dive right into Dennis' pelvic region. His shaft was completely down Geoff's throat, still dripping. Geoff pulled away and created another vacuum, swirling and swirling his tongue around and around, playing with Dennis' peehole by flicking it open and closed.

When Dennis was once more ready to shoot, Geoff pulled away again. This time, he moved into a horizontal position, laying on the pool deck. He pulled Dennis' hips down with him and lowered his ass onto his face. Now, Dennis was using his leg muscles and the edge of the hot tub hold himself up, while Geoff slid his tongue into Dennis' manhole. He began to moan, and Chuck and the other man moved around the edge of the hot tub to get a closer look. Dennis held on tight, gently raising and lowering himself as Geoff's tongue plunged in and out of his gaping hole. This morning he had been quite tight, but after one tongue and a dick, and now another tongue, he felt like he was a wide open door ready for anyone to enter. John had not lied about Geoff. He wasn't sure what was going on down there, but his knees were going weak with pleasure. Geoff was somehow stimulating him so much that he didn't know how much longer he could take it. He was moaning louder and louder.

Jim nudged Chuck, who took a deep breath and stood up. Pointing out and to the left was a five inch rod that barely made it past the forest of pubes. "Would you?" Chuck murmured.

Dennis didn't answer. He just leaned forward and buried his face in the pubes. He couldn't even see there were so many of them. But he could taste, and Chuck's cock filled his mouth up so nicely. It was the perfect size. He fit the whole thing without much trouble. Chuck's balls bounced against his chin as he bobbed up and down, slurping the veiny dick like he had been doing it for years. As he sucked, Geoff continued to go to town on his ass. Jim reached over and put his hand on the back of Dennis' head, forcing it deeper and deeper into Chuck's pubes. Chuck groaned with delight, but pulled away before Dennis could get his load.

Dennis leaned back and almost fell over. Geoff caught him and stabilized him. He pulled Dennis down on top of him and began kissing him again. This time, Dennis could feel Geoff's naked body against his as they smushed together. Where Geoff's two inch dick had been before, there was now about 5.5". The foreskin had begun to peel back. Dennis wanted it. He rolled off Geoff and moved down towards his lower half. He stroked Geoff's cock a few times before lowering his head onto it. There was a lot more skin than any of the guys he had sucked over the past two days; he didn't quite know what to do with it. He slid his tongue under the foreskin and rolled it around. Geoff had the smoothest head he had ever felt. It was great! He nibbled a little on the skin and then moved to take all of it. "That's right, suck my dick," Geoff moaned. "Take the whole damn thing." Dennis obliged, enjoying Geoff's authority. He pulled the foreskin back and opened wide, sliding the whole member down into his throat. He gagged at the sheer girth of it, wondering how something had been so small minutes before, but now filled him up just as much as the others. Dennis continued to stroke him, rubbing his nuts with his other hand. He jerked Geoff off while focusing his tongue and mouth just on the tip, hoping to taste his sweet man juice.

From behind him, he felt a hand rub his hole. He turned back to see John with two fingers in his mouth. He spit on them, and Dennis turned back to the task at hand. He felt the two fingers engage his worked over hole, and felt them slide in, fucking him deep and hard. John slid them in and out, twisting them as he worked, stretching Dennis' hole wider than it had ever stretched before. All of this was gearing up for another fuck session. Before he knew it, John was sliding his dick into Dennis' ass. This time, it was raw. He had brought no condoms, and he was only using spit for lube. Dennis didn't care. John's raw dick felt much better than the bagginess of the condoms. If he was going to be these guys' bitch, he might as well learn quick to take it as it comes. Once more he felt himself getting pushed from behind on one rod, while taking it in the front from another. This was becoming his new favorite position. No other method filled him up so nicely all at once. It was fantastic. But it didn't last long.

Before anyone could cum, John pulled away and Geoff stood up. Dennis followed suit, wondering what was going on. John nudged him backwards, until he was against the wall of the hot tub. Geoff lifted Dennis up and laid him on the edge of the tub, his legs in the air, and began moving in on his hole again. As his tongue worked him over, his balls rested on Geoff's forehead. Bob came over and leaned over Dennis and began kissing him. John and Chuck started sucking Dennis' dick together, and Jim stood nearby, stroking himself. Dennis thought back to his earlier thought when he first saw Geoff in the thong. Had he died and gone to heaven? It was in this moment that he realized he had indeed done so. Every inch of his body that could be stimulated, was. Bob was now dipping his nut sack into Dennis' mouth, Geoff was starting to insert his stubby fingers into Dennis' ass, and John and Chuck were basically making out with Dennis' dick thrown in there, too. He could only take so much of it, and after minutes of torturous pleasure, Dennis shot his load several feet in the air. At least, that's what the men had told him. He didn't know, for he nearly passed out in ecstasy.

He laid there for several minutes trying to catch his breath. The men had stopped, and were circling around him.

"Dennis," John said, "why don't you get into the hot tub. It's time."

"Time for what?" Dennis muttered.

"For you to join the team."

Dennis had no idea what this meant, but he rolled over into the tub. He moved into the middle and looked up. The men stood around the brim, each stroking their cocks. He saw John, the man of his dreams, with that gorgeous, hairy belly, wanking his old, fat cock. And he saw Bob, the man with the four inch dick, furiously stroking all four inches. And then there was Geoff, the man of the night, tugging at his five inches of uncut glory. Chuck, who now found the courage to look Dennis directly in the eyes, yanked and pulled at his meat. And finally Jim, who Dennis hadn't met but sure would like to, jerked his tadger feverishly. Then, as if they had timed it, all five men shot their loads into the air and made it rain cum down upon Dennis. The kid's mouth opened in wonder, as the juice from all these men showered down on him. He caught a bit of everyone in his mouth, and swallowed it, feeling the sweetness of John's cum, the burn of Jim's, and the blandness of Bob's. All of it swirled together and went down with ease. By the end of it, he was a cum-covered mess.

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