tagBDSMThe Master's Memoirs: Tam & Wendy

The Master's Memoirs: Tam & Wendy


"Jesus Christ what time is it!" I said as I rolled over to face the morning light as it shone brightly even from behind the shade. My eyes focused on the mirrored ceiling above me. As I attempted to move, I pulled my sleeping arm from under Wendy as she stirred from the withdraw. While sitting up, the room spun a little as I quickly put my arms down to regain my balance.

"God I've got to quit drinking during my sessions, especially where more than one woman are involved." I said out loud as if either of the two sleeping women could hear me through their slumber. Rolling over Tamara and to the floor I continued to stretch and made my way to the exquisitely furnished bathroom. Lifting the lid I expelled the remnants of last evenings drinking session. After the second shake I respectfully closed the lid and flushed. Continuing back toward the bedroom I found my briefcase, and while removing a pen and paper, sat down at the desk in the corner. Suddenly and without warning, my mind wandered to my newest submissive, and possibly the one in which I saw the most potential. Never before had a sub taken on so strong and so quickly the role of pleasing me. But she immediately seemed to dedicate every minute of her life to me. Never having turned down an opportunity to deliver pleasure to her master. She is always obedient and eagerly respectful. I began to pen a message to Rebecca as I formed a plan for us in my mind and went over my schedule for the day. The note read:

Rebecca my Love, "Feel free to use my shower, TV, or stereo during your stay. Upon my arrival at 7:30 sharp, please select something from the CD collection, you know my tastes. And have dinner ready, cook it as you would like, I trust in your ability. Have four place settings ready for I am bringing company. Feel free to "play" with Justice while you wait for me to grace you with my presence. At 7:30 when I arrive, have dinner served, wine poured and be blindfolded waiting. Your Master." Stuffing the letter in a large brown envelope, I elegantly wrote Rebecca's name on the front. And I placed it in my briefcase, walked to the dresser, and into the drawer designated for me. (All of my submissives are required to have a drawer for me in the event I chose to stay with them). In it I removed a pair of black leather pants and a white tank top. And taking them into the bathroom I set them down on the counter by the sink and turned on the water. While opening the shower door, steam escaped and the mirror fogged. Suddenly I felt her presence. Turning, I saw Wendy standing naked before me, her eyes bowed slightly in submission.

"How may I serve you this morning master?" She was very attractive, thin and athletic with gorgeous full and firm breasts, and beautifully shaven pussy. Her dark hair hung on her bare shoulders. She was a wonderful girl who chose me as her master only a few short weeks ago. But was devoted to the learning. Wendy had a slightly darker side at times, which is why I sometimes referred to her as my Dark Angel. I reached under her chin and lifted until her eyes met mine, I kissed her deeply as we stared. It is important to me that my submissives know my love and care for them. And a long and honest stare helps them to see and believe.

"It would please me my Angel if you would wash me."

"It would be my pleasure master". We both stepped into the shower and I stood with my hands on the wall as the hot water cascaded down my back, soothing me with heat. Wendy got in behind me, rubbed some soap on her hands and began to massage my shoulders roughly.

"Mmmmm baby, I love the way you do that." She continued, moving up and down my back with increasing pressure. Then I felt her breasts on my back as she reached around and lathered up my hairy chest. Then she washed my hair and moved down to my legs and feet. After standing up, she re-applied soap to her hands and washed my ass, then moved around and rubbed my cock with her slippery hands. It sprung to life. She paid extra special attention, and lots of time here as the pleasurable feelings increased. Wendy unhooked the showerhead from the wall, and stretched the hose to rinse the soap completely from my body. With two hands she tried to return it and as she stood on her tiptoes with an arm around either side of my head, I turned into her, wrapped my hands around her waist, and began kissing her neck. She got the showerhead back in place and put her arms around my neck and moaned her approval to my mouth. My hands slid down to her ass and squeezed tightly as I pulled her close against my hard dick, and then we kissed deeply and passionately for a few long moments before she knelt in front of me and taking my bulging cock in her mouth sucked me deep inside and back out again, as her hand followed and worked in unison with her mouth. I had both hands in her hair as I maneuvered her to my liking. When she stood up, I stepped behind her and gently pushed her toward the wall. Wendy braced herself and bent foreword slightly and I entered her from behind. Her pussy was incredibly tight and I slid in easily as my cock slid over the dripping wet folds of skin leading deep inside her. My hands found her hips as I pumped her very slowly, but with hard thrusts from behind.

"Ohhhhh God babe, you feel so damn good," I said to her. She reached behind and withdrew me and moved the head to her tight asshole, turned toward me and said in a requestful voice

"Only if it pleases you my master" I answered by pushing foreword. And as I tightly squeezed myself in, she cried out;

"Uhhhhgod " Her hand returned to the wall as I continued my rhythm. Then I reached for the showerhead and turning the selector dial to pulse, moved it down until the pulses of water were slamming into her clit. She cried out and arched her back while I continued to plunge into her. She soon burst into an explosive squirting orgasm

"Aaahhh, oooh, oooohhhhhGOD!" and at the sound of her scream felt my load burst from me and into her dark tunnel. I leaned against her and we caught our breath. We rinsed again, turned off the water and stepped out of the shower. Wendy got a large fluffy towel and dried me, and as I shaved she dried herself.


"Yes my love"

"With your permission, I'd like to go back to bed and lie down."

"Of course my Angel." I kissed her on the cheek and led her to the bedroom where she lay down, and I covered her. Her eyes were so beautiful as I looked into them while kissing her again.

"My Angel, I would like you and Tamara ready for dinner at about 6:30, wear something elegant. We shall be going out."

"Yes my Lord, I will make sure we are ready as you have instructed." Returning to the bathroom, I dressed, combed my hair and added a splash of Drakkar. Gathering my things I headed for the spiral staircase that led to the first floor. As I passed the clock I could not believe it was 11:00.

"Waaaay too much to drink." I took my cell phone from a pocket in my leather trench coat and held it as I thought of where Id have Rebecca meet me...then it hit me. Why not at Sandi's. I was staying there anyway, and then I would not have to move my puppy, Justice. Her house was in the ghetto, but we painted it, furnished it elegantly, and even spent a shitload of money transforming the basement into a dungeon with all of the "toys", and an absolutely state of the art security system.. I headed to my car and returned the phone to my pocket. I will call her later.

Fumbling for the keys and opening the door I sat down and in the same motion inserted the key. The engine of my '69 Stingray roared to life and the tired chirped as I put the car in gear. There was a food store a few miles up the road and there was still much to do. Turning in I quickly covered the area of the parking lot and closed the distance to the store. I parked, exited the vehicle, reached for my trench coat and closed the door. The alarm bleeped its presence in the usual way. Putting my coat on I was a force to be reckoned with. Trench coat flowing behind me, a long moustache down past the corners of my mouth, and a pair of Gargoyle sunglasses to complete the look. Upon entering the store I removed the sunglasses and placed them in my inside coat pocket. People in the store looked at me strange for I display an awesome presence. Many will look, but few will dare to meet my intense gaze. The persona I show to the world that is not a direct part of the person I am, but merely a way to express the fact that I do not wish to be fucked with.. I gathered the few items that I needed and placed them in the basket. Rigatoni noodles, white clam sauce, fresh cut string beans, romaine lettuce with grated cheese, croutons, Caesar dressing, and a loaf of ready to cook French bread. Sandi always has the best wines available so I could skip that. Taking the purchases to the checkout I placed them on the conveyor belt. And reached for my wallet. The cashier said

"How are you today?" and I noticed she was staring into my eyes with a smile that could melt iron. I was momentarily captivated and fought for a word.

"I'm doing well, and you?"

"Oh you know, same old, same old. Work n stuff." I thought for a moment that I'd like to continue this conversation, but I had too much to do. As I accepted my change with a thank you, I left. When I reached the door, I glanced back, and yes, she was still watching me as I left. On my way out to the car I was taken back to see my door open, and legs hanging out from under it. Another guy was standing watch. I forgot about the cashier's wonderful smile as a rage overtook me. The watchman locked his eyes on mine and I saw true fear in them.

"Stop Jim, we need to go now!"

"What? I almost got it." Before the first guy knew what happened I was on him, grasping him by his dirty denim coat and threw him to the pavement. The other guy tried to stand up and I kicked the door into his chest, collapsing him. While turning to the first, I saw he had a crowbar or some weapon in his hand. Reaching into my coat I removed a short, black metal pole and unscrewed the middle to reveal a chain stretched between the two halves. Nunchauk. Using the years of practice I had, I swung them around with ferocious velocity, and with two quick strikes had disarmed him and knocked him out cold. Blood had sprayed from his mouth onto the side of my car.

"You motherfucker!" I kicked him once out of spite, until I realized the other was behind me. Facing him, I was just able to jerk to one side just in time to avoid a switchblade in the gut. It passed harmlessly between my side and right arm. I wrapped the chain around his wrist and turned around pulling his arm over my shoulder. Quickly jerking it down, I snapped the joint while he screamed out in pain and the arm flopped to the side. Picking up the knife and looking around, I considered killing him, but the pain I had inflicted I felt was sufficient. I lifted him by his neck.

"If you want to get out of here with the rest of your body parts intact, I suggest you wipe your partners blood off of my car! And get the fuck out of my sight!" He quickly and nervously did just that. Getting back in my Vette, I quickly drove to Janet's house where I kept my other car. I had some Rob Zombie blaring on the CD player. The harder the music, the calmer it made me. I took my cell phone from a pocket in my leather trench coat and looked at my watch .It was around 2:30. I dialed Rebecca's number and waited…


"Rebecca, we are to see each other this evening." She replied.

"Of course master."

"I'm leaving you an envelope at 1830, 9th St. in Philadelphia. This is a friend's house in a secure area. (I called it a secure area because I had two friends that lived next door. Two really large friends, who were both masters themselves, and both of them learned it from me.) The key will be hidden above the door. And you shall prepare yourself as to my instructions. And you will be ready for me by no later than 7:30. You know what I like, so you know what to bring. Take care my love."

"See you tonight my master." I hung up the phone and headed to the house, stopping along the way to deposit the groceries in the trunk of my sleek black 1997 Chevy Impala SS. I gathered a few things I had in my designated drawer and returned to the car. I operated the remote locks from the key chain and the black leather squeaked quietly as I sat. The engine growled as the key was turned and purred loudly as a muscle car should. Pulling in the driveway of Sandi's house, I removed the groceries and made my way to the door. I could hear Justice barking and he assaulted me when I opened the door.

"Was Carol here to let you out? I know she was" He licked me until I fought him off and put the groceries in the kitchen. I also removed a bottle of red wine from the rack and put it on the table. Then patting my puppy I headed for the door. The key was placed after I locked up and then the envelope was securely placed on the front of the glass. I walked over to and got in my still running car and closed the door bathing myself in darkness from the tinted windows. It was around 3:30 when I made it back to Tamara's house. Putting the car in the garage, I found her sitting on the couch in a tight black dress with spaghetti straps. She smiled as I entered the room.

"May I ask you for a ride to the drugstore master?"

"Of course you may my love." I took her hand and led her to the car. I opened the passenger door and a devilish smile appeared on her face. "If it pleases you my lord, I thought maybe we'd get in the back seat." I looked a little puzzled.

"Angel I thought we were going to the drugstore." I could detect just a slight grin, but she tried to hide it.

"I don't need to go to the drugstore master."

"Is there something you would like to suggest to me love?" Her gaze broke mine and she lowered her head in submission.

"I've been bad master, and I think you should punish me." She talked in a sweet voice, but the devilish grin was still present. Closing the front door, I opened the back and helped her in. Reaching for the specially designed remote, I moved the front seats all of the way up to make more room. Tamara looked gorgeous against the leather. I kissed her gently for a minute and helped her out of her dress. She had B cup breasts that stood up perfectly as they hit the cool air. To my delight she wore a studded leather G-string. Tamara was definitely a naughty girl. From under the front seat I slid a box, and opened it to reveal certain toys of my craft. I removed two sets of handcuffs, stretched her arms out to the sides of the car and chained them to the clothing hooks that I had modified for this purpose. I closed them tightly around her wrists as she moaned her approval. Taking off the trench coat, I teased her nipples with my tongue until they became stiff and clipped nipple clamps on them. She arched her back in pleasure.

"Master I have been bad, punish me as only you know how." I grinned at her flattery, but looked at my watch, it was nearing 4, and we still needed to get ready and get to Sandi's.

"Of course, exquisite punishment, but we need to finish quickly as to make our dinner engagement."

"Then please my master, I beg for you to finish me." From out of the box came a small cat of nine tails that I expertly swung making contact with her ass. She flinched and made a sound of sheer delight. I slapped her again and again.

"Uuunnhh That feels good my lord." I continued until the area was glowing pink. I then proceeded to whip her a few times on her stomach, but much more gently. I then got out two vibrators that I activated and with the first rubbed it on her pussy until it was sufficiently wet, then slid it gently in her ass. She cried with delight as at the same time I rubbed the first on her clit. She ground against it and in only a few minutes screamed in delight at her climax. I started to pack up my toys and she begged,

"Please master, make me cum again, oh God please." Seeing the desperation in her eyes, I slid down my pants and knelt in front of her. Getting in to position I slid my swollen dick into her extreme wetness. With one hand I grabbed her ass for leverage, with the other I pumped the vibrator in and out of her ass as I fucked her hard and fast.

"Harder my lord" She moaned

"Hurt me! Make my pussy bleed!" I increased my power until I was lifting her off of the seat and banging her head into the roof of the car. She exploded into orgasm a moment before me. I pulled out as she passionately screamed in delight and squirted my juices toward her face as she licked at the air trying to catch them. I then removed the chains and all of the toys. And kissed her again.

"Thank you so much master."

"And thank you, my sweet Tamara for your love and devotion."

"Master I will clean you car and wash your toys and return them."

"Thank you Tamara, I will appreciate it." Going back inside I found Wendy ready, and I went back upstairs and put on a black tux with a red vest and bow tie. As I finished Tamara was also ready. We headed out to the car and I opened the door for Wendy and closed it behind her. Then to the other side for Tamara and shut her in also. By the time I got around and got in, they were already close and softly kissing. A sight I relished before starting the engine. The drive was short and I arrived at exactly 7:30. Opening the door for the girls, I saw Rebecca's car and knew she would have everything exactly as I requested. We walked up to the house and sliding my key into the lock I looked over the women I had brought with me, Beautiful. I heard Justice bark as I opened the door.

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