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The Match


I was so glad that Frank had given me the afternoon off. I went to the bank and cashed my bonus check, just to have some spending money. I was still feeling a tad hung-over and sexed out from the evening before, but the soft touch of Ellen's hands had rekindled the flame in my pussy. I felt like masturbating right in my car, but that had to wait; I wanted to save my strength for my practice with Stacey.

Upon getting back to my place, I immediately stripped, and sat down at my computer. The first thing I did was check my e-mail, and the only message that appeared was from Janelle:


The wrestling room at Muff's has been reserved for our match for two hours, tomorrow, starting at noon. I came up with a set of rules, and let me know if you agree with them.

1. One fall, no time limit, winner by submission(including sleeper holds)

2. Clothing limited to bra and panty combo, bikini, or leotard. Eventual nudity is allowed. No shoes or socks allowed. Any violation is immediate disqualification.

3. Moves not allowed: scratching or clawing, punching, kicking, biting.

4. Hair pulling is allowed.

5. Each of us is allowed a second.

6. Angel will referee


I wrote her back in an instant, agreeing to the terms. I had a half an hour to get to the gym to meet Stacey. I sat for a few minutes, rubbing my pussy, coming up with a strategy to defeat Janelle.

The door swung shut behind me as I entered Muff's, and I nearly ran to the locker room. I stripped quickly, and although I had planned on wearing my black thong leotard to wrestle Stacey, the sight of all of the gorgeous nude women in the room changed my mind. The sound of moaning rose from the shower, and I peeked around the corner to see several women engaged in an orgy of lesbian lust. I put it out of my mind, and raced down to the wrestling room, where I met Stacey. She quickly stripped out of her pink tights, and we kissed madly. She was stunned as I flipped her onto the matt, and two hours of brutal wrestling ensued. We are quite evenly matched, and we both strained for an advantage the entire time. But the practice did me well. For a reward we started our own shower orgy, which lasted for an hour or so. I was home by 7pm, and was quickly asleep, dreaming of the match in the morning.

I was up at 8am, and ate only a bowl of cereal. Frank called a little while later to wish me luck, but he told me he did the same for Janelle. I worked out a little, and prepared myself for the match. I left the house at 11:30, and drove to the gym, feeling very confident.

The gym parking lot was packed, and although I thought it strange for a Saturday, I paid little attention to this. I stepped out of my car, wearing only an overcoat and red high-heels. Stacey met me inside the front door, and she was smiling from ear to ear.

"Leslie, you won't believe this, but every member of the gym is in the wrestling room. Bleachers are set up, and Frank is the only guy there. The matt is surrounded by a ring, and the place is going wild!" she told me.

I was shocked at first, but I realized this would make it all the more humiliating for Janelle.

"Good. Now everyone will see how I abuse her," I replied.

It was five before twelve when we walked into the wrestling area, and the place went crazy, all of the women screaming and cheering for me. I felt so powerful right then; I wanted to take on Angel, anyone, the entire place. Angel was wearing a see through leotard, and she looked stunning. I entered the ring, and looked back at Stacy, who had stripped to just a thong. The crowd cheered even more wildly as I let my coat fall to the floor, revealing my red thong swimsuit bottom, and my matching top, which barely covered my nipples. I strutted around the ring, shadow boxing as I moved. I moved to the cheers back to my corner, and kicked off my heels. Just then Janelle appeared.

I was momentarily stunned. Her long blonde hair was gone; she had cut it off, and now sported a military type haircut. She wore a skintight black leotard, and I was taken aback by the muscles coursing though her legs. She circled the ring, ignoring me, and she worked the crowd like an expert. Her huge tits bounced within the leotard; how could I have missed them at work? Her nipples were small but hard, and I felt the first twinge in my pussy. Stacey massaged my shoulders, loosening me even further. Then I looked at Janelle's second, and I couldn't believe my eyes; it was Deshonna, fully nude, and grinning at me. She began to massage her tits and nipples, and I had to look away for fear of becoming too aroused. Janelle stood with her back to me, flexing her tremendous ass-muscles. I knew I had to stay away from her legs.

Then Angel called us to the center of the ring, and the gym lights went dark, except for spotlights illuminating the ring.

"Ladies, you both know the rules. Remember that this is a submission match, no time limit. Shake hands, and come out fighting."

We shook, and went back to our corners. Stacey reminded me to stay away from her legs. Then the bell rang, and the crowd roared.

We circled, finally touching hands, then slapping hands. We kept circling, each of us wanting to work up a sweat. Finally clenching, we struggled to maintain our balance, and then I began to push her backward, Upon reaching the ropes, I spun her around into a headlock, using my right arm, with my left hand locking with my right wrist. Janelle just rode it out at first, not really resisting, just holding my arms, attempting to break them loose. The crowd was really buzzing at this point, and I slowly spun in circles, gazing at the women sitting ringside. I felt incredibly strong, and I realized that one of my lifelong fantasies was happening at this very moment. I began to increase the pressure.

"How's that feel, bitch?" I asked her loudly.

Janelle didn't say a word, but she reached up my ass and grabbed my thong, pulling it up my ass-crack. With this I applied full-pressure, and her hand released my thong, her arms flailing wildly. Angel circled us, grinning with delight. I moved toward Janelle's corner, and my eyes met Deshonna's, who was pinching her nipples roughly. Distracted for a split second, my grip loosened, and I felt my legs go out from under me. I was airborne, and slammed into the matt with a thud. A groan escaped my lips, and I heard the crowd going crazy. Fully expecting Janelle to be on me in an instant, I shook off the cobwebs as fast as I could, and crawled to the nearest rope, pulling myself to my feet. That bitch Janelle was strutting around the ring, encouraging the crowd. She then turned to me.

"C'mon Leslie, I owe you for kicking me out of the office. Let's see how tough you are!"

I was determined, but cautious. Janelle was one spirited woman, and this was going to be more difficult than I thought. Just stay away from her legs, I reminded myself. But I was working up a sweat now, and I had shaken off the affects of her flip.

We circled the ring, and circled it again. I knew I had to use my wits now. I would let her make the first move, and then counterattack. She didn't disappoint me.

We clinched again, and she attempted to get me in a headlock. As she spun me, I deftly grabbed her left arm, and slung her with all of my strength in the opposite direction. She flew perfectly into the opposite ropes, and she missed grabbing them. Janelle came flying directly back to me, and my body met hers in a clinch. I spun with her, slamming her to the matt, landing on top of her. A loud "UNGH" spat from her, and I knew she was dazed. I quickly sat on her, and although I knew she had powerful legs, her stomach had a flabby appearance, even through her leotard. That would be where I would work.

I stood quickly, and dropped my full weight onto her stomach. Janelle groaned loudly, and the crowd cheered with delight. I heard Deshonna imploring Janelle to get to her feet, and Stacey urged me to repeat the tactic. Again I stood and dropped on her stomach, and Janelle released a loud moan. The crowd was with me now.

As I stood, Janelle managed to roll onto her stomach. As I pounced on her back, I looked up to see Angel, who was topless now, and rubbing her nipples. I thought that this would be a good time to show the crowd some skin, and it would be Janelle's. She was still a little groggy, but recovering quickly. I pulled her arms behind her, and with one hand grabbed her leotard in the back and PULLED! It slid quickly off of her sweat-soaked skin, and I released her arms, her head banging against the matt with a thud. It was time for a new hold.

I slid up her body, and grabbed her around the chin, pulling back hard, initiating a camel-clutch. The crowd again roared as Janelle's lovely titties sprung into view, and I worked the clutch hard, moving her breasts up and down. She instinctively grabbed my thighs, wrapped her arms around them, and I could feel the sweat from her armpits. Farther and farther I pulled her back, stretching her weak abdominals, hearing her moan. I kept her in this position for several minutes.

But Janelle began to rally. She placed her hands on the matt, and started to move her powerful legs under her. I worked the clutch harder, but to no effect. Soon she was on all fours, with me riding her like a pony, and my calves brushed against her breasts. Again distracted, I weakened my grip on her chin, and in one motion, she flipped me off of her. I was momentarily stunned, and Janelle made her move, despite her grogginess. She grabbed my wrists and began pulling me toward her, grasping with her legs. She moved into position, and her right hand locked onto my left ankle, pulling me to her, and I shrieked as her powerful legs executed a scissors.

I panicked, struggling to free myself before she could launch the full pressure of her legs, but to no relief. Janelle began to work my stomach, her legs applying increasing pressure, and I felt my wind escape my lips. I tightened my muscles as a defense, but she began to loosen and tighten her legs, working my stomach, until I couldn't help but totally succumb to her move. Janelle reached down and untied my bikini top, and she ripped it from my body. The female crowd exploded, chanting for the contestants to go nude. Stacey implored me to break free, but for the moment, I was trapped. Janelle rolled me over onto my back, exposing my bosom, and she noticed how hard my nipples were.

"Enjoying this Leslie? You look like you are, judging from your nipples," she taunted.

I couldn't reply, because she was right. As much as I despised her, I was aroused by the situation, and I was weakening. I had to get free.

Then it hit me; I reached down to her locked ankles, and quickly ran my fingernails down the soles of her feet. Janelle yelped, and her lock on my waist broke as her ankles flew apart. I rolled and spun to a neutral corner, gasping for breath. Janelle stood and came at me again, grabbing my wrists, and she flung me across the ring. I landed in the opposite corner, and luckily for me, I was able to brace myself against the turnbuckle before she attacked. I was still leaning against the corner, when I felt her hands move into my thong, pulling it down to my ankles, and then she threw me to the matt, and ripped them off my feet. I was nude now, and very exposed.

Janelle moved quickly to a Boston-crab, standing above me facing my feet, grabbing my ankles and pulling them high into the air. I grabbed her ankles with my arms, holding on tightly, and she bent me backwards, killing my back and stomach. Janelle slowly lowered herself down, finally sitting on my ass, and I was in trouble again. I banged the matt furiously, and with every ounce of strength left I pushed with my arms, raising myself up. Janelle lost her grip on my ankles, and with a shrilling yell I flipped her off of me. Now I was pissed, and the thought of losing to her left my mind. I ran at her, driving my shoulder into her stomach, and she fell to the matt with a plop. I became enraged with her, and as she rolled onto all fours, I pushed her to the floor with my right foot, knelt between her spread legs, and pulled off her leotard, exposing her nude crotch. Now the crowd had what they wanted; we were both nude. I pounced on her back, quickly wrapping my arms under hers, launching a full nelson. I spread my legs wide for support, and now it was my turn to tease her.

"You won't get out of this one, baby. I think you like this, too, feeling my bare titties on your back," I cooed.

Janelle tried to pull her legs up, but I pushed back harder with my torso, effectively keeping her pasted to the matt. Our bodies were soaking wet with sweat now, and we were both breathing heavily. The sexuality of the entire scene was getting to both of us, and Janelle responded by moving her ass under me, up and down, stimulating my slippery clit. I increased the pressure of my hold, her arms flinging wildly in the air, and she ceased moving her ass. I wasn't about to get distracted again, but the urge to climax was getting more powerful. Plus, I was finally starting to feel fatigued, and I decided to go for the kill when I still had the upper hand.

I released my full nelson, and stood above her, grabbing her arms and pulling her to her feet. I grabbed her around the waist, and pulled her backward to a neutral corner. Leaning against the post for support, I grabbed my right wrist with my left hand, positioning it directly under her ribcage. Then I squeezed with every ounce of strength I had.


I kept up the pressure, and then slightly backed off, and again tightened, repeating this over and over. I was wearing her down, and she finally tried to speak.

"Stop...Leslie...please....no...," she faintly said. The crowd was going nuts.

Angel moved in closer, looking for a sign of surrender.

"Do you submit?" I questioned. I actually hoped she wouldn't.

Janelle shook her head from side to side, pleasing me greatly. I moved her out to the middle of the ring, lifting her off her feet, and showing her to the four sides of the crowd. Deshonna cried out in dismay, and Stacey bellowed her approval. Janelle was ready to give in, but I had something better planned. I dropped her to the matt, and straddled her, pinning her arms back. Beads of perspiration fell from my head to her face. I gazed at her breasts, her nipples hard and extended. With my legs I spread hers, and our trimmed, wet pussies pressed against one another's, eliciting a loud grunt of pleasure from Janelle. Her eyes opened wide, and she looked dreamily into mine.

"You want to cum, don't you Janelle?"

"Oh god yes, I do, please Leslie."

I had her where I wanted her now. The crowd fell silent as we writhed together before them. I began to grind into her body, moving up and down, stimulating her clit with mine. Rivulet of sweat dripped down my ass to my pussy, soaking me even further. But I was determined not to orgasm at this point. That was to be saved for Stacey. Angel moved in closer again, looking for the submission from Janelle. I brought her just to the edge of an orgasm, and then wickedly stopped, causing Janelle to wail in desperation.

"Submit, my pet?" I asked.

She just looked up at me, mouth agape, without uttering a word. Slowly I moved my mouth to hers, and we locked mouths in an aggressive french kiss. When our nipples touched, it was if a shock of electricity passed through her. I quickly broke off the kiss, and asked her again to submit to me.

"Yes, yes, oh yes, just let me cum!" she finally replied.

The crowd was silent now.

"Say it Janelle!" I told her.

"I submit!" she roared.

Angel slammed the matt with her right hand, and the crowd instantly exploded. I spread Janelle's legs even wider with my own, and resumed driving my pussy into hers. Janelle's head was arched back, and I spread her arms as wide as I could. I moved my ass up and down, and Janelle looked at me wildly, seconds away from her orgasm.

It was as if her body had a built in vibrator, and she shook ferociously. Her orgasm consumed her as I watched.

"Eeeeeeeaaannnnnggggghhhhh," she howled, her pussy straining against mine. She fluttered like a leaf under me, and her head tossed back and forth. In the midst of her orgasm I stood and stepped off of her, and Angel raised my right arm in victory. Janelle began to masturbate herself to achieve several orgasms, and it was then that I noticed that many of the women in the crowd were masturbating also. I exited the ring, and winked at Frank, who was sitting nearby. I told Stacey we were going to my place, and I knew Frank would call.

The first round of the competition between Janelle and I was complete, and I felt confident I would win at least one of the next two.

But for now, I wanted Stacey.

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