tagLesbian SexThe Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 36

The Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 36


The Matrons of Regal Bay

Chapter 36

Elena's Tales -- Part 3

By the time June 19th rolled around, Elena had made all the necessary arrangements. It was the first time she had planned a birthday party for anyone who wasn't one of her children. This party, however, would not be following in the traditional style of any normal party for a girl turning nineteen. This was something a little more personal, and naughty.

Elena welcomed Kristina Cooper into her condo shortly after 2 pm that afternoon. It was warm and getting hotter as the day went, with temperatures expected in the low nineties by five. Not bad considering they had just suffered through a week with temperatures barely breaking 75. For Elena's plans, however, the hotter the day got, the better her plans would play out.

Kristina was visibly excited when Elena pulled the front door of her condo open. "I'm here! And I'm officially nineteen!" Kristina announced as she bounced through into the front room of Elena's place. Her arms went up and around the much taller, much older woman's neck and with her feet barely touching the carpet, Kristina gave her host a quick kiss, full on the lips.

"Happy birthday, Kristina!" Elena said when their lips parted. Her arms had gone around the younger, smaller girl and now she held her full weight. Elena, being a big woman of Scandinavian blood, strained little. She often held women in her arms, women much like Kristina, whatever their ages happened to be.

Again, their lips met, and lingered, until Elena forcibly set the younger girl back to her feet and pulled away. "Time enough for that later," she told her young guest. She held Kristina at arms' length and looked at her. "You changed your hair!" she declared.

Kristina smiled and gave her new hair-do a touch. "It was a gift from my mother," she smiled. "She took me to the salon yesterday after work. I got my hair done, and a mani-pedi," she added, wiggling her fingers and then her toes, which were on display given the sandals she wore. All her digits were painted in deep red and glossed. "I also got a massage by one of those real masseuse's. She was an Asian woman. Cute, too."

Elena took Kristina's hand in hers as the teen continued to chat about her day out with her mother. In the kitchen, Elena guided her to a seat at the table. Another woman sat there, smiling. When Kristina finally stopped her monologue, Elena made the introductions.

"Kristina, this is my good friend, Indigo Gibbs," Elena smiled.

"Hello," Kristina replied, giving the older African-American woman a quizzical look.

"It's so nice to meet you, Kristina," Indigo said, offering her hand. Kristina took it.

"Indigo lives a couple of condos down," Elena explained. "She more or less helped me put this party together for you."

"That's so nice of you," Kristina replied, though still unsure of what her older lover had in mind.

"It was my pleasure," Indigo replied. "I haven't planned a birthday party since my own daughter's sixteenth, some years ago."

"Not like this one, either!" Elena laughed. She had retrieved a bottle of red wine from the counter and sat it on the table, along with three glasses. "Let's have a little drink, to celebrate your nineteen-years young lady, before we head out."

Kristina accepted her glass and asked, "Head out? To where? I thought we were going to have a party here?"

Elena shook her head. "I told you, I have something very special in mind for your birthday, and I meant it. We've rented a villa in the resort, complete with a private pool and jacuzzi. I've invited a few of my friends over to help celebrate." She tossed back most of her wine, as did Indigo.

"Janet and Melissa will be meeting us there," Indigo informed Elena, who nodded.

"Denise will be here in a few minutes," Elena said. "We'll ride over in her van. She doesn't drink, so we'll designate her our driver."

"I'll bet the van won't be the only thing Denise will be driving today!" Indigo laughed, though Kristina didn't get it. She was confused, but willing to go along with it. Indigo was a beautiful woman, though obviously older than Elena, who Kristina knew to be 45.

"Is Denise, uh, Mrs. Hoyt?" Kristina asked Elena a moment later.

Elena nodded. "Yes, it is. I'll bet you didn't know that she was of a like mind, did you?"

"I had no idea," Kristina gasped. "I thought she was married."

"She is," Elena said. "But that doesn't necessarily prevent a woman from enjoying another woman's company occasionally. You remember, I was married once, and so was Indigo. I'm sorry," she quickly corrected, "Indigo is a widow. Her husband died a few years ago." She reached out and touched her friend's hand.

"It's all in the past now," Indigo said. "I still love and miss my husband, but I've moved on. And since I doubt if another man could ever do for me what Roy did, besides giving me two wonderful children. I discovered, thanks to Elena, an attraction to women that I'd had all my life. I don't think I was ever truly gay, a lesbian, but who really knows?" She took Elena's hand in hers and gave the tall woman a warm smile.

"So did I!" Kristina interjected, also reaching out to take one of Elena's hands in hers.

"Hey! There's plenty of me to go around!" Elena laughed.

A few minutes later, the doorbell rang and Elena greeted Denise at the front door, as warmly as she had Kristina, and Indigo before her. Denise was escorted into the kitchen, where she and Indigo nodded to each other, having known each other for a while now. Kristina stood and waited. When Elena indicated her, announcing her as "the birthday girl", Denise smiled sheepishly. Denise had had Kristina in class twice during her high school years, and recognized Kristina.

"It's good to see you again, Kristina," Denise smiled and touched the girls offered hand lightly.

"You too, Mrs. Hoyt," Kristina replied.

"It's Denise," Elena insisted. "At least for today. And probably after." Elena gave Denise a light peck on the cheek and then took Kristina's hands in hers. "Now, young lady. Our birthday girl, as she is. It's time we headed for your party, don't you think?"

"Yes! I'm so ready!" Kristina replied with a school-girl's giddiness.

"We'll see about that!" Indigo laughed. The four headed out and climbed into Denise's vehicle, which wasn't a mini-van as Elena had originally thought, but a new Chevy Equinox. It was dark Burgundy red with a deep gray leather interior. The dealer plates were still on it. Elena had retrieved a deep carry-all bag and placed that in the wheel well at her feet.

"Nice!" Elena said as she settled into the front passenger seat and pulled the belt on. "When did you get this?"

"Picked it up last night," Denise said as she started the engine. "Don bought it for me, for my birthday, he said. I think it more likely he got tired of nickel-and-diming my old Astro Van to keep it running."

"That old van had some memories," Elena smiled. Denise looked at her side-long as she pulled away from the curb and headed for the condominium complex's exit.

The drive to the Regal Bay Resort lasted less than two minutes, and the villa, situated towards the southern end of the property, was another two minutes away. The roads within the resort were narrow, made more for golf carts and bicycles than automobiles, though the guests did have parking areas very near to their rental properties. Five minutes after leaving Elena's place, Denise parked her new vehicle. A Cannondale road bike leaned against the front wall of the villa, behind a glide bench.

The villa was small, designed for couples, and only had one bedroom, a front room, kitchenette, and a bath. The backyard was walled off, with a tall privacy fence, as were all the villa properties. An in-ground pool was surrounded by flag-stone, with a grouping of padded chairs around an umbrella shaded table, made up much of the entertainment area. A large jacuzzi bubbled in the far corner of the yard, with a flag-stone walk leading to it. All this Kristina took in as she stood just beyond the patio doors.

"I can't believe you rented a villa just for my birthday party," she said, more to herself than to Elena.

"Well, we needed someplace a little larger than my condo, and the backyard is a plus, don't you think?" Elena gave Kristina a kiss on the back of her head, as well as s gentle pat on her butt. "Now, let's get comfortable before the rest of the girls show up!"

"Hello!" came a new voice from behind, and Kristina turned to find a familiar face. "Happy birthday, Kristina!"

"Barbara!" Kristina chimed, and took the new comer in her arms. Barbara was one of Elena's other young lovers, and had in fact been enjoying a naughty moment in the high school library office with the Librarian when Kristina had walked in on them. That moment had been the fork in the road in Kristina's young life, and the path she had chosen had led to this afternoon. After the hug, and a quick kiss, Barbara Freeman turned and gave Elena a much warmer greeting.

"So good of you to make it," Elena told her. Barbara already was acquainted with the others, so there was no need for further introductions. "I see you rode your bike," Elena said, giving the young woman a look. Barbara had on her skin-tight biking outfit, a pink, black, and sky blue affair. Her breasts were held flat to her chest, and her ass was very prominent. All the older women took her in with their eyes. Especially noticeable was the twin points of her nipples, now prominent after having hugged the woman who first turned her on to lesbianism.

"I needed the exercise," Barbara explained. "I put in a good ten miles already today. I hope to double that, heading home later."

"If you've got any energy left!" Elena grinned. "And I plan to see about working off some of that youthful energy!" Elena again turned to the others and said, "I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm getting into that pool!" With that declaration, the tall, raven-haired beauty pulled her t-shirt up and off, revealing to all that she was indeed going braless beneath. Her Capris went next, though beneath those she wore her white and sea-foam green bikini bottoms.

As hostess, Elena led the way. Kristina followed her lead and pulled her t-shirt and shorts off, to show off her new two-piece bikini worn beneath. Indigo also wore her bikini beneath her shirt and shorts, and like Elena and Kristina, she stripped right there on the patio. Denise, however, retrieved the bag she'd brought in with her and headed for the lone bedroom. She was a more modest woman and was uncomfortable changing clothes in front of others. Barbara, on the other hand, stood in the front room and stripped out of her biking outfit, and naked, retrieved her own bikini from a small bag she'd brought along. She joined the others in the back a few minutes later.

Elena, her breasts naked and on prominent display for all to see, stood near the picnic table, looking at the others. Both Denise and Barbara had joined the group, a mature 36-year-old married mother of two and a 19-almost-20-year-old college student. Denise was brown eyed, brown haired, slim, and had soft, Native-American features. Her breasts were small and soft, which fit her personality, Elena thought. Barbara, on the other hand, was lean and fit, with breasts no larger but much firmer than those of the older woman. Barbara was blonde-haired and blue-eyed, much like Elena, before she'd had her hair dyed raven-black.

Already in the pool was Indigo, Elena's neighbor. Indigo was a tall, 48-year-old late-life-lesbian, much like Elena. Also like Elena, she was the mother of two adult children, and carried heavy, d-cup breasts. Indigo also shared the same lust for the pleasures of younger woman. Beside her stood Kristina, the young woman who would soon be the center of attention. Kristina was a beautiful, innocent looking young woman, just graduated from high school and soon to be headed for college. Kristina was very much a pixie, in that she was barely 5 feet in height. Her breasts were very small, little more than a-cup mounds, though her nipples tended to puff out enormously when she got excited. By the looks of things, given the top she wore, Kristina was getting excited.

For the next twenty minutes, the pool was enjoyed by all the women, as was conversation. Music was turned on and Elena served up glasses of chilled white wine to Indigo and herself, cold sodas to the teens, and a tall iced tea for Denise. Elena remained topless throughout, enjoying the hot sun on her breasts. "I don't want tan-lines," she explained when asked, and a moment later Indigo was topless as well. Her magnificent caramel breasts exposed, Indigo rolled into one of the two reclining loungers that flanked the pool. The tall trees provided hints of shade as the wind moved the branches, but not so much as to keep the sun at bay.

Finally, the last two guests arrived. "Good afternoon, ladies!" chimed Janet Kuykendall as she and her live-in girl-friend, Melissa McGregor, stepped through the patio doors. Both were dressed similarly, in over-sized concert t-shirts, baggy cargo shorts, and sandals. They each carried a shoulder bag, which ended up together on the flag-stones outside the sliding doors. "I hope we haven't missed anything exciting."

"We were waiting on you two, before we got started," Elena said as she stepped up the pool steps and met the two with hugs and kisses. Neither of the new-comers minded the dampening of their clothing, as they would soon be shedding those as well. Janet was a beautiful petite woman of 24, with long, golden hair, bright blue-green eyes, and healthy d-cup breasts. Melissa was a year older, much thicker young woman, with long wavy cocoa-colored hair, deep brown eyes that were highlighted with eye-liner just as dark. Whereas Janet gave one the impression of a pure-blooded all-American girl, Melissa was quite the opposite, having a mother of Hawaiian decent that gave her slightly slanted eyes and a deep complexion. Melissa had ears full of piercings, a prominent tattoo on each arm, and a stud in her right nostril. Janet, too, sported a nose stud, and when she removed her t-shirt, she showed off her own tattoo.

"Oh, I can't believe it!" Indigo exclaimed. She and Janet were on-again, off-again lovers, and had seen each other in the nude many times. This was the first time, however, that Indigo had seen Janet's tattoo. "Let me see that." Janet turned and displayed her tattoo, a spiral and lace offering that ran from near her neck, across her outer shoulder, and part way down her bicep. It was elegant and beautiful, and fit well with Janet's personality, as those who knew her said.

As the others checked Janet out, Melissa stripped off her own t-shirt and shorts. She, too, had worn her bikini beneath her clothing and Kristina took in the deeply tanned young woman's body. Melissa had both of her arms tattooed, with a long, snake-like dragon curling down her right, and an intricate tribal pattern covering her left, from shoulder to wrist. When she turned, Kristina saw what looked like a vine of ivy or other such plant tattooed from beneath Melissa's bikini bottoms up her spine to top off at the base of her neck. Kristina thought it was absolutely beautiful and began to think about getting her own tattoo. Maybe something a little smaller, and more conservative.

After Janet had finished showing off her artwork, Elena moved to the table and retrieved the bag she had brought. "Girls! Girls! We've got a birthday girl in attendance," she needlessly announced. "I think it's time we get this party started. What do you say, Kristina?"

"Absolutely!" she chimed, and all but leaped from the pool. She snagged up a nearby beach towel and began to pat her face and upper torso dry as the others gathered around.

"Have a seat," Indigo instructed, and offered the teen-ager the chair placed at the head of the picnic table. Kristina settled in, now the center of attention, with all eyes on her.

"Young lady," Elena began. "This is not your every-day sort of birthday party, and I don't think that is what you were wanting, anyway. Instead, we are going to give you something that I am very sure your family could never give you, and I doubt very seriously if your friends would throw for you, either. You see, Kristina, since you came into my life, and we all know just how you managed that!" she laughed, giving Barbara a grin. "Since you came into my life, both you and I have grown closer, and I think I know you quite well. I think I've managed to put together an afternoon that you will never forget." With that said, she placed the bag onto the table and reached inside. She pulled out a long, cylindrical, gift-wrapped item and handed it to Kristina.

"We didn't get you much," Barbara continued, "but I'm sure you'll like what we did get you."

Kristina was excited, receiving a gift was unexpected. She tore the colorful wrapping off and found a clear, plastic tube. Inside it was a pink dildo, with all the bumps and ridges to delight any woman, with a boxy handle that had three thumb knobs. Kristina had never had a dildo of any type but knew them well, having been introduced to them by Elena.

"Oh, my..." she sighed. She didn't know what else to say. The thing was awesome, and scary. And she couldn't wait to try it out.

"That's not all," Elena told her, and again reached inside the bag. Next, she pulled out a slim box, about the size of a school book. Kristina set the cased dildo on the table before her and took the box. She again stripped off the wrapping and found herself looking at a picture of its contents. "This is a set of toys that you can wear beneath your clothing," Elena explained. "Nobody but you would know you had them, and with the remote, you can turn them on or off as you need. Or you can have a friend do it for you."

"Thank you," Kristina told Elena, and then repeated it to the others as well.

"We hope you'll enjoy them, as much as we do," Indigo grinned, and then leaned in to give Kristina a kiss, full on the mouth. Before she knew it, each of the guests were pulling her mouth to theirs. She'd never kissed so many different women at one time. Hell, she'd never kissed more than two in her life, and now she'd more than tripled it within seconds.

More wine was poured, with Janet and Melissa joining in. Kristina, too, accepted a glass and sipped as those around her again fell into conversation. "Thank you, for the toys," Kristina told her. Elena smiled warmly and kissed her. This was much more passionate of a kiss than before, and Elena allowed her hand to rest upon the teen's right breast. As their lips parted, she gave the mound a gentle squeeze.

"Are you ready to have some fun?" Elena asked.

"I'm already having fun," Kristina grinned.

"Oh, my dear. You haven't seen how we can have fun. Not this group." Elena took Kristina by the hand and joined the others at the pool. All of them had settled on the edge, seated on the warm flag-stones with their feet dangling in the cool water. Elena guided Kristina to the end next to Barbara, and then took a seat beside her, now at the end of the line. Kristina and Barbara fell into conversation, joining the others. Elena, still the only one of the group with her breasts completely exposed, leaned back to enjoy a few moments of sun on her flesh.

A few minutes went by, and then Elena felt hands lightly stroking up her torso. She opened her eyes to find Indigo standing in the pool before her. The dark-skinned beauty smiled and gave Elena's large breasts an exploratory caress. "The party's starting to role," Indigo said, adding a gentle squeeze to each of Elena's fleshy breasts. The librarian looked to her left and saw that Melissa had lost her top and had Janet standing in the pool in front of her echoing Indigo, massaging her girl-friend's dark-capped breasts. As she looked down the line, Elena felt Indigo's thick lips latch onto her right nipple and suck.

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