tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 47

The Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 47


Xiao Li's Tales – Part 1

Yau Xiao Li and her husband Yau Gang waited in the baggage claim area of Portland International Airport, having flown down from Seattle, where they had passed through immigration. Xiao Li and Gang had only recently arrived in the United States from their native Hong Kong. For both, it was their first trip away from the Oriental City-State in more than thirty years, when each had been students abroad. Xiao Li and studied at the University of Washington, whereas her husband had worked in Seoul, South Korea. They had met in Hong Kong International Airport while awaiting the tram, and discovered that not only had they come from the same neighborhood, but that they had a mutual attraction. Though Gang was three years older, they both had likes and dislikes that were similar, and while riding the crowded and noisy tram not only did they continue with their conversation, but they made plans to meet again.

Eighteen months later, they were married. Their daughter Yau Xia was born a year later, and two years after that came their son, Yau Jian. It was their son whom they awaited in the baggage claim area. Xiao Li and Gang were relocating to Regal Bay, to live with their son and daughter-in-law until they could establish their own home. Though neither had work waiting, for both were now retired after many years working for the Government of Hong Kong in one capacity or another, Gang was eager to find a new life in the growing city his son had bragged about for many years. Xiao Li, on the other hand, knew what awaited her, for it was because of their grandchildren, and her daughter-in-law's return to work after their birth, that the Yau's were coming to America. Xiao Li would be taking care of the young infants, just fifteen months apart, while Vania returned to her job in the City Services Department.

"Father! Mother!" Xiao Li turned around to find her daughter-in-law, Vania, approaching them, her long arms held wide. The younger woman, a Japanese-American girl their son had met at UCLA, embraced Gang first, and then her. "So good to see you again!"

"As it is with you," Gang replied. He was still getting used to the idea of his son marrying a Japanese girl, let alone an American-born Japanese girl. Gang was an old-school traditionalist, and might have approved of his only son marrying a Chinese-American girl. Vania, the daughter of a retired U.S. Navy officer father and Japanese school teacher mother, met none of his desired qualifications. However, in true Chinese fashion, Gang never showed his disapproval in public. For Xiao Li, it was quite the opposite, as she always delighted in Vania's positive energy and excitement.

"Where is Jian?" Gang demanded as he began to load their luggage onto a cart. "He was to meet us."

"Jian sends his apologies, Father," Vania said. "He was called to a faculty conference this morning and was unable to make the drive up. He is truly saddened he could not be here."

"I was expecting my son," Gang reiterated as he loaded the last of his and his wife's luggage. Xiao Li admired her husband for a moment, watching him toss the baggage onto the luggage cart. He seemed a bit different in America for some reason than he had back in Hong Kong. He was 61, nearing 62 that month, and looked it. Yet he moved different in that moment, stronger and more fluid, Xiao Li thought. That all went away a moment later when he started grumbling under his breath, spitting out a long string of obscenities in their native tongue while rubbing his lower back. He looked his age again in Xiao Li's eyes.

"It's fine, Vania," Xiao Li smiled and patted her daughter-in-law's arm. "He is a gruff after long flights," she added of her husband. "This is really mild, as he slept most of the way across the ocean. We visited Italy some years ago and he was in a rage nearly the entire stay in Venice. Really, he will be fine."

"So, we have to ride in your car all the way?" Gang asked as he followed Vania and Xiao Li out into the sunshine and across to the parking garage, pushing the cart along.

"I rented a mini-van," Vania explained. "It will provide plenty of room for you to stretch out in back, Father, should you like."

"A mini-van!" Gang grumbled. Yet, when he saw the actual size of Vania's rental, he was impressed. It was easily twice the size of a standard van in Hong Kong. They loaded up the luggage in back, and with Vania driving and Xiao Li accompanying her in the front, Gang was indeed able to stretch out his legs, and by the time they were on Interstate 5 headed south, Gang was snoring.

"He really hates to travel," Xiao Li told Vania. They shared a gentle laugh, and then settled into catching up with each other. They stopped for gas and lunch an hour later, leaving Gang sleeping as they went inside the Subway, Xiao Li's favorite American restaurant. They brought Gang back a foot long Chicken Teriyaki sandwich and a bottle of Coke for when he woke up, and hit the road, cutting over to the coast and Highway 101 for the remaining two and a half hours of their trip. Although living in Hong Kong nearly all of her life, as they drove along the coastal highway Xiao Li still marveled at the beauty of the Pacific Ocean on her right, and the splendor of deep green forests and tall mountains to her left. The sun was bright and she needed her sunglasses most of the time.

Gang woke up long enough to grumble about being hungry, and then ate the sandwich Xiao Li handed him in silence. He was back asleep soon after. They stopped one more time for a bathroom break at a scenic overlook, where Gang wandered off up a trail into the forest. It took then nearly an hour to find him and get him back into the van to continue their journey.

By the time they arrived in Regal Bay, both Vania and Xiao Li were exhausted, yet Gang was ready to get to work, settling into their new home. Vania and Jian had purchased a two story home near the campus, but to the south, away from the business district that catered to the student body as well as the local population. Although not part of the Elegant Estates neighborhood, the home nevertheless was of that upscale style. It fronted Freemont Blvd, however, and getting out of their driveway to head north was problematic during the morning hours. Sure enough, both Jian and Vania worked north of their home.

Jian was waiting for them when they arrived, and greeted his parents warmly, his father first, before his mother. He could be a traditionalist when he wanted to, Xiao Li admired. "I am so pleased to have you in my home!" Jian told his parents as they entered. It was not the first time his parents had been to Regal Bay, so there was no need for a tour.

Gang told his son, "I want to be finished with this unpacking before dinner, Jian," as the two dragged the luggage in from the van. Although Vania helped, Gang barely acknowledged her. Meanwhile, Xiao Li went to visit with her grandchildren in their bedroom upstairs. Tia, her 19-month-old grand-daughter, was sleeping in her bed. Xiao Li paused to admire the little girl, a smile on her face that broadened when she heard Kai giggling in the crib under the window. Xiao Li went to her grand-son and picked him up. She kissed and hugged the boy, whom she had never before seen in the flesh. She and her husband would have the next room to the children's, complete with their own bathroom which adjoined the two rooms. In fact, the space her son had allotted for them within his home was nearly the same amount of space Gang and Xiao Li had lived in for the last twenty years in Hong Kong. With the rest of the home, and the spacious backyard, it was as if Xiao Li and her husband had come to live in a palace.

With 4-month old Kai in her arms, Xiao Li wandered through her new home. Back downstairs, she paused to look into her son and daughter-in-law's room, a suite on the first floor opposite from the large living room. With two stairways, one on each end of the upstairs hallway, she could do laps of the house each day, Xiao Li thought, in keeping with her personal exercise regimen. She looked out across the backyard from the family room, taking in the many shade trees surrounding the stone patio and fire pit. Jian had decorated the entire backyard in a traditional Chinese style, she happily noticed, knowing that Gang would be very pleased. Her husband enjoyed spending so much of his time out of doors. "Being one with nature," he always said, "helps one be one with the universe." He was always happiest when unconfined by the walls of a home. Xiao Li knew that her husband would be happy in Regal Bay, and so will she.

The evening was pleasant, with the family enjoying a traditional Chinese-American buffet at the Beijing Palace restaurant near the mall. Gang was his usual pleasant self in public, but once home began to again grumble about the quality of food he was going to have to suffer over. "Well, dear husband, I'm not about to cook for you every meal just because you are so finicky!" Xiao Li teased him as they prepared for bed. It was well past their usual bed times, even given the time differences between Hong Kong and Regal Bay. Whereas Gang had nodded off every chance he had over the last twelve hours, Xiao Li had been too excited. Now it was hitting her all at once, and yet her husband was feeling his oats.

"You have paid me no attention in weeks, Yau Gang!" Xiao Li moaned as she tried in vain to shy away her husband's hands. "I am very tired and need to sleep if I am to watch over the little ones in the morning."

Gang still managed to push her night dress up and her panties down. As he maneuvered into position, he reminded her, "This will be the first time to make love in America. We will have on every continent then."

As her husband's penis began to press into her, Xiao Li corrected, "But not Antarctica, ooohhhh!" Her husband filled her with his manhood and began to hump atop her. As it is every wife's duty, Xiao Li accepted her husband and allowed him to work to completion. It lasted less than five minutes. He slipped out of her before she even began to enjoy it, an all too common occurrence over the last decade of their marriage. As her husband settled into the mattress beside her, Xiao Li straightened out her clothing. Even though she had not worked very hard, and in the traditional missionary position what was there for her to do, Xiao Li found herself now fully awake. Gang, on the other hand, was snoring minutes later. She reluctantly rolled out of bed and headed for the bathroom.

After, and still not feeling drowsy, Xiao Li decided to walk the quiet halls of the house. She checked in on the children before heading down the stairs. She had the desire to walk outside, onto the back patio, to enjoy a few minutes of the warm Pacific breeze. As she passed through the kitchen, she took note of the time on the clock as 11:18pm. It was then that she thought she heard giggling, or maybe grunting, coming from the family room.

"Jian and Vania are probably watching television," she thought to herself. Interested, she headed that way, only to come to a stop the moment she looked into the darkened room. Lit only by the light coming from the television, Xiao Li saw her son and his wife engaged in carnal activity. She had no doubt, as both were naked. Vania was in Jian's lap, and the two were in the sofa. Vania had her head back; her long black hair released down her pale back, and was riding up and down on Jian's lap. By the angle she was at, Xiao Li could make out her son's large balls beneath Vania's butt as she rose up. She saw the glistening wetness on her son's shaft as it emerged from Vania's black-furred pussy. And she saw her son sucking hard at the young woman's small breasts.

Xiao Li wanted to leave them, after all they were husband and wife engaged within their own home, but she couldn't force herself to move. She had never before watched two others make love, not in the flesh, and this was not only new to her, but the idea of having sex in anyway other than lying in bed, the man atop the woman, was foreign to her. She knew that there were other styles of love-making, of course, and yet she had never seen, nor participated in, these acts. Gang was too traditional for anything new and racy. And so, Xiao Li found herself entranced as she watched her son and his wife having sex in their living room.

Vania was moving atop her son, up and down very quickly. Xiao Li heard, "Ooohh, yes! Oh, fuck!" come from her daughter-in-law's moth, over and over. At times, Vania would stop moving and just sit in Jian's lap, twisting her hips. Xiao Li could not imagine what the younger woman was feeling; it was also foreign to her. And yet as she stood in the darkness watching, Xiao Li began to feel something between her thighs.

Startled, Xiao Li realized that what she felt was her own had, which seemingly of its own accord had slipped into her underwear. A finger, her own middle finger, was stroking her nub, which had grown very large. She pushed a little lower and felt the dampness. "What is this?" she muttered to herself. Yet Xiao Li held her hand where it was. She even gave her bulging clit a harder rub, and a jolt of pleasure rippled up through her. She almost moaned, but held back, her eyes going to her son and his wife fearfully. All it would take would be for either to turn and look her way and she would be caught. Try as she might however, Xiao Li could not make herself back away from the scene.

Vania had resumed fucking herself upon Jian's manhood. At times Xiao Li got a look at her son's face and saw his eyes shut tight and his mouth open. Vania would lean in and kiss him hard for a moment before returning to enjoying herself upon his cock.

"In my mouth, Jian!" Vania cried out suddenly. She leaped from her husband's lap then and as Xiao Li watched, the younger woman dropped to her knees and wrapped her hand around Jian's glistening cock. Xiao Li was able to take full measure of her son's manhood in that moment for the first time, and noted sadly that her son was much better endowed than his father. He must get that from my side of the family, she mused.

Vania grinned up into Jian's face and said, "You know we don't need another child." With that said, she opened her mouth wide and gulped Jian's throbbing cock down. She stopped less than halfway down when Jian began to grunt loudly, and as Xiao Li watched unbelieving, and trembling excitedly as she worked her bulging clit with her middle finger, her daughter-in-law began to drink his semen.

"Oooohhh, yeessss!" Jian sighed as his seed flooded his wife's accepting mouth.

"Ooohh, aaaahhh!" Xiao Li gasped, not only at the sight before her taking place, but at the climax her fingering had brought on in that moment. She forced her free hand to her mouth, hoping that neither had heard her. Apparently, neither did, as Vania continued to gulp upon her husband's manhood.

Vania enjoyed the taste, texture, and feel of hot semen on her tongue and in her mouth. She gulped down every drop her husband fed her and continued to suck until she had every drop of his ball juice in her belly, warming her. She had an insatiable craving for semen, fresh from the tap as it were, regardless of whose tap it was. Her vagina belonged to her husband, as agreed, but her mouth was always open for the next cock to come along. Jian just couldn't keep up with her cravings.

With the last of her husband's seed settling in her stomach, Vania let his withering member drop from her lips and hand, and then pulled his mouth to hers. They kissed deeply for several minutes on the sofa, and as they did, Xiao Li finally backed away into the darkness. As she slipped through the kitchen as quiet as she could, she noted the time. It was now 1:03am. She'd been watching her son and daughter-in-law make love for nearly an hour and a half.

As quietly as she could, Xiao Li returned to the bedroom where she and her husband now resided, slipped into bed alongside his snoring form, and tried to push the sight she had witnessed out of her mind, along with the memories of what she had done. She did finally fall asleep, and when she slept, it was her son's throbbing manhood that invaded her dreams.


The next day began as many over the next years would; with Xiao Li up early to attend to the children while Jian and Vania made themselves ready for work. Her alarm awoke her sharply at 6am, and given the jet-lag combined with her fitful night of sleep, Xiao Li was as tired as she had ever been. Her husband was not in bed when she rose, and Xiao Li found him in the backyard standing calmly as the morning sun began to warm the air. It would become his ritual, she knew, as it had been back in Hong Kong. Only here in Regal Bay, the only noise was that of birds chirping and singing, so very different from the rumble of non-stop traffic on the streets below their apartment in Hong Kong.

Xiao Li tended to the children as grand-mothers the world over have across the ages. She was dotting, feeding them as needed, tending to their bathroom needs, bathing them and entertaining them. Despite her fatigue, Xiao Li had plenty of energy to take care of her two grand-children. Gang had spent nearly the entire day out of doors, either in the backyard or walking the streets of their new neighborhood. He had an exceptional skill at being able to find his way without a map or cell phone GPS devise. Since he was a child, Gang would walk the world and map it out in his own mind. He took pride in knowing where he was and being able to get to any place in the world he had ever been, without mistake, no matter how long it had been. So Xiao Li wasn't worried about her husband, even when he missed the lunch hour. It wasn't until their son had arrived home after work that Gang returned, walking casually up the driveway.

Xiao Li didn't encounter her son and daughter-in-law engaged in sexual liaisons again that week, and Xiao Li began to forget about the entire episode by the weekend. Saturday morning saw her up earlier than the rest, and she took the opportunity to attack the laundry. It was that morning that she began to suspect things were ever so slightly off in her son's home.

Xiao Li had separated hers and her husband's underwear from the rest of the family's, to do separately. Gang had a skin sensitivity that required the use of a special blend of detergent and as such she had waited until that morning to do a load. What she found was the numbers of her own underwear, in particular the new panties she had bought before leaving Hong Kong, did not match the numbers that should have been there. One pair each day, so there should have been six pairs, including those she wore on their flight over. Instead, there were only four. She started the washing machine, added the measured amount of detergent, and then dropped in what underwear she had. With the machine running, she started upstairs, looking for the missing articles.

However, Xiao Li was diverted as Tia began to cry. The lost underwear was forgotten for the moment as she took care of her young grand-daughter. By the time she returned to continue work on the laundry, Xiao Li had forgotten all about the lost underwear, assuming that they would show up to be washed eventually. Vania lent assistance later in the morning, as the family rose with the sun and began to enjoy a warm summer's Saturday. Again, Gang went on his own and Xiao Li accompanied Jian, Vania, and the children to the beach for the afternoon. Not surprisingly, Gang showed up walking along the sand in his bared feet, his sandals in hand. He dropped into a crossed leg position beside them in the sand and began to play with little Kai, as if he had been with them all along.

Xiao Li and Vania made dinner that night, a traditional noodle soup with shredded chicken, steamed vegetables, and beer for the adults. That night, Gang was feeling energetic and made love to Xiao Li, again in the missionary position. They kissed deeply, as Frenching for her was always the best part of their love-making. It was about as far from the conservative as they had ever gone. It was why Xiao Li had fallen in love with Gang. He knew how to kiss her the way she liked to be kissed!

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