tagMatureThe Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 63

The Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 63


Rebecca's Tales, Part 4

The grocers were fairly busy for that time of day, Rebecca thought. It wasn't the end of the week, when people got paid either at work or from the government. Nor was a storm on its way, which always sent people out in search of milk, bread, and eggs. It was a normal mid-week afternoon. Wednesday; four-forty-five p.m. Still, the parking lot had been nearly full of cars, and of the six check-out lanes, all had at least two or three carts lined up.

Pushing the shopping cart up one aisle and down another, and picking out food items to restock the pantry and cabinets, Rebecca wondered why she was buying so much, given that she would be the only one at home for the next three weeks. Ron had been picked to spend a training rotation at Ft. Irwin, California, where the military was testing out a few of the newest gadgets that he and his team had been working on over the past several months. He wasn't due back until the first weekend of November, and that in a nut-shell was all Rebecca knew about what her husband did out at the Gen. Bradley Research Center.

Carl was also away from Regal Bay, attending a month working alongside other young radiology students at Portland General Hospital. He, too, wouldn't be back home until November. Rebecca was proud of her son, who was following her path into the medical technology fields, and not into her husband's military field. Her two daughters, Audrey and Heidi, were busy with their own lives, and Rebecca seldom saw either, unless she was being asked to baby sit Audrey's son. As it was, Rebecca was kind of looking forward to some time alone in her own home. She had even taken a few days' vacation, taking the rest of that week off, to enjoy some much-needed rest and relaxation. She was on-call at the hospital delivery ward starting Saturday morning, so a little time to unwind was always welcome.

With her cart about two-thirds full, Rebecca headed for the crowded check-out lanes. Standing in line, leaning casually on the handle of her shopping cart, Rebecca swiped through her new smart phone screens, getting familiar with all of the apps and features. She'd just picked it up at the Apple store in the mall that morning and was now taking the time to really explore it, not that she was going anywhere any time soon. Rebecca had nothing in particular to do the rest of the afternoon, so she didn't mind standing in line, even if the old lady at the front was trying to pay with a written check, and the high school aged casher hadn't a clue as to how to process it.

Even though Rebecca had taken the day off, she had still dressed in her pale blue work scrubs. She just felt so much more comfortable wearing the light-weight clothing, she reasoned. It wasn't particularly chilly for the middle of October, though the morning had started out a bit windy, but the day had warmed as it went on and Rebecca had shed her jacket before coming inside. Her large, prominent breasts were hidden beneath the loose-fitting fabric of the scrub top, but it didn't stop the men in the store from casting her a second glance. Even at 48, Rebecca was proud to still be able to turn heads, even if those how regularly paid her any attention were not men she had a particular taste for. As she grew older, she realized her eye went more and more to those men younger than her. Much younger. Carl's age younger, in fact.

Finally through check-out, Rebecca headed out into the parking lot. The sun was bright and reasonably warm on her face as she pushed the cart towards her parked SUV. The cold-steel gray GMC Terrain sparkled from the drive-thru wash she'd given it on her way to the store. It was only a month old, having traded in her older, gas-guzzling Yukon for the more fuel-efficient compact SUV. As she neared, she used the remote to pop the lift-gate.

"Hey, Mrs. Thomas!" a young man's voice called to her, and she had to shield her eyes against the late afternoon sun to see who it was.

"Oh. Hi, Patrick," she replied when she finally was able to make the young man's features out. He jogged up, wearing a tight-fitting t-shirt with the RBU logo on the chest. He also wore loose fitting grey trousers and hiking boots. "What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be in class?" Patrick O'Hara, she remembered, was a friend of her son's and had taken some of the same classes as Carl the previous year. She didn't think Patrick was working towards a career in medicine, though.

"I'm not taking any classes this semester," Patrick told her. "I'm working out at the golf club right now."

"Oh, okay," Rebecca replied. "How is your mother doing?" she asked. Rebecca knew Maggie O'Hara through her daughter, as Maggie's youngest child and Audrey's son went to the same pre-school. Rebecca had often talked with Maggie O'Hara while waiting to pick up Jasper for her daughter.

"She's okay, I guess," he shrugged. "She's got me running errands for her this afternoon, before I head home."

"I hadn't seen her in a while. Be sure to tell her I said hello, won't you?"

Patrick grinned and nodded. "I will." Rebecca couldn't help but notice his eyes had spent nearly the entire conversation on her chest. Not that she minded. Patrick was a handsome young man, well within her wheel-house. In turn, she made sure to give his crotch a healthy glance as well.

"Hey, maybe I'll stop by and see Carl later this evening. He's still living at home, isn't he?" Patrick asked.

"I'm sorry, but Carl's up in Portland for the month," she explained. "He's getting some internship time in at Portland General."

"Oh, that's right. Carl's going into medicine." Patrick again nodded, and again his eyes seemed to stay riveted to her chest.

After an awkward pause, Rebecca said, "Well, I've got to get going, get these groceries put away."

"Yeah, okay, I'll see you, Mrs. Thomas," Patrick nodded again, grinning as he did. Rebecca wondered what was going through his mind in that moment, and could probably have guessed.

Rebecca told him, "Don't be stranger, Patrick. Stop by anytime. It'd be nice to catch up." She had no idea why she had said that.

"I might do that," he replied as he turned to head inside. "I'll see you, Mrs. Thomas."

Rebecca paused long enough to get a good eye-full of Patrick's ass as he broke into a slow jog on his way. She had the distinct impression that Patrick was wanting to say something to her, maybe ask her something more personal than how her son was doing. She shrugged it off to her imagination, since she'd never know Patrick to have an eye for her or any older women. She barely knew the boy as it was, his only hanging out with Carl a few times over the years. Besides, not every young man in Regal Bay had the hots for the older, matronly women, did they?

During her drive home, Rebecca began to think about how she'd expanded her sex life in the last few years. Since she and Carl had crossed the line during a heated summer afternoon encounter on the back porch of her home, she'd come to realize that she enjoyed a life that was spiced with the occasional sin. She'd also learned that she wasn't the only middle-aged mother in Regal Bay with such a taste for much younger men. That was how she had been introduced to Luke Vaughn after all. And he'd all but told her that he had been not only sleeping with his own mother, but with several other women her own age. Luke boasted that he was not only one of Regal Bay's gigolos, but the cities most active.

For her part, Rebecca was well aware of the fact that her husband had a mistress. They had never discussed the matter, but she wasn't a fool. Neither was Ron. It wasn't long after she and Carl had begun their mother-son affair that Ron had begun to act different. Rebecca sensed that he knew that she had been sleeping with another man when he was away. Ron never asked about it, but Rebecca knew. And it wasn't long after that she began to suspect him of the very same thing. She hadn't stopped loving him, and as far as she knew Ron still loved her for that matter. They had just grown to the point where, as long as it didn't affect the household, and it was never brought up, then it was okay with the both of them. Better still, their own love-making hadn't suffered. They still made love as often as they had for years, and with as much passion and zeal as ever. The addition of having her son as an occasional sinful side-dish, along with a once or twice a month visit to Luke's apartment, only added a bit of spice to Rebecca's otherwise mundane life.

The drive home took her a little over fifteen minutes, given the evening traffic, and as Rebecca pulled into the garage and shut off the SUV, she realized that she'd been thinking about Patrick for much of the drive home. She moved the groceries to the kitchen, and then put them away. All the while, she had Patrick on her mind, and she couldn't get him out of it. "Maybe I should change, go for a little walk. Maybe even jog a little." She had all but talked herself into it by the time she made it to her upstairs bedroom. She opened the curtains to the windows overlooking the backyard. The shadows were beginning to stretch across the yard. She looked down and saw the porch, and the very spot where Carl had taken advantage of her, years ago. "Jeezus, I need to get laid!"

With that thought in mind, Rebecca stripped and took a hot shower. After, she dressed in her exercise clothes, grabbed her gym bag, and headed out. It was already getting dark outside when she parked outside the Royal Treatment Spa & Gym, and it was pretty busy inside when she stepped up to the counter to sign in. The clanging and banging of workout machines and free weights were accompanied by the grunts or panting the patrons. From behind the counter, Samantha Kidd greeted her warmly. "I haven't seen you in here for a while, Rebecca," the tall, beautiful, and athletically fit attendant said. "It's good to see you again."

Rebecca both liked and hated Samantha. She liked her because Samantha was always friendly and very supportive in her efforts to get just a bit more in shape. She hated her because Samantha was just a few years younger than her, and looked twenty.

"I've had a busy schedule of late," Rebecca explained. "I've not had much free time in the evenings as I've liked."

Samantha smiled warmly and said, "Have a good work-out!" as Rebecca headed for the locker room to put her bag away. With her i-pod strapped to her upper arm and the ear-buds in place, Rebecca found a free strider and proceeded to work up a sweat.

After a quick shower following her work-out, Rebecca headed home. It was already full dark and yet it was not even seven p.m. as she pulled into the neighborhood. To her surprise, there was a car parked out front of her home, and as she pulled up the driveway she recognize Patrick O'Hara as he climbed out. Pulling her Terrain into garage, she left the door up and met him just inside.

"I hadn't been expecting to see you so soon," she told him. "I thought I told you that Carl was away."

Patrick, his hands shoved deep into his denim jacket pockets, replied with a nod. "You did. I just thought I could stop by. Maybe talk for a while."

Rebecca was puzzled. "What about? I don't really know what I could help you with, Patrick."

Again, the young man shrugged his shoulders. He looked very uncertain of himself, she thought. Still, she was intrigued by his possible motives. "Why don't we go inside, then? Get out of this chill."

As she led the way, she told him over her shoulder, "I just got back from the gym, so you'll have to excuse my appearance."

"It's okay," Patrick said. "You look nice like that."

"Thank you," she grinned back at him. She led him on into the kitchen, where she put her water bottle in the sink and dropped her gym bag near the laundry room door. Suddenly, she was pulled by the arm into and embrace by Patrick, who planted his mouth to hers and kissed her very deeply and firmly.

"Patrick!" she managed to gasp after pushing him away. "What the hell are you thinking?"

Patrick let her go and quickly replied, "Carl told me that you and he had a thing going. I thought maybe, you and I could too."

"Jeezus! Why would he ever tell you such a thing?" Rebecca gasped. "What has he told you about me? About us?"

Patrick sat down at the kitchen table and explained. "Carl and I have something in common. I think you might know what that is. I like older woman, just like he does. Especially moms. MILFs we call them. You now. "Mothers I'd Like to Fuck"."

"Yes, I know what a MILF is," she replied. "Carl introduced that term to me some time ago."

"He said that you and he have been having sex since he was in high school," Patrick revealed.

Rebecca was stunned that anyone knew about her and her son. More, she was upset that Carl had told Patrick about their affair. How many others had he bragged about nailing his old mother? And what about Patrick? She sat down across from him and asked, "Why do you bring this up? You said you and Carl have something in common. What is it?"

Patrick again shrugged. "A few months ago, I started sleeping with my own mother, is what."

Rebecca was stunned. She never imagined Maggie sleeping with her own son. And yet here was Patrick admitting it, almost bragging about. And to what end, she wondered.

"Why are you here, Patrick?" she asked. "Do you think that I might be willing to sleep with you? Just because I've been intimate with Carl, is that it? And you and your mother are doing the same, so why not try and nail me as well? Is that what you're thinking?" Rebecca was becoming increasingly upset, even mad, about this entire conversation and the revelations.

"I don't really know what I was expecting, to be honest," Patrick answered. "After running into you at the grocery, and talking to you, I couldn't get you out of my mind the rest of the day. I don't know, maybe I started running a fantasy or something in my head, that maybe you might go for it, with Carl being away, and I guess your husband's out of town, too. I thought maybe you and I could get together, maybe get to know each other a little. Hell, I don't know. I really don't know you any way. I don't know what I was thinking, coming here like this."

Patrick suddenly jumped up and headed for the door to the garage. "I'm sorry, Mrs. Thomas. I was out of line. I'll get out of here."

Surprising herself, Rebecca called out, "No, Patrick. Don't go." He was already into the garage but stopped and looked back. "It's okay. I think I understand what's going on. Come on back in and we'll talk some more, okay?" Patrick showed obvious reluctance, and yet returned to sit with her. She retrieved a couple of sodas from the refrigerator, and after a few quiet moments, she asked, "Just out of interest, what did you have in mind when you decided to stop by tonight?"

Patrick looked uncomfortable. Obviously, he had no idea where to start. "I really don't know, I guess. I've never been in a situation like this."

Rebecca was curious. "If you've never tried to seduce an older woman, then who did you manage to seduce your mother?" She was still not fully believing his story of being like her son. She knew it wasn't rare in Regal Bay, but those she knew about were ladies she'd been introduced to thought others. A kind of secret support group of incestuous women. Rebecca had been introduced to the group through Dr. Cynthia Price, whom she had met on campus some years back. As far as she was aware, Maggie O'Hara wasn't known to others in the group as a like-minded woman.

Patrick took a few moments, obviously debating whether or not to go into detail. Finally, he explained, "It really wasn't that way. I didn't seduce mom, really. It was more like she seduced me, or took advantage of me."

"So, your mother was the one to bring it up?" Rebecca was surprised.

Patrick shook his head. "Not really. I guess it all started because she found some of the stuff on my computer that I'd been looking at and reading." He paused before adding, "And, a couple of times, I took video of me having sex with a couple of women. She found it."

"I still don't understand how this would lead to you and her getting together," Rebecca said.

Again, Patrick hesitated. "It probably had something to do with calling Heather "Mom" a few times when I was fucking her. Mom heard it, when she watched the video."

"Hang on," Rebecca interrupted. "Have you been with Heather McCoy? Is that the Heather you're talking about?"

Patrick nodded. "You know her?"

"Heather's one of my best friends," Rebecca admitted. She was well aware that Heather had a small group of young men in town that she enjoyed, but she'd never said anything about Patrick being one of them. She gave Patrick a lingering look, seeing a lot of innocence in his face, but also a lot of masculinity. She could understand how Heather would desire him. She was beginning to desire him as well.

"So, how did you and your mother get started?" she asked again. She wanted to hear the story, now more than ever, as she was beginning to feel a tingle deep in her belly.

"It wasn't all that romantic, if that's what you're thinking," he laughed slightly. "She was pretty pissed off, first about the stuff I'd saved on the computer, and then about finding out about some of the women I'd been with. I had a lot of incest stories downloaded, too, and I think she read a few. Maybe that's what gave her the idea that I wanted to sleep with her. I don't really know. It's just that one minute we were arguing and the next she had me on my knees between hers. And she had no underwear on."

Rebecca gasped. "So, you're telling me that the first time you saw your mom naked was when she pushed your face into her pussy?"

Patrick shrugged in response. "Not the first time. I guess I used to spy on her a little, too. You know. Sneak peaks in the bathroom or open her bedroom door a little when she was dressing. That sort of thing."

"Yes, I know what you're talking about. Carl was just like that, even though he didn't know that I knew he was spying on me." Rebecca added, "I spied on him sometimes, too."

Patrick grinned. "I don't think my mom ever spied on me. She wasn't like that, not until she found out about me. She changed, just like that. One day she was a bitch for a mom, and the next she and I were sneaking off to the bedroom when the kids were watching TV or taking a bath, or in bed for the night."

"Are you and her sleeping together regularly, then," she asked.

Patrick nodded. "Just about every night, these days."

Rebecca shook her head. She couldn't imagine such a thing with Carl. It just wasn't right, not over a long term. "I don't get why you're here then, Patrick. If you're having as much sex with your mother, then why come looking for more with me?"

"I don't know. I guess it's starting to run its course, you know? We still sleep together, but we don't always have sex. And sometimes it's not even fun, you know. The excitement's gone out of it for me at least. And I think mom's beginning to get over it, too." Patrick finished off his soda and put the empty on the table. "Actually, I think mom wants me to find her a new boyfriend, though she hasn't said as much. Not right out."

Rebecca then replied, "Maybe I need to give your mother a call. If she's really up to stepping out, I could introduce her to a few ladies who would embrace having her as part of our group. However, you might be surprised at who some of those ladies are."

"You're talking about the Regal Bay Matrons Club, aren't you?" Patrick asked.

Rebecca was stunned that he knew about the group. "Yes, I am. How do you know about it?"

"David Price is a friend, and his mom..."

Rebecca waved him off. "Say no more! I know Cynthia Price well." They sat in silence for a few moments, and then Rebecca asked, "You came over tonight with the hopes that I'd be willing to sleep with you, is that it in a nutshell?"

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