tagLoving WivesThe Mature Sex Slave(s) Ch. 02

The Mature Sex Slave(s) Ch. 02


We lost a bet that brought us to this point in our sexual experimentation. Wanting to involve others in our sex games had just taken this erotic turn. I watched while an old friend used my wife Mary. I assisted in preparing her for this subjugation and also participated with great satisfaction. Now that we were drained from the first round of activity, I wondered what would happen next. Dennis and I would need some time to recover, although he had made several preparations in advance.

After calming down and resting for a bit, Dennis suggested we head down to his basement playroom to continue our fun and games. He led the way followed by Mary and me and I heard Mary gasp as she descended the stairway to the room. When I got to the bottom I saw why. There were three guys, friends of Dennis, playing a game of pool but now looking with great anticipation at the new arrivals!

I was glad that we left our masks on hoping it would hide our identity and embarrassment. Dennis introduced us as Bill and Mary and said we were here for their sexual enjoyment. The guys were married friends of Dennis named Tom, Dick, and Harry (not their real names) and had all been involved in "Wife Swapping" party's with Dennis a few years back. He had invited them over once he was convinced we were serious in paying off the bet, knowing they would love the opportunity to use a new hotwife.

Dennis took Mary by the hand and led her over to a big old couch. With her facing the guests, he lifted up her pullover blouse to expose her full sagging tits, juggling them in his hands to entice his friends who voiced their approval with catcalls and whistles. Then he turned her around and summoned me, instructing me to bend her over the arm of the couch and lift her skirt. As I did so, the guys were approaching to get a good view of her plump bottom. Next he asked that I separate her ass cheeks so they could view of the goods. I was instantly hard again as these strangers took in the site before them. My Mary's ass and pussy held open for their gaze and soon for their cocks!!

The younger of the guys, maybe in his mid to late forty's, began to undress. He had first dibs and wanted to get inside her. When he was ready I continued to hold her open as he positioned himself behind her. Then he surprised me by telling me to grab hold of his cock and place it at Mary's pussy. While I grabbed hold of him I became aware of Dennis taking pics. Rubbing his cock up and down her slit, I saw her juices covering his cock head. Mary was highly aroused in her embarrassment and began to push back in invitation. I held "Tom" at her entrance until he began pushing. Then I let go and watched it disappear inside Mary's womb. Dennis photographed while Toms tempo increased, getting all of us in the pics.

While Tom was thrusting away, "Dick" removed his pants and sat on the couch under Mary's head. With a gentle push, he moved Mary's head over his cock and told her to begin sucking. Wow, my Mary was being gangbanged right in front of me by total strangers. I watched her mouth engulf his cock as Dennis stood back to get some shots of her taking it at both ends. He was getting some good close-ups too. Views of a cock balls deep in her pussy and another filling her sweet mouth. I looked on in amazement and wondered who would cum first, captivated by the sights and sounds! Mary was groaning around the cock in her mouth while the one thrusting in her pussy was making wet sloshing sounds. While Tom's rapid movements were sending Mary over the edge he could take no more and began squirting his cum as deeply as he could. When he finished his last spasm, he slowly withdrew, leaving her totally open and exposing a pool of his load inside her. Dennis handed me the camera and I took some extreme close-ups while his juice slowly dripped out.

Dick, who was still enjoying Mary's oral ministrations, was turned on by seeing Mary fucked by his pal. He announced that he was going to unload in Mary's mouth and instructed her to open wide so we could all see him shoot his jizz on her tongue. As she opened her jaw, Dick began masturbating himself near her lips. With my eye up to the viewfinder of the camera, I took some shots of the action, capturing a lustful gaze from Mary that was evident behind her mask. We watched in amazement when his first squirt shot forcefully into her mouth, and were in awe as subsequent ejaculations landed on her tongue, teeth, and lips. When he finished, Mary looked him in the eye and then toward us, rolling the jizz around in her mouth. I snapped pics till she swallowed it all down.

I took the last pics and put the camera down, anxious to get another turn to unload inside Mary. Dennis gently pushed her on her back with her ass dangling over the end of the couch and I moved to get into position at her crotch. Then I felt a hand on my shoulder and Harry announced that he should be next! His cock was at attention and he was rubbing lube all over it to allow for easy entry. He asked me and Dennis to each grab a leg and hold her wide open while he rubbed his slick cock on her wet pussy and ass. Then to our mutual surprise he inserted himself up Mary's ass! He had little trouble as Dennis and I had used butt plugs on her earlier and she was accustomed to objects up her ass.

Mary and I had never done anal intercourse, only playing with various size butt plugs, so this was totally new. None of our plugs however were as long or thick as Harry's cock. Mary was groaning when he began a slow thrusting motion and Dennis and I reached down to rub her clit. This was a really hot scene so Tom volunteered to be the photographer this time. He was getting good close-ups of Mary's stretched ass and sloppy pussy. Then Dennis surprised me by going down on Mary. He was furiously licking her sperm filled pussy while Harry's cock was in such close proximity to his face. He must have been tasting Tom's cum and a mixture of our previous ejaculations as well. Again I was surprised that nobody in the group was turned off by this but instead they were even more aroused. I surprised myself with my own overwhelming excitement in it all.

Harry lasted no more than a few minutes and he squirted all he had up Mary's plump bottom. I turned to check her expression as she felt the hot load he deposited there and Dennis's tongue brought her to orgasm as well. She looked wonderful in her sexual bliss but was totally drained by last round of our ministrations. I leaned down and gave her a deep kiss of love and appreciation, and all the others did so as well. I'm sure they were hoping there would be other adventures some other time. I helped Mary up, lowering her blouse and her skirt, while guiding her to the bathroom to clean up.

I returned to the playroom and Dennis and our new friends thanked me for sharing Mary. They told me they would welcome us into their "Shared Wives Club" and began explaining how it was run. Each one had wives they would share within the group. At any given time, the selected wife would entertain all the men of the group. Individual men could not consort with another's wife alone. They also did not associate or socialize as a group of husbands and wives on any level. The individual wives had no knowledge other women were involved, believing they alone were shared in the group. I assured them I would think things over and see if Mary would want to make this a regular thing.

Mary emerged from the bathroom still wearing her mask and hiding behind it. I knew we would be talking about what transpired on our ride home and that Mary would need assurances that I still loved her deeply. I was still highly aroused and was determined to do my best to show her with words and actions just how grateful I was.

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