tagLoving WivesThe Meadows Lakehouse Ch. 01

The Meadows Lakehouse Ch. 01


Note: Please read 'The Meadows - Catching Up' before reading this episode, it will make much better sense in that context. This story took place last August. This is Friday morning of our three-day get-away.


We met Jake and Tina at a Chamber of Commerce program here in Yuma, Arizona. I am Jan and my husband, Mack, and I fell into a very fast and comfortable friendship with Jake and Tina. We are all about sixty and we make a great foursome.

Mack and I have been nudists forever and while we have been overtly sexual in front of othrs, we have never been interested in any kind of sexual adventures beyond having sex in front of good friends or them in front of us. Until Jake and Tina, that is. Recently, we unexpectedly took steps that neared outright exchanging of partners and the experience left us all assuming that that bridge would soon be crossed. It turned out Jake had access to some complimentary nights at a lake-front house and this is the weekend we were going. Each of us assumed this was the weekend we would be doing bridge-crossing, big time!

The boys didn't know it, but Tina and I had talked and we were preparing plans to make sure the festivities fulfilled some of our fantasies while the guys got their fantasy weekend.

When we arrived, we were stunned at the beauty of the facilities. Every unit had almost complete privacy down to the 'beach', a private hot tub, a patio with barbecue grill, a screened off sun room (or moon room?), and an elevated sunning deck! Each of the four of us is a good cook and we agreed the kitchen was fully adequate and the CD's we brought would keep the excellent sound system popping. The king sized bed was spacious and looked like it had our names written on it.

Right off, Tina and I made points with the guys by saying we ought to be able to be nude the entire time we were there. As we stripped, the guys leered and grew tents in the front of their pants. Not long after we were stripped, the guys did join us as we all scurried about the place moving in. Jake started getting some chops, baked potatoes, and salad going. Mack set up the deck for an outdoor meal. Tina and I started putting clothes, towels, and toiletries where they needed to be and otherwise arranging our living quarters - I think they call it 'nesting,' a natural female activity.

Tina wondered aloud to me "Do you think the guys will do what we talked about and actually have sex with each other for us?"

"I think they will," I answered "if we pose it right. It has to sound like it is something all of us feel benefit from. I have some ideas, if you want me to broach that subject?"

"Yes, if you have ideas, let's run with them because I really don't. Jan, does that mean, though, that you and I will probably be expected to do the same?"

"Tina, I expect it does. I haven't touched a woman in years and years, and then it was only experimental. It was really fun and it doesn't bother me, but I also am not sure what all or how to go about it. If you have any experience or ideas, I'll be glad to hear them."

"I'm like the opposite of you," Tina returned, "I have no experience, but I do have some feelings of attraction for women and I think I can go along with it, too. But we'll probably need to rely on instinct and curiosity to guide us."

I answered "Well then, don't worry, we'll just let nature take its course. Sex is great fun, always! I think the guys will be much more likely to suck each other if you and I are right there, part of it. I think if we give hands-on, or is it lips-on, training to them and with them, we will get what we want. I have some ideas how to present this so that it might work."

Soon enough everyone finished what they were doing and we all gathered on the raised deck for a bit of nude sunning. We were all very comfortable and at the same time scared of thethreshold in front of us. Eventually, Jake broke the bubble by suggesting "well, my friends, this looks like a very nice weekend ahead of us. We've always been able to talk about anything together, maybe we should talk through where we are and where we're headed?"

Mack countered "I agree, Jake, you and I have spoken and we both agree we'd like to expand our sexual activities as couples, but we also both want to make sure our wives are comfortable, of course."

Tina ventured into the discussion "I think we are all looking to see if we can't have fun and enjoyment, but I bet lots of what we are doing will be to live out fantasies, right?" To which both of the guys replied "Yes, absolutely." Jake continued "We should set any basic rules and then live out fantasies within the rules."

I felt my opening was there and suggested "I think we ought to try anytime we play together to live out fantasies of all of us. We shouldn't have this be trades and trade offs, but sort of put several fantasies out there and try to make everyone winners. We each win by the other folks realizing their desires." To which, everyone seemed to nod and smile.

Tina then ventured "I think that we ought to agree on rules, and the only one I can think of immediately is that we all agree that any and all play will be between all four of us, with all of us present at all times, never 'some two' or 'some three', except for spouses, of course. Also, if we agree to play, we all agree not to play with anyone outside the four of us. And of course I know we all understand that 'no' means 'no'."

Tina got full acceptance with what she offered. There were several moments of silence as each thought of other rules we ought to consider. Mack eventually suggested "I can't think of anything else to add, but we ought to check in as a group from time to time and make sure everything is copacetic?" Again, nods and smiles showed group approval all the way around.

"Why don't we crack a bottle of wine, climb in the hot tub and share so me of the fantasies we'd like to bring to life?" Jake suggested. "Sounds great," Mack added, "I'll go get a bottle of red and some glasses." Tina volunteered to grab a bunch of towels, so I headed to the tub to wrestle the lid off and check the temperature.

In probably three minutes we had all climbed in; and in a tub that would easily hold six or more people, we sat very close to our own spouses and each couple at a far distance from the other. Odd behavior for four adults that were plotting how to have sex together and in front of each other!

I started by saying "You guys have already talked between yourselves some, why don't you share a fantasy or two and then we can share some and then all four of us can pick some of them for this weekend?" The look on the guys faces was the same as if I had just landed and said I was from Mars. But, after a bit of awkward silence, Mack finally stepped up first with "Well, we'd probably like to see you two ladies together, you know doing each other."

Tina was ready for this and answered "We already thought you might say that and we are okay with trying it, but just want you both to understand that we are not experienced and we'll do our best, so be patient." To this the guys nodded their heads like puppy dogs and promised enduring patience. (Like, OF COURSE!)

Jake took a stab next with "I think we'd both like to actually guide the other one's cock into our wife's pussy." "And, we'd both like to get good views of the actual penetration and fucking" Mack added.

The guys had gone first and risked a lot, so I took some of the pressure off them by dropping some of what Tina and I had talked about. "Well, we'd both like to try double penetration with the other one helping with mouth and hand, of course." That one was pretty easy on them, then I added the difficult one, "and we'd like to see you guys doing each other orally, maybe while we help a little bit."

There was another period of awkward silence, but Jake came through with "well, neither of us is gay, but I would be willing to try, especially like the way we have asked you ladies ... " And Mack nodded, but just slightly.

The difficult ones had been started and Mack took a try with "would you ladies be adverse to anal sex as part of our play?" It turns out that both couples did have anal sex on occasion, but Tina and I had not discussed this, except as it related to us fucking the guys with strap-ons. Looking to me for support, Tina responded "we could probably do that a little, but let's get comfortable with other things first?" Tina was relieved when I nodded and agreed.

I went on to add "in fact, we would probably like to add doing you guys with strap-ons to the mix" and looked to them for their answer.

Jake said "we never talked about that, but I think it could be okay, Mack what do you think?" Again, Mack slowly nodded.

I felt we were straining hard at it now and suggested "maybe we have enough to work with for the next several times together? Maybe we ought to just decide on some of these and start enjoying?" Everyone seemed happy with that and we refilled our wine and huddled up again.

Jake said "I'm not eager to do this, but I don't want worrying about it to hang over our heads. I suggest that maybe we should do the male-male thing and see if that breaks the ice. Hey, if we can do that, we ought to be able to do all the rest, right, Mack?" Mack thought and then said, yeah, and I think it is only fair for us to break the ice, adventurous souls that we are" as he broke into a helpless grin. "How did you ladies envision it happening?" As I had told Tina, I had thoughts about this moment and how to make it less stressful, so I suggested "We know this can be stressful, but maybe if we each help one of you, I mean really actively take a part in helping you get started, and remember, this isn't about only one or two of us, it is the gift of giving a fantasy to all four of us. I kinda thought maybe I could help Jake with pointers about doing Mack; and Tina, you could help Mack with pointers about doing Jake?"

This was, of course, the first partner exchange mentioned for the weekend, so the excitement of that kind of over-ruled any doubts that might have been floating around. Everyone seemed to agree, so I went on "why don't we go to the bedroom and do it this morning and then during lunch we can plan more of our day?" Again, everyone seemed in agreement.

In the bedroom, we all approached the bed like we had no idea how such a device could be used; so I took the lead and sort of orchestrated things. "Jake, come here and lay down on your left side, and move far enough in that I can get behind you and not fall off." While Jake positioned himself and I nudged him into a good position, I snuggled up behind him. "Mack, now you lay here with your head here so Tina can get behind you." Mack and Tina got on the bed in an exact '69' mirror of our position; Mack's penis was immediately in front of Jake and me while Jake's was right in front of Mack and Tina. I reached over Jake and took Mack's penis in my hand and spoke low to Jake saying how much I have always loved to feel Mack. Both men were only 'firm' not hard and I noticed that Tina had taken Jake in her hand and was whispering to Mack.

"Jake, have you ever felt another man's cock?" I didn't wait for, or expect, an answer; I took his hand and guided it to Mack's cock. "This has been inside me for years, but tonight yours will be - feel how it is different from your own and know that I'll be feeling the differences later. Hard to wait for it, isn't it?"

Jake's response "Hmmmmh" was more of a groan than an answer and I kissed his ear and left my hand around his as we stroked Mack together. After a few seconds I leaned further over Jake and took Mack into my mouth slowly. Mack was hard by now, and I was sure Jake was also. I felt the familiar texture of the penis I have been sucking for years and I hummed and sighed audibly so Jake could here my pleasure at taking Mack into my mouth.

I slowly pulled off of Mack and held his cock close to Jake then whispered "take it, Sweetie, take it, Just a little at a time." Jake opened his mouth and lowered his head onto the crown of Mack's cock. Mack's balls tightened and drew up. From Mack's end of the flesh-heap I heard a low, guttural moan and instinctively knew that he was responding to the feeling of his penis as well as that in his mouth. I whispered to Jake "suck him deeply Sweetie, make his cock feel as good as my pussy will make your feel later. Suck him and know that he will be inside Tina later, pushing deep and cumming in her." Jake seemed to like the imagery and he took Mack deeper and I saw his cheeks hollow as he applied more suction. I noticed that Mack was starting to rock his hips in response; my own tummy could feel that Jake had not started to rock yet, but I hoped it would happen soon. I wanted to inspire him, so I took Tina's hand and guided it to Jake's buttocks. She took the hint and began to stimulate him, moving closer and closer to his anus. Soon both men were rocking their hips to move their cock into the mouth of the other.

Both Tina and I were captured by the events we witnessed. Each of us saw our husband being orally stimulated by a man and also taking a man orally. A cock was pumping in and out of my husband's mouth and would soon shoot its hot load of sperm down his throat. This was the same cock I had sucked dry a couple of weeks ago. And the other man was sucking the cock that only I had sucked for over thirty years. Only I had swallowed his semen until two weeks ago, now a man was doing sixty-nine with my husband. I was mesmerized!

Again, I kissed Jake's ear and whispered to him "Mack will stiffen before he cums, he'll stop rocking for a minute, start swallowing when that happens. Save a bit to kiss into my mouth afterwards." I reached for his chest and began to tweak Jake's nipple; for both men, the rocking was taking on a sense of desperation and I knew we were getting closer!

Soon I felt Mack stiffen and I knew this was the time, I told Jake "he's cumming, swallow it down and suck deeply, swallow, honey, swallow it." By that moment, Mack had begun to come and Jake was swallowing, mack was moaning from his core and I felt Jake push deeply into Mack and knew that Tina was watching her husband empty his sperm down Mack's throat. I was so sopping wet from what I saw that I had to bury my hand in my pussy and bring myself off to the sight. With a finger in my vagina and my thumb on my clit, I had myself at a delicious orgasm in less than fifteen seconds, joining the men in orgasmic bliss.

After I came, and I caught my breath; I saw that Tina was transfixed into a statue by the scene. She had not masturbated as I had, but I could see that her labia were flowing with her juices. Each of us finally realized what had happened enough to kiss the man we were closest to. Jake kissed me back almost ferociously and rewarded me with the familiar taste of Mack's semen. The taste and the eroticism brought me to another mini-climax, actually an after-shock of the first. After our kissing ended, we all lay still, draped across each other. I reached and gently stroked Mack's softening penis, still sticky from his cum. I ran my fingers around the gorgeous head that was still enlarged while his shaft was returning to its normal size.

Tina broke the silence "Guys, you were wonderful. I always thought I would love to see this sight, but I had no idea the effect it would have on me, the pure power it would hold on me. Thank you, thank you so very much. I love you all."

Eventually, we all roused ourselves enough to go back to the deck and sit with a wine in the late morning sun. Satisfaction permeated us all so that little was said for quite a while. Eventually Mack looked at Jake and said "Even though we performed for them, maybe we ought to put some lunch together - we need them to save their energies for other fantasies, right pal?" Jake's answer was to head into the kitchen saying "last one there does the dishes."

And with that, our official 'sharing' weekend was underway.

After our wonderful, light lunch, we reassembled on the deck and worked on our plans for the rest of the day. We decided to recharge our batteries and in the afternoon, we would play a game to decide who went first when the men took turns guiding the other man into their wife. And in the evening, the guys wanted to see Tina and I play together. But we all agreed that although it was going to be in the same bed, we would be paired with our mate for sleeping together; we just were not sure if we would have the horsepower to fuck one more time that late in the same day.

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