tagFetishThe medical examination

The medical examination


Examination time.

I hurried from my car in the small parking area towards the surgery door. I was very late for my appointment. I noticed as I made my way towards the double glass doors at the front of the surgery that as well as my car there was only one other in the doctor's car park. I nearly stumbled on my heels as I walked briskly towards the entrance in the fading light at the end of the day.

I cannot really remember the last time that I made an appointment to see a doctor as it was so long ago and I always seemed to be in perfect health. But I had made an appointment to see the surgery nurse today as I had found a very small lump about a week ago. I shave my pussy – in fact I shave the area around my pussy lips but leave a large tuft of brown fluffy hair above on my mound. It was while I was giving myself one of my regular shaves in the bath last week that I found a small lump on one of the outer lips of my pussy. I could feel it with my fingers and it worried me – these days you read so many health scare stories in the magazines and papers. After a couple of days it had not gone away so I decided to be on the safe side and get it checked out by a health care professional. I had shown my husband but he didn't seem to be very worried about it. In fact when I showed him it did not take him long to run his tongue in between the smooth folds of my pussy lips and start probing my pink sticky hole with his tongue!

I was late for my appointment because I seriously dislike anything to do with doctors. I find the whole business of visiting a doctor's surgery incredibly tedious. Sitting in a waiting room full of ill people in silence as no one wants to talk, or even maintain eye contact is not a pleasant experience. Also I am a very shy and private person and I find discussing 'intimate' things with a doctor extremely difficult and embarrassing. This was one of the reasons why I had not visited a doctor for some considerable time – not even for a regular routine health check up.

Before the short car journey from my home to the surgery I had thoroughly showered then changed my underwear at least three times; in the end I decided to wear a conservative pale yellow pair of plain briefs underneath my grey work skirt and a plain white blouse. I had not bothered to hurry and all this had made me very late.

I pushed open the left hand side of the double glass doors and entered the dimly lit waiting area. I glanced round and noticed that there did not appear to be anyone else there. The chairs were all empty save for the tattered well read magazines left by previous patients where they had discarded them when it was there turn to leave the waiting area and see the doctor. There was not even the stereotypical stern receptionist behind the welcome desk. I was just about to turn and leave pleased that I did not have to actually follow through with my appointment when a voice called from a side corridor 'hello is that Madeline smith?'

I looked toward the open door where the voice came from and a nurse appeared.

'Hi' she said. 'Are you Madeline Smith with an appointment to see the nurse?'

I nodded in response.

'Good' she said. 'We were expecting you, but you're a bit late so the receptionist has gone home. There is only myself and Doctor Fowler left here now. Please come with me.'

I did as the nurse said and followed her down a short corridor. I made a mental note to myself that it would look much nicer painted in a different colour than boring plain magnolia; even a picture on the wall would help to brighten it up. She opened a door to the side and held it open for me to walk into the room. The room was bright, clean and airy. To one side was a large wooden desk with some old filing cabinets and a small wash basin next to it. On the walls were some large cupboards. I noticed that the other end of the room was partitioned off with a white plastic curtain. The nurse pointed to the chair next to the desk and I sat down. She moved round and sat behind the large oak desk. I looked at her and realised that she was probably only a couple of years older than me at about fifty. She had light blond hair cut to just above her shoulders – I noticed that this needed doing again as her dark roots were beginning to show through! She wore a navy blue nurse's uniform which was possibly a size too small, as it stretched across her ample breasts pulling at the buttons down the front.

'Hi,' she said my name is Sally and I am the practise nurse, what can I do for you?'

This is one reason why I hate going to the doctors as I knew that I would have to share with her where my small lump was. I felt my cheeks beginning to redden as I involuntary started to blush. I now wished that I had not made the appointment to get checked out and had stayed at home with my husband.

She stared at me patiently and I heard her say 'would you like to tell me what is bothering you?'

I looked back at her across the desk and managed to speak in almost a whisper 'I've got a little lump that I think needs checking'.

'OK, that's fine then, so where is this little lump.' She asked.

I looked down blushing as I managed to mutter 'it's in my private area.'

Sally could not have understood me as I spoke so quietly, I heard her say 'excuse me.'

I looked back across the desk and made eye contact with her and managed to pluck up enough courage to say in a slightly louder voice 'it's in my private area, you know down between my legs.'

'Oh right I understand now. You have a small lump in your vaginal area,' the nurse matter of factly said.

I nodded back at her in reply.

'Right then we had better take a quick look then hadn't we?' She briskly said. 'Pop over behind the curtain please and slip off your skirt and knickers and I'll have a little look at the problem for you.'

I did as the nurse instructed and walked to the other side of the room. I was aware that my heels made a clicking sound on the shiny well polished tiled floor. I pushed the plastic white curtain to one side and entered the area next to a long black examination bed. I took off my shoes and skirt then slipped my knickers down and folded them carefully then placed the clothing on a chair at the end of the examination table. As I placed my clothes on the chair Sally pushed her way past the plastic curtain and said 'are you ready for me then?' I felt quite vulnerable standing in front of her clothed in just my bra and white blouse.

'Hop your self up onto the examination table.' She breezily said.

I followed her instruction and climbed up onto the examination table. A white disposable paper sheet covered the area. The top part of the examination table was angled upwards so as I lay down it gave support to my upper body and head. As I was half naked I shyly kept my legs as tightly closed together as I could.

The nurse stood to the side of the table and said 'show me where the problem is then please Mrs Smith.'

I pointed with my finger in the general direction down between my legs.

'It would be very helpful if you could you be a little more specific please Madeline.' The nurse said.

Tentatively I brushed my hand between my legs and with an outstretched finger pointed to the very small lump on the side of my outer pussy lip.

The nurse leant over the examination table for a closer look. 'Open your legs a little for me will you please,' she asked.

As I parted my legs I felt a draft of cold air on the smooth skin of my hairless pussy lips.

'Thank you that's great,' Sally said. 'I think I can see the problem.'

I felt the nurse's finger brush against my outer pussy lip as she felt for the lump. She seemed to gently rub the area with her finger then I felt a different sensation as she gently squeezed the lump between her thumb and forefinger. After a little while she stood up and smiled at me. 'I don't think that you have anything to worry about. You appear to have a harmless moveable cyst. This is quite common in ladies of your age and happens from time to time and it will probably just disappear of its own accord in the next couple of weeks.'

I was very relieved to hear that it wasn't anything serious as during the past few days I was imagining that it could have been all sorts of nasty things.

'I see from your notes that you have not had a thorough examination for some years.' The nurse said to me. 'Would you like me to perform a more thorough examination now while you are here?' she asked me.

'I don't think that will be necessary,' I replied. 'I really must get home now; I need to prepare a meal for my husband as he should be home from his work by now.'

'It won't take long and as you are here now, I think it would be for the best.' Sally assertively said.

Sally paused staring at me with her wide blue eyes. It was almost as if she wouldn't take no for an answer.

'Oh, OK then.' I heard myself say. I may as well get it over and done with while I am here.'

I wasn't very comfortable agreeing to a more thorough examination. It had been difficult enough plucking up the courage to come here in the first place. However, as I was here now and already on the examination table, I may as well grin and bear it and get it out of the way, and the nurse was certainly very persuasive. At least it would be entered in my medical notes that I had been examined so I shouldn't have to go through it again for quite some time.

The nurse started to ask me some questions. The first ones were OK as they were fairly straightforward, such as my height, age and weight. However after a while the questions started to get more personal and 'private' and I began to feel uncomfortable discussing intimate things with her. She asked me how often I made love, how many partners I had had, and if I ever experienced any problems such as lack of vaginal lubrication. I could feel myself blushing again as I tried to answer her questions.

After I had answered most of her questions the nurse then told me that she would give me a quick internal examination. I watched as she pulled open a cupboard door and took out a small stainless steel dish into which she placed a couple of things.

'Don't worry about it,' she casually said as she made her preparations. 'It won't take long then it will all be over,' then she added with a wry smile 'and I'll make sure that I'm gentle with you.'

I watched from my reclining position on the examination table as she tore open a plastic packet and took out a pair of flesh coloured latex gloves. She peeled one down slowly over each of the fingers on her right hand making sure that it was stretched all the way down. As it reached her wrist it made a sharp slapping noise as she flicked the elastic into place. She then unscrewed the plastic cap to a small tube and as I watched her she theatrically squeezed out a large drop of lubrication gel onto the tip of her long latex covered index finger.

It was strange that as I watched the nurse get ready to examine me I could feel the tingling feeling that I get in my pussy and nipples when I start to get turned on. I couldn't understand this and was cross with myself. How could I be starting to feel aroused when a nurse that I didn't know was about to professionally examine my vagina?

The nurse approached me on the examination table, and almost as an involuntary reaction I pressed my legs tightly together. She must have sensed my nervousness as she cheerfully told me not to worry.

'Lift your knees up and open your legs for me please Mrs Smith.' I heard her say.

I did as I was asked and slowly lifted my knees toward my chest and let my legs fall open. I knew that she must now have a good view of my smooth pussy lips and tufty hair above. I guessed that she must have seen this view many times before with ladies of all shapes, sizes and ages, but I still felt embarrassed exposing myself to her like this.

'Lovely, thank you.' She said.

As I lay on the examination table with my legs open and my nearly hairless pussy in full view of this stranger I was aware that my lips were gaping open and my hole was becoming wet and sticky. I hoped that the nurse didn't realise that she did not actually need the lubricating gel on her finger as my pussy was doing very well in producing its own natural lubrication! I'm not sure whether it was my imagination or not but I thought that when I breathed in I could smell the heady musky scent of my arousal.

'OK now I will examine you internally to make sure that everything is functioning correctly.' The nurse said.

No sooner had she told me what she was going to do I felt her finger on my pussy. I looked down my body towards my open legs and watched her as she examined me. I felt her finger brush between my puffy love lips and it gently slid inside me. She twisted her finger around inside and I could feel it massaging the inner walls of my pussy. I was aware that I was getting very wet and sticky. The nurse pulled her finger most of the way out of me and I realised that I felt disappointed that the examination was over. However the examination was not over as she slid her finger right inside me again. I had to fight the urge to lift my hips off from the table to push against her finger as once again she moved it deeply inside me of me.

She then pulled out from me again and gently teased and pulled at both of my engorged love lips in turn. I knew that as she pulled open my long puffy love lips she would be able to see right inside of my pink sticky hole. I was beginning to find the whole experience very arousing. Once again she pushed her index finger deeply into me and I could not help myself and let a tiny little moan escape from my lips. I hoped that the nurse had not heard this.

'OK, that's great,' the nurse said as she pulled her finger out from inside of me and pulled the latex glove off from her hand inside out. 'Everything appears to be working normally.' She then turned and placed the soiled glove in the stainless steel bin in the corner of the room.

I was relieved that it was over but was a little taken aback when the nurse said that she would like to have a second opinion and would it be OK for Doctor Fowler to examine me. I was really shocked when she asked this, I could just about put up with a female nurse to examine me, but I was not keen on a male doctor that I did not know examining me as well.

'I really feel that it would be beneficial to get a second opinion.' She said. 'It is always better to be on the safe side.'

'Does he really have to examine me?' I asked, 'won't your examination be sufficient?'

'No he doesn't have to, but I feel that as you are here it would be better to get a second opinion just in case I have missed anything.'

I don't really want him to examine me I protested.

'That's Ok but the surgery may call you back soon for an examination if you haven't had a really thorough one here today.'

I didn't want to come back for another examination on another occasion, yet I really didn't want a strange doctor probing about with me. The nurse sensing my apprehension said 'Doctor Fowler is very good with our female patients. If you are worried about being examined by a man he sometimes uses a special technique for nervous ladies.'

'I am a bit worried.' I told her. 'How does he examine people like me?'

'He is very gentle and examines you in such a way that you cannot see him so there is no need to feel embarrassed.'

I thought about it for a few moments. 'OK, well I suppose if he is gentle and I can't see him, then if you really insist I should have a second opinion while I am here I will.'

'That's fantastic,' the nurse said. I'm sure that you won't regret it.'

The nurse asked me to get up from the examination table and stand to the side of it. She asked me to bend over the table and lean on it with my arms. She then asked me to spread my legs apart. I did as she asked and made myself as comfortable as I could bent over the examination table with my legs open and my bottom in the air. I felt very exposed and could feel cool air on my smooth, still wet pussy. The nurse pulled the plastic curtain behind her and left me alone as she left the room to go and find Doctor Fowler.

I waited in this position for what seemed a long time. I couldn't understand why it was taking so long for the nurse to find Doctor Fowler. As far as I knew his surgery was only a couple of doors down the corridor. As I waited bent over the examination table I realised that my pussy was tingling in excitement. Having the latex covered finger of the nurse deep inside me only minutes before had really aroused me. In the back of my mind I felt uncomfortable leaning over the table like this as it felt a really strange thing to be doing in a doctor's surgery.

I heard the door open and listened to the footsteps as they walked the few paces across the room. They stopped by the plastic curtain and it all went very quiet. As I waited for something to happen the silence was broken by strange noises which if I did not know any better sounded exactly like someone passionately kissing.

Suddenly the plastic curtain was pulled aside and I heard the nurse say 'here you are doctor this is the patient. I have given her a brief internal examination and everything seems in order, however I think that you should have a more detailed look and give a second opinion just to be on the safe side.'

'Ok, thank you nurse.' The deep husky voice of the doctor replied.

I stood bent over the examination table with my legs apart. I knew that if the doctor looked between my legs he would see my gaping open pussy. I was wet with anticipation and I knew that the air was heady with my musky woman scent.

I didn't have long to wait as I felt a large finger wipe its way up my moist slit gently parting the puffy flaps of my pussy lips. I heard the doctor tell the nurse that lubrication would not be required and I cringed with embarrassment as I realised that he knew that my pussy was sopping wet. Suddenly he plunged his finger all the way inside me and moved it in a circular movement. He then withdrew and plunged two of his fingers all the way into me. He then spent some time slowly fingering me. The sensations were delightful and I gently rocked my self back and forth on his fingers as they moved around and explored deep inside me.

'Everything seems to be in order here nurse,' I heard the doctor say behind my back. 'But just to be sure I think that I need to probe much deeper and even more thoroughly.'

'I think that that would be a good idea,' the nurse eagerly responded.

I was aware that my breathing was becoming heavier and behind me I heard a rustling sound. The doctor asked me to spread my legs apart a little more and without delay I did as he instructed me. Then behind me I felt a large object pressing against the crack of my pussy. I knew what it was, and I knew that it was wrong – but I wanted it so badly. The doctor held his hardness for a few moments against my wet pussy just nestling his spongy head between my engorged love lips.

I couldn't wait any longer and I thrust my hips backwards to meet him and his cock slid quickly and deeply into me. I moaned as I pressed my buttocks backwards to make sure that he was all the way inside of me. My pussy walls were stretched and I had that wonderful sensation of being completely full up. The doctor's cock certainly was much bigger and thicker than my husbands.

The doctor held me gently by my hips and began to thrust firmly in and out of me. He pulled his cock nearly all the way out, then slid it slowly all the way back in. He gradually increased his rhythm and all that I could hear was my heavy breathing and the slapping noise that his heavy balls made as they made contact with my buttocks. I even forgot that the nurse was still in the room with us.

It did not take long and I felt his cock tense inside me then my pussy was flooded with his warm eruption as he came. I felt his cock twitching inside of me as he emptied his sperm deep inside me in several forceful jets. I was disappointed as I was just beginning to feel an orgasm building when he stopped thrusting and pulled his softening cock out from me.

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