tagFirst TimeThe Menu Ch. 04

The Menu Ch. 04


This is the forth and final episode in the fictional series on Jeremy's awakening. You will not fully appreciate or understand this story if you have not read the previous chapters. This is my very first work of erotic fiction. I would very much appreciate your comments and feedback to help improve my writings in any future projects here on Literotica.

I have added a closing comment at the end of this final chapter; of how writing it resulted into some personal and private firsts. I hope you like it. I know I did!

Thank you for taking time to read my story. Enjoy!

Jeremy watched in amazement as his cock slowly deflated and then slipped out of the constricting sphincter that Julie controlled with tender care. They were both exceptionally contented with the outcome of their special love connection. Jeremy studied this scene in wonder and reverence for the extraordinary sensations her tight ass had provided in this new and erotic form of lovemaking. He beheld a slow trickle of his white ejaculate oozing from that hot little love hole. Julie looked back at him and gave a cunning diminutive smile and wink; letting him know that she too had enormously enjoyed his cock filling her bowls with his warm seed. She then stood up and sauntered that prime grade "Triple A" agrarian ass slowly out of sight and off the stage.

He was instantly a devotee of Julie's stunning ass, her unique talents in its use, and of course that cute little tattoo. This was the most prominent of the three orgasms Jeremy had experienced today, but each of them would forever be imprinted into his cerebral grey matter.

The round table girls had already licked and sucked each other to mutual satisfaction and had then sat up on their pedestal (stopping it's rotation) to watch the show of Jeremy's cock performing its final act on the stage that they themselves worked their "asses off" each week. They were amazed that Julie had actually taken his full girth and length into her tiny asshole. They lost their side bet with her on that very fact, and would be in debt to her for a future dare or sexual favor. They giggled at how spent he and his cock looked. Hearing that, Jeremy suddenly realized that they were still nearby his side. As he turned his gaze to their incredibly young looking naked bodies, they both silently mouthed a "Thank You" and blew him a kiss as they got up and walked off and out of sight.

Kim then walked onto the stage and released him from his bonds around the pole. Dazed and totally spent; Jeremy, on feeble knees, followed her to the dancers' dressing room where there were several sinks and showers. Together, they took a quick rinse and then dressed for the trip back to his apartment. Kim indicated that they needed to vacate the building promptly because it was now around 4 pm and the club would be opening for business at 5. The regular staff and girls would shortly be arriving. They made a hurried path to her car and headed home.

During the drive back to Jeremy's apartment, Kim explained to him how Julie had learned the art of anal lovemaking. Kim described that while Julie was in her teens, living in a rural Nebraskan farming community, her high school boyfriend at some point had pressed her big time for their relationship to get physical. But, in their pastoral remoteness, contraception supplies were not readily available, and parents were unyielding and adamantly opposed to such behavior. Whatever they did, it had to be stealthy and without the aid of normal protections.

Julie did have a computer at home with an agonizingly slow phone hookup. As she painstakingly searched the net for ways to please a male without the risk of getting pregnant, Julie found a site that was dedicated to the skills, pleasures, and techniques of anal sex. After she had investigated and thoroughly studied all of the available information, Julie decided that she would give it a try. In time, as she repeatedly practiced with her boyfriend, Julie soon mastered how to relax her muscles to accommodate his fully engorged phallus with ease. She also became quite an expert at controlling the contractions of her sphincter muscle to multiply the pleasures of anal sex for her and her boyfriend. The sensations from this form of lovemaking soon became addictive for the both of them. So much so for Julie, that she secreted the placement of the petite windmill tattoo in its strategic location, sans parental consent, as a symbol of her passion for a good ass fucking.

The tattoo made plenty of sense to those with general farming acumen. A windmill was a wind driven pump that brought forth water deep out of the ground for use by the farm animals. The pump consisted of a wind driven rod that went up and down inside the water pipe in a piston like action. With sufficient action by wind gusts and the priming (lubrication) of the pump, eventually water would gush forth out of the long pipe. It reminded Julie of a well lubricated cock pistoning in and out of her anal pipe that with enough action would eventually spring forth its precious fluids satiating each of their "animal" lusts!

This was the veiled little secret to Julie's tattoo.

Jeremy thought, "He would be more than happy to prime her pump, again and again!" He felt his cock astonishingly begin to twitch and inflate with the picture forming in his mind of that idea.

He was definitely exhausted after the workout his body and mind had just been through. He was glad Kim was doing the driving. His mental and physical stamina had never been challenged as much as it had today. It was a workout however that "hurt so good!"

"This type of exercise was much more enjoyable than his weekly running program," he mused. The afterglow of all the scorching love making of this day put him in a state of total relaxation. He now understood first-hand why males have the disposition of nodding off to sleep after having prodigious sex. As soon as Kim finished her explanation about Julie's tattoo, Jeremy settled back into a reclining position and this time he voluntarily put the blindfold on to block out the afternoon sunlight; affording him a chance to take a power nap before arriving home.

Kim smiled with a sense of accomplishment at the progress that was made today in liberating and awakening Jeremy to a whole new world of sexual pleasures. She felt that her goals for him in their three sessions were far exceeded as evidenced by the way he responded to all the various stimuli on each day. Her planned epilogue debrief for this week-end would be a gold mine of thoughts and perceptions she was anxious to harvest from him. But for this evening, he needed a good meal and some sleep. So, Kim hit the Chinese take-out place on the way to his apartment.

Once they arrived at his apartment, she took a little airline bag that she had packed for the week-end out of the car's trunk and rolled it inside; placing it in his bedroom. Jeremy helped by carrying in the food. Kim had pre--planned that she would spend the next three days with him for a multitude of reasons. She knew he would need her help in reviewing and sorting out all of his emotions from their fast paced sensual tutoring. Plus, she wanted to glean as much data as possible about his stimulated sexuality for future reference. She also understood that all the hot sex thus far had most assuredly kick-started his libido into a hyperactive state. Kim planned that he would accordingly need her to provide him with ample sustenance from her well of experience in that department. She was more than happy to meet that requirement while rooming with him these next three days.

The food was very good and they were both famished from all of the energy spent in the numerous fuck sessions today. They eagerly consumed large portions of the Mandarin delicacies.

Over dinner they chatted up on the day's events. Jeremy expressed his elation with Kim's devotions and detailed planning for each of the three encounters; making them such life changing and earth shattering experiences for him. He joked that if it was not for her, he would undoubtedly be making new callouses on his hands while still dreaming of his first fuck! She made all of that pale in comparison with how she, Kara, Julie and Amber had forever rocked his world. He thanked her and asked that she express his deep gratitude to the girls for all their sacrifices in working him over with their unique and expert talents. Jeremy secretly thought to himself that it would be crazy hot to have more opportunities to spend time with each of them. As for that idea, he would play a wait and see with Kim and allow her to suggest any such activity, for advanced research purposes of course!

Near the end of their dinner Kim explored:

"Sorry I didn't get any dessert for this meal, but I figured you already had your fill with the fruit medley proffered to you today!" She cajoled as her discussion was leading him to remember all the succulent and sweet pussies he had devoured not too long ago.

"They were fantastically scrumptious! Each had their own unique fruit flavor." Jeremy's cock was inflating as he recalled those lovely taste sensations.

"I noticed you liked all three pussies, was there any one in particular you liked best?" She queried.

"Not of the flavors particularly, they were all equally and uniquely excellent. But, I just can't get it off my mind wondering who the 'Cherry Cunt' was?" The mystery was nagging him to no end.

"Her pussy was very eatable and I loved the way she mashed and ground her little lips into my mouth." Jeremy stared off into space thinking about that yummy pussy as it sashayed back up the pole and out of sight above his head. "I was disappointed that I didn't get to finish that dessert because my mouth was so tired."

"Bingo!" Kim thought. This was exactly what she was fishing for him to say with her line of questioning.

"It was my notion to make a cameo appearance in this last session." Kim was pleased to say. "So, that was MY CHERRY PUSSY!"

"Hot Damn!" Jeremy exclaimed. "I'm one hell of a lucky guy! You have some pretty awesome arm and leg strength to have shimmied down and then back up that pole the way you did!"

"It comes with four years of practice Lover-Boy!" She proudly said with a twinkling flutter of her eyes at him. "Oh, and by the way, you can pick up where you left off anytime you wish on my cherry pie. We have this long week-end to make that happen and so much more if you are interested?" Kim teasingly suggested.

"If I wasn't so worn out from today, I'd take you up on that right now. But, I truly need some serous sleep." Jeremy lamented at his body not being able to keep up with all the promises his mind so desperately wanted to cash in on right now. "You let me recharge my batteries, and then let's see how far I let you out of my sight you Sweet Little Cherry Blossom!"

"Okay Stud-Muffin, let's bed you down and then see what comes "UP" in the morning!" She lovingly commanded.

Kim was anxious to start a personal hands-on exploration and expansion of the new sexual frontiers springing from the seeds planted in the three phases of Jeremy's training. Having had a taste of many types of intimacies, it was her intent to see what his desires may be and how they may evolve; given some intense and unbridled contact and frank communication between them this week-end. This was now the "germination" phase of her plan for Jeremy. She loved every minute of seeing him change and very much wanted him to be a part of her life as they learned together how to pleasure each other and perhaps in time others too! Kim could not have asked for a better partner in this grand journey. Jeremy was so open minded and susceptible to training because of his inexperience and naivety with sexual matters. It was like having a blank canvas with which she could paint almost anything on it. However, she knew in time, and probably in short order, that Jeremy would take the helm and steer his boat into uncharted waters with confidence. She knew that his intellect, analytical acumen and his insatiable desire to learn, experiment and apply new knowledge would soon engage and become a force to be reckoned with. That fact was very stimulating to Kim.

After dinner they disrobed together and curled up in Jeremy's bed with bare skin to skin contact. Even though he was mentally gone with sleep overcoming him quickly, Kim was smiling inside as they spooned. She awoke several times throughout the night as his massive cock would sporadically enlarge and press against her ass and pussy. This was going to be a great week-end for sure she thought.

Kim awoke first as she was used to being an early riser. She slipped out of bed and gathered some toiletries from her case. She quietly tiptoed off to the bathroom to let Jeremy slumber and get his batteries fully charged for the events she anticipated today. She made sure that all systems were relieved, cleaned and groomed to their optimal condition to satisfy anything he may request of her. Her pussy was shaved to baby skin softness. She had plenty of the flavored gels for him to enjoy (and her too). It was fair play, she thought, to rub them on him as well for an oral treat she could eat!

Just as she finished all her personal grooming, Jeremy stirred and opened his eyes to behold her incredible young looking body with those "oh so eatable" little titties and that luscious miniature pussy. He had a morning wood going on that turned the bed sheets into an enormous umbrella. Kim giggled at the sight.

"Hey Lover-Boy, you get your batteries charged yet?" She jokingly asked.

"Yep, and with juice to spare like that rabbit commercial!" Jeremy marveled at her awesome beauty.

"Looks like you have a problem under the sheets there Stud-Muffin!" Kim coyly smiled as she pointed to the obvious tent in the middle of the bed.

"It's a combination of my bladder screaming for relief, and of course my cock responding to your sweet sexy body, but as smart as your analytical ass is; you already know all of that!" Eyeing her fantastic young looking body, Jeremy knew his cock would be just as hard as it was now even without the "nature calling thing" in the mix.

He smelled a familiar aroma as she got close. Oh Yah! His senses perked up as he smelled the sweet scent of cherries. "You trying to start something with that cherry cunt of yours?" He asked; already knowing that she was.

"Nothing that you can't finish as soon as you clean up like I just did!" Kim wanted him to be fresh and fragrant as well for their next moves together. "So, get you amazing sexy body in the bathroom while I put on my make-up." She commanded.

Jeremy made short work out of that command. His cock was once again alive and well. This was a wonder to him that it would respond so quickly after the extensive workout it got yesterday. He hastily completed his bathroom duties and then walked into his bedroom in an attire that was fitting for the occasion; nude of course!

Kim wanted to make a few points clear about her stay and what the plan would be for their extended week-end debrief session.

"We will be free to explore anything you wish, my love. However, this is still a post-encounter research event." She said matter-of-factly. Kim wanted him to understand that an ongoing question and discussion element would be an important part of their time together, and of her research.

"This is going to be like a 'working interview' as we interact. I will do the interviewing and then we will interact, based on the responses you provide." Kim broadly smiled after stating the word "interact" to let him know that the so called interactions would be pleasurable and something for him to look forward to.

"Let's start from the beginning." She began the interview. "In our first session together I demonstrated what a real deep throat blow job was like." "Did you enjoy that?"

"It was incredible!" Jeremy remembered his utter astonishment at the moment when Kim removed his blindfold; permitting him to see his cock totally engulfed by her mouth, and how seeing that sent him into an immediate explosive orgasm; shooting a big load of hot cum down her throat.

"You also got to see me naked, albeit briefly, for the first time." "Did you enjoy that, and what did you most like about my body?" She probed for his honest appraisal.

"Your body is a complete turn-on for me. As you can see since seeing you this morning, my cock has been automatically responding to that question without reservation!" His cock was at attention and screaming for some relief.

"I have been extraordinarily blessed to have you as my mentor and friend in this sexual journey." Jeremy was unable to put into words his total amazement of her talents and blistering sensual appearance.

"I drool at the thought of having you undressed and in the same room with me!" Jeremy was anxious to explore everything about her.

"It's mind-blowing just how young you look with your smoothly shaved pussy and petite figure!" He was not wrong in that assessment. "If I didn't know your age, I would be tempted to think that having sex with you might be illegal!"

"Thank you!" Kim knew from his response that she had met her goal in that department.

"I was going for the young school girl look to give you some memories that I hoped could take the place of the not so good ones from that time in your life." She said with a grin and twinkle in her eye.

"Between you, Kara, Julie and Amber, I felt like I was back in high school all over again." His reflection was of all three sessions. "I did so enjoy how alluringly young and innocent you all looked, and it made me have a sense of being an exceptionally lucky young man in so many ways. I can't thank you all enough!" He truly thought that all of their sexual collaborations were an epitome of a young man's wildest erotic dreams come true.

"You can start by picking up where you left off with me yesterday Lover-Boy!" Her cherry pussy had a definite itch that needed scratching big time.

Jeremy didn't need any coaxing to do just that!

They mutually decided to move into his bedroom to begin interacting as her interview continued.

Kim laid on her back with her ass strategically at the end of the bed, her legs splayed open and feet touching the floor; inviting Jeremy to kneel and feast on her cherry flavored pussy. His eyes went wild with excitement at the sight of the banquet that lay before him. Her pussy was temptingly smooth, soft and glowing with an ample coating of cherry lip gloss.

Jeremy immediately got on his knees and began to lick up and down her slit, pausing with every trip to spend a few extra moments in giving plenty of attention to her clit. The cherry flavor was exactly as he had remembered from yesterday's session. However, it was even better now that he knew this was the same pussy that had danced on his face while he was bound to that chrome love pole. Her small clamshell inner lips were perfect for sucking on and teasingly drawing them into his mouth for some extra tongue lashing.

"Oh, Fuuccckkk Yeeesssss!" Kim moaned as her pussy responded to his talented and unrelenting kissing and sucking.

His cherry desert was so delicious that in his gluttony he devoured it without mercy! He was also being animalistically driven by the memories of all the pussy eating he had been fortunate to experience in their past encounters. The remembrance of those young baby soft delicacies was so alluring to all his senses, that if presented to him in the flesh, wild horses couldn't keep his mouth, or his cock for that matter, from ravaging them until they or he wearied from exhaustion. This was exactly how he felt at this moment with Kim's sex conjoined to his mouth!

"Fuck, Fuccckkk, Fuccckkk, Yeeessss!" Kim screamed as he covetously indulged every part of her cherry dessert. She was very close to having a ginormous orgasm. Her legs instinctively tightened around his head to prevent his escape until she got what every fiber in her body craved at this pinnacle moment.

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