tagHumor & SatireThe Mermaid and the Fisherman

The Mermaid and the Fisherman


This story started out as a bedtime story told by walkingeagle to me. The original idea comes from walkingeagle, and as per his suggestion I added a little here and there to round it out and submit it. We both hope that you will enjoy The Mermaid and the Fisherman -- A love story.


The fisherman sat in his boat in the middle of the lake. It was a Saturday morning, very early on a Saturday morning in fact, as the fisherman was an early riser. The early bird catches the worm, as they say, and the first fisherman on the lake catches the biggest fish.

He loved this time of the day. So quiet, no other fishermen, nobody walking their dog, no traffic noise from the road. Even the animals seemed to still be asleep! The fisherman had been looking forward to this all week. He didn't need to set an alarm clock, his body knew when it was time to wake up, and he almost leapt out of bed just before the sun came up. He brewed a pot of coffee which he poured into a thermos to take along, threw on some old jeans and his favorite flannel shirt, put on his boots, started up his truck and drove down to the lake.

Now, in his boat, his thermos beside him, surrounded by quiet, he thought about how really good life was. He did some of his best thinking out here. Sometimes he would simply sit there and let his mind wander not thinking of anything in particular. That's what he was doing on this particular Saturday. He just sat there, one person alone on this big lake, relaxed, inhaling the clear air, exhaling with a contented sigh, and waiting for the fish to bite.

As he sat there absent mindedly watching his bobber he suddenly thought he caught a glimpse of something unusual. Startled, he straightened up and blinked, doing a double take and trying to focus on what was happening. There was something swimming very fast and very close to the surface of the lake. What the heck was it, though? Some kind of fish, surely, but the shape wasn't quite right and anyway, it looked like it had hair.

While he was still puzzling over what on earth that strange creature might have been he suddenly felt a jerk on his fishing rod and the bobber went down. Whoa, he thought, hold on there big guy! He set the hook, and his line was buzzing off his reel. But he fought the fish well and soon was working it back in to the boat.

He stood in the boat admiring his catch -- it really was a good size -- when that strange creature approached the boat once again. As it came closer the fisherman realized that it must be a mermaid. Startled, he wasn't sure what to do...... There is many a tale about mermaids, and not in all of them do the fishermen get away with their lives. Of course he knew that you can't always believe everything people are saying and he had even laughed with the guys about those kinds of stories. But it wasn't so funny now that he was confronted with a real life mermaid.

The mermaid swam right up to the boat and straightened herself up, her beautiful torso exposed from the water, and she looked right at the fisherman who was frozen with shock and fear. All he could do was stare at her. She had lovely fair skin, blue-green eyes that seemed to be as deep as the deepest glacier lake, and dark blonde hair that was easily long enough to cover her breasts. She was the most beautiful and fascinating creature the fisherman had ever seen, and he was completely mesmerized. They looked silently at each other for what seemed like a very long time, then she finally spoke:

"Wow you got a big one!"

Confused by this strangely mundane statement he only managed to reply "Yes, this is about a 5 pounder."

She then said "It's a big fish, too!" and her eyes moved lower.

He blushed and didn't know what to say, but he suddenly remembered the big fish and he bent down to release it back into the lake. When he reached down with the fish she grabbed his arm and jerked him into the water! She pulled him deep under but covered his lips with hers so he could breathe. She wrapped her arms around him and held him tight to her..... He could feel her firm breasts and hard nipples crushed against his chest, and was shocked to find that his penis erected from the stimulation and now rested hard against her taut tummy.

She wiggled her fishtail as she swam them about, then she arched her back and her fishy tail pulled forward. She twisted and turned until his hard manhood was just under her dorsal fin, then she slowly lowered back between his legs and he felt his penis enter a tight opening he had never noticed. It was smooth like velvet and warm like a hot bath. Slowly she impaled herself, till her scales were rubbing tight against his belly.

It felt amazing..... His hard cock hardened even more..... She swam them around the lake, the movement of her tail guiding them and stimulating them both. She swam them around and around, providing exquisite sensations to his hard manhood buried deep inside her..... He felt ready to explode!

She swam them to the very bottom and he felt her fishy lower contract tightly around him. His hot seed pulsed furiously from his balls. She squeezed tighter with each pulse as he shot squirt after squirt..... She held him captive and squeezed till she was sated.

She then swam him into an underwater cave that had air trapped inside. There she released him and his lips. He grabbed her and kissed her passionately, vowing his undying love.....

Several months later she gave birth to three adorable little mermaids and one well hung little boy..... And they lived and frolicked in the lake from that day on happy as they could be!

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