tagFetishThe Milk Maid

The Milk Maid


My co-worker, Tom, had given me the address of the hotel a year before 'in case I ever needed to stop in Atlanta'. I'd tried all the chain hotels and several big conventions in town had booked all the rooms. If I had to go with an independent bed and breakfast to get some sleep and de-stress before my major presentation the next day, I could deal with it.

The Cherry Farm Inn looked pretty sketchy. It was basically a big, old rambling house set back from the road and hidden behind trees and bushes. I rolled up the gravel drive and parked next to a couple other cars. At least they were high end machines which spoke well of the clientele.

Pulling my roller bag along, I mounted the steps and went through the screen door.


Looking around there was a lounge of sorts to the left and closed sliding doors with frosted glass to the right. A stair headed up to the second floor. The hall continued back toward some kitchen noises. Something very odd was being created in that kitchen and my nose just felt confused.

"Just a minute!" came a voice from somewhere in the house. I waited and eventually a plump woman trundled down the big stairwell. "Hello! Hello!" She opened the frosted doors with a key and opened them on to a library which had long been taken over as a sort of office for the inn. There was a board of hooks and keys leaning against some shelves, a desk piled high in paperwork, an old PC and printer, and lots of books and magazines.

"Were we expecting you or is it just your lucky day?"

"Um, last minute trip," I explained. "All the other hotels were full. Not that you're my last resort... well, you sort of are but you were recommended to me by a friend."

"Oh good. Who, may I ask?"

"Tom Revelle."

"Big Tom! Wonderful! We've always enjoyed having him stay with us. Any friend of Big Tom's is a friend of ours to be sure."

I wondered about the "Big" part but didn't interrupt her.

"Let's see here," she said, flipping through papers until she found a paper calendar. "We've got the Goose Room or the Duck Room available this evening. Will you be with us more than one night?"

"Just the one, I'm sure. I've got loyalty rewards points with other places..." I tried to explain but she went on as if that was of no consequence.

"Let's go with the Goose Room then. If I could just get your credit card..."

"I'm sorry, how much will one night cost?"

"Usually all our rooms are $500 a night but seeing that you're a first-timer, I'll give you a special rate of $350."

I practically choked. I didn't care how folksy or friendly they were, my company would never pay $350 for one night at a hotel in Atlanta.

"Oh, I can't afford that. I'm sorry to have wasted your time."

She cocked her head and gave me a little smile. "How about this? Stay the night. If you like your stay, you pay the $350. If you're dissatisfied in any way, no reason necessary, just pay $100 and we'll wish you well on your way."

That certainly sounded safer but it all felt very unusual. She kept looking at me like she knew me better than a stranger should. I couldn't decide.

"Holly!" she called out.

"Well, I'm not sure."

A girl came up to the office from back in the kitchen. She had a bit of flour on her nose and was wearing a loose white shirt and jeans under her apron. She was very pretty and the shirt gave me a healthy look at her ample cleavage. Her face was heart-shaped but young and lovely. She was maybe twenty years old as best as I could judge.

"We still have leftovers from dinner for a weary traveler, don't we?"

"Yes, ma'am," she nodded. "There's some chicken, green beans, corn bread, and a slice of apple pie."

I'll admit I was still drinking in how sexy Holly was when I agreed to take the room and handed over my AMEX.

The owner, Mrs. Patty, sat with me as I ate the left-over dinner. She had a very easy manner and chatted about this and that as I ate. Holly remained in the kitchen where she was making bread for the morning.

It was almost eleven before I finally headed up the stairs to the Goose Room.

"Oh, Mr. James," called Mrs. Patty. "When do you want your Wake-up Service?"

I did a quick calculation in my head. "Six thirty should be early enough to give the room a call."

"Oh we'll get you up," she said with a knowing smile and left me to go to my room. I wondered a little at that but was too tired to care. A full belly of delicious food and I was ready to sleep.

The Goose Room was easily found based on the carved goose on the door. It was dominated by a large bed in a finely crafted four-poster frame. I hung my suit and put out my clothes and toiletries for the morning in the little bathroom. There wasn't a TV in the room which was fine by me.

I stripped down to my boxers and got in the big bed. It was a bit softer than the 'rock' I slept on at home, but it felt very cozy and I don't even remember turning off the bedside light.

I was dreaming about being on a trampoline as a big cat climbed on, jostling me around. The cat was tiger-big but seemed friendly and I wasn't scared in the dream. It began to lick me with its rough tongue which felt sort of good.

It wasn't until her lips slipped over my cock that I really pulled myself out of the confusion of the dream to realize that someone was in bed with me. That someone was under the covers and was quickly bringing my cock to full erection.

I had no idea what was happening but it felt so good I didn't stop it. I rationalized that I must still be dreaming but I really didn't care. I felt her moving and saw the mound in the comforter shifting until I felt her breasts against my leg. Her hand was lightly stroking my cock as her tongue danced around the head.

I let out a small moan of appreciation and closed my eyes. I'd had blowjobs before in my life though not very often. Frankly, they'd all left me a little disappointed either because the woman obviously didn't want to be doing it or they just didn't know how to make it feel good.

This mystery woman in my bed was neither of those. I could hear her humming happily and her touch was exquisite. She knew how to go fast and then slow, driving me toward a peak but letting me cool off a little before I got too far. Her fingers cradled my balls making them feel big and swollen with cum.

It didn't take long for her to pull out all the stops and begin to swallow more and more of my penis. I felt my head push into her throat easily as her lips pressed firmly to the skin around the base of my shaft. I'd never felt that before and it was like the tightest, wettest pussy in the world... a pussy with a tongue to stroke my shaft.

"Oh uh oh yes I'm gonna..." I fumbled as I realized that she wasn't going to back off again. She began to gently squeeze my balls and drew back to suck hard around my head. I lost it completely and my body jerked as I came. My balls clenched in her fingers and I could feel the jets of hot cum shooting up my cock and into her hot mouth. I don't remember cumming so hard or so long. It left my balls aching from their efforts when I finally relaxed.

I felt my cum in her mouth as her tongue swept around my cock head. She held on to my head with her lips and I felt her swallow which was so sexy I almost felt myself stiffen a little. She licked the head of my cock clean before releasing it. I felt her pull my boxers back over my soft cock before she slipped out of the bed. I tried to reach to her and pull her to me but she was a little too fast.

I watched as she turned two lights on in the room to their low setting: soft enough not to make my eyes wince but enough to make sure I didn't slip back to sleep. Holly was completely naked. She was beautiful with mussed hair down past her shoulders, at least D-cup breasts, and lots of curves everywhere.

"Have a nice morning, Mr. James," she said as she went to the door. I was speechless as she left and shut the door. As I lay there, I could hear her knock on the next room's door and say softly, "Wake-up Service..."

By the time I got down for breakfast, I felt fantastic. I was dressed well and easily packed for my flight home that night. Mrs. Patty served a big breakfast and I sat down at the dining room table with a few other men and women who were staying at the inn. I couldn't help but exchange knowing looks with the men and even the women. No one mentioned anything as we ate preferring to pass the time with trivialities like the weather.

I met Mrs. Patty at the office before I was going to leave. I handed her my own credit card.

"So did you like your stay?" she asked as hunted up my paperwork.

"Charge the $500, Mrs. Patty, please. And I'd like to come back next month."

"Excellent, I'm glad you liked it." She processed the charge and gave me my receipt. "Maybe next time you'll take advantage of our 'Sweet Dreams' service as well. When you know your next trip dates, just give us a call. You can get me by asking for the Farmer's Daughter."

I raised an eyebrow in amusement.

"If you're the Farmer's Daughter, then Holly is..."

"Why she's the Milk Maid, silly!"

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