tagBDSMThe Mistress and Her Justice Ch. 07

The Mistress and Her Justice Ch. 07


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The Judge's belly continued to rapidly rise and fall as he struggled to catch his breath. Katrina also took a few deep breaths after the physical exertion of her wild face ride. Slowly, she brought her feet back down on the floor and rose, sliding the impaling member out of her greased tunnel. As it popped free, a small flood of her juices that were trapped behind it splashed out of her gaping hole and onto his face. She stood up completely and he followed the rising form with his eyes, rolling them far back to look up at her. Her expression was blank, cool, detached. He looked back down her body, following every curve until he got to her dripping gash which he eyed in lustful fascination.

She lifted her leg up and swung it over his face, "dismounting" from her straddling position. She took a few steps back and knelt down beside Marisa who was looking up at her lovingly. Marisa reached out for her and stroked her hair, running her fingers through Katrina's thick curls. Katrina's entire body was slick with perspiration. The heavy, musky smell of sex emanated from her. Marisa continued to gently run her hands down Katrina's shoulders and arms and then jumped them to her waist. Katrina moved closer to her and embraced her, balancing on her knees as she put her arms around her. Marisa ran her delicate fingers lightly up the sensitive insides of Katrina's upper thighs, collecting her juices as she went. She put her hand to her mouth and tasted the juices, licking it from her fingers before returning for more. She ran her entire palm up through Katrina's swollen gash, rubbing inside her lips in a slow circular motion. Katrina moaned and then firmly took Marisa head in both hand and kissed her deeply, tasting her own juices as she licked the inside of her mouth.

"I love you my little one," Katrina whispered into her ear. "Let's put him in the man-spreader and then its your turn. When you're done, I will lick you clean."

Marisa quivered in lustful anticipation. They both rose together, facing each other, fingers entwined. Katrina looked down at the Judge's trapped penis, with only the swollen, purple head visible. She paused for a few seconds to watch it throb.

"Looks like the chastity tube is doing its job. While you're working on him, I'll put the finishing touches on that wonderful little device. This is going to be so sweet . . . so sweet," Katrina whispered to Marisa.

Katrina went around to the front of the bench and undid the penis gag, neck band and chest strap. Marisa undid the leather straps holding his ankles to the floor. Together they raised his upper body from the bench until it was upright and in a kneeling position. They paused for a few moments while the Judge got his balance.

"Okay John, up on your feet. We've only just begun. I think you're going to love part two of our little session. It's right up your alley, so to speak. Ha Hahh!"

John tried to get his feet under him but with his arms pinned behind his back, he was still off balance. He teetered left, then right, almost falling over. Katrina and Marisa held him firmly under his armpits to prevent his toppling and pulled up to help him rise. Slowly, he got to his feet, but his legs were shaking so badly that he almost collapsed. Bent as they were, they felt rubbery, seemed to have no strength in them.

"C'mon John, get a hold of yourself. Don't blow your big chance."

The Judge struggled to regain his composure and to get strength back in his legs. He straightened his legs to lock his knees and then leaned back a bit, pulling his shoulders back. He took a few more deep breaths through his widely stretched mouth, exhaling though his nose.

"Okay John, this way. . . . this way to paradise," Katrina said.

Katrina and Marisa turned him a bit and then started a slow walk, holding the inside of each arm, guiding him forward. John followed their lead, taking small steps on still shaky legs. He looked up and for the first time looked around the room. It was brightest directly over him; his form illuminated by an overhead spotlight that seemed to follow them as they walked. Beyond the circle of light around him, it was very dim. The light around him diminished quickly with little more than his immediate surroundings visible. He could not see any of the walls, the room simply fading to dark at the edges in every direction.

He was amazed at what little he could see. Even in the dim light he could make out an astonishing number of bondage devices and implements as passed by them. He recognized a few from his years of reading about BDSM. He saw a St. Andrews cross, a bondage table, a whipping post, wooden horse, various stocks and suspension frames. There were also some that he didn't recognize. He could tell that he was headed right for one of those unknown devices. As he approached it, it was suddenly illuminated by a bright, overhead spotlight.

He looked at it closely and it appeared simple but he still couldn't figure out how it was used. There was a raised rectangular wooden platform, roughly eight feet long and four feet wide with two metal posts embedded in the concrete floor rising up along the left and right edges of the platform opposite each other about midway along its length. About two feet forward of where the two posts were set and running width wise across the platform was a wooden rectangle about two feet wide and eighteen inches high with a semi-circular hole cut in it. The rectangle is angled back about forty five degrees with the top corners supported by iron rods embedded in the platform. There seemed to be a variety of ropes and cables running from several small hand winches and numerous pad-eyes, rings, pulleys and fair-leads to control the rigging.

He still hadn't figured it out when they reached the foot of the platform. Katrina looked at him and seeing the look of puzzlement on his face, smiled and nodded to Marisa who smiled back. The three of them stepped up onto the wooden platform which was raised just a few inches up from the concrete floor and took a few steps until they reached the mid-point, between the two metal posts. The Judge looked down and saw a two inch diameter round hole was cut in the platform and extended down through and into the concrete.

"Get on your knees John!" Katrina ordered, startling him. The Judge lowered himself immediately to his knees.

Katrina squatted down behind him, unlocked his right wrist and stood up, holding the wrist in both hands and twisting it up and out. She brought it over to the right post and secured it to a leather cuff attached to the top of the three foot post. Marisa unlocked his left wrist and followed suit, securing his wrist to the top of the left post. As Marisa was affixing his left wrist, Katrina was buckling on a leather thigh cuff just above his right knee. She locked it on with a small padlock and then buckled another one on his left thigh.

"Okay lover-boy, spread those legs nice and wide," Katrina barked into his ear as she hooked a rope with a snap ring into the d-ring on the outside of his right thigh cuff and took a round turn around the base of the right post.

The Judge responded immediately, spreading his knees apart on the wooden platform. Marisa snapped a line onto his left thigh cuff and similarly took a round turn around the base of the other post.

"I don't think you heard me sweety, I Said Spread'Em," Katrina said loudly.

As the Judge shifted his knees to spread them further, Katrina and Marisa each pulled back on their respective lines, using the metal posts for leverage. The Judge's knees jerked outward, spreading him widely apart, knees only a few inches from the posts. Katrina and Marisa took one last tug and then secured the ends of each line to cleats welded on the outside of each post. They each clipped another line to his ankle cuffs and pulled them far apart, securing the ends of the ropes to cleats embedded in the concrete floor beside the platform.

The Judge was spread wide, very wide. His arms were swept up, out and back , almost like the back swing of a racing dive. His little anus winked at them as he nervously contracted it. His pinkish gray ball sack hung low and swayed like a double pendulum, right ball hanging lower than the left.

"You've got a nice ass John, . . . real niiice," Katrina cooed as she lifted her foot up to toe the back side of his scrotum and then up his sweaty crack, then to his puckering asshole. The Judge flinched at the first touch of her foot to his tender balls and he braced himself for the blow that never came.

"Just one more little thing to take care before I turn Marisa loose on you."

She walked around beside him, firmly grabbed his hair with her right hand and jerked his head down, pushing down hard with her other hand between his shoulder blades to lower his head and neck to the angled wooden rectangle with the semi-circular hole. She swung her leg over his back and, still pushing his head down by his hair, sat down heavily between his shoulder blades forcing his neck into the opening. She let go of his hair and Marisa rapidly closedthe matching top to the stock over his neck. She pressed the tightly fitted hasp over the ring and locked a padlock onto it.

The forcing of his head down into the stock thrust his ass out even more, spreading him almost impossibly wide. He started to shake in both fear and lust as he knew what was coming next. Katrina dismounted from his back, walked over to a side table and picked up a thin birch rod. She flexed it a few times and walked over in front of him. He looked up and saw her flexing the rod, looking cruelly down at him, smirking as she looked him over. Still in her four inch heel sandels, she towered over him. The sound of her heels on the concrete floor "clicked" loudly and then changed tone as she passed from concrete, to the wooden platform and then back to concrete as she circled him.

Marisa had also stepped over to the side table and picked up a leather harness. It was already pre-fitted with a curved, four inch "g-spot" dildo on the inside of the center strap and an opposing six by one and a half inch dildo on the other side of the strap. She padded over to the Judge, still in her filmy white silk panties and bra top, and stopped directly in front of his trapped head. She tilted his head up by his hair so he was looking straight ahead at her thighs, lowered herself a bit and then jammed his widely stretched mouth against her wet, panty covered crotch.

"While you're warming her up, I think I'll warm you up," Katrina said, her voice coming from somewhere behind him.

"Crack," the first blow of the birch rod fell on his fleshy white ass cheek, immediately marking him with a red stripe. His grunting cry of pain was muffled as his face was pressed tightly against Marisa's crotch. He furiously licked at her crotch in the hope that if he serviced her well, Katrina would go easy on him. Of course, he was wrong.

"Crack," Katrina laid a second stripe on his jiggling ass, crossing the first, as he grunted loudly in pain. Marisa undid her top as she ground her wet, panty covered crotch into his face.

"Eat me motherfucker, . . . eat me good and I might go easy on you when I fuck you," she whispered in a hoarse voice.

She moaned as the Judge hit a good spot with his flicking tongue.

"Yes, . . . Yes! Dig that tongue in there. Lick it! Lick It!"

"Crack," Katrina marked his other cheek. "Crack," she laid another one right beside it. "Crack," . . . "Crack," . . . "Crack," she laid on three more in quick succession. The Judge reacted to each blow by licking harder, faster, thrusting his tongue against her slit, trying to poke a hole through the thin material. Marisa took a step back, out of his reach, hooked her thumbs inside the waist band of her panties and jerked them down. Stepping out of them, the Judge saw that her pubic area was completely shaved. It was as bare as an eight year old's but with a woman's fully developed anatomy. Clasping both of her hands behind his head, she jerked his open mouth hard into her slit and pressed it in, nose against her swollen clit.

"Crack," . . . "Crack," . . . "Crack," . . . "Crack," . . . "Crack," like a metronome, Katrina sliced up his rear end, drawing blood as her new blows crossed old ones. His butt was bright red as she laid the blows on. "Crack," . . . "Crack," . . . "Crack," . . .. She was perspiring heavily from the exertion as she hit him, letting a little of the rage she felt come out. He grunted loudly with each blow, smothered by Marisa's swollen gash and squeezing thighs. Marisa suddenly stepped back, not wanting to cum from his tongue alone. "Crack," . . . "Crack," . . . .

"That should be enough to get you warm and it sure looks like Marisa is heated up. He's all yours dear."

Marisa buckled on the harness she had dropped on the floor nearby and bent over between her legs to grasp the center strap with the two dildos. She rubbed the bulbous tip of the shorter one up and down her glistening gash, her labia puffed out and shiny. With the small shaft thoroughly wet from her juices, she slid it in her hot fuck hole, twisting it slightly to seat the tip against the sensitive g-spot on the roof of her tunnel. She sighed and shivered slightly when she found it and pressed it home. Then, she grasped the end of the center strap with her other hand and carefully brought it up to her belt, inserting the end into the waiting buckle and cinching it tightly between her legs. She tucked the end of the center strap inside her belt, put her hands on her hips, turned to Katrina and proudly showed off her jutting male member.

Katrina smiled back and laughed. Marisa showed her member to the Judge, tilting his head by his hair so he was looking straight at it. With her other hand she grasped the rigid rod at its base and directed it to the Judge's waiting open mouth. She traced the tip of it around the inside of his widely stretched lips. She moved it in a couple of inches and rested it on his tongue.

"Lick It John!" It may be the only lubrication you get."

The Judge rolled his eyes up to look at her as she spoke. He couldn't believe such a tiny little girl had him like this but it also so excited him. He licked the rod furiously as she rolled her hips in small circles, moving the rod around his mouth. She slid it in a few inches, stopping it just short of the back of his throat. He slid his tongue all around it taking her at her word that his saliva was all that stood between him and a painfully dry entrance in his rear end. Marisa slid the last inch in, striking the back of his throat and causing him to reflexively gag.

"Going to have to work on that gag reflex John. Here, . . . I'll help you."

Marisa pulled the shaft nearly all of the way put of his mouth and then savagely plunged it back in to the hilt, slamming it against his throat. The judge gagged and choked, tears rolled down his cheeks as he fought against the choking sensation and tried to relax his throat. She pumped his gaping mouth a few more times and then withdrew, tapping his lower lip with the tip of the dildo as it broke free. A long strand of saliva trailed from tip to lip, stretched thin and then broke as she stepped back and surveyed her prey, focused on the growing warm pressure building deep in her groin as she visualized the coming rape.

End of Part 7

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