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The Mistress Journal


My wife doesn't know about my sessions. She can never know. We live a very normal life. Too normal. Our sex is bland. It's always the same thing. Thanks to the internet, I have realized that I am interested in a lot of strange things. Karen would never understand. So I have my sessions with Mistress Nikki to get what I need sexually. It doesn't always involve sex or orgasms but it arouses me more than anything Karen and I do. I love to re-live everything in my mind so I have kept a journal to make sure every detail is captured.


It was a bit nerve wracking, sitting in a chair in the middle of a very empty room waiting for mistress. Maybe my watch was slow but it felt like she should have been there by then. A loud noise caught me off guard. It was the steel door slamming shut. There she was. Absolutely stunning. She had black hair with red streaks that went down to her shoulders. Her height surprised me. Mistress Nikki was not much shorter than me, probably about 6 foot 1. The knee high vinyl boots added to that. The black leather corset squeezed her body and pushed her large breast together for quite a sight.

"On your knees slut! I want you to crawl to me like a fucking animal. You are nothing but a worthless beast."

Immediately I dropped to my knees. The floor was cold as I crawled on all fours towards the spot she stood. She moved her left boot forward, right in front of me.

"Kiss my boot." I obliged. "Good. Lick it. Yes, run your filthy tongue over it. Give it a nice shine. Excellent job. They really needed a good cleaning. They were just used in my last session. A big thick black dick coated it with cum."

Mistress laughed with a wicked grin on her face. I was a bit surprised by the fact that I had essentially been licking another mans cum. The boots did appear to be a bit wet but I assumed that maybe she had shined them before hand. I've never done anything with another guy but I have looked at forced bi porn and that interested me.

"Since you enjoyed licking his cum, I may have to introduce you two in one of our future sessions. Would you like that my little cum slut?"

"Yes mistress. I would really enjoy that."

"Good. Pull out your cock. Let me see what you have to offer. Not bad. I'd say about 7 inches."

Nikki bent down and grabbed my face, digging her nails in, looking me straight in the eyes.

"I have lots of plans for you. You will do every fucking thing I say without questioning me. You will love it. You're going to learn to be a great cock sucker and obedient slave. Understand?"

Quickly she smacked me in the face leaving a stinging feeling. Then she spit in my face.

"Yes my mistress. I will do everything you ask me to do. I'm all yours."

"Yes you are slave. All mine. I own you and your tight little fuck hole. Now you may go. This was an introduction to see exactly what kind of worthless scum I would be dealing with. I can tell that we have a lot to work on. Jennifer has your information sheets that you filled out. I'll take a look over it and we will go from there. She will set up your first session."

My knees were sore but I pushed myself up and started to walk towards the door. I glanced behind to see her light up a cigarette (one of my many fetishes). My cock grew inside of my boxers. Waiting for the next one was going to be very difficult. That little taste made me crave the extreme sexual things we would be doing.


Unfortunately Mistress Nikki is very popular! When I walked out of her dungeon area to set up my next appointment, I asked for the next available date. So many people were booked that I'd have to wait a week and that seemed like forever. Today I woke up with a big smile on my face, knowing that I'd finally get what I needed. My excitement couldn't be contained and I ended up making it there about 10 minutes early. Only problem was, yes I was there, but I had to still wait. The smile plastered on my face all day got even bigger when her other appointment walked out. I knew it was my turn next. He was a very tall man wearing a leather mask. His shirt was gripped between his fingers and his back was red as if he had been whipped for the last 20 minutes. Jennifer smiled at him and told him to have a good day as he took the mask off and put it into a bag. I was almost in shock when I realized I knew the masked man. It was an old friend named Steven Hill. We go way back. We talked for a few minutes before I was told to enter the dungeon area. I never would have guessed he was into this kind of thing but I suppose I don't fit the description most people would picture. Anyway, the wait was over! Mistress Nikki was already waiting for me inside the room. She snapped on a pair of short black latex gloves. They gripped her skin so tightly. I couldn't stop staring. Her breast were completely exposed other than black electrical tape in the shape of an x covering each nipple. All that was really covering her body were shiny black latex panties and the pair of vinyl boots I had licked the first time I met her.

"Strip down and put these on"

A pair of red latex underwear were thrown my way. Without hesitation I took my clothing off and tossed it aside. The underwear was so tight that it was some what hard to get on but once it was, I was ecstatic. The feel of the latex rubbing on my cock excited me.

"Very good. I see somebody has already gotten a bit excited"

I nodded as she poked my hard on with the tip of her boot. Nikki turned away for a moment to grab a pack of cigarettes. I watched as her fingers slowly guided the cigarette up to her red lips. It laid in between her soft lips, tightly gripped as she drew the fire to the end of it. She bent down and blew the smoke in my face.

"I bet you like when I blow my smoke in your face," she said softly as she inhaled yet again. "Perhaps if you are a good slave, I'll let you light my next cigarette. Sit on the floor and spread your legs."

I did what I was told and spread my legs as my hard on pressed against the latex that constricted it. The cigarette dangled from her lips as she sat down in a chair in front of me, puffing away so seductively. The boot ran down my cock slowly, arousing me further. Occasionally putting pressure down on me.

"Open your mouth and hold it there. Good. You are my ashtray."

It burned for a second as she put it out on my tongue. She then made me swallow it.

"Very good, slave. Lay down completely."

Her latex covered fingers gripped the zipper on her panties and pulled back to reveal her pussy. It looked moist which got me even more excited. She'd rub her clit then spread her lips wide open so I had a great view.

"Do you like that?"

I nodded.

"Mm, I bet you do slut. You like to see me stick my fingers in my nasty cunt. Look how wet I am."

It was very apparent. Her gloves were glistening even more so. I didn't expect what came next. She started to piss all over my cock. The warm fluid trickled down my shaft and all over my balls. I'd never experienced anything like this before and I really liked it. Mistress put her hand below her pussy and sprayed her hand with it before shoving the fingers into my mouth. Surprisingly, her piss tasted sweet.

"You are a piss loving whore. You're being a good whore and good whore's are rewarded"

She crouched over my piss soaked cock that stood up, rock hard. Slowly she dipped down. I felt my cock push past her lips and into her hole. At first she went up and down just over my head region then finally went all the way down to my balls. Every inch of me was deep inside of her. This was all too much to handle and I felt as if I was going to explode.

"Uh uh bitch. You don't get to cum until I tell you that you can! So I guess no more pussy for you today!"

Mistress stood up and turned around, giving me a nice glimpse of her ass wrapped in latex. Part of me was disappointed that I didn't get to fill her but at the same time it aroused me more than anything I've experienced prior to this.

"Well slave, since you haven't whined or complained, even when I took my cunt away, I'm giving you permission to stroke your dick for me."

That smile came back. Atleast I was getting relief! I desperately needed to get off!

"There is one stipulation, whatever semen you produce, you will clean up. Understand?"

I didn't even care at this point. I had never eaten my own cum before but I was here to try new things, to explore my sexual interests. I agreed.

"That's a good boy."

Nikki got on her knees in between my legs leading me to believe maybe she had changed her mind and I was going to get blown. Not the case. She spit all over my anus before sliding two fingers in. I cried out a little because I had never had anything in my ass before and she just shoved it in. Her fingers pushed harder and harder at my hole until they were both completely inside of me. A wave of pleasure came over me. I had heard about this but never had tried it. My hand squeezed my cock as I stroked it roughly while her fingers twisted inside of me. Moans started escaping from my mouth as I neared my orgasm. Cum started squirting up into the air and Mistress pulled her fingers out of me to use both of her hands to catch all that she could. I couldn't believe how much semen I had just shot out of me. It was dripping off her gloves.

"Wow. Look all of that hot cum. Time to clean up slutty boy."

I was hesitant at first as she pushed at my lips but I opened up knowing that I needed to obey her at all times if I wanted to keep on her good side.

"Yes, eat it all up. Taste your ass and cum you filthy pig."

Name calling always excited me and it helped propel me into really getting into this. Hungrily my mouth devoured all of my cum. I licked at it and sucked her fingers making sure to get all of it.

"You are even more of a cum slut than I thought, slave. I don't see a single drop left. Good boy. I'm proud. Well, it looks like our session is over. You've done good."

I had so much fun that I knew I had to come back again. The price was high but after this first session, I knew that it would be worth every dollar.

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