tagBDSMThe Mistress of Holt House Ch. 03

The Mistress of Holt House Ch. 03


The next day he found himself returned to his rational life, he was honestly grateful of the break, and finished his work for Blandish-Wright for the last time. He took a long hard look at the new extension at Holt House and peered through the window as he had done on that day when he first met his Mistress and had fantasised about living there. A dream had come true for him, but not in a way he could ever imagine; his loins tingled as he pondered his new life. He then returned to the library to mark out the designs he had agreed with his new employer.

As he concentrated on an area below one of the vast bookcases he heard footsteps behind him, and a sweet scent announced the arrival of Miss Marcia Rendlesham. He turned on his knees as he had before and bade her 'good morning'. She simply smiled knowingly; she held a paper knife in hand and a bundle of newly delivered correspondence.

"It looks like being a very good morning; it would appear that you are going to be very popular!" she sliced away at the tops of the various envelopes; there were even a couple of small parcels, Marcia laughed aloud when she opened one of these;

"Theresa Prendergast-Hume is such a forward and progressive woman, so daring! She has sent a photographic print of herself, just for you. She's added a little message, has sent me a five pound note in order to book your services over the next six months and has sent you another memento too! Come and sit with me, and you shall see what she has for you, and we'll see who else has required your services." She chuckled as she handed him the picture; his cock rose immediately as he viewed the tin-type photograph.

It was a full bodied woman with a black corset and short black silk knickerbockers of the recent 'French' type. She stood looking very stern with whip in hand, one leg raised with her foot pressed down on a naked male laying prostrate at her feet in submission. Marcia handed him the package that came with it; it was the black silk underwear in the picture. He read the message on the reverse:

'I shall introduce myself as Mrs Theresa Prendergast-Hume; you will address me as 'Madame Tara'. You will report to my house one day next week-the date will be confirmed with your Mistress. You will take in the scent of my underwear every night until we meet; as you will determine from the photograph, they will have a very sweet aroma as they were worn as I whipped a male into complete submission, and became very excited whilst doing so. On the night before we meet, you will abuse yourself and leave your mark on them. You will present them to me when we meet and confess your weakness; I will decide then how you shall be punished. Madam Tara X.'

Marcia smiled at him and stroked his crotch.

"You enjoy that erection while you can. In a few hours I shall summon you upstairs where you will be prepared for tonight's event. I shall want you to be feeling at your most submissive, so you will enjoy your new friends, front and back. I shall then decide what new outfit you shall wear." His cock throbbed as he listened to her commanding tone. His sphincter tingled at the thought of what tonight might bring and in anticipation of being fitted with the plug and cage by his Mistress.

Marcia continued to open the post in a 'just-so' manner; she showed him the names of various elegant and wealthy sounding women, and read out some of their wishes for him on meeting, as per 'Madame Tara'. Marcia squeezed him as he listened, goggle eyed and with an erection like a broom-handle.

"What you must understand is that some of these ladies have had a very torrid time with Husbands, some of whom still reside in the same household- from time to time. They have Mistresses and show the women no interest whatsoever, but expect them to be there at functions as the loving and obedient wife. Those that have managed to rid themselves of their husbands would never consider taking another. Mrs Theresa Prendergast-Hume is just such a case; her husband met with a very unfortunate boating accident. She was devastated- for at least ten minutes.

She will be at the event tonight and you can confirm receipt of her orders. I want you to remember this when you witness the scenes tonight, it will help you to understand the women's attitudes." He was really beginning to look forward to tonight.

The time passed quickly as he worked on the library articles. He washed and tidied up to make himself presentable. Marcia appeared at the door, naked.

"Upstairs now!" He followed humbly and watched her glorious bottom once again as they ascended the stairs. She had him strip and made him dangle his cock and balls in a basin of icy water to allow the fitting of his cage; he was a little over excited. She gently fitted the cage, snapped the retaining ring shut about his scrotum, he was hers once more. His glans bulged tightly against the cage in a futile attempt to erect; he was beginning to really enjoy this feeling, which was magnified by her contended smile at his being caged. She made him watch whilst she greased the plug and then had him lay astride her silky thighs. She took great delight in easing it home as he did his best not to squirm and tense. She tapped the ring at the base when she was satisfied it was tightly in and squeezed the cage to ensure it was on correctly. She stroked his balls as she showed him the chain which went between the two. As she connected the two symbols of his submission to her she whispered to him.

"Remember what the shopkeeper said about the length of the chain." She said teasingly. He was puzzled at the time, and it was still so with him. He would know what was meant by this soon enough. She had him kneel naked and viewed his submissive form in the cage as she stood dominantly before him. She laughed at him and bent over, her arse in his face.

"There, you have a good long sniff to get you in the mood." He did so willingly and his cock strained in the cage as he sampled her womanly aromas. He had been in the cage not five minutes and already he yearned to be allowed to come. He was put to work in fetching the clothes she pointed out and dressing her with them. She wore a black outfit much as per Madame Tara in the picture. His cock was dribbling by the time she was done, and he had the added thought of those knickerbockers which would require sniffing when he returned.

She dressed him in silk stockings which came up to his thighs, and white slippers. His arse and crotch were left exposed so that all could see his cage. His top was covered with a white silk shirt with a frill around the waist and baggy sleeves. The frill accentuated his nakedness below and was designed to make him seem virginal and vulnerable. He was collared and leashed to emphasise that he was owned; his hands were tied behind his back to complete his submission.

Belinda appeared at the door with riding gear on and horse whip in hand. She was to take them to the venue in the carriage kept behind the house which they used for special occasions. She could not help but tease him and threaten him with the whip.

"Oh! You shall enjoy what you see tonight; I can't wait till I can get you in my bed again to hear you describe it!" They left for Lady Barbara Hapsley's residence.

Hapsley Hall was a large country residence just a couple of miles outside town. When they arrived there were many cabs and carriages coming and going. Both he and Marcia had loose fitting capes which were passed to the cloakroom assistant at the door. The young woman in attendance looked him in the eye and smiled knowingly but did not give his mode of dress a second glance; this was the norm for her. Marcia introduced him to all sorts of gorgeous looking stern and wicked females. Many of them had enslaved males with them; they were all dressed similarly to him, some had cages which were encrusted with precious stones and glinted, drawing all the more attention.

The women fussed for seating at the front of a huge auditorium which faced a raised stage on which was a strange looking padded seat and bench affair with stirrup like objects to the sides. The women sat whilst their male property knelt before them facing the stage. The shopkeeper and the glorious Madame Tara beckoned to them at one corner.

"Here, we've ensured you will see all from this position." Marcia thanked them. Madame Tara smiled warmly at him and Marcia had him kiss her feet. As he began to rise she pulled his head into her crutch and sniggered.

"You'll smell that again later my boy and I shall confirm a date tonight for when you may disgrace yourself on my silk." She pulled him up by his leash and eyed him with contempt and impatience, licking her lips. He could see and sense that she was a superbly dominant woman and he yearned to face her having soiled her underwear as she had commanded. The shopkeeper fondled his balls and played with the connecting chain which ran along the seam of his scrotum. She had another chain in the other hand which was about half the length of his. The women laughed as she displayed it to him.

He was made to kneel and face the stage. A woman appeared on the stage, naked except for red corset, and leading a man on a leash who was made to kneel and face the audience. He was also naked except for a white silk shirt much the same as all the males in attendance had been made to wear. They were followed in by two other women dressed in tight white uniforms with white gloves. One carried a case; they looked sneeringly down at the male. The women clapped and cheered as the male bowed his head. His face had a look of utter defeat.

Marcia leaned forward and whispered to her property.

"That is James Fortescue; he was once a very proud, arrogant and chauvinistic male, who had a reputation for abusing women; several of whom are here tonight. He was coaxed into meeting the lady in the red corset for a bet; her name is Ruth Chesterfield. You can see that she is around twenty years his senior, though I think you'll agree she is stunning for her age." He could not disagree; though the woman must have been close to sixty, she was beautiful in every respect-absolutely radiant in her maturity.

"Once the trap was set, he was soon made to see that all men are inferior to women, and soon recognised his submissive side when faced by Ruth's utter dominance. He has been trussed, whipped, caned and humiliated in ways that you have yet to experience, not just by Ruth and her immediate associates, but also by the women he formerly abused. The lady in white on the left with the red hair and glasses is Miss Sonia Peterson; she was virtually raped by Fortescue and will play a special part in tonight's proceedings.I must impress on you that He is here by his own request and she has been invited here by him. Though the idea will have been put into his head by Ruth, who has seen many males attend this venue."

Ruth pulled on his leash and he stood trembling; she curtly slapped his face. The women clapped and cheered this. Ruth smiled and took a key from a pocket in the corset and undid his cage. His cock unfurled and the blood pressure soon had him erect. Ruth placed her palm under it and a woman passed her a riding crop; she brought the flat end down sharply with a crack on the end of his cock. He winced in agony and she smiled with satisfaction as the women applauded.

He was made to lie on the padded bench and a block was placed under his chin forcing him to look forward. A queue of the women he had met initially under entirely different circumstances formed before his eyes. Some winked and smiled to say hello, some just grimaced as they toyed with the rattan canes they had been presented with. Ruth moved into his field of vision.

"James Fortescue, you have come here of your own accord to face permanent modification before your superiors. Once the caning begins there will be no stopping the process. Do you wish to continue?" there was stony silence in the room for the one time only.

"Yes Mistress" he snivelled in the broken voice of a broken man "I want to give my all to you and be free of my own enslavement to my urges." The women cheered and applauded louder than ever. This truly was sublime humiliation. Ruth took her rattan cane and wiped the end in her moist pussy, then placed it under his nose. He sniffed hard at the bouquet, which must have seemed like a vintage wine. She talk two steps back and the women clapped in time. Watching from the side-lines as Marcia toyed with his hair, he envied Fortescue's position; such exquisite humiliation.

The cane came down again and again; each woman was to have seven strokes each; he bucked in agony and cried like a baby as the fierce rattans cut his backside and legs, leaving bloody red lines. Each woman made sure he knew who they were and not one showed an ounce of mercy; each woman made each of their seven strokes tell and the watching women revelled in a deep sense of satisfaction. They ensured their slaves watched avidly, as their Mistresses appetite's for punishment later would be honed sharply.

Fortescue sobbed and dripped tears as the last of the women delivered her punishment with absolute relish. His cock slid to one side from the rounded bench and this was dripping visibly too. Marcia purred into his ear as his cock bulged and pulsed in the cage.

"The best is yet to come; I think you'll enjoy a caning later too, when we have your cage off again." He turned to smile at her; she acknowledged and then forced his head back to watch.

The two women in white coats came over and help Ruth adjust the snivelling Fortescue. They placed his knees on the flat stirrups which raised his bottom, leaving his cock and balls hanging and accessible. One of the women in white placed a pair of black silk knickerbockers under him between his belly and genitals. Marcia turned her slaves head momentarily toward Madame Tara, who stared back at him and licked her lips.

Mirrors were wheeled into position by some of the women to ensure that he might see what was to happen, even though he was to face his mistress and pleasure her. A mirror was held on Ruth's belly by an eager smiling woman. Fortescue was not to miss his own divine gift to the women.

The woman in white with the case stepped forward; she opened it and passed a huge syringe with a menacing needle to Sonia Peterson. Fortescue wept as he lapped at his mistress's bottom- she was to deny him and please herself- and eyed the various mirrors. The women clapped as she deftly held his proud balls.

She moved to one side to ensure he could see, and then smiling, she injected him in six different areas about the top of his scrotum. He jumped at the first, but did not feel the rest. Sonia then placed the needle down and grabbed his willing penis. She knew she had to work fast.

"Now you will come for me under my terms. It will be your last. I want you to remember the first time you came in my presence and of the occasions involving the women that have caned you. Now I shall have my pleasure of you and you will pay the penultimate price in deference to the superiority of womanhood." She stroked him back and forth as once again the women started a sow handclap.

He felt his balls numbing as he moaned in ecstasy and knew he would never experience this beautiful feeling again as he generously spattered the black silk with his cream. The other woman in a white coat, who worked in an asylum and routinely castrated unruly males, deftly took his balls and smiled sweetly at Fortescue's on looking reflection to ensure he had a good view of what was happening.

Her delicate hands displayed a sharp scalpel to him and the audience. She sliced expertly through the sack, eased out each ball and cut the tubes near to his body before tying them. She cut the scrotum to ensure not too much was left flapping and sutured the wound. His balls were handed to Sonia who then showed them to Fortescue. Ruth then pulled his head down to her sex and enjoyed a well-timed orgasm as Sonia displayed the trophy to the applauding women.

There had been little blood and the wound was simple and would heal very quickly; Fortescue had wanted this. He had been a slave to his balls all his life, and Ruth's dominance over him had crushed his egotistical will and he had learned that pleasuring his mistress was the ultimate in life.

Sonia held his balls triumphantly and then presented them to Ruth who put them in a jar which had been made ready. The women clapped and cheered. Another male had been emasculated; this was absolute heaven for them.

Fortescue was allowed down from the bench and knelt before his Mistress and the women who had taken great pleasure in removing his masculinity forever. He was made to thank them in turn and kiss their feet; they smiled contentedly as he did so. Ruth towered dominantly above him, the jar which contained his balls in hand. She stepped to the black silk on the bench and took a large drop of his cream on her finger. She made him lick it off.

"There, that's the last time you shall taste your own cream, but not the last time you'll taste others." The woman laughed and applauded. Ruth would ensure he would now endure continual humiliation. He would be made to watch other males service his mistress and she would delight in having him lick her clean afterwards.

His mind went back to the first time he had performed with Ruth, before he had been tricked into the recognition of his submissiveness. He had serviced her cockily and witnessed another male willingly clean her after; now he was to become that male, and no doubt he would taste the semen of males who would succumb to Ruth and find that the bench and scalpel were to become their ultimate mistresses. Ruth had used Lady Barbara's facilities on many occasions and her enjoyment of 'modifications' increased each time.

Now the shopkeeper would add to his humiliation and the delight of the women. She strode eagerly across to Fortescue on the stage, picking up his discarded cage from near the bench. He was made to watch and face the audience as she let it hang by the chain, then she hung another next to it with a ring upon it with internal spikes; the women clapped and cheered in recognition of it being a good three inches shorter.

"Stand before me" she commanded "No need for a cage anymore, you'll not mess your mistress's sheets again." the women laughed cruelly at him. She attached the short chain to the ring on his plug, which Fortescue was only allowed to remove once a day- every morning, and she clamped shut the hinged ring; the teeth of which bit teasingly into the base of his now limp and useless cock, making him wince a little.

"The pain of those teeth will make up for your lack of anxiety from the balls which you once proudly owned and serve to remind you that you have paid the penultimate price in honour of womanhood."

Though the ultimate may have been seen as the male giving up his life; and this event had been witnessed by the shopkeeper and many of the women in attendance, what Fortescue had suffered was arguably the ultimate. Though some of the more wicked women there had indulged in the deeply gratifying and satisfying pleasure of seeing a male dispatched, the dead do not suffer; emasculation allowed continual spite and humiliation and the owner of the male could witness the general deterioration of the once masculine subject as the removal of testosterone played its sweet tricks.

The shopkeeper laughed in his face as she teasingly played with his limp cock; half an hour before, Fortescue would have had a bone hard erection at this point. He automatically tried to urge the muscles that assisted this process, but nothing happened. He was impotent now and she had wickedly made sure he fully understood his predicament. Ruth smiled softly at him in a way he had not witnessed since they had first met, on that fateful occasion when it had been arranged that he would 'bed the older woman' and had arrived arrogantly at his destiny. Now he had given his manhood to her. He went down on his knees and kissed her feet.

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