tagLesbian SexThe Monopoly Game

The Monopoly Game


"Spring break is supposed to be fun," said Karen. "So what are we doing cooped up in this stupid motel room? We need to go out!"

"Go out where?" Her friend Amy nodded toward the window, where outside a regular monsoon appeared to be in full swing. "Face it, babe, we're stuck right where we are!"

The two college freshmen had headed south in Amy's car only the day before, getting as far as San Augustine on their way to sunny Daytona where they planned to spend the remaining week. But this mini-hurricane had them holed up in a motel tantalizingly close to their final destination, and the delay was driving Karen into a frenzy.

"Look, calm down," said Amy. "We're stuck here for at least the rest of the day, so we might as well make the best of it."

"Doing what?" demanded Karen, a petulant look crossing her pretty face. "There's nothing on TV, and everything appears to be closed!"

"Alright, so it is. I guess that means we'll just have to entertain ourselves until this storm passes." With that statement, Amy reached into the suitcase she'd stowed under her bed, saying triumphantly, "Check it out! Monopoly!"

Karen's response was a groan. "Oh, I hate that game. It's so boring and predictable."

"It doesn't have to be," responded Amy with a smile. "We can always spice it up."

"Spice up Monopoly?" asked Karen. "And just how do you do that?"

"Well, one time back when I was in high school," Amy explained, "a group of us had a sleepover at my house and we came up with a version we called 'strip monopoly' where you divide up all the properties, and everytime you lose one you lose an article of clothing!"

"How dumb," sighed Karen. But at the same time the thought of forcing her mousy little friend to remove all her clothes intrigued her. "OK, I guess since there's nothing better to do I'll give your silly game a go."

Amy smiled again in response. The two girls were friends and dormmates, but had little in common beyond that. Karen was a bouncing blonde beach girl, 5'8" tall, with a dynamite body and flashing smile. Amy, while the same height, was quieter and more studious, with short dark hair and glasses. Also, unbeknownst to Karen, she was a lesbian.

In fact, one of the reasons she had agreed to drive Karen to their spring break destination was the chance to spend some time with this sexy blonde babe she'd had a secret crush on since she first saw her at registration back in August. And several times since then her mouth had watered as she'd watched Karen prancing around the dorm suite in bra and panties. Now fate had brought her together with this object of her desire, and the weather had succeeded in cooping them up together for at least the rest of the day. Amy wasn't going to let an opportunity like this go by her unchallenged.

The game started slowly. Both girls landed on each other's properties, losing money, then getting some back. This might have continued for quite some time, only Amy wasn't prepared to wait that long. She had cheated, sneaking a few extra $500 bills into her hand before the game had even started. The next thing Karen knew, Amy was building hotels while Karen had yet to build so much as a house.

"Where did you get all that cash?" she demanded. "And why am I doing so poorly?"

"I'm just good at this game, I guess," answered Amy. "It takes a lot of planning, and good strategizing, too."

"Huh, some strategy," scowled the pretty blonde. "If I land on just one of those I'll be in serious trouble. You just don't have the proper touch."

And, as if to demonstrate that very fact, Karen's next roll took her to Marvin Gardens, where Amy had just built a hotel."

"Pay up, babe," chortled Amy. "And thank you for checking in at the beautiful Marvin Gardens Hilton!"

"Darn it, I'm going to have to mortgage something," Karen winced. "But don't you worry, I'll get this money back soon enough. I'm not stupid."

Karen ended up having to mortgage two properties to come up with the necessary cash. And she never got it back, either. Two turns later, with her token now on St. James Place, also Amy's, and also with a hotel, Karen found herself removing her t-shirt as she lost a property in payment.

"This is so unfair," Karen pouted. "But don't gloat, bitch. I'm not through yet! My luck will change soon enough!"

Karen's breasts could hardly be contained by the miniscule bra holding them in. Amy couldn't help licking her lips as she watched them trying to break free. She was also amused by Karen's belief that she could still win.

Amy knew better. Soon enough, all of Karen's properties would be gone. Eventually Karen realized this as well, and the hopelessness of her position made her want to end the game early.

"No way," Amy insisted. "We're playing until you're naked. Otherwise you're not riding in my car tomorrow! I don't travel with quitters."

"Oh, come on," retorted Karen. "You can't be serious. I can't win. Why continue?"

"Because that's the rules," said Amy firmly. "And that's what we agreed upon when we started. And because I want to see you nude!"

Karen looked at her friend in undisguised astonishment. "Are you serious?"

Amy stared back at her calmly. "Yes, I am. I want you naked. In front of me. With no clothes on. I want you bare-assed for my viewing pleasure. You got a problem with that?"

Karen stared back in shocked surprise. The look on Amy's face showed that she wasn't kidding. It was a hungry look, almost predatory, as if Amy was the hunter and Karen was the prey she so obviously lusted after. The two young women continued to stare at one another. Karen found her heart beating faster.

"OK, we'll continue," she said in a quiet voice. She would never have said so, but at that moment she found herself extremely turned-on! Never before had she been in this position, as a prize to be won. It was exciting, and having another woman as her pursuer made it somehow both kinky and erotic and highly pleasurable. She looked at Amy with newfound wonder. She asked herself what it would be like to be this woman's possession, and suddenly had a desire for it to come true.

Her next roll landed her on Kentucky Avenue. Another property lost. Off came her bluejeans, with Amy openly licking her lips as Karen's smooth long legs were exposed to view. Karen now showed no hesitation in sensually removing the jeans, giving Amy a show as she seductively pulled them off and then caressed her bare legs for her very appreciative audience. She posed like she was a Playboy centerfold, glancing at Amy through half-closed eyelashes.

Then another roll, and gone was her bra. Karen felt the warmth growing inside her as her tits came spilling out, her hardened nipples now in full view showing clearly that the excitement she felt in baring herself for another woman was very real. Amy gazed intently into Karen's eyes, as the passion in this small motel room grew so thick you could cut if with a knife.

Karen was now down to just a pair of flimsy panties. Her hands, pretending to cover her breasts as she continued to pose seductively, arching her back for full effect. Amy's eyes were devouring the beautiful sight before her.

"What happens after I'm naked?" purred Karen, her blue eyes locked onto Amy's green eyes.

"Then you become my property, and I do whatever I want to with you," answered Amy, steadily meeting her gaze. "Any problem with that?"

"No, none at all," said Karen in a quiet, submissive voice.

Her next roll was again on one of Amy's properties, and this particular game was officially over. But the other, the game of seduction, was just getting good. Karen slowly stood to remove her panties.

"No, let me," said Amy, getting up and walking around behind Karen, then gently resting her hands on the blonde girl's hips.

Karen almost jumped as she felt Amy's touch, so highly charged was this moment of truth. Here she was, about to submit her body to another girl's desires. The incredible eroticism of the moment left her speechless.

Slowly Amy began pulling down Karen's panties, her hands caressing the ass and legs of the pretty blonde as she did so. As she tossed the panties aside Amy continued to stand behind Karen, her arms now reaching around as her hands cupped the girl's naked breasts. Karen moaned.

"I can't tell you how long I've wanted this, Karen," murmured Amy into her ear. "I've wanted this body since the first time I saw you."

She then turned Karen around to face her and the two girls kissed, a long and deep kiss, tongues moving past eachother's lips, interlocking as the two continued their long, passionate embrace. Amy's hands continued to cup and squeeze Karen's lush breasts. Then she bent down and took the right breast in her mouth, sucking and licking it. Amy continued to alternate between kissing Karen's face, neck, and shoulders, and devouring those full breasts. This continued for quite some time.

It was Amy who broke it off. "It's bath time," she declared as she came up for air. "Come with me my pretty slave. Let's get you washed." Both girls walked hand in hand into the bathroom.

As the tub filled with warm water, Karen helped Amy remove her own clothes, both kissing and touching hungrily during this time.

Then it was into the water for a long and luxurious bath. Well, long anyway. Before too much time had passed Amy propped herself up on the edge of the tub and told Karen it was time for her to pleasure her mistress. She then opened her legs and motioned Karen to come closer. Karen shocked herself with how quickly she complied. This was, after all, something totally new to her, sucking on another girl's pussy. But it came almost second nature to her, and within seconds she had Amy writhing in pleasure. Karen's hands roamed freely along the brunette's glistening legs and around to her taut ass, squeezing and fondling the silky skin.

Amy returned the favor soon after, lifting Karen to her feet, then having her bend over at the waist so that she could attack her pussy from behind, licking the pretty blonde's ass cheeks and crack in the process.

Karen was in ecstasy. Never before had another woman given her such pleasure. Never before had ANYBODY done this to her. Amy then turned her around and the two embraced again, Karen sucking and kissing Amy's pert breasts before working her way up along her shoulders, neck, and lips.

With the completion of their bath, the two women dried eachother off, then continued their lovemaking on the bed. Amy found Karen's beautiful body everything she imagined it to be. After several minutes of intense kissing, she pulled Karen up to face her, the two girls sitting side by side on the bed.

"You're still my property, Karen," said Amy, "And there are still a couple of things I want to do to you while you belong to me."

Karen was puzzled, but too turned-on to offer any kind of resistance to her dark-haired captor. She meekly nodded her assent, at which Amy reached into her luggage and pulled out a pair of handcuffs.

"These are for you, my sweet," she said, clicking them on Karen's wrists and onto the bedboard, securing her naked prisoner to the bed.

"First, I'm going to spank that gorgeous ass of yours," she said.

"No, Amy, you can't be serious," said Karen, as Amy grabbed her by the hips and flipped her onto her stomach.

"Oh, yes, my pretty nude slave," answered Amy with an evil-looking smile. "Don't think of this as punishment. Think of it as pleasing your mistress."

With that she proceeded to begin spanking her pretty blonde friend's beautiful rounded ass. Karen cried out, at which Amy responded by gagging her with a handy pair of nylons. The sensual spanking then continued for another couple of minutes.

Despite the initial shock and surprise, Karen found the experience thoroughly enjoyable. She wiggled her ass appreciatively as Amy slapped the gorgeous cheeks the last couple of times. Amy then bent her face down and kissed the now warm and reddened skin of Karen's sexy tush.

"And as long as you're in this position," began Amy, "with your ass up and hand-cuffed to the bed, I now have something else I'd like to try out."

Karen looked back in curiosity, wondering what else this wild woman friend had in store for her. She gulped in shock when she saw Amy remove a large strap-on dildo from her suitcase.

"Hmfggh!" she said in protest, the gag blocking the actual words from coming out.

"Oh, yes," responded Amy. "I'm now going to fuck you in the ass, my beautiful slave."

She quickly rubbed some gel onto the large dildo, then grabbed Karen's shapely ass and maneuvered her into position, on all fours facing the bedstead, her hands still cuffed and her mouth gagged.

"Your body looks so incredible right now, Karen," Amy softly said as she caressed the blonde's ass bent up invitingly. Amy bent down to kiss her ass cheeks one last time before kneeling behind Karen and slowly guiding the huge dildo into her girlfriend's gorgeous behind.

Karen's response was a series of muffled moans as her friend pumped her repeatedly from behind, Amy's hands alternately grabbing and caressing the beautiful butt before her.

Finally it was over. Both women were spent. Amy unlocked the hand-cuffs and removed Karen's gag. They lay next to each other in mutual exhaustion. There were tears in Karen's eyes as she kissed her friend's mouth.

"Thank you, Amy," she whispered. "I've never experienced such pleasure as I have tonight. I never realized I had this submissive side, or that making love with another woman could be so incredibly fulfilling."

They continued their embrace, their arms and legs entwined, kissing and caressing each other's breasts, and then still in a passionate embrace, fell asleep. The rain outside continued to fall, but it was no more a cause of concern to these two college girls, both enjoying their best spring break ever.

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