tagLesbian SexThe Morning After

The Morning After


For awhile I just lay half-awake, with no awareness except pure sensory relaxation. I coast along the sea of waking, slowly emerging back into the real world. I feel warmth, and then I become aware of the sound of a fan. I sigh mentally as I tip the first hill of the inevitable rollercoaster that is a hangover -- yep, ouch, there's the blasting headache. It makes me wish I could have stayed back in the depths for at least another two days.

Then my tongue suddenly pops into my awareness when it moves, and I realize that it's really sore and tired. I move my face, and realize that my skin is a strange kind of dry sticky. I breathe in, and a deep, faint, musky aroma floats into my perceptions. I move my fingers, and find that my arm muscles are all sore, and my fingers are that same kind of dry sticky. Most of all, I feel a deep, blanketing, body-filling satisfaction and relief of some kind of powerful formerly pent-up pressure.

Random flitting sense-memories fill in the picture before I even turn over. The warmth I felt is more localized now, on my leg. Turning over gently to avoid angering my headache, through my unkempt long brown hair, I spy another leg lying across mine. Oh great, Angela, you've done it again. You got unbelievably blitzed and had another one night stand with some random frat guy. Why do you always do this to yourself? Tara's going to be pissed again.

I never really thought about why Tara, my best friend of eight years and former college roommate, always got pissed when I brought home some random guy. I just figured she cared about my health, or self¬-respect. I suppose I should have given it more thought, because I might not be so shocked now to find, instead of some random guy, in bed with me... Tara!

Her bright blonde hair, messy with dried sweat, covers her face, but I know it's her. She lies with her face buried in the other pillow on my bed, as if she just collapsed there at some point last night. My heart races painfully with shock. My eyes trace her bare back down to the blanket wrapped around her waist. I don't quite see her with new eyes, but I definitely feel myself noticing how attractive her smooth skin is. I swallow heavily, the dryness in my throat passing for a brief moment. A slight unfamiliar taste fills my mouth, and that musky smell fills my breath, and both are definitely sexual. I don't really want to think it out loud, but it's pretty obvious to me what happened last night.

Or is it? I almost leap out of the bed in surprise when I look a little further over Tara and realize there's a third girl in the bed. Ok, I think to myself, you're straight, Angela, don't worry, this is all some sort of crazy embarrassing confused mess. You've never even thought about being with a girl before!... well, maybe you have, but still...!

I slap myself on the forehead mentally as a few more random images come back to me. The girl at the bar! Of course! The third girl in the bed is... what was her name? A leering image of her stunning breasts wrapped tightly in a revealing shirt hits me... wow, Angela, what has gotten into you?... She had perfectly done wispy platinum hair, not natural blonde like Tara's... that's it! Erin! That's her name! I'm a genius! And Erin came up to us, offered to buy us both drinks, and she was so flirtatious and friendly, and crazy gorgeous, and then there was dancing, and a long string of different drinks in my hand, and...

Tara and I had sex with her.

Jesus christ.

A general outline of the night comes back to me. Tara and I didn't do anything at all with each other. I can't remember exactly, but I know both of our attentions were focused on Erin. I find myself relieved and yet... secretly, slightly, strangely... disappointed. I shake off the feeling for the moment. How the hell did Erin seduce both of us? I'm straight, Tara's straight... I wince against the pain in my head as I struggle to move slightly higher and see more of Erin.

Oh, that's why. The girl's stunning body could literally have leapt off of the pages of some lurid sex magazine. She lies on her back, blissfully asleep, no blankets covering her whatsoever. I could never have the courage to sleep so exposed. Her feet are next to Tara's head, and I get a full view along the girl's tan, smooth skin and utterly perfect body. My eyes touch on the bottoms of her round tits, then travel along her shapely legs and linger for a moment on her sex, which I find stunningly... attractive.

I lick my lips, tasting the flavor left on them, and I realize that -- wow -- I licked this gorgeous girl there... I licked those perfect folds, hanging there attractively... I slid my tongue into another girl last night! Oh my god! I can actually still feel, on my cheeks, how it felt to have her sex pressed against my face, bucking against my tongue as I licked rhythmically for as long as it took to make her... orgasm. I made another girl orgasm last night with my mouth...! Wow... ok, Angela, you've really done it this time...

Somehow, the word 'lesbian' doesn't occur to me, at least not as a problem or label. My initial shock has passed, and I actually don't feel too bad, other than the hangover-spike in my brain. I go over what sensations I can remember in my head, deciding to relish the excitement now and worry about it later. Damn... out of context, I'd say I feel pretty damn sexy. I feel the story settling in as part of me, that my best friend and I got picked up by and had sex with the most gorgeous girl I've ever seen. I've... had a lesbian threesome! I feel a little like a freak, in a good way! I only wish I could remember more than random sensations. It's kind of unfair, to have this once in a lifetime crazy experience and not really remember it. Then again, it's not like I'm going to tell anyone...

I slide out of the bed softly so as not to wake them, and grab a blanket off of the floor. I step gently across piles of discarded clothing and head straight for the bathroom, downing four painkillers and a glass of water before I keel over. I sit down on the closed toilet, naked but wrapped in the blanket, and, for a few moments, fight the feeling that I just got hit by a truck in every way possible. Is my whole life supposed to be different now? Isn't that how these things work in those overblown lesbian stories on TV? I don't feel any different. I'm not feeling any particular sublime awakening. I feel my damp crotch with my hand. I can't quite wrap my head around the fact that I had sex with somebody who had the same organs as me, but I'm definitely still me.

"Hey," I hear Tara say softly from the bathroom door.

I jump and pull my hand away under the blanket. I hope she didn't notice me touching myself. A brief pause in my thoughts makes me realize just how silly that embarrassment is, after last night's... events. I look over at her, tracing her disheveled blonde locks that spill down the sheet wrapped around her. I'm only a tiny bit surprised to find myself attracted to the shape of her body underneath the sheet. Is this what guys feel? A kind of daring hope to see what's hidden?

She closes the door silently, and shuffles over to sit on the edge of the tub, close to me. Her blue eyes meet my gaze with apprehension. She sits up nervously, wrapping the sheet a little tighter around her. I bite my lip, briefly incredibly nervous, until her lips suddenly crack a restrained smile. I rush my hand to my mouth to cover my spontaneous laughter, the result of a rush of sudden relief. She laughs too, her eyes locked on mine, trying hard to suppress the noise.

"Holy shit, Angela!" she whispers, sharing my sheepish embarrassment.

"I know!" I practically scream in hushed tones, enormously glad that this isn't weird at all between us. I find that my gaze keeps lingering on her lips, or her strangely catching eyes.

"How do we get her OUT OF HERE?" she whispers worriedly, referring to the gorgeous blonde sleeping in my bed in the next room. I hardly expected that to be her first question, but it suddenly seems very relevant and perplexing.

"I don't know!" I whisper back. "What the hell happened last night? How did this happen? How did she get us into bed?! I don't even remember how we got back to my apartment!"

"Well, I kind of drove us," Tara admits quietly.

"You drove drunk?" I ask, wide-eyed, more shocked and worried at her driving drunk than the fact that my best friend and I, together, just had sex with a girl for the first time. She looks around evasively.

"Not exactly," she replies slowly.

I just look at her for a moment, confused, but unable to really think clearly. My pounding head spins a little bit, and I realize that dealing with Erin will probably be incredibly awkward. Yeah, she's mind-blowingly gorgeous, but, still... what do either of us say to her? Thanks for the crazy drunk lesbian threesome sex, but we're straight, now get the hell out? I grimace widely, wishing Erin would just get up and leave while we hide in the bathroom.

"Come on, let's just get this over with," Tara says, and then sighs. "Ready?"

I laugh quietly. My pounding head punishes me for laughing, but I can't help it. This situation is absolutely insane. I never imagined I'd find myself doing anything like this at all. I touch her hand briefly to steady my spinning head, and she smiles.

"No, I'm not really ready," I reply. "But let's do it anyway."

She stands, and I get up and follow her. She opens the door, and we shuffle like fragile hospital patients back into the bedroom. To my surprise, Erin is awake, already wearing her pink panties, and walking around looking for her clothes. Her round, gorgeous breasts sway as she walks, and her flat, toned tummy catches my eye. Again, Angela, I think to myself, what has gotten into you?

"Hey you two," Erin says, smiling. "How'd you like last night?"

"It was... pretty damn amazing," Tara says sincerely, and I look at her in surprise. "But, ah... we're..."

"Straight?" Erin asks. "Honey, me too. Don't worry about it. I've got to run, hope you two don't mind."

She finally dons her shirt, and I find myself a little disappointed as her perfect breasts disappear beneath it. After tugging her tight jeans on, she gathers her things and heads for the door.

"You two have fun," she says suggestively, and winks, before letting herself out. Tara and I just stand there, surprised, watching the closed front door. A few long moments of silence pass, until I finally speak.

"Wow," is all I can say.

"Yeah," my best friend replies, looking at me. She looks like she's about to say something, but, suddenly, the door pops open again, and Erin pops her head in. Somehow, amazingly, she has fixed her hair back into near perfection in the two seconds she was gone. Figures, with a girl like that. I wonder how many guys she has slept with and run out on in the morning, like she's doing to us now. I'll probably never know.

"You know, silly me, I suppose," Erin says, looking at Tara. "I have no idea where we are. Can you drive me home?"

"Um, yeah," Tara replies in momentary confusion. "Yeah, I'll be right out."

"Okay, thanks!" Erin says cheerily, and closes the door. Tara starts wandering the room, looking for her clothes and keys, and slowly starts to dress. I watch her, catching a glimpse of her perky tits when she drops the sheet to put on her bra. When I look up, she is looking right at me watching her, but she doesn't seem awkward or bothered at all. She just... watches me, watching her.

Finally dressed, she fixes her hair and heads for the door. Neither of us have spoken a word since she started getting dressed, but I feel definite tension to say something rising as she gets closer to actually leaving. I can see her growing more nervous, too. Finally, she reaches the door, but she doesn't open it. She just stands there, her back to me, frozen.

"Tara," I suddenly say, surprised that I'm speaking first. "You weren't drunk last night, were you?"

She doesn't respond at all. She just turns around and looks at me, an unbelievable worry in her pretty blue eyes. She looks like she's about to cry. I wonder briefly what might be going on with her, but it occurs to me that the first thing she thought to do when we woke up was get rid of Erin. Whatever happened last night, it wasn't about that girl, no matter how gorgeous she was.

"You didn't really want her last night, did you?" I ask, stepping closer to her, keenly aware of my nude body under my tightly held blanket, and afraid to hear the answer to my next question, because of what it might mean. "That's how this happened. You helped it happen, you bought me so many drinks, you suggested to Erin that we come back here. Did I pass out before we got to the... part you really wanted?"

Tara's pretty blue eyes grow misty, and I see a tear starting to form in each eye. She bites her lip. Last night starts to make perfect sense. In fact, our growing and deepening bond over the last few years makes this not nearly the dramatic situation it might have been. I'm not freaked out. I'm not madly in love, but I'm not disgusted, either. I'm just... interested. Pleasantly, excitedly... interested. I'm still straight, she's still straight, we're both just... interested... in seeing where this friendship and bond might go.

She seriously looks like she's about to have a break down. Come on, Angela, I tell myself, pull on that inner freak you felt earlier! Do something to make this okay! My heart pounds quickly in my chest, but I somehow manage to pull on that sexiness I felt earlier and move forward.

I take her free hand. While she just watches me, I slide her hand under my blanket and down my tummy. She didn't get to touch me last night like she wanted... I want her to know I'm in this, too. I want her to know I'm still her best friend and this is just one more thing we're going to try together. My eyes flutter compulsively and my body tenses as her finger enters me. Her touch feels soft, tender, and very different. It feels far more intense than the scattered sense memories I have of last night. Wow...

I lean forward and kiss her quickly on the lips, hitting home the real impact of what we are considering exploring with each other. When I pull away, her pretty blue eyes watch me in shock and excitement. I see her hand curl, the rest of her hand feeling the finger that was just inside me as if in disbelief.

"Okay, go drop off Erin," I tell her breathlessly. "And get the hell back here quick, okay?"

She nods, and I lean forward slightly, and then she leans forward slightly, but I move back, confused. We laugh nervously, and, finally, kiss on the lips briefly again. My heart begins to pound even faster, but it's not nervousness anymore.

"Ok," she says, excited, obviously dazed. "Ok... rush back here... right."

She gives me an excited 'wow! I can't believe this!' look, and slips out the door. I close the door, lock it, and lean my back against it, waiting, reeling, breathless, and in shock from the overwhelming anticipation. Sense memories from last night dance across my fingers and tongue and cheeks and breasts, and I can't wait to feel the real thing, especially with her, my best friend, someone experiencing all these new things with me. Sharp excitement makes my heart feel like it's going to explode, but I know I want this. I wouldn't have believed it if I had been told even just yesterday, but, when Tara gets back... I want to have sex with her! I watch the clock, knowing that time could not possibly pass quickly enough.

Wow, what do I do now? The question keeps swirling in my thoughts. Tara will be back in an hour or so, which seems like an eternity. I wander my apartment, fixing the mussed up bed, cleaning random things, and thinking about the events of last night. I keep closing my eyes and reliving the sensations as they wash over me. I can almost still feel Erin's soft wetness pressed against my mouth and chin, and I can still vaguely taste her and smell her all over my hands. I'm no longer in shock about what happened; instead, I'm excited and terrified about what I will do when Tara gets back. Will she still want to... do what we promised?

What if she doesn't want to do it still? Or worse... what if she does?! What do girls even do with each other... sexually? Angela, think! You did it last night while drunk! Or did you? You can't remember if you were any good! You were completely smashed! What if you just spent most of your time on the sidelines and Tara was the one who got her off? Wow, wait... the thought's never occurred to me before. What if Tara has had s-... what if Tara has done things with girls before? And if I can't even think the word 'sex' right now...

I really want things to go well with her. I don't want to screw it up or disappoint her. I can't be sure how long she's been attracted to me, or even if she consciously knew about it before last night, but I desperately want to keep our deep friendship. In a way, I'm attracted to her, too. I love her personality. After last night, I find myself thinking about her body, too... but what will I do with it when I... have it? I'm so overwhelmed. I need to clear my head!

I head to the shower and drop the blanket I've been hauling around without thinking about it. I climb in, turn on the water, and sit. Ok, Angela, just relax, I tell myself. I listen to the warm water falling on my tummy and legs, as I lean against the back of the tub. I love sitting in the shower. It's always been the place I go to when I really need to get away for a few minutes. I start to think about what will happen when Tara gets home.

Ok, I think the first thing I need to do is to get turned on. Whatever I'll need to do, it'll be less scary and easier if I'm really turned on. Hah, I've done some pretty crazy things while horny, now that I think about it, though this might still top the list. Keeping my eyes closed, and feeling the water run over me, I try to think of something stimulating. I think of my last boyfriend, but that just makes me feel bad. I think of a hot guy I saw in a magazine once, that I always fantasize about, but my nervousness kills my vibe.

It occurs to me that there might not be as much pressure as I thought. Tara's my best friend, after all. She wouldn't possibly give up on me that quick, right? I start to think about her naked body, and the parts of her I saw this morning in passing, and her smile. Taking from what I remember of last night, I try to imagine what it might feel like to kiss her body, especially her tummy. I think about kissing her on the lips just before she left this morning, and her finger inside me. Pretty soon, that familiar warmth and excitation stirs inside me.

I slide my hand down and into me, pretending that it's her finger. With my eyes still closed, I imagine her pressed against me, feeling me inside. My thoughts jump around to various areas of her body, until I finally get to the one idea I've been avoiding mentally. Kissing and fingering is less intense, less personal, than what I know I will have to do. I slowly creep up on the idea, toy momentarily with the sensations, and imagine what she might look like down there... the one area I didn't get to see... and I drift onto an ocean of pleasure, under the gentle rain of the shower, until it really hits me. I'm going to have to lick my best friend's pussy!

I almost orgasm when I think that phrase. Angela, I tell myself, calm down. You can't orgasm now and lose the horniness and blow the whole thing! I squirm and fight to stop myself, and it takes all of my energy to keep my hand off of myself even as my insides pulse gently in disappointment at my almost-orgasm. I fight not to think about the idea, but I can't help it. I keep envisioning what Tara's sex might look like, what it might taste like, what it might feel like on my tongue. In an even deeper manner, I imagine what it would feel like to her when I lick her there, and the insane thought occurs to me that I can actually imagine it pretty well because I'm a girl, too! I twist my legs and push against the side of the shower to force my body to drop the pleasure down a little, afraid that I'll orgasm purely from the erotic idea alone. After all, I have pretty powerful sense memories of pleasuring a girl last night, sense memories that, although they weren't Tara, definitely keep intruding on my thoughts.

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