tagIncest/TabooThe Morrisons Ch. 05

The Morrisons Ch. 05


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Each chapter of this story builds on the previous chapter and lays the groundwork for future chapters. If this is the first chapter of The Morrisons you've encountered then I suggest you go back and read the previous chapters first so you will understand the characters actions in this chapter.

All four members of the Morrison family share many private moments and seal their love for each other. Terri confidently interviews potential house cleaning staff while some of the existing staff gets to know each other better. Marion is satisfied beyond her wildest dreams.
Sounds interesting? ...... Then enjoy this chapter!

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For the record: All characters in this story are legal aged!
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Chapter 5

When the alarm when off the next morning I looked at the clock through half open eye lids and cussed silently because there weren't more hours to the night time. I had an intermittent buzzing in my head and then it dawned on me that I had to shut the alarm off to make it stop. I rolled over in bed and my morning wood slapped down on the sheet and at that point I found out my cock was sore from all the activity it had been up to lately.

With a smile on my face I remember Terri taking advantage of me the second I stepped into the shower with three of those sex crazed females. They didn't even wait until we got to the bedroom to attack me. Jenna and Terri were on their knees in the shower one of them had my balls in her mouth while the other swallowed my cock. I vaguely remember Kim laughing hysterically saying something like, "You're gonna pay now daaaaddy!" I know we held a few moments of negotiations which ended up with everyone in agreement we should halt any further actions until we were in bed.

If I remember right all three of those wild fillies took a turn riding my cock while one or the other took turns trying to smother me when my tongue couldn't move fast enough across their clit to please them. It was almost like a terrible nightmare come true. But here I am, it's morning, the sun is coming up and I don't see any grass above my head so I must still be alive and I guess I better get moving.

I kissed Kim on the cheek saying, "Good morning love, I'm still here despite your combined efforts to kill me last night."

Kim rolled over and embraced me and kissed me several times before she said, "Good morning cowboy you sure did try to impress us with your skills last night. I'm surprised you woke up on time and I'm more surprised to see you even moving. I guess you really are a stud." Kim finished saying with an uncontrolled giggle.

Kim reached down and gently took my hard cock in her hand and I cautioned her, "Hey take it easy on that thing this morning, he needs a chance to re-coup."

Kim smiled saying, "Ok honey I won't demand my turn this morning but you may have to pay dearly later."

Kim threw the sheet back and rolled out of bed on her side saying, "Time to get moving, we have places to go, people to see and things to do."

I smiled at Kim as I rolled out of bed behind her saying, "Hummmm, I find it very interesting that you would come up with that cliché this morning."

We did our morning routine in the bathroom then I left Kim behind and headed down to the kitchen with the vision of a hot cup of coffee setting in front of me. I was not disappointed when I started down the stairs that wonderful aroma of fresh brewed coffee filled my nostrils and made my mouth water. As I rounded the corner into the kitchen I was greeted with a squeal just before my body was attacked by a flying Terri. At the last second my arms automatically shot forward and wrapped around Terri's naked body but I really didn't have to do that because Terri wrapped not only her arms but her legs around me and she wasn't going anywhere. She leaned in and kissed me passionately before she released her grip and slid down my body until her feet were back on the floor. Terri hugged me close and said, "I love you daddy!"

I was overwhelmed and had to look away quickly and blink back the tear in my eyes before Terri saw it. In my best John Wayne voice I said, "Well missy, I don't say this to many women but I love you too!"

Terri giggled saying, "You're a nut dad!"

She stepped away from me saying, "Sit down, I'll have your coffee for you in a second."

I sat down and marveled as the young naked lady before my eyes moved gracefully around the kitchen. Her personality was warm and loving and so outgoing. She appreciated what others did for her and expressed her true feelings with so much bubbly enthusiasm.

I was enjoying my coffee when Kim walked into the kitchen and I watched as Terri flew across the kitchen towards Kim with a similar squeal I'd heard just a few minutes before. The only difference is Terri didn't propel herself through the air like she did with me but her hugging Kim looked just as strong. Terri kissed Kim then leaned back to look Kim in her eyes before saying, "I love you mom!"

Kim pulled Terri back into her body and hugged her as she started to cry. I stood up and pulled a couple of tissues out of the box and handed them to Kim who passed one to Terri. Both of them finished drying their eyes and Kim said with a broad smile, "Terri I am proud to claim you as my daughter but you've got to stop making me cry just before I go to work. It screws up my makeup."

Both of them started laughing and Terri said, "I'll try but I'm not promising anything."

Kim sat down beside me and asked, "Dan what are we ever going to do with that girl? She seems to have the magic solution to spark our emotions."

I sat in my chair sipping my coffee thinking about all the events of the last week and how much our lives had changed for the better. Kim broke my concentration when she sat down beside me and said, "I think we should talk about having a party soon, I feel like celebrating."

I told her a party sounded great and she should think up a theme and we can start the plans. Terri was finishing up our breakfast when she suggested, "How about a toga party?"

Kim looked at me and I just shrugged my shoulders saying, "That would be interesting. Do we set any rules for the style or material of the toga and who would we invite to the party."

Kim said, "Wait until Jenna gets down here and the three of us will come up with all the arrangements."

"What do we need Jenna for?" a familiar voice said from the living room.

Jenna came around the corner into the kitchen as Terri was setting our plates in front of us. When her hands were free she stepped over to Jenna and hugged her as she had done to Kim and me. Terri told Jenna she loved her and Jenna returned the sediment with just as much enthusiasm.

Jenna sat down and Terri brought her a cup of coffee and asked if she wanted something to eat. Jenna looked at our plates then said, "Sure, I'll have the same thing they're having."

A few minutes later Terri set Jenna's breakfast in front of her and set a plate down for herself. We enjoyed some family conversation before Terri asked Jenna, "What do you think of having a toga party?"

Jenna asked, "Is that what all of you were talking about before I came into the kitchen?"

Kim smiled and said, "Yes honey, we figured the three of us girls could get together and plan the party and make up a guest list."

All too soon it was time for Kim and I to leave so I stood up and said, "It's that time again honey, we need to get going so we can beat the traffic."

Jenna wiped her mouth and stood up saying, "I'm going to get going to so I can talk to Lisa and see if she knows some other people to bring with her this Saturday when she comes over."

Terri stood by the door leading out to the garage and one by one she hugged and kissed each of us then bid each of us to have a great day at work.

Terri cleaned up the kitchen then went up and straightened out the master bedroom and bath then she stopped by Jenna's room and picked up the laundry before heading downstairs.

After depositing all the dirty clothes and towels in the laundry room she filled the washer and turned it on. She heard voices so she walked back into the kitchen and realized the voices were those of Tony, Patty, Barbie and Beth. Terri walked out on the deck over to the railing she said, "Well good morning. You're here early enough."

Patty said, "Dan set up the accounts for us in all the places we pick up supplies so we ordered what we needed and by tomorrow we will have a lot of wonderful colors in this garden with more flowers ready to spring up when these start to die off. There will be perpetual colors in this garden so the Morrisons and their guests will be able to enjoy them. Some of the other gardens will be split between greens and flowers."

As all of them talked about a little bit of everything, Terri was fascinated as she watched Patty's and Beth's tits swing and move while they were bent over and working. She knew her small tits hardly moved unless she was bouncing up and down on Dan's cock. Terri watched Tony's cock swing as he worked and wondered how that one would feel inside her pussy. Finally Terri remembered she had an appointment coming at ten o'clock and she said, "Just so all of you know, I will be doing an interview with six people for the house cleaning position. I will have them all sign statements shortly after they arrive so you won't have anything to worry about. Also I will likely bring them out here on the deck since they will have to clean this area too."

Tony asked, "How are the Morrisons coming along with the security gate?"

Terri said, "Dan approved the plans and signed the contract with Ted the other night. Ted is supposed to have his crew start working down by the road maybe as early as today. They have to do some cement work for the footing or something like that then to speed things up Dan and Kim are having Ted install prefab pillars so he can hang the gate a lot sooner. They didn't give us a timeline yet but Ted's wife, Marion, is going to be putting up the monitors and wiring them while Ted is busy installing the pillars."

Tony stopped working and asked, "Are you saying Ted's wife is going to be working here too?"

Terri said, "Yes she is, Ted brought her out here the other night when he came to get the contract signed. She was only a little timid being nude the other night so I think everything will be fine by the time she comes here to install the monitors. I'm sure all of you will get to meet her, she's a very nice lady."

Tony said, "This is becoming a family oriented business out here."

Terri smiled and said, "Tony that statement is truer than you know. Actually the people who are coming for the interview are related as well. Two of them are father and daughter."

Beth looked up from what she was doing and said, "I'll be damned. Do they know they will be working together naked?"

Terri smiled and said, "Yesterday when they were here they signed a confidentiality statement for me and then I explained the position to three out of the six people. When I got to the nudity part, the father hedged a little bit but his daughter reminded him he had seen her in bra and panties and sometimes only in thong panties which we know, doesn't hide much. She reasoned with him that he's seen almost everything she has so being nude wouldn't be a big step."

All of them laughed and Barbie said, "Nope thongs don't cover much and if you get the right kind, they barely cover anything."

Beth piped up and said, "I remember teasing Tony when Barbie and I used to let him see us in our bra and panties. He used to get a boner right away and we'd go back to our room and leave him to suffer. But now that I see what he's packing down there, I won't tease him again. He can have me anytime he and Patty want to play."

Terri looked and saw Tony's cock was rising to the occasion so she added, "I'll say, he has a very nice package swinging down there. But right now I think it's more pointing, than it is swinging." Terri finished talking then she giggled.

Everyone looked at Tony's cock and Patty said, "Don't worry dear, you need to get a little sun on that thing and then I'll take care of it for you."

Terri said, "I have to go and get some forms ready for my interview. Like I told you before, I'll have them all sign confidentiality statements before we come out here so you won't have to worry about them seeing you."

Tony said with a hearty laugh, "Thanks, we'll look forward to meeting the new meat when you bring them out here."

Terri reminded him, "You mean prospective new meat. This is only an interview and I'll be holding more tomorrow as well."

Terri turned and walked back into the house and went to the computer and fired it up so she could print the form for additional employees could list their names, addresses and phone number. She also printed out a list of the house cleaning duties.

Terri looked at the clock and decided she had plenty of time to go up to her bathroom to take a shower before it was time to do the interview. Terri took her time showering making sure all her parts were squeaky clean with her new fragrant body wash. When she finished she stepped out of the shower and dried herself off then blow dried her hair and styled it. She applied minimal make up but just enough to accent her great blue eyes. Finishing touches included a little lip gloss to make her lips shine and stand out. Terri stopped by her full sized mirror and turned this way and that way making sure her body looked the best it possibly could. Leaving her room she walked down stairs and went towards the deck with the intention of watching Tony, Patty, Barbie and Beth work in the garden until the applicants arrived.

Terri had made up her mind yesterday that she wasn't going to bother with clothes during the interviews. She reasoned with herself if someone was offended by her nudity up front, then they probably won't be interested in working nude. Yesterday Terri also learned that her pussy got soaking wet when she allowed others to see her completely naked. Although the feelings in her pussy had been strange to her yesterday she now wanted to experience the same thing again today.

Terri had just stepped out on the deck when the door bell rang so she turned around and went to answer the door. The door bell sounded a second time by the time Terri reached the door so without hesitation Terri turned the handle and swung the door open and was totally surprised to see Marion Johnson standing on the porch with her dress over her arm but otherwise completely naked with a huge smile on her face. Terri was stunned for a moment and then finally said, "Good morning Marion, please come in."

Marion stepped into the house and started talking nervously, "I was sitting at home and I didn't have anything to do so I thought I would come out here and visit you and get used to being with another nude female before anyone else saw me nude. I hope you don't mind."

Terri smiled and said, "Please come into the kitchen with me. Would you like a cup of coffee or something?"

Marion followed Terri into the kitchen and Terri said, "Please get a couple of towels out of that cupboard for the chairs and what type of coffee would you like? I have Breakfast Blend, Donut House and I even have some hot cocoa for the Keurig coffee maker."

Marion looked over her shoulder and said, "I'll have whatever you are having."

Terri made two cups of coffee then brought them over to the breakfast counter and set the cups down before going to the refrigerator to get the cream. Terri picked up a package of cookies and arranged some on a plate before setting them on the counter. Terri had just sat down to talk to Marion when Barbie and Beth came to the sliding glass doors and said, "Terri we have to use the bathroom."

Marion's head snapped around and looked toward the direction of the voices immediately covering her tits with her arm and staring at both naked girls.

Terri smiled and said, "You know where the bathroom is, none of you have to ask to use it just come in."

Terri looked at Marion as she watched both girls walk past her towards the bathroom before saying, "They are part of the gardening crew who are working in the garden right by the deck."

Marion said, "I thought you would be alone today. I better get going."

Terri quickly said, "Marion, they are working here just like you'll be working here. You are going to see all four of them naked sooner or later. There is a husband and wife and those two are the husband's sisters. So you can see if they aren't bothered by being nude in front of each other, then you shouldn't be either. Come on let's walk out on the deck and I'll introduce you to Tony and Patty, you might even know them already."

Marion gave Terri a nervous smile and said, "Ok I trust you, let's go meet them. Do you have any more surprises for me today?"

Terri smiled and said, "Well to be perfectly honest, I do have some people coming to interview for the house cleaning position in a little while. But you don't have anything to worry about because I'm going to introduce you to this great young couple and you've already seen Tony's sisters."

Terri and Marion were walking across the deck when Marion asked, "Terri why didn't you say something when you invited me in?"

"Marion, please don't be angry with me, I understand what you are going through. Only a week ago I was wearing clothes, well most of the time, just like everyone else. When I came here for my interview Dan and Kim Morrison made it clear to me they are looking for a nudist to fill their housekeeper position. So you see within a week I've become a nudist and very happy to be one too. Yesterday I had to put clothes on to go car shopping with Dan and Kim and I realized how restrictive they are. I was glad to get home so I could be nude again." Terri said.

When they reached the railing Terri got Tony's attention and said, "Tony, Patty I'd like to introduce you to Marion Johnson who will be setting up the monitors for the security gate."

Both Tony and Patty stopped working and walked up on the deck and shook hands with Marion. Then Patty said, "I guess you saw Barbie and Beth already when they came into the house to use the bathroom."

Marion said, "We weren't officially introduced but yes, I saw them. I'm glad to make your acquaintance, I think."

Patty started giggling the she said, "Marion you must be as new to this as we are. There's nothing to worry about, we all look the same after we take our clothes off."

Patty saw Marion's eyes dart down to Tony's cock then added, "Well most of us look the same when we don't have any clothes on. Don't worry he's outnumbered and beside I have a leash on this one even though that thing down there doesn't know it sometimes."

All three women started laughing and they heard, "What's so funny?"

Patty saw Tony's sisters coming back from the bathroom so she said, "I told Marion I have a leash on Tony, however his cock doesn't know it sometimes."

Tony said, "Marion I'd like to introduce my sister Barbie and Beth to you. Girls this is Marion Johnson."

Terri said, "Marion if you don't want to be in the house when I do the interview you can sit out here at the table with this crew or you can enjoy the pool and hot tub. Or to add the icing on the cake, you can enjoy all three of the choices."

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