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The Most Beautiful Penis


I have received wonderful emails from so many people, I want to thank you all. What I hope I've done is bring to the forefront the pleasure of introducing another male lover into your marriage. I have done this under considerable angst, being called a slut and a whore. If I was a man and was able to sleep with two women, I'd be a hero. I have a wonderful husband who enjoys the experience of watching me have sex with another man, and I deserve only hatred.

Surprisingly, many of you asked me how to introduce your own wife to the concept. How to have that other man and enjoy the joys of watching your wife have sex. Let's face it, a woman at her sexual peak is the sexiest image alive. For my husband, it's watching me panting and exhausting after a wonderful time with another, laying back, exhausted, flush red skin across my breasts from a wonderful orgasm, knees propped in the air, my nipples still perky. The rush of the excitement is that wonderful little space between my legs. Because while the rush of my orgasm is everywhere, from the flush of my chest to my panting breath, the evidence of his orgasm is there, too, neatly tucked away swimming little angels deep in my belly. It may not look different at first, but get closer, and you will see the beauty, the gently parted lips, the scent of having been had, the unmistakable odor that occurs when a man leaves his semen in a woman. This is evidence of my sexuality, having brought this complete stranger to share his orgasm with me, to have the evidence of our liason in my tummy. And then what?

After my lover has left, I will usually push a pillow under my bum to keep the semen from leaking out. If my husband is in the room, or waiting for me, or looking through the window, he will approach, cautiously, thinking I'm sleeping, and usually sporting an extremely proud erection. What becomes then? I like to stroke my breasts and wiggle my bottom. I will part my legs and run a finger over my clitoris, perhaps dipping it in the hole and licking the semen from my fingers. That's usually the hint that I want my husband to go down on me. And I part my thighs for him and let him smell my lover's semen, and I feel his nose gently prod my lips open, and feel his tongue enter me. Having him go down on me after I've been had is just extremely sensual to us both—the ultimate in sharing. I will usually have another orgasm just by him licking me.

I am extremely choosey who I sleep with. The most fun is in the Islands, where there is a never ending display of large black penises attached to young virile islanders, waving it in front of the white women on the beach. And so it was on the beach on the French side of St. Maarten, when my husband was deep sea fishing for the day. I wanted out, to get some sun, and told him I might be a bad girl while he was away. And at five, the sun started to set. I was topless, laying across the sand and staring at the ocean, and the beach started to empty out. I saw him splashing along the shoreline, his large white teeth grinning at me as he swam to shore. He was naked, and we were alone on the beach, and he changed linens in the hotel we were staying. I recognized him. He was cute, maybe nineteen, and had a tall dark body, very thin and muscular, and was only wearing a piece of leather around his wrist and neck, a gift from his girlfriend. He laid on the beach next to me and we made small talk, and he asked me how vacation was. I knew he was staring at my body, but that was okay, because I was staring at his.

He laid back, and covered his eyes with a crocked forearm to block the sun. I was able to admire. He was dark brown. The bottom of his feet were pink, matching his wide lips. His nipples were brown and pointed from the chill of the water. His testicles were firm from the breeze, surrounded in a patch of wirey black pubic hair, and his penis was beautiful—perhaps the most beautiful penis I had ever seen. It was smooth and brown, and the head was pink. After chatting, we laid there, together. Was he interested in me? He wasn't moving on me, though that could be because I stayed where he worked. He wasn't getting an erection. So I laid down next to him, and we enjoyed the sunset. What now?

I casually flopped over after a period of silence and let my hand fall on his thigh. He winced but kept his forearm over his eyes. Maybe this was the reason he was here? I crept my hands over to his testicles. They felt very cool, and were moving in my hand. They were actually very large, a handful so to speak, and I felt the balls on each side of his scrotum. The pubic hair was short and wirey. He squirmed and I saw his penis start to straighten. It was growing along the length of his belly, pointed straight up, a beautiful brown. The head was pink and proud, and my friend opened his eyes nervously to see if anyone else was on the beach.


"It's okay," I whispered, giving his balls a slight squeeze.

"You're husband!"

"Shhh" I said, holding a finger to my lips. I pushed him back down, and held his penis in my hand. I just wanted to admire it, the colors were so beautiful. I wanted to masturbate him. It would last longer. A blow job would be too quick. I laid next to him, gently holding his penis in my hand, moving my hand up and down, watching it flex and expand, until the little mouth at the end of the pink head opened and released a clear drop of fluid. I pressed my two fingers together under his shaft, and pulled another clear drop out of him, until it formed a connected strand to his belly button. He started to roll over to kiss me, a no-no, and I laid a hand on his chest pushing him back.

"No," I said. "This is just for you."

There he lay now, propped on his elbows, all nervous someone may come, looking left and right, while I gently pumped that erection.

His hips started bucking in the sand, and he was getting nervous.

Enough punishment. Besides, I was thirsty.

I bent over, and slid my mouth over his penis. Personally, I could care less if anyone was watching. It was smooth and the end was wet and tasty. The wind was blowing in my hair, and he laid back down. I slid my mouth up and down, and looked up. His nostrils were flared, his lips broad and pink, and he was already breathing heavy. The hips started to buck more, and he shifted in the sand, pointing his toes, a sure sign he was going to very shortly be enjoying an orgasm.

I cupped his balls, held his abdomen down in the sand. His nipples hardened, he exhaled, and he ejaculated in my mouth. I held him there, cupping his balls, until he finished squirting. This penis was beautiful, and I wanted to drink everything it had to offer, and I did. When he was finished, I didn't move. I just held him in my mouth, my hair draped over his stomach, feel him start to shrink away from. When his breathing became more relaxed, I laid my head on his abdomen, and released his cock, aware of the birds and the breaking waves, which suddenly seemed louder. It was getting soft on me, and as it softened, a little more come started to leak out. My friend stroked my hair. I slid him one last time in my mouth, and worked my hand from one end of the shaft to the top, to taste the rest of it.

When he was done, he leaned over.

"Oh my—"

"Just our secret," I said.

He was more relaxed now, his penis softening, and the tenseness out of his body. And just in time, because another couple just finished dining and did come for a late swim.

My friend stood up, his penis draped over his beautiful balls, and walked back to the water. I admired him as he walked away, his ass was just gorgeous.

I laid a few minutes, but the sperm in my mouth began to dry and I didn't have any more water in my bottle. So I threw a towel around me, and paraded back to the cottage, past the dining area, where there was clanking and clattering. And as I walked with my sun glasses, saying hi along the way, it was our little secret that I was going home with the taste of his semen in my mouth.

It was going to be an interesting vacation.

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