tagLoving WivesThe Mother-In-Law Ch. 03

The Mother-In-Law Ch. 03


Writer's Note: This is a story for adults over eighteen years of age about adults over eighteen years of age. While the story line is true the dialog has been compressed for the sake of time and space. Safe sex was not an issue in the early seventies but should be a concern for everyone today.


Sunday was an unusual day. It began much the same way that Saturday had begun; a beautiful, sexy, naked woman snuggled close to me with my engorged cock in her hand. We began to kiss and run our hands over each other's bodies; I could feel her downy soft patch of pubic hair against my thigh.

The door to the guest room across the hall opened and another beautiful, sexy woman entered the room and sat down on the edge of the bed beside me.

"Good morning sleepy heads!" My wife said as she kissed my cheek and moved her hand to the obvious bulge in the sheet.

"Good morning Darling. Are you feeling better this morning?" Her mother asked still holding my cock in her hand.

"Yes Mother. My cramps are gone so I feel much better." Her daughter replied as she lowered the sheet covering the turgid cock in her mother's hand.

Marlene leaned over and kissed the head of my cock then stood, removed her thin, cotton gown, and walked to the bathroom in just her panties to change her tampon and freshen up.

Several minutes later she returned to the bed wearing a fresh pair of panties and snuggled beside me on the opposite side from her mother. Marlene's hand joined her Mother's hand on my cock; they took turns playing with my cock and cod sack as we talked about our previous evening. Marlene kissed my torso as she slid down my body toward my pulsing cock.

Within minutes Marie joined her daughter and the two took turns bobbing up and down my cock and sucking my cods.

Since Marlene was first to dive completely on my shaft she got to taste the dried remnants left by her mother in the middle of the night.

I informed her teasingly, "You have officially tasted your Mother's "muffin."

Marlene smiled at her mother, "Mmmm Mother." She said licking her lips teasingly.

Marie smacked her daughter's ass gently saying, "You guys behave yourselves."

Both women were experienced in the art of sucking cocks and both did a wonderful job keeping my cock engorged with a fresh supply of blood.

I yelped as Marie slipped a finger deep into my ass and rubbed the back of my prostate; a small drop of semen pushed its way through the ducts connecting my balls to the main line of my shaft; her daughter's tongue quickly lapped up the creamy treat.

I was ready for a leisurely morning in bed with my two favorite women, my beautiful wife and her equally beautiful mother. But all of a sudden my hopes were dashed.

Marie looked at the clock on the dresser and exclaimed, "Oh my goodness, we need to eat breakfast and get ready for Mass."

Marlene shook her head, "Mother, we cannot leave Will in this condition." She said as she held my cock up to show her.

"Since my menstrual flow is pretty heavy you climb up here and take care of this while I fix breakfast." Marlene told her Mother as she continued holding my cock.

Marlene guided her mother on top of me; with the fingers of one hand she opened her mother's hair covered, vulva then guided my cock into her Mother's beautiful, flower bloom labia with the other hand; I was certain that was the closest Marlene had been to her Mother's vagina since her birth thirty-four years earlier.

Marlene sat and watched as Marie impaled herself on my cock, smiled a big smile, and began a rocking motion like she had used the previous morning. She watched as her mother leaned forward and offered her full, motherly breasts to her husband's open lips and tongue. I had no doubt that my wife envied my treat.

She gave her Mother's ass a good smack with her hand and walked toward the kitchen; Marlene chuckled at her Mother's squeal over her daughter's antics.

As I devoured Marie's ripe nipples she picked up the pace of her hips. I began to buck my hips in time with her thrusts; I grasped her breasts with my hands so they would not bounce away from my mouth. She was quickly on her way to another orgasm and I needed to catch up; her grunts grew louder and longer. I dug my heels into the mattress and lifted my hips completely off the bed for her to ride harder. I could feel the stirring in my nuts, my toes had already curled.

My mother-in-law and I did not reach the peak of ecstasy at the exact same time but we were close. My last grunt was more of a a primal cry as the pressure built up in my balls, exploded, and sent spurts after spurt of hot semen shooting through my shaft and into my mother-in-law's deep well. Her fists beat on my chest as her face contorted with intense pleasure.

After several minutes of heavy breathing and spasms I was able to focus on my wife standing beside us rubbing her Mother's back, "Wow Mother, are you okay?"

We were drenched with sweat; our bed was soaked where we had been lying. I next heard Marlene in the bathroom adjusting the shower say, "Come on Mother and get your shower; breakfast will be ready by the time you are through." She then looked at her Mother teasingly, "We don't have time for both of you to shower together this morning."

Everyone laughed at her reference to the late night shower her mother and husband had the previous evening. I took a leak while Marie was in the shower; since I wasn't going to Mass I could get my shower after breakfast. As I brushed my teeth I watched Marie dry off; the fluffy towel moved quickly over her shoulders around her back then hugged each breast before moving down her torso to the triangle of thick, dark hair glistening with droplets of water. She bent over from the waist to dry each long, shapely leg; the cheeks of her lovely ass opened as she reached to dry each foot. Before I could bend over to kiss her tightly puckered rose bud she stood up and sunk the fluffy towel between her cheeks. We exchanged smiles as she finished drying and putting on a terry cloth robe.

Breakfast was busy and quick with just a minimal conversation mostly about what to wear to Mass. Marlene was feeling better; her cramps were gone but she would have several days of rather heavy flow. By Tuesday or Wednesday she would be back to her usually horny self and we would be back having sex several times a day even if it was a bit bloody for a few more days; of course I may just settle for one of her awesome blowjobs or slipping into her sweet ass.

For the second morning in a row I was able to sit propped up in bed, drink my coffee, and watch two beautiful women dress for their day. First, garter belts had to be donned and adjusted just so. Then stockings had to be rolled up their long shapely legs; Marlene put her stockings on in the bathroom using the counter to support each foot and giving me a clear view of her in the mirror while her mother stood beside the bed and used it to support each foot as she carefully rolled each stocking upward being careful to keep the seams straight.

I had plenty of time to admire their large, triangular patches of thick, pubic hair as they attached the clasps to the top of their stockings. Then another one of my favorite parts was watching them step into their panties, pull them up their long shapely legs, and give that cute wiggle to get their sweet asses fitted just so in their panties then releasing the waist band with a snap against their tummies. What a way to start a day!

Marie noticed that their dressing show had given me another erection and asked her daughter, "What are we going to do with this now?" as she pointed toward the tent like feature under the sheet.

Marlene replied laughing, "We will just have to deal with it after Mass but you be sure to keep your mind on the sermon for today; we certainly need it."

I blurted out as they picked up their prayer books and got ready to leave, "Let's not be doing too much confessing today either."

Marie sternly shook her finger at me, "Don't be sacrilegious."

I dropped my head shamefully to appease my very sexy mother-in-law.

Once the girls left I got busy cleaning up the kitchen and picking up the clothes Marie and I had left in the den the previous night; when I picked up her panties off the table I felt compelled to give them one more sniff to see if my mother-in-law's scent was still on them, it was faint but still there or maybe it was just my imagination.

I decided to take the girls out to lunch as soon as they got home from Mass.

It was about two o'clock by the time we returned home from brunch where we had also had several cocktails each. I made a pitcher of Bloody Marys', placed it on a tray with glasses, and we headed to the bedroom so the girls could undress from their Sunday attire. Again I propped up on the bed to watch the show.

Marlene unzipped Marie's dress and hung it up while Marie moved close to the bed for me to look her over from head to toe; her bra seemed as if it was running over with the soft, but still firm, flesh of her breasts. Like her daughter she had perfect posture which seemed to enhance every curve of her figure. Her full cut, white, nylon panties covered up the top of her garter belt but not the dark pubic hair below that peeked out around the crotch of her panties.

When Marie turned away from me to speak to her daughter I could see that her stocking seams were still perfectly straight; her high heels enhanced the contour of her long legs. The suspenders of her garter belt slipped beneath the bottom of her panties and crossed the exposed milky, white skin to meet the top of her stockings. I was completely mesmerized by the sight before me; my cock was once again completely engorged.

Marlene came out of the bathroom and asked her mother to unzip the back of her dress. As usual Marlene had not worn a bra; she rarely felt the need to give her smaller, B cup, sized breasts added support besides, she liked the feel of different types of fabric stimulating her very sensitive nipples.

Marie gave her a slight scolding, "You really should wear a bra to church."

"I know Mother; I will the next time." She said as she turned her mother around facing me and unfastened her bra; her beautiful, full breasts almost fell from the cups that supported them. They were displayed for me to admire.

Marlene moved close to her mother and rubbed her small bare breasts against her mother's smooth back. I giggled along with them as they poked and pinched each other playfully then faced each other and rubbed their breasts together.

"You guys come here and let me kiss those pretty tits."

Marie scolded me, "Now don't be crude Will. They are breasts, beautiful, delightful breasts." She said holding them up toward me.

Marie moved close to me and offered her "beautiful, delightful breasts" for me to kiss. My lips took each nipple between them and my tongue danced over them.

"You know I told myself in church that I would not do this again but I really want to know what happens when you two get together with another woman. Is that so terrible?"

Marlene replied, "We don't think so Mother."

She replied shaking her head, "I know I'm going to Hell."

Standing behind her mother Marlene put her hands into the waist band of her mother's panties and began to slowly slide them over her firm round hips and ass then down her long shapely legs. I sat on the edge of the bed and began kissing the exposed, milky, white skin above the thick, dark triangle of pubic hair. Marlene tossed her mother's panties to me knowing how much I enjoyed the scent of a woman, especially my mother-in-law.

Marlene move beside her mother. I asked her, "I wonder who we could get to slip your pretty panties off?"

"Well I've taken them off many times when she was little so I guess I can take them off now." Marie said with slight hesitation.

Marlene's pink, nylon, bikini panties were low on her hips well below the top of her matching garter belt. Her mother slipped her fingers inside the elastic band and slid them over the firm cheeks of her daughter's ass, oops... "bottom"; she had to stoop lower to slide them completely down her long legs.

As Marlene stepped out of her panties Marie's face was just inches from her daughter's thick patch of pubic hair and the delicious treat I had often enjoyed. I was certain Marie was not ready to taste her daughter's delicious treat, at least not directly but maybe from my engorged cock. Marlene stepped out of her panties then picked them up and tossed them to me.

I inhaled both pair saying, "I can tell if you had pure thoughts during Mass.

Marie announced, "I think I'll get some of those bikini panties like yours the next time I go shopping."

Marlene and I agreed, "Get some of the French cut ones that will show off your hips and that sweet round bottom." I added giving her bare bottom a loving pat.

I stood up and shed the shorts I had on and admired the two beautiful women standing near me dressed only in heels, stockings, and garter belts. I have never seen such a beautiful sight, even in the naughtiest men's magazines, as I did that afternoon. That image still paints my dreams decades later.

Marlene had me to lie on my back then she straddled me; she pressed my cock against my stomach, rubbed a little K-Y jelly over the bottom side, and opened her lips so she could slide over the length of my cock like riding a log. The lubricant replaced the natural juices absorbed by her tampon during her period.

"Your Dad would never try anything during my period; usually he just stayed away from me." Marie told her daughter.

Marlene replied, "This way isn't messy even during my heavy flow days. Will loves to play with me any time and I love him doing it any time."

Then she added as she began sliding her slit up and down the length of my cock, "Mother, climb up here and straddle Will; he will help you get in just the right position for him to drive you crazy with his tongue."

"Yes, Marie, climb up here and let me taste your sweet nectar."

She giggled as she lifted her leg across me completely exposing her entire undercarriage; her beautiful pink labia hanging from her vulva. She adjusted her ass and legs around my arms so I could kiss, lick, and finger all of her orifices. I could open her labia enough to completely cover my mouth with her glistening, pink lips; I could also capture them in my mouth and stretch them outward several inches.

Marlene pulled her mother back against the front of her body. When my hands weren't busy probing her deep wells I moved them to Marie's nipples covering them with her slick juices unless Marlene got my fingers first and licked them clean.

With my tongue lapping at the sweet juices flowing from her mother's deep well Marlene reached down and captured the long clitoral sheath between the swollen lips of her vulva then began rubbing it between her finger and thumb.

"Oh my goodness that feels wonderful!" Marie muttered.

My mother-in-law was quickly swept away by the sensations created by her son-in-law and daughter. Her hips began to buck in spasms; guttural sounds emanated from her throat, her head tossed from side to side, she gasped for air.

A moment later Marie cried out then went limp. Marlene smiled at me and moved her fingers from the lips of her mother's cunt to her mouth.

Several minutes later Marie asked Marlene, "Where did you learn to do that?"

With a slight chuckle she replied, "I just do the things I enjoy being done to me. There isn't anything really to learn; if your lover does something you really enjoy just try it with someone else."

It was late afternoon by the time Marie left going back home. We agreed to come up to see her and help her with canning a few weeks later and we hinted that we may do some more "playing around". Marlene teased her about going to the river and going skinny dipping us but Marie just laughed.

"I haven't done that since before you were born."

For almost a year Marlene and I had been rehashing a subject that we had supposedly settled before we married; we had both agreed we did not want children. However, Marlene's biological clock began ticking loudly in her early thirties and she wanted to revisit the subject.

We decided to seek the help of a couple with whom we had met at an adult Meet and Greet. Both had Doctorate degrees in Psychology and experience in marriage counseling; both also enjoyed open nudity and the "lifestyle". Our first meeting was at the Sarasota Beach Club, a private nudist club.

Sid, the husband, summarized our first meeting as, "The problem you face is simple, as I'm sure you know it, what each of you want is diametrically opposed to each other. The solution is also simple, one of you gives in to the wishes of the other which could cause a life time of misery or you split and go your separate ways. It is really that simple."

He was correct in that we did know the problem and we did know the solution but bringing it out with everyone nude did seem to take some of the sting out the solution and paying for the advice. Our next meeting was at our home where we sat around nude and discussed ways to lessen the impact of splitting up.

Erin, the wife, told us that was all the counseling we needed from them then invited us to their home for drinks but, that's a story for another time.

As we headed out of town on Friday evening to see Marlene's parents; we knew we would have to break the news to them sooner or later even though we had not made any definite plans. In spite of a pending divorce our sex life had not faltered; we still loved sex and we continued to enjoy it fully, even as we traveled up the highway.

When we arrived Marie was, as usual, in the kitchen cooking and John met us at the door and helped get our luggage to our room. I went into the kitchen to say hello to Marie while Marlene freshened up from the mess my fingers had created as we drove along the highway.

I hugged Marie tightly and gave her sweet bottom a pat and a squeeze just before John walked into the room asking about our trip up. With Marie sitting directly across from me at the dinner table she slipped off a sandal and ran her foot between my legs; I opened my legs just a bit so my cods could enjoy her playfulness. Marlene rubbed her hand up the inside of my thigh and into her mother's foot; we exchanged smiles as John droned on about something.

John did not go back to work after dinner so while he sat in the living room and watched, mostly slept, television the three of us sat in the kitchen and drank wine and cut up until bedtime. Once we were in Marlene's old room she wanted to engage in our usual sexual antics. She loved doing all those things in her childhood bed that she wasn't supposed to do before she was married; she seemed to delight in being very open and vocal about it. The bathroom door between our bedroom and her parent's bedroom was almost always open unless John was using the bathroom.

"Maybe if Daddy hears us fucking it will give him some ideas." She giggled at her cunning.

After plenty of time for warm up the springs in Marlene's old bed began squeaking in rhythm to our movements; she made no effort to quell her grunts and giggles as we alternated who was on top, which end was up, or right side/left side.

Her scheme worked; just as we were winding down we saw the glow of a dim light come on in her parent's room then the sound of a drawer opening.

Marlene whispered, "Mother's getting a rubber out; she won't let Daddy fuck her any more without a rubber since she has caught him screwing around so many times."

I reasoned that maybe they thought using a rubber for protection from venereal diseases was not as sinful as using it for contraception.

We listened carefully and it was only a few minutes until we heard squeaking springs and a thumping headboard coming from her parent's room. Marlene couldn't stand it; she just had to sneak out of bed quietly to watch her parents screwing from the bathroom.

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