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The Music Box



No, hold the dream a little longer, glass... darkness... colored lights... and that woman dancing... red hair... what is that tinkling music... ah crap it's fading.

Alex reluctantly opened his eyes and glared at the heinous green digital face taunting him to get up before he became late for work. Every morning this week that alarm had torn him from the same dream, which was getting weird in itself, but incredibly frustrating nonetheless. That, likely, was the root of it too – frustration. Dead end mind numbing job, no social life besides the pale shadows cast from his various net forum threads, and a lack of faith that it was going to get any better soon. The time of year didn't help much, everybody was getting invited to holiday parties and seeing friends and family, but he simply had the cold December tundra under his feet for company.

Having forgotten to leave time to scrape the ice from his car, Alex was a few minutes late for work. Nothing new. Since it was Friday he gathered his weekly time slips together and brought them up to payroll. He walked in the door to Carrie's office, slips in hand, and approached her desk to deliver them. She was on the phone with her back to him and was leaning back just enough that he could not help but see a glorious tract of cleavage hidden in a loose Christmasy blouse. Carrie spun in the chair suddenly as she went to hang up the phone and caught him in the near voyeuristic act.

"I like your moose," Alex quickly noted, pointing to the googly-eyed pin adorning her bosom. He doubted his warming cheeks were helping anything.

"Thanks," she replied, "you know, you are the only person to notice so far today. I like your outfit too, you really have an eye for style."

The compliment was completely a surprise and all he could muster was a weak, "You think?"

"Yeah, I do. And you know, you never really run into guys that notice stuff like that." She turned in her chair a bit as she glanced at an incoming email, and as Alex grinned a bit and turned to go she added, "Hey, do you like shopping per chance?"

It was not his favorite thing in the world but he didn't mind either so he replied, "Yeah, I know my way around the mall, why?"

"Well, I've got a party to go to on Saturday and I was thinking of picking up a new dress. My girlfriend is with her family and I was hoping for a second opinion, you up for it?"

He blinked a few times.

This was why he never got dates, as soon as a conversation implied anything that a desperate guy could imply as remotely sexual he just kept going over and over in his head what to say – terminal shyness.

"Hello, earth to Alex..." She was smiling but noticeably expectant.

"Uh, sorry, I was just thinking... if my... schedule... would allow us to... uh... yeah, I think I could go with you. It would be fun!" The last bit came out a bit more fluid and he grinned from ear to ear when he knew he was finally done speaking.

Carrie turned and tried to cover up a chuckle with her hand as she said, "Great, let's go right after work. I'll see you at 4."


The day positively crawled by. His eyes kept darting to the little clock on his computer which never seemed to change. Paperwork came and went, but the little digital numbers wouldn't move fast enough. Just as he was beginning to think the clocks of the world were conspiring against him, 3:29 edged into 3:30... close enough.

He gathered his things and practically skipped down the hall, getting to Carrie's office by 3:37. Glancing at his watch and realizing he was way early, Alex just kind of stood outside her office door out of sight, pretending to be busy with this and that.

Carrie strolled out and caught him out of the corner of her eye, "Is it 4 already? My the day has just flown by."

"Well, I'm a little early, finish up whatever, I can wait." Her comment about the time stung for no good reason, but he didn't really care.

She did, in fact, finish up her 'whatever' and flicked the light out in the office at about 4:10. Grinning but quiet, he walked her out to her car, and followed her in his to the Mall. Holiday parking. She got a lucky break catching someone pulling out but he had to circle the lot with the rest of the Minivan vultures for a good 20 minutes before squeezing into a spot that looked questionable for parking, but had recently been vacated so he decided it was good enough. Luckily she had mentioned Penney's so he booked it straight there and found her browsing some party dresses.

"Ah, you made it, man I should have done this like last month. So, what do you think?" she asked, holding a thin red dress up against herself.

He took a moment to focus and really look at her. She was about 5' 6" with shortish dark hair and clover colored eyes, likely of Mediterranean decent. Not a stunning face, but a wonderfully cute nose that was irresistible when it scrunched as she laughed. As for a frame, you really couldn't ask for a better build in the real world. Her tanned breasts were large and easily were noticed even through the sweater she had donned when leaving the office. Her waist was not the Barbie inspired skinny of porn fame, but was well proportioned to a great ass and absolutely luscious thighs. He had tracked those thighs around the office many times when she would wear short skirts.

"Honestly, the style is a stereotypical male driven bland skimpy bit that would look trashy at a holiday party. Plus the color is not you," he blurted out after a minute of scanning.

"Well, then I guess you don't like it," she said quietly as she put it back. Alex was horrified at his rash attack on her choice but she quickly exploded in a choked back laugh, "Heh heh, I'm so sorry! I had to do that, your reply was perfect which I wasn't really expecting. Normally you are so quiet, you just surprised me and the LOOK on your face hee hee hee!" It took a second but he did get the joke. She finished by adding, "Please, do be honest, I want to look great for this, I'm sorry, but I think this really will be fun."

After searching the racks for a while, they decided to go with three to try on. Carrie dragged him over to the dressing rooms and she entered one of the small rooms to begin the final decision. Alex started to feel a bit awkward - the dressing rooms were surrounded by all sorts of lingerie, from the practical to the downright scandalous. Trying particularly hard not to seem like a creepy guy standing amongst the underwear only made him feel more out of place. Carrie's voice broke him from the lacy spell, "Hey Alex, I can't zip this up myself, could you come in?"

He blinked a few times.

Then he boldly strode up to the ajar dressing room door and entered as requested.

She had put on her favorite first. It was black and low cut. Alex reached for the zipper and grazed his hand along her lower back. So soft and warm. She jumped slightly at his cool hand and pushed her chest out so her shoulder blades closed for easier zipping. He could not resist utterly consuming the sight of her back as he slowly pulled the nylon teeth together. When it was in place she put her arms up in a pirouette like shape and spun in the small room smiling like a child.

"Well?" she eagerly asked.

"Absolutely beautiful," he breathed. Embroidered black snowflakes graced the hem, which contained those marvelous breasts, and they gently fell over every curve of her body - subtle but stunning. "But I want to see the others," he finished as he slid the zipper down and started to turn to go.

"No wait, these zip too, you might as well just stay here. I'm not modest."

Alex didn't care if every clock cursed him from here to eternity, this day had just become the best in recent memory. He tried to be a gentleman by looking away, but the whole place was mirrored and as soon as that delicate black fabric fell to the floor every wall held an image of woman in her bare glory. Her nipples were dark and quite erect, puckered up like they were ready to jump ship. "A little cold?" he risked joking. She smacked the back of his head lightly and grumbled something about the drafty room as he chuckled. Carrie bent over to pick up the black dress and something carnal in him nearly snapped. Her exceptional ass was just poised so enticingly, the bulge of her mound pushing down against tight panties – Alex nearly yelped as he bit his lip to keep from reaching out to her.

Happily for his sanity, she began stepping into the next gown. She wiggled around in it a bit and he zipped her in, but she could tell from his face that this was not the one. A green frilly thing with kind of poofy shoulder straps – very Christmas but not her. He simply shook his head.

Soon this too was around her ankles and evil thoughts were flooding his head one more time. He could take her waist in his hands and draw her close, gently caressing her belly and roam up to cup her slightly tanned rack while his hips gyrated against that glorious butt. It would only take a few breathless minutes for his hands to wander down to those panties and slide them down to join the crumpled dress on the floor and then he could explore the soft cleft they hid from him while he gently sucked at her ear. He could smell her hair, peach, and in his mind that scent mingled with the musk of woman. Of course with that imagined scent came thoughts of the moist well that generated it, smooth and slick, oh so warm. What a turn-on, to do it in a booth at the Mall, with shoppers happily toting their treasures past gleefully ignorant. She would be quiet at first, he was sure, but as he bent her over and slid himself into her deeper and faster, she would start to whimper a little, then moan as the pleasure washed over her. Those luscious breasts would sway back and forth, getting sensitive, and her knees would start to buckle as she neared rapture. She would have to gasp out loud as they came together in a fiery torrent of passion, and probably hit the walls or something. But, like a good boy, he resisted, and just put the impossible behind him. Before long the final dress was draped from her frame.

This one had been his favorite and now on her was simply incredible. A wintery indigo velveteen with one thick shoulder strap that swept down her chest and under her left arm, covering one side while exposing a perfect clavicle and enough cleavage to leave little to the imagination. It opened under her right arm below her other breast and wisped around to expose her lower back. There were intricate folds of cloth and designs that just accentuated every good part of her. She was in no way average now, she was extraordinary.

"I can't even describe how awesome this looks on you Carrie, this HAS to be your dress," he insisted.

She spun around a bit more, thrilled at such an emphatic compliment. As she turned she took his hands and mimicked some dancing, which he tried with all his concentration not to screw up too bad. "Yeah, you're right, I'll get this one," she agreed, shooing him out so she could get dressed and get it to the register.

All the way out to her car he marveled at the experience he just had, grinning and stealing glances at her as he could. He carefully placed her garment in the back seat for her and then asked, "So, shall we get a bite to eat?" It was very forward for him, but he felt she really must like him after trusting him so much. Her response was not quite what he envisioned, however.

"No, I want to get home now and get some rest, I've got a big weekend. Besides, that might get awkward between shopping buddies," she carefully retorted, "I really had fun, next time I'll pull you along when Julie and I go, she'd get a kick out of your choices." Carrie gave him a peck on the cheek, turned to get into her car, and waved cutely as she drove off.

"Shopping buddies?.." he muttered feeling like he just dropped a Ming vase. A rabid Suburban was pushing into her old space so he started walking to his own car. When he got there, a little yellow slip flapped in the wind under his wiper. He grabbed the ticket but the lower half had frozen in the recent wet snow that was falling so it ripped in half.

He blinked a few times.


On his way home the snow really started to come down hard. It had been a brown December so far, this was the first storm of the year and obviously the plows were not ready for it because the roads were thick. Rolling in the cash he made at his fabulous job, the best place he could afford was pretty far off the beaten path and he was getting worried that he might not make it as he hunched forward to try to see better in the white morass before him. He slowed down for a sharp curve he knew was coming up, but the car decided momentum was a better idea and kept his course straight and true, regardless of the desperate back and forth motion of the steering wheel in his hands and the protestation of the brakes. Obviously the plow had been by once before because there was a bank of snow that washed up over his windshield as he slammed into it. The impact was not devastating though as he was not moving too quickly. Silence hit the car much harder when it came to a stop. In fact, the silence made the sudden rubbing/crunching sound all the more poignant when he felt the car start to move a little more forward and then stop again. This could not be good. He tried to open the door but 3 inches was about all he could muster before the snow pushed back. The crunching sound came back and this time got louder as the car slowly slid further. The nose started tipping down and suddenly accelerated downward like a giant steel sled might going down a hill. Alex could hear small trees whacking the front of his car as he clutched the wheel for dear life. Snow whooshed over the car and it started sliding sideways, and then with much more force than the snowbank had imparted on him, the passenger side crumpled around a large pine and he came to a much more final stop.

"Wow Carrie, that was a great dinner. What? It IS snowing awfully hard. Stay with you tonight, that's very kind... perhaps I can think of a way to repay your kindness this evening," Alex mused as he hiked up the cold, snowy embankment. He turned and looked once more at his poor little car below him realized how nearly it could have been his tomb. He then turned back and crested the final heap of snow and was back on the road. Empty. Down the road a way he could see a building so he tromped down hoping for a phone. As he closed, he realized it was an old church... likely not occupied at this time of night. Great. He got to the front and scanned the horizon... the snow was letting up now and he could see pretty far and saw no other buildings. On a whim he tried the latch and found the door was actually open. "Hallelujah!" he jokingly exclaimed and walked in.

The inside was cool and dark. He had brought his flashlight with him and quickly found his way around, dropping a $50 in the empty collection plate as he left the foyer. "That should cover my stay here this evening," he said aloud for no good reason. Try as he might, he could not find a telephone so it was going to be an overnight. He did find a kitchenette, though the only food around was some dry crackers and Vienna sausages. "Why do pastors always have these things around," Alex wondered to himself at the nasty little cans of meat.

Wincing at the taste of dinner in his mouth, Alex walked into the main hall of the church. The power was out so he lit a ton of tiny little candles at the altar. The little flames slowly cast brighter and brighter beams throughout the beautiful cavernous structure. The little red cups they were in created strange crimson shadows and ruby specks of brightness here and there as the flames flickered. The room suddenly grew a lot brighter as the clouds thinned outside and a perfect full moon bathed the chamber in a rainbow of colors through a huge stained glass window at the front.

In the distance he suddenly heard an odd tinkling sound, kind of like a music box, but somehow richer and fuller. He turned and saw a small shape on the first pew. Walking over, the music got louder and he saw that it was, in fact, a gorgeous music box. The melody was unlike any he had ever heard, calming and wild at the same time, comforting, and kind of seductive. It had an open wooden top and a glass sheet protecting an antiquated set of springs, gears, and a large metal barrel with nubs on it for the notes. The sound was so much more than simple metal tines being plucked though. It was crickets in the summer, wind singing through the trees, children laughing, and lovers cuddling.

"You like my gift?" came an impossibly sweet ethereal voice in back of him.

Alex spun about dropping the little tin of meat on the floor, and saw the most beautiful woman he had ever imagined standing in the tinted moonlight before him. Sunset red curls framed watery blue eyes on a powerfully calm face and cascaded down her body like liquid fire. The details were seductively revealed and hidden by the candles but a more perfect visage he could not imagine. As she took a step towards him his eyes were drawn down to her body, which he only now was realizing was completely bare.

He didn't blink once.

"May I dance for you?" she inquired, though her lips never moved.

"Please." It was all he could muster in response.

The vision spun her head about, slowly, so her hair covered part of her face and swayed gently in time to the music box. Her arms and legs gracefully arced through the air, fluid and lithe like a flower blossoming in the morning's first light. Her milky white skin was alive with color and shapes from the stained glass, they danced their own ballet upon her sensuous curves, almost alive. One hand slid across her shoulder and over her bosom as she glided around the altar. Her hair concealed most of her posterior, except when she spun and then it flew through the air, exposing tight cheeks that flared out in all the right spots. Deep blues and greens skittered across her legs and then shadow closed in as she teased him by dancing out of the moonlight beams. Now only bold crimson hints highlighting her curves escaped from the darkened form, lit by the field of candles across the room. She threw her head back, thrusting her chest back out into Luna's light and making the orbs practically glow on their own. One leg entered the stream again, and she stepped to the side coming forward so one side of her was illuminated and the other mysterious. Slowly she walked forward, deliberately toward Alex. He started to speak but she put a finger out, covering his lips.

"Tonight you do not need to worry about the right or wrong thing to say. You do not need to fret about proving yourself worthy, for this you have already done. I am your Christmas Angel, your gift for being who you are, and I will make this night incredible for you."

Smoothly she removed her finger and replaced it with her own lips. They were electric and sweet, her breath honey vapor, and her tongue seemed to melt within his mouth. Gingerly he lifted his hand during the kiss and reached around to touch her back. One finger first confirmed she was not a spirit, then his hand gently landed below her shoulder. Her skin was perfect, smooth like a flawless living pearl, and warm like sun drenched marble, but softer than fine silk. Proven solid, Alex wrapped his other arm around her and pulled her closer. He shuddered and exhaled briefly as a wave of what can only be described as pure love hit him as her body contacted his. She was alive like an ocean of humanity, and her whole body tingled with energy.

She skillfully began unbuttoning his shirt, her hand popping each clasp and lowering to reach the next. It didn't stop with the last button, instead continuing down to unfasten his slacks and slide under his boxers. When she touched his proud erection it throbbed in ecstasy more fulfilling than any climax, yet it did not spill his seed, it was if anything invigorated. His clothing fell to the cold oak floor and the two embraced like ancient spouses given a night of carnal vitality. His inflamed penis pressed firmly against her downy pubic mound and his hands roaming across her porcelain ass, pulling her so close, so right. The kiss never stopped, Alex did not seem to need to breathe as she filled him with more life than one man ever would need. It did wander, down her cheek, onto her neck, along her clavicle, and finally meeting with her lush breast. Long and hard he sucked on her pink nipple as he ground his pelvis along her thigh. She wound her fingers through his hair and moaned his name soothingly.

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