tagMind ControlThe Mystery at Faldor Hotel Ch. 24

The Mystery at Faldor Hotel Ch. 24


Back at their suite, Eloise was almost unable to take her eyes from Nancy. Whenever her niece wasn't looking, she found herself staring, awestruck that the girl she'd watched being used so thoroughly by the perverted old Colonel and his Turkish friend was actually her brother's daughter, the prim and proper girl she'd known all her life. Just as amazing was how much she'd enjoyed watching it.

Nancy's mind was ablaze. She'd just had sex with two older men at once and all she could think about was how forbiddingly enjoyable the experience was. After the fact, it was like a dream, like it had happened to someone else, some other girl who had no issues whatsoever with sucking on a man's cock with her thighs spread so another could fuck her until she orgasmed. It made her face flush in hot shame even as she knew she wanted more.

Eloise changed her panties, choosing a red pair with enough of the back cut away that they were almost a thong. She thought they looked good with the rest of her black lingerie but the dress she wore was no longer good enough. She wanted something more daring, but her wardrobe lacked the attire suitable to her mind's fancy and she found herself again staring at Nancy's young body with a frown.

After a shower, the teen now wore a snug fitting, white, short sleeved pullover that was so thin her white, lacy, low cut bra could be easily discerned beneath it. The tight, white skirt that was so short it had to ride her hips in order not to show her crotch was just as thin, showing off the matching, lacy white panties she wore underneath it. It was an outfit that Eloise had selected for her from the clothes Nancy had bought at the boutique and she couldn't help but wonder if she wasn't too old to pull off such an outfit herself.

Catching her eye, Nancy stopped in the midst of donning a pair of white pumps, a paranoid smile creeping to her mouth as she tried to interpret her aunt's expression.

"Uh... is there something wrong? Do I not look like enough of a slut?"

" ... No, dear. Take off your bra and panties. Other than that, you look perfectly slutty," Eloise assured with a smile, picturing how easy it would be for a man's rock hard member to find its way up Nancy's micro skirt, only to be blocked by her underwear. "No, don't go into the bathroom. Do it here where I can watch."

"Oh. Um, okay," Nancy agreed.

"That's, uh, not what's wrong, though," Eloise admitted with a sheepish smile.

Nancy only replied with a questioning look as Eloise watched her niece's striptease begin.

"Well, I... I just think it would be nice if I had some clothes a little more like the ones you're wearing. I think I'd like to look a little slutty too, which is... well, I've never wanted that before..."

"Aunt Eloise, I've told you, it's the columns. They're influencing our minds to be all slutty like this."

"I know that's what you've told me, but I just find that so hard to believe. Isn't it more likely that there's...? I don't know, something in the town's water supply? Wouldn't that make a lot more sense?"

"Not once you've been in the basement," Nancy refuted.

After a moment's thought, Eloise suggested, "Well, why don't we take a trip to the basement? Could we still do that now that you've been caught down there once?"

"Why, I think so. I suppose we'll just have to sneak into the kitchen, but..."


"Well, you may not be prepared. I mean, when you're down there, they call to you. They want you and they'll make you..."


"They get into your head and they want to... they want to experience you."

"In what way?"

After some moments of deliberation, Nancy decided to tell Eloise of her experiences in the column room. Considering what her aunt had been witness to in the Colonel's suite, she didn't see the harm, yet felt a heated flush rise to her face when she related how she'd masturbated until she'd passed out. She then related the details of hers and George's experience within the columns and how they'd played such a strong role in what happened after Elora caught them trying to leave, waiting for the inevitable questions after she finished.

"Nancy, why didn't you tell me this before?"

"Well, I... I mean, how could I? How could I have related such a thing to you? I felt foolish enough telling you about how the columns are influencing us. I expected that you wouldn't be quick to believe me; how was I supposed to relate...?"

"I suppose," Eloise allowed with an understanding smile while again picturing Nancy and George moaning with their hands down one another's panties, cumming nice and hard while this Elora person-

"And you still don't believe it," Nancy carefully guessed. "Do you?"

" ... Nancy, how could a column of solid crystal form a... a phallus? A phallus that then disappears after you've... finished... with it? I'm sorry, but you must have been imagining at least that part."

"No. After I got out of there, I could feel... I was sore. I really fucked myself hard with something and there's no way my fingers could have done that."

"But... Nancy, I'm sorry, but I'm afraid I do still have trouble believing this."

"Well, as I said, George was down there too. She's experienced their effects and she can attest to what I'm telling you."

"There must be some kind of rational explanation," Eloise insisted, shaking her head. "I mean, how could you and George have been mesmerized by four crystal columns? If you were telling me that you were hypnotized by somebody, that I'd believe, but... how could crystal do the things you've described? It makes no rational sense."

"I know it doesn't. It's really hard to explain. I guess you'll have to experience it for yourself to some degree in order to understand, but you can't let them have their way with you. That would be... bad."

"Why?" Eloise asked, perplexed and curious despite how crazy it all sounded.

"Well... because we'll be there together and... it could very well end up that you and I would be the next ones with our hands down each other's panties... rubbing each other's cunts until we cum nice and hard..."

The two stared wordlessly at each other, both of them imagining this taboo act before Nancy shook herself out of it, changing the subject with, "Um, so... aside from all that, I think I can help you with your wardrobe."

"I- (ahem!) I, uh, don't think anything of yours would fit me," Eloise judged with a slightly uncomfortable expression while she looked over Nancy's naked form. "It's been years since I've had your figure."

"Oh, Aunt Eloise, you've got a wonderful figure!" Nancy exclaimed with a pointed look at her aunt's curves before adding, "But that's not what I meant."

Fifteen minutes later, Eloise's eyes were all over Anna Phillips. She'd approached as soon as they'd entered the boutique, wearing a short, tight, black business skirt and a gold, satin top with a deeply plunging cowl neck. The gusset of her dark brown, lace bra was clearly visible and, along with Anna's curvy hips and the way she walked in her four inch heels, it was really no wonder that Eloise's eyes were all over the alluring shop owner. While this wasn't as much of a shock to Nancy as it would have been only last week, the fact that her aunt showed little reaction to being in a sex shop was. She couldn't help the feeling that she'd been to places like this before and Nancy was forced to wonder at what else there was about her father's sister that she didn't know as Anna greeted them with a warm, welcoming smile.

"Hello, Nancy. So glad to see you again, especially since you've brought me a new customer."

"Nice to see you again too," Nancy politely replied, adding, "Anna, this is my aunt, Eloise Drew. Eloise, this is Anna Phillips. She owns the boutique."

"Pleased," Eloise greeted, shaking the proprietor's hand while trying to keep her lingering glances down Anna's top as quick as her hormones would allow.

"Likewise," Anna returned, much less concerned about appearances as she openly ogled Eloise's bust line. "My, you're just as sexy as your niece."

Eloise blushed, managing to thank her as Nancy beamed at the compliment, her own hormones already kicking up a notch just for being in the boutique.

"So, how can I help you two ladies today? No, wait; let me guess... Eloise, you're in the mood for some new clothes. Am I right?"

"Why, yes, you are," Eloise confirmed with a short, surprised laugh.

"Aunt Eloise wants to look a little sluttier," Nancy informed with a grin.

"Oooh," Anna playfully commented with a grin for Eloise.

With a blush, Eloise gave Nancy an accusing smile before addressing Anna with, "Well, I feel- I mean, I'd like to um... show off my body a little more."

"How fortunate for the rest of the world," Anna complimented, moving closer as her hand casually fell on Eloise's hip. "Were you thinking of anything in particular?"

Acutely aware of the attractive woman's semi intimate touch, Eloise managed, "Well, I uh... Not really."

"Aunt Eloise is a school teacher," Nancy informed, "So she usually dresses very conservatively. She's not used to looking like a whore."

"Nancy!" Eloise complained with a tolerant grin.

"Oh, I see," Anna replied with an understanding expression before thoughtfully regarding Eloise for a moment, then saying, "It must be very difficult for you."

"Wh- uh, what?"

Watching all those girls bounce by at work, wanting into their panties so badly, but never daring to make a move beyond your necessary and professional propriety."

" ... I... think you must have the wrong impression, Miss Phillips."

"It's okay, Miss Drew," Anna laughed, caressing Eloise's hip in a sexually reassuring manner. "In my business, one learns to recognize all types, and it's not as if you haven't been looking down my top since you've been here."

Eloise gasped as Nancy grinned, getting hornier as she watched the two older women interact.

"And besides," Anna admitted, "I like women every bit as much as I do men, and I'm pretty sure your little niece here doesn't mind playing with the girls either. Do you, honey?"

Nancy only smiled, silently agreeing with the shop owner's assessment of her preferences, the fiery memory of herself and George with their hands down each other's panties tearing through her excited mind. In that moment, the idea of she and her brunette friend as a couple seemed somehow only natural before the more recent memory of how much more fun it was to be shared by two men complicated that idea.

"Well, I..." Eloise stammered with a sudden, heated flush before coming clean with, "Yes. I-I'm a lesbian."

Regarding Eloise with open approval, Anna said, "It feels good to just say it. Doesn't it?"

Eloise nodded, her smile becoming more happy than embarrassed.

"Sure it does. Tell me... what is it that you like about women? That men lack, I mean."

"Uh... well, it's the way we see things. We don't see force and violence as the first choice in problem solving. We're more measured, we communicate more openly and we acknowledge and show our feelings and emotions. We're better at conversation and we, uh... we're more considerate lovers."

"And... what do you like about sex with women?"

" ... I love how soft a woman's mouth and lips are to kiss," Eloise replied as her breathing quickened. "How our skin is so much more... um, soft and... lickable..."

"Mmmm," Anna agreed. "And?"

"Well, I love that sensation when another woman is in my arms and our breasts... pressing together... it excites me, makes me anticipate removing her top... licking and sucking on her erect nipples..."

"And?" Anna prodded in a lower voice, also becoming clearly excited. "What else, Eloise?"

Becoming more and more aroused, Eloise practically blurted, "And I love sucking on a nice, hard clit. The way it feels when it... when it bobs around under my tongue and- and between my lips and teeth..."

"Oooh, Aunt Eloise!" Nancy moaned, grinding her hips together as she listened, her micro skirt riding up. "You're making my cunt all wet!"

"Mmmm... Tell me, Miss Drew... What subject do you teach?"

"English Lit."

"I thought so," the brunette told her with a low, sultry laugh. "Would you two like a drink while you shop?"

"God, yes!" Eloise replied.

By the time ten minutes had passed, Eloise, like most women, had become fully immersed in the shopping experience. She was pleased and surprised at the selection Annabelle's Boutique offered and, working on her second drink, she felt a curious freedom in the choice of garments. The potent drinks were in part responsible for this, but she knew that the public admission of her preferences to Anna also had something to do with it. She was finally being herself and felt completely accepted for it. Furthermore, she felt free to explore who 'herself' really was, and how ironic was it that such an experience of personal freedom should come in a town that was almost as small as her sexy niece's skirt? In most cases, those different from the norm had to go to a much larger city in order to feel any personal freedom of self, to live as the individual they were in a place where the next person would always be at least a little farther still from what was considered to be 'normal'. But not even in New York did she feel so uninhibited, and she was beginning to understand that Cinder Bay was indeed a very nice place to be.

Nancy very much enjoyed her second trip to Annabelle's Boutique. She bought more clothes, mostly lingerie, but it wasn't only her gender's love of shopping that was satisfied. Even more, she enjoyed observing her aunt, the woman she'd thought she knew until they'd come to Cinder Bay. While most of her choices in clothing were as far on the conservative side as Anna's selection allowed, she still blushed every time she settled on some daring, or downright naughty choice of attire.

At one point, after they'd finished the first drink that Anna had offered, Eloise had decided to try on one of her chosen outfits. It was a snug, long sleeved, white PVC top that gathered tight just under her full, perfectly hanging, braless breasts to leave her trim belly exposed. The matching skirt was just as snug and, while it ended just above her knees, the fit accentuated her round hips, the slit up the back actually showcasing the very bottom of her ass. Nancy was having a hard time taking her eyes from the enticing way the shiny plastic skirt spread from the top of the slit, exposing the bottoms of her aunt's shapely cheeks and the insides of her thighs until Anna offered to help Eloise with her hair.

She'd left the suite with her dark blonde locks worn up in a way that supported her natural beauty, but also the 'no nonsense', schoolteacher's image that her narrow framed, horn-rimmed glasses backed up. Anna stepped close, their breasts barely touching, to reach around the back of her head, patiently and delicately undoing the careful arrangement.

Looking each other directly in the eyes, they somehow ended up kissing. As Nancy watched, those first, soft, exploratory expressions of curiosity soon turned to lingering, lustful contact as Eloise's hands found their way to the small of Anna's back and Anna released her thick, beautiful hair to fall past her shoulders. It was incredible to watch, the knowledge that her aunt was a lesbian being nothing compared to actually watching her hourglass figure writhing and grinding so erotically against that of another woman's. She vaguely wondered at how she and George must have looked together as she quietly moaned, hiking her short skirt in front just far enough to caress her moist sex with two fingers while she watched.

Slowly, caressingly, Eloise's left hand slid from Anna's lower back, around to her side, up and under her breast. A moment later she was gently squeezing while Anna's hands found their way down under the sexy slit up the back of her latest customer's skirt. She slowly spread her ass cheeks as Nancy's jaw sagged, allowing a subtle gasp as she pressed her excited clitoris. Eloise wore a mauve thong, its crotch not quite wide enough to completely cover her dark and full pussy lips as she stuck her ass out as though to give her niece a better view. Now understanding fully her aunt's enjoyment of watching, she did the same as Eloise slowly spread Anna's top open, grabbing and softly kneading her full breasts in their dark brown, lacy bra cups. Pressing her clitoris a little harder, Nancy moaned louder as one of Anna's hands slowly disappeared between her aunt's thighs, Eloise's hands turning out the shop owner's bra to watch in hungry fascination as their contents tumbled free for her pleasure.

At her moan, Anna's eyes glanced her way, slowly moving down Nancy's body to observe what she was doing with her hand under her ridiculously short skirt. Noticing Anna's diverted attention, Eloise pulled her lips from those of the dark brunettes, both of them breathing heavily with unguarded lust in their eyes as they observed Nancy's openly lewd behaviour.

In that moment, as her pelvis bucked to Anna's hand, Nancy knew by the look on her face that Eloise wanted her as well. Her dearly beloved aunt was in a state that was quickly building to a sexual frenzy and her niece was nothing more than an appetizing piece of meat to a starving woman. The same look was on Anna's face as she looked her up and down, licking her lips and twitching as Eloise's fingers pinched and rolled her nipples in what looked like a very experienced and effective manner.

The realization that she could, if she wanted, have a threesome with her own aunt right then and there was a blow to her senses and, rubbing her clit with a slack jaw, she wasn't even capable of making the decision, was completely vulnerable to anything the two older woman would have wanted from her. As though coming to her senses, if only just a little, Eloise then smiled with some embarrassment, her face already flushed with erotic pleasure as she surveyed the effect she an Anna had had on her teenage niece.

Sensing the mood had subtly changed, Anna withdrew her hand from Eloise's sex, still leering at Nancy before giving the mature blonde a last, passionate kiss.

"Whew!" she exclaimed with a wild grin while Nancy forced her hand from her own pussy. "So, uh, who'd like another drink?"

Standing unsteadily on the boutique's porch almost two hours later, both women were quite inebriated and horny, each one with two bags of purchases. Eloise now wore a tight, long sleeved fuchsia dress with a hemline that was quite modest considering where she'd bought it, stopping halfway down her thighs. Its low cut, scoop neck offered appreciable cleavage to the supportive bodice, but it was the rayon material itself that was most eye-catching. What at first appeared to be pale pink polka dots were actually circular holes that covered every square foot of the curve hugging garment. Still without a bra, she enjoyed the feel of her breasts jostling with each step she took in the silver, five inch, open toed pumps she'd chosen.

At the moment, both women's nipples were hard and erect, partly because of their unchained hormones, but also because the post twilight hours had become somewhat chilly. Clouds of fog had rolled in from the sea, obscuring the end of the wharf and the lighthouse entirely. The Faldor Hotel, tall and dark, was illuminated in gauzy orange by the old sodium streetlight out front, the rest of the buildings in the small town either dark, or with barely visible porch lights like the one they stood under.

"Oh my," Eloise giddily remarked. "This is rather creepy..."

"It's the kind of night when things are afoot," Nancy observed with a drunken giggle afterwards.

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