tagMind ControlThe Mystery at Faldor Hotel Ch. 25

The Mystery at Faldor Hotel Ch. 25


"Wh- what was wrong with her?" Muren wondered aloud as she and Bess looked at the door George had just hurried out of without a word to either of them.

"I'd guess it was her tits," Bess replied when her mind had somewhat cleared. Reverend Muren, as it turned out, really knew how to lick pussy and had given her an intensely enjoyable orgasm. "But she didn't seem too upset about them a minute ago."

After a pause, Muren asked, "Shouldn't you go after her? I mean, I saw them in the boutique yesterday and there's no mistaking their, um... transformation. I mean, I'd be a little freaked out too."

"I suppose I should have," Bess agreed with a sigh as she dismounted Muren's wet face to sit on her thigh on the bed beside her. "But I wasn't exactly in any condition... Anyway, it's too late now."

"I suppose it is," Muren agreed, then asked, "What caused it anyway? What makes a woman's boobs just... grow like that? I mean, what in hell is going on in this crazy town?"

"No Idea," Bess replied, enjoying the sight of the older woman lying spread eagled on her back, turned on anew by the fact that she and George had just seduced a female priest.

Muren silently contemplated the ceiling for a few moments until her eyes closed, facial features straining slightly as the same fact came home to roost in her mind.

"My God, I... I just had lesbian sex with two teenagers. Oh my... god!"

"You enjoyed it," Bess informed with an almost careless tone.

"Well... yes, but... Oh my god!"

"Is your mind cleared up a little now? A little easier to think straight now that you've had a nice orgasm?"

"Yes, but..."

"You're a very beautiful woman, Candy," Bess told her.

Muren's head rolled to the side to regard her playmate with something akin to confused awe. Over the space of five seconds, while she took in the sight of Bess's admittedly divine young body, this expression changed to a sort of disbelieving smile as she shook her head.


"Nothing. I just... I like you."

With a wider smile, Bess sincerely replied, "I like you too."

"Sooo... what do we do now?"

" ... Well," Bess thoughtfully decided, "there's something I've been wanting to check out. You may as well come along since George has... left."

After cleaning herself up, Muren chose a tight, knee length black skirt of shiny satin that rode her hips low enough to expose her black garter belt. This was a concession she'd made to Bess in order to be left alone about the skimpy white bra she wore under the matching, short sleeved blouse that buttoned up the back. It had the expected clerical collar, this one uncommonly high, but the bottom was short enough to cooperate with her skirt in showing off her garter belt. While embarrassed about this exposure, Muren was also excited and turned on by it, somewhat easily convinced by Bess that, since neither her pussy nor her breasts were showing, the outfit was actually very decent and that she shouldn't worry overly much about it.

During a quick visit to Suite 408, Bess's choice of apparel was a backless, long sleeved, white sleeve dress, the hem of which only covered her pink thong by a few inches. So tight and thin, it left little to the imagination, its tiny straps supporting a minimal bodice that barely covered her nipples.

"Bess, Um... I can pretty much see right through that."

"Oh, can you?" Bess asked with a coy smile as she slipped on a pair of white pumps that made Muren's four inch heels look modest.

"Where did you say we were going?" Muren asked with a suspicious smile.

"Just a little something I've been wanting to look into. Don't worry."

"But... you look like a total whore."

"Mmm. Say that again."

Muren only beheld the young blonde with a disbelieving expression as she headed for the door. Despite this, she could understand Bess's enjoyment of such an outfit and, since coming to Cinder Bay, even her enjoyment of being told she looked like a whore. But that didn't make such a naughty outfit proper, nor did it make such an attitude less dangerous to such a beautiful young girl's reputation. Nevertheless...

"Bess, you look like a total whore," Muren gamely repeated, her suspicious little smile becoming one of tolerance.

"Why, thank you, Reverend Muren. You look like a horny little slut."

Muren's smile grew with Bess's as the blonde turned for the door. If nothing else, just the way she looked from behind while walking in those shoes was enough to destroy the girl's reputation forever, along with any female willing to be seen out in public with her, but Muren found herself following her out the door anyway. There was something about the young blonde, a kind of self-assured confidence that was as attractive as it was dangerous. It was something like a quality that some girls Muren had known in school had owned, a quality she'd envied while telling herself that Godly girls had no use for such confidence anyway. Now here it was all over again with Bess, a teenager who actually liked her, who was willing to be friends with her. It seemed foolish, but it made her feel young again, part of a crowd she'd always been on the outside of, and she found it very hard to resist.

The thick, damp fog and light drizzle outside came as quite a surprise to them both. The weather had been so nice since they'd arrived that it almost seemed as though the town owned a right to sunshine and warmth, but the chilly darkness that surrounded them effectively shattered that illusion. From within the dim, orangey light of the overhead sodium streetlight, the front of the Faldor Hotel and its dirt yard seemed to be the only thing existing in the universe. It was only once the two wandered from its perimeter that a few other barely discernable points of light emerged from the fog. Amidst the darkness, however, there was no context by which to tell how big or far these lights were. From Bess and Candace's reckoning, they could have been lit doorbell buttons at one hundred yards or small cities seen from miles away.

"We can't even see where we're going," complained Muren.

"That's alright," Bess assured, the sound of her heels on the chip seal the only thing telling them that they were even on the road. "I know where I'm going. A couple of guys at the jailhouse told me about this place."

"The Jailhouse!?"

"Its okay, we're looking for Susan. Come on."

Expelling a short sigh through her nose, Muren followed against her better judgement, almost turning an ankle in her high heels when she stepped from the edge of the roadway down to the dirt shoulder a minute or so later. They weren't walking towards any light and, taking a quick glance over her shoulder, the only light she could now see was the brightest one in town, that which illuminated the hotel.

Bess stopped up just before walking into a wall and, after a brief hesitation, turned left to follow it, her right hand acting as guide by lightly trailing along its surface until she came to a corner. She turned right, speaking over her shoulder.

"Still with me, Reverend?"

"I hope we don't walk into an open sewer," she complained in reply, her patience with this adventure obviously growing thin.

After a short pause, Bess's hand still trailing down the side of the building, she answered, "Don't worry. I... I think I've been this way before, and there's no open sewers."

"What do you mean, you think you've been this way before?" Muren asked.

Bess didn't answer, a strange unease beginning to creep into her mind as they walked, alone in the dark, towards a place that Bess was becoming increasingly sure she'd been before, though she had no corresponding memory. They came to another corner and, turning right again, they found themselves at the back of Ricki's Supermarket, exactly where Skeeter had directed Bess during the fun time she'd spent trapped with him and Brent in their jail cell. A fixture above the doors illuminated a small area littered with rusted shopping carts, old display racks and other assorted debris in a sickly green light.

Bess hesitated. It was as though some mental monkey wrench had been thrown into the works of her mind as she remembered having been there before, having entered the rear of the supermarket through those doors.


While her mind seemed to have no memory file of anything that happened inside this building, her subconscious certainly had its opinion, confused as it was. The hair at the back of her neck stood up as her fear of rats inexplicably came to mind while, at the same time, she became more aroused, her body suddenly shuddering from the tingles down her spine and the ones from between her legs.

"Bess? Is everything alright?"

The blonde teenager turned to the Reverend, the older woman's face barely visible in shadowy green light and, as she opened her mouth to try to explain, her feelings of anxiety were mostly replaced, shoved to the side by sexual arousal, and the words that came out of her mouth weren't quite the cautionary ones she'd intended.

"Alright? Why... yes. Yes, everything's just peachy! I'm a very beautiful girl, and Cinder Bay is a great place to be!"

" ... Uhh... okay, it's just that you-"

"Let's go!" Bess interrupted, turning to lead a winding path through the rusted debris that littered the rear dooryard. "I'm sure this is the place, and I think we're going to have a great time!"

Bess grabbed the handle, opening the heavy door to be greeted by the sound of music. When it swung closed behind them, they found themselves in a dark, dusty expanse of derelict display shelves. These were only visible because of select overhead lighting that illuminated a trail through what was obviously an abandoned part of the supermarket to one of the far corners.

Bess's disquieted feelings returned to a greater degree as her subconscious remembered the dusty smell that surrounded her. It really did seem as though she'd been here before, a place where she'd experienced fear, but also a place where she was liberated in some way. It was like trying to remember a dream as the two began their slow, cautious journey amongst the empty shelves towards the source of the music.

Eventually, the strategically lit fixtures led them to the far left corner and a door that was marked, Employees Only. After a brief moment of hesitation, Bess tried the knob, found it unlocked, pushed it open and entered the foot of a narrow stairwell. The stairs were covered with black rubber treads, the walls and ceiling a dingy white and, compared to the sporadically lit pathway there, surprisingly well lit. Reaching the top of the stairs, they stood on a small landing, facing a door. The Animals' House Of The Rising Sun was much louder now and, on the wall next to the door, somebody had carefully painted in black letters, 'Lang's Bar'. The two looked at one another, Muren with an apprehensive expression as her hand strayed to her exposed garter belt, Bess with a daring smile before she opened the door and led the woman of God inside.

Whoever Derek Lang was, Bess had to hand it to him for skillfully converting the fair sized upper management office of the abandoned department store to what it now was: a nice, well heated, cozy lounge. The bar itself ran along the long, left wall and was made of dark wooden panels, similar to what clad so much of the Faldor's interior. The bar itself was rather high, lined with stools that were tall enough to accommodate and was complete with brass foot rails. The whole thing was most likely removed from some other establishment to be reassembled here. The ceiling, an open industrial concept, was painted black with exposed pipes and sheet metal heating ducts that were barely visible above the hanging pot lights that softly illuminated the booths along the wall opposite the bar and the well placed groups of tables and chairs. In the middle of the room was a clearing, presumably meant for standing room, or dancing room while, at the far end of the establishment, a billiards table with dedicated overhead lighting guarded the entrance to a hallway marked with a sign indicating that washrooms could be found somewhere beyond that point.

Amongst the tables and booths and sitting at the bar were approximately thirty people, maybe less. Looking around herself, Bess thought that the entire town must have shown up for some special event. It was mostly men, but there were a few women who, along with the men, stared at the new arrivals with growing smiles as the door swung shut behind them on its own. Bess smiled, which seemed to elicit low whistles and muted catcalls from the patrons as Sweeney Todd's Roxy Roller began.

"Uhh, Bess?" Reverend Muren nervously prodded. "I thought you were looking into the whereabouts of your friend."


With her mind obviously on other things, Bess glanced at the Reverend, then looked back at the room, her smile unfaltering as she replied, "Yeah, that's what I'm doing. Gotta canvass people and... there's people here. Right?"

"My heavens, Bess!" Muren exclaimed in a lowered voice, "Look at your dress!"

Looking down at herself, her mouth opened in surprise at what the cold, foggy conditions outside had achieved with her attire. Her dress, while not exactly wet, was damp enough to show the colour of her skin and her erected nipples even clearer than before. Her pink thong stood out as clearly and the thought of looking this way in public brought about an immediate excitement.

"Now you really look like a little whore!" Muren hissed as her eyes lingered.

"There you go with those compliments again," Bess giggled before turning, undaunted, to lead the way to the bar.

Behind it was a tall man in his late thirties. Handsome enough in Bess's opinion, his dark blonde hair had only just started receding at the edges and, while not lean, neither was he overweight. He wore a white shirt with blue stripes tucked into a pair of black slacks, and leaned forward with his hands on the polished wooden surface of the bar as he smiled at the approaching females.

Still smiling, Bess stopped with her breasts just above the bar top, Muren to her immediate left, and said, "Hi."

"Welcome to Lang's bar," the barman replied in a strong, but friendly voice, offering his hand while adding, "I'm Derek Lang."

"Pleased to meet you. My name is Bess and, as you might already know, this is Reverend Candace Muren."

"A pleasure," he told them, shaking both their hands before asking, "So what'll it be?"

"Well..." Bess hesitated before explaining, "I'm actually only eighteen."

"Oh," Lang replied, his eyes dropping briefly to the young, full set of breasts presented in the cleavage exposing, translucent dress. "You a guest at the hotel?"

"Yes, I checked in a few days ago."

"Well, I guess I can overlook your age," he said. "We kinda' got our own rules here in Cinder Bay. I'll mix the visitor's special for you," he said.

"What's that?" Bess asked.

"House secret," he replied with a wink.

"Oh. Well, I'm afraid there's another problem aside from my age. I also didn't bring any money," Bess further explained, turning to Candace with a questioning expression.

"I didn't either," the sexily dressed Reverend admitted with an unsure smile that became even less sure when Lang openly appraised her chest before solving their problem.

"That's okay, you two can run a tab. The Reverend here's not going anywhere, and you look pretty honest."

"That sounds great!" Bess exclaimed.

"One catch though," he warned as the man sitting on a stool to Muren's left leaned back to have a look at his new Reverend's ass in the tight, shiny satin skirt she wore. "You'll have to put out some kind of down payment."

"Oh," Bess returned, showing a slightly worried frown before asking, "Like what?"

"Like those pretty pink panties you're wearing," Lang replied with a wolfish grin.

Bess's jaw dropped as her face coloured at Lang's audacity. She loved it though and, as Muren gasped, her open mouth turned back to a smile before she answered.

"Well, I guess if that's what it takes, then... that's what it takes."

"Bess!" Muren exclaimed in disbelief, "you're not actually going to... to...?"

There was no need to finish her question as she watched Bess affirm her suspicions by reaching up under her dress. Moments later, amongst a cheering patronage, she had her thong in a tangled roll midway down her hips. Looking around, she flushed as she smiled at the appreciative crowd, tugging the hem of her short dress down before wriggling the rest of the way out of her underwear. Stooping to retrieve them, she received a fresh applause as she straightened up, once again tugging at her hem, turning to wave at the small crowd, then placing her thong on the bar top with a delirious giggle.

Now Lang regarded Muren with an expectant smile, glancing again at her chest as Bess also looked to her expectantly.

"Actually, I-I'm fine," she said, looking from one to the other as the seated man beside her now stared at her bulging bust with a leering grin.

"Don't you want a drink?" Bess asked.

"No," Muren replied, shaking her head with the return of her uneasy smile, "I don't need one, I'm-"

"Gotta drink if you're gonna be here," Lang informed. "House rules. Let's have that bra, Reverend, and we'll call that good enough."


"Come on, Candy," Bess encouraged. It's just your bra."

It was Muren's turn to flush while others verbally encouraged her, but there was no denying how it made her feel somehow complimented despite her moral misgivings.

"But, I'd have to take my top off to do that and-"

"I'll cut the straps," Bess said, looking at Lang to ask, "Do you have a pair of scissors?"

Her answer came moments later in the form of a pair of all-purpose scissors that Lang placed on the bar.

Picking them up, Bess regarded Candace, the woman of God shaking her head with a disbelieving smile, and reasoned, "They won't see anything and I'll replace your bra."

"I don't know..."

"C'mon, Candy," Bess encouraged further, "be a sport."

Muren blushed deeper as, to the small, but engaged crowd's delight, she gave in to theirs and Bess's wishes with, "You'll have to help me with the clasp,"

Hardly believing she was agreeing to this, she turned her back to her grinning and excited companion so she could have access to the four buttons that held her blouse closed, reminding herself that this kind of public behaviour was extremely improper for any lady, much less so for her, the town Reverend. However, the same excitement that had gripped her when she followed Bess out of her suite to come here had gotten its way and, aside from that, Bess was right in that it was only her bra. Feeling Bess undo the three lower buttons, Muren could only grin at the clapping and cheering crowd, the center of social attention she'd never been before.

It didn't take Bess long to unclasp Muren's bra, then snip the shoulder straps with the scissors Lang had provided. Muren felt a wave of panicked excitement as her breasts relaxed. Subtly twitching to the sensation of lace being dragged across her nipples, her flush renewed as the ruined breast restraint was pulled down and out of the bottom of her short top.

Leaving only her short sleeved blouse's top button done up, Bess hoisted Muren's sexy little bra up in the air to the cheering of the crowd, then flung it to them. They both watched, Bess laughing as hands grabbed for it. Muren was surprised to find herself also laughing. She was having a good time and, now that her bra was gone, it seemed that it was easier to relax and enjoy her excitement, forbidden as it was. Looking down at herself, she found her arousal apparent at the sight of her nipples, fully and plainly erect through her black, satin blouse.

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