tagLoving WivesThe Naive Wife

The Naive Wife

byJust Plain Bob©

I've been married to Ben for seven years and sometimes I wonder how I've managed to stay with him and not go crazy. He's a good man and he takes very good care of me. You might even say that he puts me up on a pedestal, but he has what is, to me anyway, a major flaw - he is cheap!

Well, maybe frugal is a better way of saying it. We never lacked for the necessities of life, but Ben was obsessed with putting away money for a rainy day and if the rainy day never came all the better, we would have plenty in the bank for retirement. But I wasn't interested in something that was thirty-five years away; I lived in the here and now and I wanted to enjoy things while I was still young. I was tired of vacations consisting of throwing a tent in the trunk of the car and then driving to the nearest State Park for a week. I wanted to travel and see other places, but Ben always said no, that it would cost too much, "Better to stay close to home and put the money in the bank where it might do us some good one day."

After seven years of Ben's frugality I was at my wits end. We had a vacation coming up and I already knew what it was going to be because Ben had already set up the tent in the backyard to air it out. I did not want to spend another goddamned week in a tent, in a state park and communing with nature. And then the Devil called with an offer he didn't think I could refuse.

Matt had been my steady boyfriend all the way through high school and I had always assumed that we would be married when we graduated. I had assumed that because that is what Matt had led me to believe right up to the week of graduation and the day he joined the Navy and went off to see the world. I quickly figured out that all Matt had been after was a steady supply of pussy until he graduated and could get out of town. Four years later Matt had come home and he had wanted to pick up where we left off when he skipped out on me. By then I was married to Ben and even if I hadn't been I would not have been interested in Matt - not after what he had done to me.

The fact that I was married didn't mean a thing to Matt. There wasn't a week went by that he didn't call me to see if I'd go out with him and have a drink and talk about 'old times'. I knew what he wanted and talking about 'old times' had nothing to do with it. He figured he would get a few drinks in me and maneuver me into a motel room or a back seat and it just wasn't going to happen. I was perfectly happy with Ben even if his cheap ways did occasionally piss me off.

Then Matt called me and asked me to go on a trip with him. Not just any old trip, but a seven-day trip on a cruise ship. Talk about mixed emotions. I was facing a week in a tent fifty miles from home and Matt offers me a seven-day cruise. I could actually go some place that wasn't within spitting distance of the house. Matt knew from my hesitation that I was thinking about it, but that my answer was going to be no and he hurriedly went on, "It's a no strings attached offer babe. There are three other couples going and the way it is set up is that all the girls will share two cabins and the guys will share the other two. The girl who was supposed to go with me cancelled and I can't get a refund on her ticket. Come on babe, you owe it to yourself. You have never been more than two hundred miles from the city limits and this might be your only chance."

God I wanted to say yes, but every instinct that I had said to say no even as some inner voice was screaming, "Do it, do it, do it." I told Matt I would think about it and I hung up.

Did I think about it? I didn't think about anything else for days. I shouldn't do it, I knew I shouldn't do it, but I couldn't bring myself to pick up the phone and call Matt and tell him that I couldn't do it. Then Ben hit me with his big surprise. "Guess what honey? I talked the boss into letting me take my comp time in conjunction with my vacation. We will be able to relax under the stars for eleven whole days. Won't that be great?"

"Yeah sweetie, just marvelous."

The next day I picked up the phone and called Matt, "Is the offer still open?"

"You bet babe."

"The girls in their own cabins - alone?"

"That's what I said."

"No hanky panky, right?"

"Honest babe, I'll keep my hands to myself the whole trip."

"Give me a day and I'll get back to you."

I called my sister who lives a hundred and fifty miles away and asked her if she could cover for me for a week. "Sure I can do that, what's up?"

"Ben has it all set up so we can spend eleven glorious days in his fucking tent. I'm not going. I don't know what I am going to do, but I'm not going to spend another day in that tent."

We talked some more, worked out a plan and then I went to give Ben the bad news. "Honey, I've just had a call from Elise. She fell down some stairs and hurt herself. I'm going to have to go and spend a week helping her."

"But what about our vacation?"

"Honey, you know you will have more fun without me being there. You know that three days is all I can take in that tent before I get cranky and irritable."

Ben wasn't happy, but what the heck, family is family, right? The fact that he and my sister didn't get along was just added insurance against him calling her to ask to speak to me. With my alibi in place I called Matt and told him I would go and then I set about packing a bag.


I knew the other three couples so there wasn't any awkwardness as we piled into Bob's Suburban. I did get a couple of "You're a married woman, what are you doing here with Matt" looks, but nothing was going to happen between Matt and me so what did I care. Just the eight hour ride alone was further than I had ever traveled in my life and I spent most of the trip looking out the window. When we got to the port I stood there on the pier staring at the ship. It was bigger than any building that we had in our town and I was going to spend seven days - seven glorious days - on her.

I was sitting at a table with Sarah, the others were off shopping or something, and she asked me why I was there. I explained to her about Ben and the tent and how I couldn't spend another day in it:

"And so when Matt called me about this trip I jumped at the chance."

"But I thought you were happy with Ben."

"I am."

"Then why are you willing to risk your marriage just for a weeks fling with Matt?"

I explained the no hanky panky, hands off, girls in separate cabins thing and she shook her head and said:

"Baby, I never thought of you as being that naïve."

Before I could ask her what she meant by that the others came trooping up to the table and then it was time to board the ship. The first sign that something was wrong was when Matt carried my bags and his into the same cabin.

"What are you doing?"

"Relax. This is just until we get things sorted out. We want to check out the cabins so we can give you girls the biggest two."

"But there is only one bed in the cabin."

"Well yes, you will be sharing a bed with one of the other girls" and then he laughed, "Unless you want to stay here with me."

Before I could say anything else there was a knock on the door and Sarah stuck her head in and said:

"Come on. We have to go and learn about lifeboats and stuff like that."

While I was learning how to put on a life jacket I felt the floor under my feet tremble (later I learned to call it a deck) and Harry said:

"All right! We are underway for seven days of sheer bliss."

What that also meant was that it was too late to get off the boat.

Next I found out what I should have expected all along - it was too good to be true! Back in the cabin I asked Matt when we girls were going to move into our cabins.

"Well babe, there has been a change in plans. The others decided that they wanted the more typical boy/girl arrangement after all so I guess you are stuck here with me."

I called him every foul name I could think of and when I had finally exhausted my store of profanity he said:

"You are looking at this the wrong way babe. This is your chance to find out if you made a mistake in not waiting for me. I know you would be better off with me than Ben and now I have a whole week to prove it to you."

"Over my dead body!"

"Well, you don't have too many choices. You can leap over the rail and try to swim ashore; you can try and talk one of the other couples into letting you stay with them, or you can go on deck and sleep on one of the deck chairs for a week."

I knew that we were too far from shore for me to swim for it and I knew that none of the others was going to ruin their trip by taking me in. I also knew that there was no way I was going to be able to sleep on a deck chair for a week - the nights were just too cool and damp. It looked like Matt was going to get his wish, sort of. I'd be in bed with him, but I wasn't going to take off my clothes except to shower and only then when Matt wasn't in the cabin.


The first night he tried to put his arms around me and I pushed him away. Half an hour later he reached over and cupped my breast and I pushed his hands away. The rest of the night was spent like that - him trying and me pushing him away. The next day I avoided Matt as much as possible. I walked all over that ship and took it all in. I couldn't avoid him at meal times and as we sat at the table and ate I noticed Sarah looking at me with a bemused grin. After dinner I went up to her and asked her why she hadn't told me about what Matt was doing while we were still in the car or at the table when the others were shopping.

"Matt told us you were coming of your own free will. Why would I have said anything? Besides, if I had scared you off my husband would have been really pissed at me - he has wanted to fuck you for years now and he and the others see this trip as their big chance."

The stunned look on my face made her laugh, "That's right sweetie, at one time or another my husband has enjoyed everyone of the girls with us on this trip and at one time or another I have enjoyed their husbands."

"Is that what this whole trip is about?"

"That's it sweetie. Matt likes fucking me and the other girls, but the rule is that before he can have us he has to have someone for our husbands. The girl who was supposed to come cancelled out and the trip was already bought and paid for so Matt scrambled around and came up with you."

"Well you can tell your husband that it just is not going to happen."

"Oh it will happen sweetie and it will happen tonight."

I shook my head no and suddenly I felt light headed and disoriented and Sarah said:

"Are you okay? You better sit down."

"No, I'll be okay. I'll just go back to the cabin and lie down for a bit."

"Okay, but I'm going to walk you there and see that you get there all right."

By the time we got to the cabin I was leaning on Sarah. She got me into the cabin and helped me lie down on the bed. She looked down at me and said:

"Sorry to do this to you sweetie, but I love my husband and I pretty much do whatever he wants me to" and the she turned and left as I laid there and tried to understand what she'd just said.

A short time later Matt came into the cabin and started to undress. I tried to ask him what he was doing, but I couldn't talk. I tried to get up but found that I couldn't move. Matt walked naked over to the bed, his hard cock jutting out in front of him, and he started taking my clothes off of me. I wanted to stop him but I couldn't make my arms and legs respond; I could see and I could hear, but I couldn't seem to do anything else. When Matt had me stripped he climbed up on the bed with me with his cock only inches from my mouth and looked down at me.

"I would rather have had you do this willingly, but I came prepared in case you wouldn't. I had Sarah drop a date rape drug called GHB in your drink. You can't fight it, all you can do is lie there and watch it happen, but before the night is over I can promise you that you will be a willing participant. You can't fight it babe, so you might as well enjoy it. That shouldn't be too hard for you" and he rubbed his cock along my lips "because this is the same cock you could never get enough in high school. He remembers you. See how hard he is?"

Matt pushed his cock at my mouth and all I could do was look up at him as he worked it back and forth.

"It would feel a lot better if you were to use your mouth on me the way you used to when we were out driving in my car, but the drug prevents it. I always loved your mouth on my cock, did I ever tell you that? Well, never mind. He wants release and since your lips can't help we will just have to go somewhere else."

Matt took himself out of my mouth and pushed my legs apart. I felt him shove himself in, but I didn't feel any of the other sensations that I usually felt when a cock was pushed into me. That is, I didn't feel them until Matt was ready to cum in me. He had been screwing me for a long time when suddenly he said, "I'm going to shoot babe, I'm almost there" and for the first time I felt a tingle and then I felt his cock throb and the warmth of his seed as it was released in me. Seed! Good God no. I wasn't protected! Ben and I had finally decided to have a child and I had stopped taking the pill and my diaphragm was home in the medicine cabinet. I needed to get up and go douche - do something to clean myself out, but I couldn't move, dear God, I just could not move.

Matt laid on top of me while his cock softened and then he got up, dressed and left the cabin only to return a little later with Sarah's husband Mike, Jane's husband Bill, Marty's husband Bob. A little later Sarah came in carrying a video recorder. The men all stripped and came over to the bed and Matt pushed his cock in my mouth while Mike moved between my legs and pushed his cock into my pussy. Where I hadn't felt Matt when he entered me, I did feel Mike. The drug was wearing off. Mike fucked me at a steady pace for a good ten minutes before shooting in me and by the time he went soft my body was tingling. Matt had given my mouth to Bob and Matt and Bill were sucking my tits and my body started to move and I began to moan. Bob took himself out of my mouth and took Mike's place in my pussy. His cock was thicker than either Mike's or Matt's and I moaned as he slid it into me. My legs went up and locked around him and I heard Mike say:

"Okay, she's getting into it, start taping" and then he shoved his cock in my mouth. "Clean it baby. Suck my cum and your juices off of it. Start acting like the whore we are going to turn you into."

After Bob came Bill and then Matt and Mike and for the rest of the night the four men took turns on me one after the other. My body was alive with sensations and they never gave me time to think about what I was doing. I always had a cock pounding in me and a mouth or two on my tits. A few times the mouth was Sarah's and I was surprised to find that I preferred her mouth to that of the men. I had orgasm after orgasm until I was weak from exhaustion and when the men left the cabin I just rolled over on my side and fell sound asleep.

I woke up around noon to a cock fucking me from behind. My first impulse was to pull away, but then I thought after what had happened last night why bother. I lay there as the cock plowed into me and the heat spread through my body and thought about the previous night. I hadn't wanted to do it; I never would have done it if I hadn't been drugged, but by the end I was loving it and not only loving it but wondering when I could do it again. I pulled away and turned around and found that it was Mike fucking me. As I swung over him and lowered myself onto his hard dick I wondered where Matt was. As if reading my mind Mike said:

"Matt is with Sarah. You're mine for the day. Bob gets you tomorrow and Bill has you the day after that."

I don't know why, but the thought of a different man everyday excited me and I began slamming myself down on Mike's cock. I climaxed twice before he came and then he pushed me off of him, swung over me in a sixty-nine and we went to work on each other. We stayed in the cabin all day except for taking meals.


That set the pattern for most of the rest of the trip. My trip of a life time and I spent almost all of it on my back or on my knees. The sixth night I had all four of them again and I ended the night with Sarah eating my pussy while I sucked her husbands cock. The next day, our last day aboard the ship, Matt gave me to the steward as a tip. That was a unique experience for a girl born and raised in the Deep South - to be fucked by a black man and to find out that a black cock was just as good as a white one. The steward liked it so much that he asked if he could come back and I surprised myself by saying yes. He did come back - along with four friends. I started the trip as a loving and faithful, but somewhat naïve wife and ended it by being willingly gangbanged by a bunch of blacks and somehow I just knew that it wasn't going to be the last time.

The ride home was quiet. Outside of Sarah I hadn't had anything to do with the rest of the wives. I made the eight-hour drive pretty much as I had made the drive down - staring out the window at the scenery - only this time I wasn't thinking about the excitement of going to new places and seeing new things. This time I thought about what had happened, what was going to happen and what could happen. Was there a chance that all those cocks might have gotten me pregnant? And if so, who was the father? I could only hope and pray that it wasn't one of the black stewards. If it was white I could at least pass it off as Ben's. As far as the future was concerned I'd already been told by Mike that I was Matt's pussy and the group's whore or else the video that Sarah had taken would be sent to everyone that I knew. He didn't know that he didn't need the video. After that first night I knew I was a slut and I proved it when I took on five black men whose names I never knew in a gangbang and loved it.

I turned away from the window and reached over and unzipped Matt and took out his cock. He had been right - I couldn't get enough of his cock in high school and it didn't look like much had changed. I lowered my head to his lap and began sucking his cock as semi drivers looked down into the car, saw what was happening and honked their air horns.

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by ScorpioJJ11/26/17

Ben will be better off

He can find a better woman who has similar interests and understands that saving for retirement is important. A woman who is also not a whore. She won't need a retirement plan since she will be dead frommore...

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Couldn't suspend enough disbelief.
Arriving home with STDs would make an interesting sequel.

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